How to unlock the BlackBerry Pearl and enter Blackberry Unlock Codes


 One of our editors recently wrote a very popular article on How to Unlock any Nokia phone absolutely free. I recently got the latest Blackberry Pearl cell phone and absolutely love it. I might be travelling overseas for couple of weeks and I definitely don’t want to be stuck paying the international calling charges to T-Mobile. So, I started looking around the internet and on IRC forums to see if there is a free way to do it. In my search for the Blackberry Unlock codes, I found out that a lot of people mess up before they have no idea how to enter the unlock codes correctly. So, follow this method to enter your Blackberry Unlock code

How To Enter the Unlock Codes on a BlackBerry Cell Phone

Enter BlackBerry Unlock codesModel : All BlackBerry Models (except T-mobile)

1 – Using the menu go to Settings Menu -> SIM card press select.
2 – While holding the SHIFT key, type MEPD or (MEPPD for Vodafone Handsets)
3 – You should now see the five locking categories listed.

4 – While holding the SHIFT KEY, type MEP2 or (MEPP2 for Vodafone handsets)
5 – Release the shift key.
6 – You are now prompted to enter the Network MEP code (it will also state how many attempts left)
7 – Enter the code
8 – Enter Return/Enter
9 – The device should then be unlocked

Model : T-mobile BlackBerry Models

1 – On the Home screen, click the Tools icon. The Options screen appears.
2 – In the tools screen, select the Settings icon.
3 – Scroll to SIM Card and select it. You should see the phone number and the SIM ID number.
4 – Type ‘mepd’ to display the first five levels of SIM locking.

T-Mobile uses network locking so the Network should display Active. All other states should display Disabled

Please note: For the Blackberry 7100t you will hit the “P” twice when entering the ‘mepd’ and ‘mep2′ for steps 4 & 5.

5 – Type ‘mep2′ to display the dialog box asking for the unlock code (Press the Alt + 2 key to get the number 2)
6 – Input the Network Unlock code
7 – Press ENTER and reboot handheld.

Model : BlackBerry Pearl 8100 (Alternative instructions if above instructions do not work)

Can be done without a sim card inserted

To Unlock:

  1. While on the home screen, click the “blackberry key” on keyboard, then select “options”.
  2. Choose “Advanced Options”.
  3. Select “Sim Card”
  4. There is no area to type these letters, you just type them as instructed. No need to hit keys twice to get a letter either. Type m e p p d to display the first five levels of SIM locking. Most companies use network locking so the Network should display Active. All other states should display Disabled ( you will not see text appear on screen while typing )
  5. Type m e p p 2 to display the dialog box asking for the unlock code
  6. Press the Alt + 2 key to get the number 2) ( you will not see text appear on screen while typing )
  7. Input the SIM Unlock code
  8. Press in the trackball in once

Your phone is unlocked

How to get the Blackberry Pearl Unlock Code for Free

Most of the places charge in excess of $65 US for unlocking them, so watch out and shop accordingly. Did you know you can ask your carrier for an unlock code for your Blackberry and guess what, they do it for it Absolutely FREE. So, what is the catch? The only condition which at least T-Mobile imposes on its customers before it gives out the unlock codes for the Blackberry Pearl or any other cell phone is that you have to be under the contract for at least 90 days or 3 months before they can give you the unlock code. So, if you have the patience, I would recommend that you wait for this 3 month time frame before calling up 611 from your T-Mobile phone, talk to customer service and get your unlock codes.

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      • mikeyshotta

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        • mikeyshotta

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          • mikeyshotta

            I can’t seem to find the imei # on this phone, I followed all the instructions all over the web but to no avail, even the options>>status doesn’t show it.

          • tim

            try removing your battery and see if it is on the sticker below it.

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  • BBluver

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    Read the posts….. there ARE NO SET UNLOCK CODES FOR BB! you must get an indervidual one for each separate IMEI. Its been said over and over!

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    Moral to this is, stop asking stupid questions about gettin codes cuz you wont, pull you finger out and ask you provider! they will help if you get on their case! stop being lazy and do some digging, like i did! or pay for it from an unlocking site, and to be brutally honest, if i had a BB unlocking code, that noone else did, and people wanted it i would charge too…. and so would you!

  • vinay

    i have blackberry 8310 imei number is 356088029712309
    please send me the unlocode the email

  • Unlock Blackberry

    Simple and Done within 10 minutes. Remotely !

  • b33tchu2

    Question? I have a bberry 7520 nxtel on the opening screen there’s a password that you have to put in before you can use it. how do you disable it? Ok i allready tried general settings goto password but there’s no setting for disable only enable?another question when i try to do other things with the settings it say’s contact administrator who the F';,,.,..k is that? i got the phone on ebay it’s supposed to be unlocked can someone please help please.

  • harry

    i need an unlocking code to operate a Blackberry 8700V ,which I purchased on E Bay. on Vodafone UK to operate on Vodfone Ireland

  • Tania

    I used unlocktotalk to unlock my Blackberry Pearl 8100. I chose the 19.99 dollar option and got my code in less than 10 minutes. The instructions were clear, simple and most of all, the code worked. Thanks for referring me to the site!

  • tuttu

    how can i find net work code to unlock phone.Some one with some knowledge please help plzzzzzzzz.

  • ruhin

    hi i have blackberry pearl using in orang sim how can i unlock my phone?>

  • Christian K

    AT&T and T-Mobile Blackberry unlock codes in 3 min – 3 hrs for only $10. Interested? Email me.

  • catie mcqueeny

    so i have this blackberry i am not sure which model and its with alltel but i want to use it with my tmobile plan can i use the unlock codes to do so? if so does this explain how?

  • catie mcqueeny

    so i have this blackberry i am not sure which model and its with alltel but i want to use it with my tmobile plan can i use the unlock codes to do so? if so does this explain how?

  • Darran

    I have a blackberry from “NEXTEL” model #7520 IME010000393404190 is there any way I can use my ATT SIM card in the Blackberry once it is unlocked and is there anyone that can assist me in unlocking the Blackberry? Thanks D.Lang

  • TheManiak08

    I have a blackberry pearl 8120 im trying to unlock it but when i type MEPP2 its supposed to pop out a blank space so i could write the code but that space wont show!

    What can i do really need help!!

