How to fake a Cell phone caller ID and prank call your friends


Editors Warning: This tip should not be misused for threatening, abusive, illegal or obscene communication. AskStudent takes no responsibility for any misuse or damage caused by this tip. Only prank those people you know and make sure you inform them about it.

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The site we want to visit is You can use this to prank your friends. Also, you can you this as a reminder service.

Step # 1: Type in a recipient’s 10 digit phone number including area code. Make sure you include no dashes, spaces or periods

Step # 2: Type in the number you want to spoof. Say you want the call to originate from your Roomies Ex GirlFriend, put in her number

Step # 3: Type in the name you want to show up on the recipient’s caller ID. In this case, it would be your Room mates Ex Girlfriend

Step # 4: Select a voice that will read your message to the recipient. You can choose between male and female voices

Example of a phone call prank

Step # 5: Finally type in the text you want the voice to say. In order to sound convincing, make sure you don’t type in any non-English words or rather words that are not in the dictionary.

Step # 6: Call Away … Enjoy !!!

If you used this service, make sure you come back and post any funny stories you might have.

Visit phonetrick and start pranking…



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  2. 423-227-8922 this person keeps calling me all the time, I have no idea who it is.  Please give them a taste of their own medicine. 

  3. does anyone know if it is possible to prank call someone but have the outgoing call actually appear on the person’s phone you’re making the call through?  

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  5. Not getting through?

    Ok. He’s got two numbers;



    I called this guy yesterday like 20 times using proxy and reroute software. Apparently, he’s gonna “find me and shove a baseball bat up my ass”. LOL

    He’s getting really angry. THIS is what I want.

  6. Sam is a Craiglist SPAMMER. He uses “Cl Flagger” to glaf legitimate ads so the only ads people sees are HIS. And there are literally hundreds of them DAILY.

    Give him a call at 514-400-4387

  7. Nice that some asshole like you sets it up so computers can now prank call people continuously and hide caller ID. Jerks like you should be in jail for this kind of crap…

  8. Call 3174452905, his name is Dwayne Lockridge…he is a pussy but fun to talk to over the phone.. He is very racist as well.

  9. Call this wannabe gangster, hes a punk who can run his mouth and be so hardcore on the phone but wont meet up in person and when i see him, he runs like a scared little bitch. give him hell

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  13. is the best prank site trust me i got pranked pretty fucken good. this site here ain shit and by the way for those who think this is stupid or childish this is just for fun not too cuz any harm to anyone unless some stupid dumb fuck actually take it too far and for those pinche mamones thats means for those fucken bitches who are talking shit daring everybody to prank them and giving out their number just shut the fuck up SHUT THE FUCK UP wtf r u guna do? talk shit back to the prankster on the phone really? R u Fucking Serious u guys crack me up JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Call this number listen to the voice mail its funny as hell. If the voice mail fills up keep trying it will clear up soon.

  15. One of those numbers is for FBI but I won’t tell you which. So please STOP calling and posting numbers, they’ll get you I promise.

  16. Just putting this out there, but I can use this to “call” someone who I need to find the identity for when I can’t let them know my real number, like pedophiles or suspected threatener’s.

  17. All u are pussys why u giving ur # stupid mf u should know better ur the stupid ones putting ur numvber omg u guys are likem Ugh go suck a …

  18. i have two numbers for you guys to call as much as you want…1-607-432-5212….1-607-267-4493….neighbors from hell…so have fun and feel free to post the numbers anywhere you would like thanks

  19. Hello my name is Thomas Floria and I promise non of you little pussy ass mother fuckers will not prank me or my fucking wife Leslie Florio. If you think your man enough to prank my BIG ASS then call 610-452-9115. Go ahead i dare you little pussy ass mother fuckers. Just try…..

  20. This site doesn’t exist anymore grrrr…. I was sooo looking forward to using it. any suggestions on any other free sites like this one?

  21. This is ridiculous. Note to the editor: You SHOULD be responsible for threatening phone calls. My daughter and three of her “old high school friends” were used and there were threats of a stabbing. This is one of the most stupid sites I’ve ever seen. It causes nothing but trouble. If you have so much time on your hands, find something worthwhile . . . there’s a lot needed in this world that’s positive . . . not negative!


  23. dude i tried to click on the link but it takes me to a different website. is the website expired or am i not looking in the right place.

  24. Looks like I’m the victim of a prank based on the above comment since I am not gay and have never used this service which entertains lowlives. Fortunately I do know who did write it.

    • You talk alot of shit and need to keep your mouth shut you fucking skank.Bad things happen to people who don’t keep there mouth shut

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  27. zack this is Mike I have informed the police that you have been throwing smoke bombs into my basement the police will be over shortly and you will be arrested for vandalism and breaking and entering someone elses property

  28. It does not work!!! Some recording calls and sys this is a demo, and your message is not played at all! SUCKS BIG TIME!

  29. I used this trick to make my best friend, his girl friend and his sister Think our house was hunted. I had the web page send them creepy messages form each others phone. It was great.

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