The 10 Best Beer Pong Tables Ever Created


beer pongWho doesn’t love the game of Beer Pong… the best drinking game ever invented. The only skills you need is the ability to aim a beer pong ball into a plastic cup on the other side of the table, the ability to taunt your opponents and of course .. alcohol tolerance and the ability to outlast your opponents and hopefully the party. If you are a beer pong n00b, check out more about Beer pong and some beer pong rules and beer pong table dimensions

At some party schools like Ohio State, it is perfectly normal to see tables stacked up with ten cups in the shape of a triangle at 9 A.M on a Thursday Morning. So if you shoot like a gir, fix it before you show up at one of those parties at your school. Speaking of parties, we have seen some amazing Beer Pong Tables and it was time to judge the Best Beer Pong Tables ever created.

10. Ninja and Pirates Beer Pong Table

A beer pong table featuring a Ninja swinging his katana and a Pirate swinging his sword.

beer pong table

9. Patriots Beer Pong Table

What a table to pay homage to the perfect team, the team of the decade and World Champions. Drink a beer everytime Tom Brady throws a touchdown pass. You will probably get drunk faster. In Bill we Trust!

patriots football beer pong table

8. Portable Beer Pong Table

This beer pong table is awesome for the graphics and the layout on top of it. Best of all, it is highly portable. However, it might be a bit of a challenge for you and your buddies folding it back up after you are smashed. However, it gets points for its design and also for giving something for the DD to do

Portable Beer pong table

7. Purdue Beer Pong Table

Homage by a fan to his school.. Purdue University. This beer pong table is built from all beer caps and with the Purdue P in the middle.

beer pong table

6. Nintendo Beer Pong Table

This table was probably made before Master Chief, Xbox 360 and PS3 made its debut. However for many of us old schoolers, this is an awesome Beer Pong Table.

nintendo beer pong table

5. Bud Select Beer Pong Table

This table rocks simply for its style and oomph factor besides having the king of beer as its logo. This Beer pong table is worth close to $300, is hand made, half an inch thick clear epoxy covers the top and on the sides and has bud select caps under the epoxy to mark spots to place the cups.

bud select beer pong table

4. Sexy LED Beer Pong Table

A beer pong table featuring sexy shapely ladies and LED lights to create one of a kind table.

sexy beer pong table

3. Drinking Beer Pong Table

How about the Beer pong table drinking side by side with you. This table has a mosaic of beer being poured into a beer mug

beer pong table

2. Foosball Beer Pong Table

There are three things which are compulsory in a dorm room. Ramen Noodles, a Foosball table and a Beer Pong table. Now, what happens when you combine two of those three requirements. You get the best of worlds in a Foosball Beer Pong table. Play Foosball on one side and play Beer Pong from the other ends. This table has a Plexiglas on top so you don’t have to worry about raining beer on your foosball grounds.

Foosball Beer Pong Table

1. Portable Floating Beer Pong Table

This Beer Pong Table is definitely at the top of our list here. What an awesome invention… a floating beer pong table for all to enjoy. Why it ranks at the top of the list. Creativity check. Easy to move around .. check. Easy to clean after a party .. check. Best of all, when you play Beer Pong in a pool, you don’t have to stop for bathroom breaks!

Portable Beer pong table

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  1. Cool tables. 

    Buy you a beer? Why? You’d just pour it into a fratboy cup and spill half of it on your khakis.

  2. 4. Sexy LED Beer Pong Table

    A beer pong table featuring sexy shapely ladies and LED lights to create one of a kind table.

    soo cool that table!!!

  3. Our company makes just the 1 foldable table, the original “Bad Ass Beer Pong” table, but after seeing some of these awesome tables, I would love to start making and/or selling some custom ones, with LED Lights for sure. Anyone possibly interested in making some of these and have us sell some for you? Our Beer Pong Division of our company is at – A division of Shotski’s Bar Supplies

    Some of you really have some great tables!

  4. The surface of the table consists of two layered sheets of Plexiglas. The first layer is the main supportive sheet and is screwed down to the strong and light weight galvanized steel tubing. The top layer sandwiches the center design, borders, and screws to keep a perfectly flat and smooth playing surface. 288 LED’s light up the design, triangles, and basically the whole room. The table easily folds in half for storage but it’s still strong enough to hold someone sitting on its center. If anyone wants to purchase one send an email to BEERPONGCUSTOMS@GMAIL.COM they can put any design or logo anywhere on the table and can do things like monitors, speakers, ball washers, keg taps, just about anything.

  5. hey so yea i got a pretty bad ass set up of my own. Its a replica of the Alabama football field. I would love for you to check it out and maybe put it on this web site

  6. how did u make the one with led lights. were led lights expensive? nd i wanna do make one similar like that but i want it to be able to fold so like a folding table

  7. Hey, I have a beer pong table that is an exact replica of the miami heat’s court, would love for you to show it on your site.

  8. Those beer pong tables are really cool. I’ve got an awesome one of my own set up in the basement. I’ll have to upload some pictures of it one day.

    A couple of weeks ago, we were at this weird guy’s house party and his set up was a lot like that Purdue Beer Pong Table. But he also had that badass beer pong set with the trays. He bought it at TheBarPlace. Mine just arrived and that thing is badass!

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