  • deezynuts

    i have a blackberry 8800 that was linked through a big uk corporation. I was able to get it unlocked but i think it has been set up differently for corporate use because there are a lot of applications missing. i am unable to connect to the internet, there is no wifi set up, there is no email setup, other than the enterprise email option. Is there anything i can do to change it back so that it isnt like the corporate phones?????

    any help would be great


  • ijaz ahmad

    brother i have black berry 8100 vodafone uk and em 532127011302986 and plz send me code thanks bye

  • etoo

    i have a black berry pearl 8120…but lost the unlock code.please some body help me…..all the attempts have expired

  • tutttu

    I have blackberry 8820 , the
    IMIE# is 353763019030457
    Can someone send me the Code to unlock it
    My email :

  • tutttu

    I have blackberry 8820 , the
    IMIE# is 353763019030457
    PIN# is 2516C180
    Can someone send me the Code to unlock it
    My email :

  • lorraine

    hi my blackberry 8700v imei no is- 357890009319131. pls can anyone help with the unlock code.
    my email is
    thanks a lot.

  • me2juicee

    how do you unlock the blackberry curve 8320,and if there is a code,how do i get that code?

  • Charlie

    I need unlock code for blackberry 8830 verizon USA imei 354292024305400, thank you

  • Blackberry Unlocking Code

    Those who need Blackberry unlock code can contact me $14.99 for any USA Blackberry, and $16.99 for Worldwide Blackberry. email me for details


    Pleas help me to found unlock number for my blackberry 8100

    IMEI 359675.01.905651.0


  • Thaboss713

    I recently unlocked my BB Pearl 8110 (at&t) to use on t-mobile, got code from (at&t) for free. I unlocked it using this gentlemans instructions, THANK A MILLION. Now on t-mobile i CAN SEND and RECEIVE TEXT BUT I CANT SEND PICS, HOWEVER THEY COME IN JUST FINE, I RECEIVE PICS ALL THE TIME, BUT I !!!!!REPEAT!!!!! I CAN’T SEND PICS AT ALL. Some one with some knowledge please help I’m Still a bit new to this.
    Thanks In Advance

  • zabba

    i have a black berry storm with verizon can you help me unlock it so i can put a t mobile sim card in it and make it work i know where to enter the code but i do not know my code my imei#352109038131630

  • gsmcellsolution

    napoleon, i can unlock your blackberry , email me at

  • napoleon

    my bb is from uk but now i’m in south africa when i put a sim it says invalid sim card my imei # 010194006028434 pls i realy need help

  • Norberto Bozzo

    Hey guys, I bought a blackberry pearl flip 8220 unlocked from another country and when i activate the phone line in my country everything works fine, but when i activate the blackberry service the edge wont go upper case (EDGE) for instance I can’t use the service at all. When i go on blackberry webpage to register my pin it says my account has been suspended. If you guys can help and have the solution for it i will really appriciate it, Thanks!

  • patelindrajitbabulal

    unlock blackberry

  • Sheldon Scipio

    I have tried entering m e p p 2 and it doesn’t work, does anyone know an alternate method. I am at the scree that shows me the network is disabled etc.

  • Dorian

    Does anyone know where i can get a valid unlock code for my blackberry storm


    Just so you guys know and understand… after a little bit of research… I found that each IMEI has it’s own specific unlock code. You can not use codes that were used on someone else’s phone. So if this is what you are trying to do then that is the reason that you are getting error messages. If you paid for this service and it isn’t working properly then you might have gotten taken by someone trying to make a fast buck. The remote unlock service is now only about 20 bucks just in case you were still going by the prices at the beginning of this page.

  • Armend Baloku

    Pleas halp me to found unlock number for my blackberry 8707v

    IMEI: 359884008905790



  • Ronald

    I have a blackberry 8100 ATT with imei 355767018950548 can someone help me to get the unlock code.

  • Amount

    I have a black berry 8700v with imei 357646006877491can someone help me to get the unlock code

  • ricky

    i have got a black berry 8100 and i have tried the the following method and it dint work, iam from guyana.. i have got the phone from canada.

  • Clive

    help i need BB perl Unlock code, can anyone help?
    imei #356920.01.009040.4

  • akhil

    friends i have black berry 8100 plz help me to unlock it for free

  • ksherab

    guys i have a blackberry 8110, can u help me unlock it for free?

  • sunil rai

    sir i have black beery 8100 fone of airtel connetion and i want to no about the MEP code number. thanks

  • MONU


  • kulminder

    i can help u contact me at

  • sherif

    i dont have my ((SIM Unlock code)) where i can get it to unlock my 8100

  • amir lakhani

    which key is called alt key in blackberry pearl 8100
    pls advice

  • Decron

    Hack what????

    This is just a site that has a bunch of lazy asses to dumb to google something. Hacking is getting in their code with a hex editor or at least googling someone elses warez.

    You are not FONE HACKERS you are CONSUMERS!!!!

    And so you will always be treated like CONSUMERS by TELECOM CO.!!!

    Hint to all you brainwashed telecommunist zombies:

    Step one: Open browser (yes double left click)

    Step two: Enter

    Step three: Enter “MFI Multiloader RIM” in search and hit enter

    Step four: Follow the directions (you have to think for this part Cingular won’t help you do this part).

    Step Five: You have an unlocked RIM Blackberry 8xxx or 9xxx fone!!

  • tamica


  • angel

    i have a blackberry 8320 and imei is358281.01.662967.1
    i cant seem to unlock it. can you pls help.


  • K-OS

    i have blackberry 8320 and my IMEI is 358265.01.296046.1

  • beto


  • rafal

    My Phone is a Blackberry Perl through T-Mobile USA and my IMIE is 357840.01.216854.6 please help me with an unlock code thank you


  • Prasad

    I have a blackberry 7130c (Cingular) USA. I need the network unlock code. Any help is appreciated. my email address is and the IMEI # is : 359886.00.036642.6

  • Lucifer

    This is the Unlock code for BB Bold AT&T USA
    Blackberry Bold unlock code: 8611201212272640

  • brad

    i went to type in the meppd2 and its not giving me the option to type in the code anymore. I only tried once out of 10 tries?

  • Rayborn

    Kiko, you cannot unlock Verizon phones they are CDMA technology and the term “unlock” only refers to GSM phones where you can make them work with any other providers SIM Card. I would request a refund from the vendor you payed for.

  • Kiko

    I have a BB 8830 world edition locked to verizon. I purchased the unlock code from two different online vendors (not at the same time) The first one did not work than the second. I’ve noticed two things: 1. the number of code trial start with 10 and never change. 2. the codes I received from both vendors are the same but yet did not work. What can be the problem. Any help????

  • reno

    emm,, so far i understand the directions but i dont now where is the network MEP code,,can you tell me where i can find the network MEP code..thanks

  • kyleejane

    ok… so, i have the code, i followed the directions and when i hit enter all i get is “code error.” can anyone tell me why this is happening and how to fix it. im phoneless and it sucks. thanks.

