Free T Shirt offer from the U.S. Marine Corps


free marine tshirtFeeling national pride. Want to wear a t shirt with the U.S. Marine Corps logo. Well, you are in luck. The Marines want to give you a free T shirt.

How to score the free T-Shirt from the U.S Marine Corps?

Step 1. Visit the website

Step 2: Fill out some information like name, gender and of course a mailing address for the Marines to send you the free T-Shirt

Step 3: Wear your free t-shirt from the U.S Marine Corps

And remember, they don’t accept applications, only commitments

The Few, the Proud, the Marines …¬†

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  • Joseph T

    Thank you for the t shirt

  • jamie salyer

    would like a t shirt my brother and sister were in the corp and i am considering on joining i am 34 years old

  • kevin nun—-

    I just want the Tshirt, I’m still considering whether I should join or not. I am about to be 17 years old. Is there a way to get the shirt without commitment?

  • Doveeagle512

    Christopher 2008 bitter Creek Dr
    78744 Austin TX mobile I plan on joining

  • Dgkg

    590 E College St
    Troy, MO 63379

  • Itopete13

    4445 Stevenson blvd apt#86 Fremont CA 94538 my names is Ivan my sister is a marine I would like to have a usmc t shirt thank u

  • Booths76

    786 accomack cove southaven ms 38671….My name is Samantha my baby brother is a marine thank u for breaking him down and making him an incredibly respectable young man I want a tee shirt to show my support and my respects to the military men and women BTW my whole family is military

  • james purcell

    151 patricia court  moundsville wv.

  • Vincentcalzada

    send me a t shirt

  • Vallie

    where do u go on the site to fill out the information btw one year away till i can enlist

  • Chris_hicks10

    chris hicks
    2305 Lost Mountain Rd
    wirtz, va 24184

  • Kevin button

    My name is Kevin button address is 663 county road 16 painted post N.Y a male I’m in 11th and wanna go to basic training this summer please send me a T-shirt

  • lisa hough

    i would like to say i am proud to be an american because my dad and my grandpa was a marine my dad passed away in march and he was a great man he fought in the vietnam war he loved being a marine and thanks to our dad my brother is joing in 2 years when he is old enogh so thank you marines for my my dad a strong man and coming to his funral

  • ibi

    all the best video please send me t-shirt

  • michael moulds

    i love the marines i want to join so bad but my back is messed up rite now


    i really like the marines when i get out of high school i want to go to the marines i want to be a leader and to be strong to go to the marines

  • Donavan Downey

    i cant wait only a few more months and i can start the process of enlistment and later to become a marine its been my dream ever since i wqas young im so excited

  • Davie Miles

    i really like the marines when i get out of high school i want to go to the marines i want to be a leader and to be strong to go to the marines

  • Danny Roger Fuentes

    i just would like to thanks you all for what you do

  • ryan oleary

    331 erie drive lansdale pa

  • josh Hughbanks

    please send me some info