List of Google Core Values

Google Mission: To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

Google Core ValuesGoogle Core Values

1) We want to work with great people

  • We hire great people and expect a lot from them
  • We create an environment where people can flourish and grow
  • We treat people with fairness and respect
  • We challenge each other’s ideas openly
  • We value diversity in people and ideas
  • We are a quantitative company that uses data to make decisions

2) Technology innovation is our lifeblood

  • Build the world’s best technology and products
  • We apply technology and creativity to solve important problems

3) Working at Google is fun

  • We expect our people to know and enjoy each other
  • We have a challenging/energetic work environment
  • We celebrate our successes and each other’s accomplishments – both professional and personal

4) Be actively involved; you are Google

  • Honor commitments
  • We openly communicate and trust you with a great deal of information and we expect you to honor our confidentiality
  • Understand when you are representing Google and act appropriately

5) Don’t take success for granted

  • Think and act like an underdog
  • Be humble with success; don’t be arrogant
  • Be scrappy and resourceful

6) Do the right thing; don’t be evil

  • Honesty and integrity in all we do
  • Our business practices are beyond reproach
  • We make money by doing good things

7) Earn customer and user loyalty and respect every day

  • Create, enhance and maintain great products and services

8) Sustainable long-term growth and profitability are key to our success

  • Think scale and efficiency
  • Every dollar is yours
  • Do things that matter

9) Google cares about and supports the communities where we work and live

  • We encourage and enable our people to support local community involvement and expect them to participate

10) We aspire to improve and change the world

  • Aim high; think BIG, take risks
  • A healthy disregard for the impossible

Larger picture of Google Core Values:

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  • googlefan

    I would work for google but their only if their behavior matched what they preach

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  • subprog

    You have got to be thick to think this is their agenda. Google is founded by government agencies and thrives on farming data. Yes it might be fun to work for them but it is only because they are making sure they grease the gears so it doesn’t sound so sneaky. That is not so say they have not done amazing things for the internet but they also are not showing all of their faces in this article

  • jamie doak


  • Snip3rM00n

    I love google, they’re so awesome! :)