  • Azeem

    can i send sms from my blackberry. should i need to install any software ?

  • Mahlomola Taje

    Hi I have a BB 8310 from vodafone i would like to unlock it were can i get unlock codes for free? my IMEI 358263.01.536729.7

  • Azeem Uddin Danish

    I have 8700, got unlocking code.
    I type ‘mepd’ to display the first five levels of SIM locking.
    but when I type ‘mep2′ nothing happens means not ask to enter unlocking code.
    What should I do now, please advise

  • Azeem Uddin Danish

    I have 8700, got unlocking code.
    I type ‘mepd’ to display the first five levels of SIM locking.
    but when I type ‘mep2′ nothing happens means not ask to enter unlocking code.
    What should I do now, please advise

  • taza

    Joe for crying out loud who wouldn’t want something for free if it works.

  • Joe Smith

    Some people writing into this forum are very dense. These instructions/recommendations are fine. if you can’t read then go back to school and stop asking people to unlock your phone for free.

  • Ashraf Rehan

    Plz send me my mep code for blackberry 7290
    IMEI : 354222004952174

  • Ashraf Rehan

    Plz send me my mep code for blackberry 7290
    IMEI : 354222004952174

  • taza

    iam currently visiting in Africa got bb 8700g T mobile need to unlock can some kindly give me a code my IMEI:357646004760913

  • shan

    can any one PLZ get my blackberry 8310 unlock the IMEI is 35263.01.211497.3 i currently and using boost mobile and the bb is ”CLARO” PLZ get back to me my email is

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    • rajan

      we can unlock any balckberry model if any one interested can contact me on yahoo massanger id : cellularhut_rajan or email me

      • Jessica

        For $1.99 unlocked my phone in less than 3 minutes. I found them on this site, submitted my order and before I knew it they had emailed me my code.

        Good to have an unlocked Blackberry.

    • kim

      Don’t waste your time, just enter and get your unlock code with free instructions to enter it , tested by me , just 10 usd .

  • taza

    iam in africa and got a tmobile bb 8700g can some one help me with the code my IMEI 357646004760913 send to my email: i appreciate thx

  • Mr.KNowitall

    You guys are idiots, read the article.. you have to ask your service provider for the unlock code. Every code is phone specific (the code you receive only works on that phone.)


    please can u help me to unlock my bb 8700c code IMEI
    357647.00.490720.7 thanks

  • mary

    okay, 1 guy here said that we can only get the code from our service provider…or pay 1 of those 2 companies to get it for us…well, how do those 2 companies get it? i want to know how they get it, then i can do it myself and not pay.

  • dominic banks

    i tried those steps your talking about but on the screen wheres theres the 5 catagories my bb says unknow i have the bb 7520 pls help

  • demy demapanag

    I wish you could also help me unlock my blackberry 7130g
    the IMEI is 359885.00.467306.8
    please send me the code at
    thanks a lot
    God Bless

  • khurram

    Sir, can i have the unlock code for my O2 blackberry pearl 8100, as i really need it because I am out of UK these days. IMEI is 352127011391526

  • John

    Blackberry 8310 Rogers
    IMEI : 358516020609288

  • John

    My Phone is a Blackberry 8310 through ROGERS and my IMIE is 358516.02.060928.8 please help me with an unlock code thank you in advance.


  • klip

    yeah when i enter mep2 nothing happens, no menu came up, should i just type the unlock code still?(black berry 7100i nextel)

  • iza

    my blackberry 8100 is with rogers and i would like to know how i could unlock the cuntry code so it works

  • Chris

    All of you that have the unlock codes and telling the beggers to stop begging for codes,


    You’re just telling us to stfu because you guys have the code. Why not be curteous ONCE IN YOUR FUCKING LIFE, and fucking share unlock codes to the world? It’ll help everyone, AND YOU’LL BE REMEMBERED FOR FUCKING HELPING US ALL OUT.


    I say you guys need to open up more. Fucking dip shits.

  • lance

    i found a verizon blackberry but there is no sim card in the phone and idont know what to do

    and when you press advanced optioon to unlovk it there is no sim card icon….

    please :((

  • Samantha

    Hi All, people w/T-Moble/AT&T issues should be pretty darn confident on how to do this by now if you’ll just take time to read…

    my problem is different because i want to know if i can unlock a verizon phone, or buy an unlocked pearl 8100 and use it with my verizon service. i’m a verizon customer right now and i would like to get the pearl 8100 (i can get it for free from them, but i don’t mind buying one that’s unlocked to save me the trouble…) does anyone know specifically about using a verizon BB outside of the USA? especially brazil? my current verizon phone doesn’t even use a sim card, but i was thinking about getting one of the free motorola ones and taking that sim card to a BB, has anyone tried this?! Thanks for your help!! ^.^

  • raj

    please any body can help me to unñock my phone blackberry 8100 with movistar panama imei no is 354879.01.042329.0// if you can pls send via email.

  • Nelson

    someone pls help me call T-Mobile , they give the unlocking code for free &less than 24hours
    all u need do is call there service center on +18009378997 & give my IMEI 351961.02.738693.5 (BlackBerry 8110)
    pls send the code to me thru this mail

  • jrock

    I have T-Mobile, I called them, they emailed me the code in less than 24 hours. Its a 16 digit code, at least for my BB Pearl. Since Ive unlocked it, it will not work. Im assuming you have to call whatever carrier you want to use it with and register the IMEI with them.

  • Don

    hey there, I have a blackberry pearl 8100 and my lmel number is 355767.01.029748.4 can you send me my unlock code? my email is

    thank you so much

  • PatrickJohnson

    For all those who keep asking for unlock codes please stop. The page above thoroughly details how to get unlock codes, and the author does not provide them. You MUST obtain an unlock code from the service provider the phone is locked to or from an unlocking service. Unless you have an account with the company the phone is locked to, you CANNOT get a code without paying for it.

  • adammm

    I just got a blackberry bold my imei is 359614.02.005418.0 can someone help please?

  • adammm

    i just got a blackberry bold my imei is 359614.02.005418.0 can someone help?

  • Telus store BC

    If anyone is needing to unlock any TELUS CDMA blackberry world editions like the new blackberry storm.
    Rim released there own canada website for providing unlock code for the public
    here is the website

  • disordr

    I have an older Cingular/ATT Blackberry pearl 8100.
    I read all these sites about unlocking them and wanted to do it not for any particular reason. (besides I still have 6 months of my att contract to go).
    I emailed ATT through their website after logging in with my account.
    Today someone called me up about my issue and I just said I would like to be able to unlock my phone. The lady said no problem, and emailed me my unlock code along with my IMEI to verify the one they have on file is the same as my phone.
    The unlock code worked perfectly after following all the instructions on these fine sites. Now my phone is unlocked.

