How to perform a pedicure at home and get your feet soft and smooth


Perform a pedicure at homeSmelly feet, cracked heels and scaly skin on your feet are a sign of improper hygiene and neglect. A good pedicure is a must before you slip on those open-toed, summer friendly flip flops again. Here is how you can get your feet smooth and soft, and in the comforts of your home or dorm room.

You WILL need

1. A heavy, rich moisturiser

2. A good pumice stone

3. Nail scissors

4. Nail Buffers

# 1. Before you begin the pedicure, remove old polish from your toenails.

# 2. Soak feet in warm water for 10 to 15 minutes.

# 3. Add epsom salts or any other commercial foot soak to the water. If nothing is around, a moisturising body or head shampoo will do

# 4. Once your feet become softer, clean them by scrubbing the heels and soles with the pumice stone. This step removes the hard, dead skin.

#5. Wash clean with cold water and dry your feet with a big, fluffy towel.

# 6. Now apply some lotion to moisturise your feet.

# 7. Cut and shape your toenails. Use a nail file to smooth the edges, including the sides.

#8. Push back your cuticles. Use a cuticle moisturiser, if they do not push back easily even after the hot water soak.

#9. Moisten a cotton ball and rub it over the toenails to remove any oily residue from the lotions used.

#10. Apply a basecoat, two coats of color and a thin topcoat of nailpolish. Be sure to allow at least a minute between each coat of enamel. Let your polish dry for a few hours before putting on close-toed shoes. Reapply the topcoat every three days after your pedicure. This keeps your polush from chipping.

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