Free T Shirt offer from the U.S. Marine Corps


free marine tshirtFeeling national pride. Want to wear a t shirt with the U.S. Marine Corps logo. Well, you are in luck. The Marines want to give you a free T shirt.

How to score the free T-Shirt from the U.S Marine Corps?

Step 1. Visit the website

Step 2: Fill out some information like name, gender and of course a mailing address for the Marines to send you the free T-Shirt

Step 3: Wear your free t-shirt from the U.S Marine Corps

And remember, they don’t accept applications, only commitments

The Few, the Proud, the Marines … 

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  1. Danilo Morbidelli , via Giuseppe Lombardo Radice 43, -00125 – Rome , Italy…., i’m not american….i’m italian ….and work in the Italian Air Force……i really like the USMC……great web site….great Corp ;-)…….send me a t shirt….(XL size)…Please !!!…the few…the proud…the Marines…

  2. by land by air by sea the best of the best

  3. I just want the Tshirt, I’m still considering whether I should join or not. I am about to be 17 years old. Is there a way to get the shirt without commitment?

  4. 4445 Stevenson blvd apt#86 Fremont CA 94538 my names is Ivan my sister is a marine I would like to have a usmc t shirt thank u

  5. 786 accomack cove southaven ms 38671….My name is Samantha my baby brother is a marine thank u for breaking him down and making him an incredibly respectable young man I want a tee shirt to show my support and my respects to the military men and women BTW my whole family is military

  6. My name is Kevin button address is 663 county road 16 painted post N.Y a male I’m in 11th and wanna go to basic training this summer please send me a T-shirt

  7. i would like to say i am proud to be an american because my dad and my grandpa was a marine my dad passed away in march and he was a great man he fought in the vietnam war he loved being a marine and thanks to our dad my brother is joing in 2 years when he is old enogh so thank you marines for my my dad a strong man and coming to his funral

  8. i really like the marines when i get out of high school i want to go to the marines i want to be a leader and to be strong to go to the marines

  9. i cant wait only a few more months and i can start the process of enlistment and later to become a marine its been my dream ever since i wqas young im so excited

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