  • jtunlock

    Dear Takuya,

    Unlock any At&t handset for only USD 18.

    We have been providing mobile phones unlocking services (codes) for more than 5 years. In addition to our effective unlocking services, we have a great customer support and delivery timings. We can unlock almost any handset, Blackberry, Htc, Nokia, Motorola, T-Mobile phones… and much more.

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  • Takuya

    I have blackberry 8820 AT&T / Vendor ID 102 and im use rogers.
    the IMIE# is 353763.01.502737.4
    Can someone send me the Code to unlock it
    My email

    Thanks :)


  • Takuya

    I have blackberry 8820 AT&T / Vendor ID 102 and im use rogers.
    the IMIE# is 353763.01.502737.4

    Can someone send me the Code to unlock it
    My email

    Thanks :)

  • waseem irfan khan

    Actually my friend has unlock this phone i have no idea how can unlock mobile phone and he has also helpless to find out the solution of that typical problem.

  • waseem irfan khan

    my black berry pearl 8110 phone is partially unlock,it will work now in pakistan but i can’ t call from address book because it shows england’s code rather than pakistan code on the screen,on the other hand we can made call from the use of key pad numbering but its very difficult to call on the number not in your brain memory but present in your phone memory .pls help how can i call direct from address book of my black berry pearl 8110 to others.

  • theo lyons

    Whats the unlockling code for a vodafone BlackBerry 8100 Pearl as i want my girlfirend to use it in france on O2 when im in the UK. The IMEI: 356920.01.984134.4




  • Mary

    Why doesn’t an unlocked blackberry pearl not have any games like brick breaker on it? Thanks for the help

  • Tariq

    I have blackberry 8820 , the
    IMIE# is 353763.01.310393.8
    PIN# is 2546A271
    Can someone send me the Code to unlock it
    My email :

  • Nelson

    Can someone help me get my Unlocking code for Blackberry 8110 iheard u can one can get it frm T-mobile..all u need do is call there service center on +18009378997 and gice them the IMEI of he phone. please i will appreciate anyone that can call then and give my IMEI 351961.02.738693.5 if they successfully give u the unclock code pls send it to me thru

  • wissam

    i’ve a blackberry 8100 and i wanna use it over the networks in tunisia

  • F.A.

    Hi, my Dad just got the iPhone and I want to have his Blackberry Pearl. It won’t accept my SIM card, can anyone help me unlock it? Please help!

  • kalyan

    i have a 3g,16gb iphone its black set and now im using it in denmark with a contract to telia mobile company so it support only telia sim but i want to use other sim as well so plz how can i unluck it and i heard when we once unluck it again reluck when we update and connect in itune.

    so plz suggest me about it and how can i use it to all sim.
    waiting for your reply and kind help

  • Dave

    I used the instructions after obtaining the unlock code from AT&T (I’ve had the phone for about a year). It worked flawlessly and took me all of about 30 seconds.

    Excellent post and didn’t cost me a dime. Thanks!

  • Todd

    I just got my blackberry bold, and I’m traveling too
    I got my blackberry unlock code from this website, and the turn around time was like a few hours :)

  • ernie tocci

    i have a blackberry 8100 i am having a hard time unlocking i want to give it to my daughter tmobile

  • ernie tocci

    i have a blackberry 8100 i am having a hard time unlocking i want to give it to my daughter

  • kyle

    hi i got a blackberry pearl wich needs unlocking to all Networks
    IMEI:359675.01800758.9 ty for any help

  • kyle

    hi i got a blackberry pearl wich needs unlocking to all Networks
    IMEI:359675.01800758.9 ty for any help

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  • big gangsta

    one thing i forgot to mention is that I’m delinquent in my account with t-mobile an they wont give me the code and thats why i’m searchin

  • big gangsta

    i been lookin for unlock codes for my 2 blackberry pearl 8100’s for a long time now, and i feel like every site I’ve been to has let me down. now I’ve found sites with the actual software for the unlock codes but non are for the blackberry. almost every place on the net is charging at least $10 bucks for the codes but when it comes to the berry’s it seams they all go up in price. if there are no free sites at least help out with some very cheap but reliable sources for unlock codes for blackberry 8100 cuz I’m pretty damn broke an would like to have my berry’s back to remind me of my ballin days.

  • YG

    Hey! I have a blackberry pearl. Can any one help me get an unlock code? Thanks! IMEI: 359181.01.206.850.3

  • Joyce

    Thank you sooo much! I had requested my phone to be unlocked through T-mobile. They sent me the instructions and unlock code. I tried several times and it didn’t work. I called them twice to see if i was doing something wrong but they said no. The blackberry specialist said I needed a foreign sim card which I tried and didn’t work. Anyways, two months later which is today…I’ve found your website and the information was totally helpful. I unlocked my phone with out a problem! thank you…and happy holidays =)

  • Aj

    I got a Blackberry pearl 8100 from T-mobile. I got it unlocked before relocating to Europe in June 2007. Recently (Dec 2008) I got the trackball and panel change from the local service provider. But when I put my sim its says “invalid sim card”. I approached T-mobile for unlocking the device and they have given the same unlock code which help me unlocking my device earliear. But now it doesnt work.

    Would appreciate if someone from the forum can crack this puzzle for me.

    Few Q?

    1. Do i need to put T-mobile sim card to unlock this.
    2. Do i need to load the software provided to me by t-mobile.
    3. What if I tried the unlock codes more than 10 times. I allready did it for 6 times but now bit cautious.
    4. Does unlock code keep on changing, but my pin number is the same.

    Thanking you in advnace.


  • justin

    I’ve tried ebay too , but I ended up getting ripped off. I ended up calling RIM tech support, and the rep told me , that I wanted to get my unlock code, that I would have to place an order on there unlock website. i was able to place my order on RIMS website and pay by PAYPAL, here is the website

  • chris

    I have a blackberry 8100(tmobile) and i need it unlocked. my IMEI is :
    358264.01.239698.2. My email address is

  • chris

    I have a blackberry 8100(tmobile) and i need it unlocked. my IMEI is :

  • DAVE

    MY IMEI IS 359089010578011



  • lenny

    hi i have bb berry cuver.

    my imei number is359316015100974

    can i have the unlock code emailed to me…

    thank you


  • dave

    i am looking to unlock my telus 8830
    can anybody help with this matter

  • Mateusz PL ULI

    My Phone’s Imei: 354005.02.794311.8
    Vodafone Unlock
    My Phone BlackBerry Curvan 8….

  • Karla

    u can unlock any blackberry pearl, curve, storm bold…. visit english and spanish

  • Gilee

    How many numbers are there in the sim unlock code?

  • Chubbs

    WHY Pay $35 to get this done, when you can get the att balckberry unlock for $9.99. Turnaround time is 1-8 hours. This is the link. dont let the name fool you.

  • upol

    I have a blackberry 8830 by verizone. Can I have the unlock code emailed to me. email:
    Thank you very much

  • Bob

    just ordered unlock codes for a tmobile 8100…..tried using unlock to talk’s 3 hour service…what a joke …5 hours later I get a real jerk on their chat line who said it would be available till next day….cancelled the order. Tried GSM, very prompt courteous service within 2 hours. Proves cheaper ain’t all ways better!

  • salma

    i got a blackberry 8310 as a gift from my brother and it needs to be unlocked.
    its from vodafone and i dont know how to unlock it

  • ruben

    Hi, can you please provide an unlock code for BB 8700g EMI 357646004746003



  • ruben

    Hi, can you please provide an unlock code for EMI 357646004746003



  • sreeker

    Hi, I have 8100 rogers and UNLOcked.
    I want to flash INDIAN FIRMWARE from BHARTI service provider.

    I have downloaded Desktop software 4.3 and 8100 Device software “8100M_PBr4[1].2.1_rel140_PL2.3.0.75_A4.2.1.91_Bharti”.

    and followed the instructions as above given, but when its
    First one to install from list Connecting to device Boot ROM, takes few seonds and then gives me below error.

    “Unspecified error encountered [A:0x00000001]”

    and then it rboots and comes with original software ROGERS.

    even i tried before unlock also its same thing.

    PLEASE SOME ONE HELP ME OUT> i would like to load INDIAN Service providers Firmware, so that i can use of all features of service provider.

    Thanks you.

  • Fabio

    FABIO on December 2nd, 2008 12:47 pc Hi.
    Black berry 8100 , AT$T. IMEI: 355767.01.659931.3
    I need the me

  • Gilee

    where do you find the sim unlock code?

  • craig slavens

    if someone could help me get the code to unlock my blackberry pearl 8100 (T-Mobile) i would be very grateful!!

    IEMI: 355507.02.299150.4

    reach me at

  • Tanya

    I believe I have a different problem than what I can see here. My BB Curve was on a company server and appears still to be “locked” to the security options of that server. Any way to remove it from the server, short of calling the company (not possible)? I have tried switching SIM cards to a different number, but the phone still holds the security options from the server.

  • benamara lyes

    j ai un blackberry 8700g bloquer sur O2
    imei: 357646003564449

  • rehan

    i bought black barry 8800 gsm on mobilink network,how to unlock for other networks ?imei no is 354672019852761,pls write me if you have any idea?

  • rehan

    i bought black barry 8800 gsm on mobilink network,how to unlock for other networks ?imei no is 354672019852761,pls write me if you have any idea?


    I need unlock my blackberry 8100 pearl
    tks coop

  • David

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  • David

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  • Mobilefiles

    Just to follow up:
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  • sarahd

    you guys rock, thanks a MILL for this – worked a treat. Better than the instructions T-Mobile UK gave me :)

  • David

    Also anyone needing prompt support, we offer live support on our website, no need to email and wait, You can chat with one of our operators or call us.

  • David

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  • Mobilefiles

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  • David

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  • Mobilefiles

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  • james

    i have a blackberry 8700c and i have 0 atemps to type the code and the best part of it is that i dont have the code im just guesing because i dont have the money and im despress about it.. if enyone can help me it would be a gods blesing but if thers no one then its my blesing… good day to all of u



  • roman

    könnt ihr mein lack berry 8100 pearl freischalten
    IMEI 354879.01.849774.2


  • Nicholas Yoder

    Hello, can you email me the MEP code for my 7290 Blackberry IMEI:354222009468101
    thanks so much!

  • jj

    if u cant get the code from the network provider, well pay for the damn code, its not for free, nothing is free….

  • Ben

    thankyou so much for the help on typing in the code. The only thing I would like to tell you is that the special codes you said must be used for vodafone didnt work on my vodafone blackberry, but the normal ones did

  • engona

    I have a BB 8700v vodafone. help me with unlock code. IMEI:357646.00.104128.3

  • maria

    yes the phone is working, but the only problem i am having is that i need the unlock code for this device Black berry 8700 and the carry is O2 with IME:357646000835719, Pin 203EA13E.

    I have try to use this option to unlock it

    by typing MEPD follow by MEP2 but now it asking for unlocking code, and i don’t have credit card to buy online becuase i don’t have money i am a student in nigeria try to come up in life.

  • David

    Angelica, you can order the unlock code at

  • Anngelica

    i did the steps up to 5 but i am stuck cause i dont know where to find or how to get the sim unlock code

  • David

    Kinju, you won’t really be getting unlock codes for free, but you can order them super cheap at , only codes that are free are the ones for old Nokia phones.

  • Kinju

    Is this site really helpful for getting free unlock codes?? Just getting bunch of mails from this site for free.

  • Rahul Mathur

    I have a black berry 7290 IMEI: 357778001051945 locked to O2 UK .please provide me the unlock code

  • David

    Hi Wilson,
    You can order the code directly at

  • wilson

    hi i need unblock code for bb 8300. my IMEI# 355772.01.745816.2 thankz

  • mike

    can someone email, I want to unlock, my sidekick 2008, blackberry curve and blackberry pearl all for tmobile. contact me even if you cant unlock the sidekick 2008. someone give me a good deal or maybe free thanks

  • David

    You can unlock virtually any phone at , they only need your phone’s IMEI in order to generate your unlock code.

  • David

    You can unlock virtually any phone using . They only need your phone’s 15 Digit IMEI and they will email you back the unlock code, They guarantee the code works or your money back,

  • nivedan

    Hey i have Blackberry 8700c with vodafone, i want to use this phone with other sim pls help me……

  • Jacob

    I unlocked my nephew’s blackberry through I was happy and definitely recommend it.

  • phillip

    i want to unlock my t mobile blackberry 8100,,,,, my imei is 35550 702280 2834 i need the code to unlock my blackberry and the steps please

  • hena

    If your a student in the UK- O2 have got a good deel with BlackBerry

    You get 600 mins, 1000 texts, 20 pounds from….check out the website

  • cevantes

    I need to unlock a BB 7100t provided by T-mobile. T-mobile will not provide the unlock code because the account which was in good standing was closed over 90 days. Does the unlock software via cable work in this situation. Need to know before placing an order.

  • rashhole

    it msays absolutely free, then in the next paragraph it says you have to pay them, wtf kind of help is this?

  • kamal

    blackberry 8100
    imie no: 354580010000100 i ned MEP code

  • mone

    hello. i have a blackberry pearl 8100 and its a cellone phone. trying to use it with my att service. can someone plz help me for free. my imei is 356920014197551. plzzz. my email is

  • Arnbart

    I have BB 8100 from Telcel in Mexico. I wanted to use it with T-Mobile. Can anyone help me? Please e-mail me.
    Thank you.

  • Kinju

    Hi I would be so thankful to you if you could unlock my Blackberry 8700 locked with Cingular…I want to use with T-mobile. Please help me out, my IMEI # 357647.00.882915.9


  • Kinju

    Hi I would be so thankful to you if you could unlock my Blackberry 8700 locked with Cingular…I want to use with T-mobile. Please help me out, my IMEI # 357647.00.882915.9


    Hi!! I just got my Blackberry Pearl 8100 and is locked, can somebody help me? The IMEI is 352127.01.538350.3 Thanks


    i recently left uk where i used to use a bb 8320. i am now in botswana but it just wont work it is network locked to Orange Uk. i am desperate cant get pounds to pay please help with unlock codes and procedures.

  • Carolina

    Hi!! I just got my Blackberry Pearl 8100 and is locked, can somebody help me? The IMEI is 354879014365000. Thanks



  • Smitty

    Please help a troop out. I need my BB 8310 unlocked…I have called and asked my carrier(AT&T) for the unlock code, but they will not give it to me.

  • Miro

    I have a Blackberry 8310 from T-Mobile. Can somebody help me to unlock my BB. My IMEI Number is: 358263.01.638686.6
    THX a lot.

  • Bolanle

    my blackberry 8100 is lockrd on 02 network. can anyone help with the unlocking?

  • james

    whats the imei, nelio?

  • nelio

    Hello James, i have a blackberry 8100 locked to vodafone uk, could you help me in any way to unlock it, any help will be fine.
    Mnay thanks

  • james

    hi guys,
    i can help to unlock phones locked Vodafone UK ONLY. let me know if you need it.

  • Bolanle

    do not have the sim unlock code to unlock my bbpearl 8100. how do i get the code free?

  • Robert Nic

    blackberry 8320 t-mobile.

    need to unlock to use anywhere in the world. also for at&t.
    IMEI # 3582 6401 3912 332

    Please help me get unlock code. I called at&t (my carrier) and they said sorry, unable to get the code for me since it’s with a different carrier.


  • paulo hernandez

    blackberry 8100 imei 356920011704391

  • Marra

    hey… What if i’ll buy in Canada and unlock it here in the Philippines? Is it possible? Please help me.. It’s major.. I swear!!

  • 8100

    how to get the unlock codes for the blackberry

  • Jay

    Hey Guys, despite the great instructions on this forum to enter the unlock code on the BBerry Pearl work well, it is important to know that these codes are generated by a simple software.
    I am not willing to pay a guy $30+ bucks to just punch in my IMEI number on his computer, and then copy-paste the code to send it to me by email.
    Let’s all try to obtain that software, it already exists for a lot of other cell phone brands!… I did it once for a nokia I used to have.


  • J.Ross

    Blackberry Pearl 8100
    IMEI # 355767.01.637413.9
    …plz help unlock…

  • David Brian

    We are selling the unlock 3G Apple 16GB iPhone for just US$500 and also the 3G Apple 8GB iPhone for just US$450 (Including FREE SHIPPING) and guaranteed that it will work with any preferred network.

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    Mr David Brian
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  • selasie

    someone help me with the MEP for BB 8700c with IMEI 357647003273866

  • Cezar

    Thanks! Very good article.

  • selasies

    what is the MEP code for BB 8700c with IMEI 357647003273866

  • selasie

    what is the network code for me in Ghana

  • Neo Lambo

    My BB8100 O2 is locked when I use in Moscow Russia, help me to unlock it. IMEI is 352127011426413. my email:

  • EdwinXRS

    Hi I just got my Blackberry Pearl 8110 and is locked, can somebody help me? The IMEI is 351961025849520. pleasseeee

  • customer service

    Guys nobody can help but yourself..

    You have only three options:
    1. ask it from your previous network provider
    2. buy the unlock code (a.k.a. subsidy unlock)
    3. guess your subsidy unlock code ( i never suggest this option)

  • k w

    need to have my 8100 blackberry pearl unlocked 355768014740495 please help

  • nbologna

    please help i need to get my at&t 8100 pearl unlocked. 355768014519428


  • Glock

    if u read posts here, have a instruction for this.
    look 5º post
    from costumer service

  • alvaro

    hi there when i go to sim card option i cant see anithing just a blank page!!! help pleasee!

  • leslie

    That is right, I forgot these two are Blackberry pearl 8100 from AT&T.
    Thank you

  • Noris

    Forgot my password for Blackberry Vodafone 8100, anyone who can help on how to crack it

  • customer service

    Sorry,, if you are asking for the unlock code.. give also the model of your phone..

  • sreeker

    Thank you james

    I had put the INDIA sim card, it didn’t recognize and it recognizes only Rogers, Canada SIM CARD. that means they have locked my phone with Rogers right.

    AS you explained me, if i get Unlcok code from Third party my phone should work with any SIM, am I right.

    after unlcoking, if i load INDIA providers firmware, will it lock once again?

    Thanks once again for the help.

  • Leslie

    I have 2 blackberry pearl from att, I am in Venezuela I believe are block:
    IMEI 355768019105739
    IMEI 355768019422958

    If any one can help me please….Thank you… :)

  • customer service

    I’m working as t-mobile customer service.

    Ask your previous provider. They will give it to you.. just give them few days to send it to you through email.

    Here is an example:
    for blackberry curve (each phone have its own procedure)
    T-Mobile Sim Unlock Request
    Sim Unlock Reference: xxxxx06
    IMEI: xxxxxxxxxxxxx40 (15 digits) *#06#

    Unlock Code: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx92 (16 digits)

    Thank you for taking the time to contact T-Mobile. Below you will see the Instructions for unlocking your Blackberry Curve device.

    1. Press the Menu key.
    2. Scroll to and select Manage Connections.
    3. Select Turn All Connections Off.
    4. Press the red end key or the Escape key to go back to the Home screen
    5. Scroll to and select the Options icon.
    6. Scroll to and select Advanced Options.
    7. Scroll to and select SIM Card.
    8. Type MEPD
    Note: When typing in MEPD the letters will not appear on the screen. This step opens up the personalization on the device.
    9. Hold down the Alt key and type in MEP2.
    Note: When typing in MEP2 the letters/number will not appear on the screen. This Step opens up the Enter Network MEP code box.
    10. Enter the unlock code.
    11. Press the trackball (code accepted should display)
    12. Press and hold the red End key to turn the handheld off and then back on.
    13. Once the device has powered on, follow steps 1 & 2 and select Restore Connections.

    Thank You,

    Sim Unlock Department
    T-Mobile USA, Inc.


    Thank you , and you have a good day!

  • Glock

    a sorry, i have TIM Brasil
    my email
    blackberry 8310
    IMEI 358263.01.213720.6
    thanks James
    thanks guys.

  • james

    no, it wont work with india sim card. it seems to me the phone was network locked. so your phone can only be used for that particular network. if you want to use other sim into the phone, you have to unlock your phone from your network provider or from a third unlock party.

    one more situation is that, the phone was unlocked but blacklisted in one country and it cant be used in that country. once the phone wa taken out of the country, it will be free to use with any sim card.


    for Glock , no1 can help you if u dont know which network your phone is locked to

  • sreeker

    I have 8100, got it from rogers, canada. Now i would like to use it in INDIA. INDIA has 8100 provider and blackberry website has his firmware,

    Q: If i load INDIA provider firmware from Blackberry website, will it work in india with that provider SIM card.
    at present 8100 is locked with Rogers.

    Please help me out. i was asked this question in many sites, but nobody answered me.

    Please do help me.


  • Glock

    i have a blackberry 8310 plz i need unlock code
    my imei is 358263.01.213720.6 thanks.

  • Rebecc

    I have a BlackBerry Pearl, its my brothers old phone before he left to go to Brazil. I really would like it unlocking the IMEI is 354879.01.840835.0 it just says on screen SIM card rejected.
    :( Its locked to the UK network Orange and it is a bloody Orange sim I want to use in it but it won’t work!!
    I can be emailed on
    Any sort of help would be GREAT!!

  • customer service

    (t-mobile ONLY)i can process all the unlock code except for the sidekick.. just PM me..

  • Eva

    I would like to unlock my blackberry pearl 8100.Can anyone help please.

  • eduardo

    Beware of GSM PhoneSource.
    They will try not to answer your emails. The only way to get your money back will be by opening a dispute through Paypal.
    They have been reported on paypal several times.
    Please save yourself some trouble and seek other option.

  • stephanazs

    Interesting facts.I have bookmarked this site. stephanazs

  • james

    good instruction, i just unlcoked my BB, you guys can try there are cheap unlock code there and you can check their feedback as well.

  • Jay

    Is there a place where I can download the software that generates the unlock codes for the Blackberry Pearl? something that the one that existis already for Nokia phones…

  • Cha

    Can someone please get my unlock code for me. I live in the bahamas and cant get through to T-mobile to get my code because of my location. My IMEI is 354580.01.541730.9

  • Cha

    Can someone please get my unlock code for me. I live in the bahamas and cant get through to T-mobile to get my code because of my location. My IMEI is 354580.01.541730.9

  • Getahun

    Somebody gave me Blackberry 8100 mobile . When I enter my
    SIM card it display invalid SIM card . Would you please help me how to make it functional without any payment.

    The mobile was brought from USA . I am trying to use it in Ethiopia.

    Please e-mail me

    Thank you for your support.

  • tehzeeb

    i unlocked my 2blackberry by following the given procedure..
    m realy great full for all the team
    itz realy a great site

  • Angie

    Thank you! I used the third option and unlocked my AT&T 8100 BB Pearl!

  • ghazi

    pls help me to unlock for free my bb cingular 8700c imei i357647004907207 thankx

  • sreeker

    Hi ..

    I got the 8100 from Rogers, Canada, Now I’m in India and going to stay back for couple of years. I would like to unlock my 8100.

    Query: In India, Bharti is the service provider for Blackberyy and BlackBerry website has Desktop software for that provider.
    So If i load Firmware of Bharti, which supports in India, will it unlock and re-cognize the Bharti SIM card. I’m going to go with that service provider.

    Please help me out.. Thanks in Advance…

  • FuLio

    Hi i got a blackberry pearl. From what i understand if i wanted the code all i do is call in tomobile and ask them for the unlock code correct? and my other question is what exactly does the unlock code do?

  • Darsheema

    i have a at&t blackberry phone , i want to unlock????

  • manny2008

    i have a blackberry pearl that i wanna unlock to use it with cingular what do i do?

  • Mizz Sanders is also very cheap and fast

    I unlocked the new blackberry Bold from them for $19

    and a cingular Palm treo 680 for $14.99

    Cheapest I could find online

  • reese

    I’m wondering if anyone can help me. I have an at&t tilt that’s unlocked and I’m using it on a t-mobile network. The problem I’m having is I can’t get the internet to work. I called the t-mobile tech ( who doesn’t seem to have a clue) who’s telling me from his end it’s showing it should work. Well on the phone it doesn’t. So if anyone know how to set up internet connections for t-mobile please e-mail me @
    …… thanks

  • john shinn

    can you please help me unlock my blackberry pearl my imei 355767010084577

  • Gerald

    am 19,in dad recently bought me a blackberry 8700c.the problem is ave never used the browser coz i cant afford the cost.cud u pliz hook me up with the imei is 357647.00.589321.6

  • Jean

    Hi, I have a blackberry pearl, live in Montreal, my provider is Rogers. Please help for the unlock code. My IMEI is

  • kapo

    Hi im from Montenegro
    i have bb 8310. IMEI: 359315.01.902852.0 and I need unlock code

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    • Keith

      Hi there, I have successfully unlocked 3 BlackBerry in

      • Ralph

        I paid $1.99 to unlock my centennial blackberry from globalunlockcodes above. They emailed me back in about 4 minutes.

        • Blackberry Prince

          Hi people,

          If your looking to get your blackberry unlocked for cheap visit my site for more details I can supply you unlocking codes for any BlackBerry Models Worldwide, We have secure credit card processing with Google and Paypal for your convenience


    My cell is BB 8100 with IMEI NO: 359675.01.545311.7, t-Mobile, Us and now i want to use this cell in Nepal. But it is not working how i can use my cell in NTC network.

  • ajayjain

    wats the cod

  • ajayjain

    hello friend I cant type alt+2 to my phone & cant get code pls help me

  • camilo

    and wats the code ??? after the enter network mep code

  • Richie

    I bought a fone off my mate and its locked… i cant do fuck all with it!!! It was on t-mobile and the bastards wont give me an unlocking code cos it was apparently stolen… HELP ME!!!!! its a 8310. cheers

  • Donnwoye ND

    is this restricted only to the US?. I have a black berry that i got from O2 UK and am in Africa and i nid yo use it like yesterday. Where do i go

  • kai

    You guys are fucking useless.

    Im only looking for a goddamn unlock code, and you guys cant even post this shit up.

    god. dumbasses.

  • jerado mart

    can some1 help me to unlock my rogers bb8700 please i live in jamaica,i got the phone from a cousin of mine and its locked to rogers the imei#357648001438659,and the phone model is black berry 8700,please help me thank you,i can hook u up with some nice booty gal wen u come jamaica ok………..hit me up asap ok……

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    • steve nowlan

      Briefly, visit and follow instructions there, you get your blackberry unlocked in 5 minutes .

  • Donnwoye ND

    Am in Nigeria and i have a locked black berry pearl 8100 with imei 354879.01.284010.3. Need response fast

  • lusifer84

    hi you can help me unlock my blackberry 8100 t-mobile
    IMEI 357840012450894

    my email is

  • kunga

    how to get the unblock code for blackberry pearl 8100 ? my imei no is 355768.01.935044.9 . Is there any solution.
    If there is any then plz mail me.

  • Ted

    Hey so after ‘unlocking’ a pearl, can i then go and use it with virgin mobile?? or is its unlocking limited 2 at&t verizon spint n tmobile. hmm virginmobile is by far the cheapest service an has no contract but idk if a pearl will work on it… any help?

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  • Devin

    aright i got every step right the only part i’m stuck on is the SIM unlock code can anyone tell where i can get my unlock code?

  • fed up tmobile

    T-Mobile will not release to phones if you account is in collections if your a customer for over 3 months. There should be a law on consumers rights on personal phone.

  • Khan

    I’m moving to Canada from the United States. I actually tried to immigrate here, but certain circumstances have left me to.. well, leave for home again. Is there anyway I can unlock my 8100, both of them, and sign up with a different provider or do I continue to pay my monthly bill, just without international charges. I’m new to the whole ‘Unlocking’ thing.

  • olawale ogunbakinde

    i bought blackberry 8100 from a shop which it was sealed when i got home to tested it, it was locked and it does not SIM.
    IMEI: 352127.01.1502999, made in Canada, mode blackberry8100

  • JCLam

    Anyone knows a website or software that unlocks blackberry for free. Is there any known unlock code generator? tools like that?

  • baaj

    Please help
    I have BlackBerry 8700 v ent; my IMEI 35789000264441.0
    vodaphone; and i find the unlock code MEP asked by my GSM

  • Pranay

    I can unlock all phones including Blackberry’s. U hve to email me with your make (brand), model, and network locked to.
    My email
    I will then supply you with quote for the unlocking,you pay via paypal, I calculate the unlocking code and you then unlock the phone.

    All I need is your phone’s IMEI number, make, model, and network locked to.
    to get IMEI type *#06# on keypad to view.





  • toni

    unlock my bb perl a&tt to t-mobile thanks

  • Cooldogz

    Please help

    I bought a code for my 8700, unlocked my phone (it said successful) and restarted and now it won’t recognise any SIM. All the details in mepd say disabled. I hav tried a soft and hard reset and nothing has worked.

    Any ideas please?

  • Rosabel

    Ok i understand everything expt. where the frickin CODE! where is it. I have a blackberry pearl with t-moble

  • Liz

    I just got a blackberry 8100 from a friend, only problem is that it’s an AT&T provider and i have Suncom.. I need the code to unlock it, so if anyone is kind enough to help that would be GREAT!! :)
    Please email me at

    Thanks a bunch!

  • churro

    Hey, does any one have the code to unlock a bb 8320?!

  • 876diva

    hi ive got the bb 8100 could sum1 pls assist me wiv the sim unlock code thanks so much….pls Help. EMAIL MYAJA2000@YAHOO.COM


    Please HELP… The keypad is locked on my Blackberry Pearl. Is there ANY way to bypass this?

  • Juanito

    Hi, i have a BB 8320 MOVISTAR and i need to unlock it.Please can somebody help me?my IMEI is 358265.01.812482.3. My e-mail is I need help please.

  • Jane Donnelly

    Hi I contacted Unlock to Talk two weeks ago they are absolutely useless DO NOT USE THEM, they keep asking me for more money any contact initally was virtually impossible until I kepe emailing them and eventually said if they do not respond I will report them for fraud (as they had charged me) when I did get a response it was the rudest and most unhelpful service I have ever experience, OH and by the way I still do not have my code so I am giving up at a loss financially.

  • Roni

    get this bb8310, 358263012422053 = IMEI, please email me – brasil
    thank you

  • Julius Joseph 23/06/2008

    I’m Julius Joseph from Tanzanian,My brother sends me Blackberry 8300 from Mexico with IMEI: 359316015690594.But once any SIM card was inserted doesn’t accept. Please send me unlock code if any or advice.

  • Julius Joseph 23/06/2008

    I’m Julius Joseph from Tanzanian,My brother sends me Blackberry 8300 from Mexico with IMEI: 359316015690594.But once any SIM card was inserted doesn’t accept. Please send me unlock code if any or advice.

  • Barain

    get this bb7290 ,IMEI : 357778000621037 black berry .i need to unlocked please email me thank you

  • karen

    go to:

    to unlock any phone by code



  • Josh

    Stephanie – try here:

    You can get your O2 blackberry unlocked there.

    Hope it helps.

  • Stephanie

    Someone pleasssee help me!

    I’ve been to about 10 different stores and no one’s been able to solve my problem. A friend of mine bought me a British blackberry pearl, and it is an O2 device. I am now trying to get it unlocked from that network so I can get it connected to my home network – Cingular/AT&T. Does anyone know how I could get it unlocked from the O2 network????

    Thanks in advance!

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  • brooke

    A friend gave me a Blackberry 8700. I brought it to Nicaragua where I am living and tried going through the steps to unlock the phone (I have the code) that are written above. However, I only have my SIM card for my network here (Movistar), so the unlocking process is not working. Any ideas?

  • omega

    Hi there,

    my little niece was playing with my blackberry & typed the wrong code for my keypad as i had locked it & then she got it blocked. Now it only comes up with some little picture & 507 on the bottom & i cant get into anything. How can i unblock this?! or has she fully wrecked it?

    Please advise.

    Have the same problem? Click Here

  • omega

    Hi there,

    my little niece was playing with my blackberry & typed the wrong code for my keypad as i had locked it & then she got it blocked. Now it only comes up with some little picture & 507 on the bottom & i cant get into anything. How can i unblock this?! or has she fully wrecked it?

    Please advise,,,,


  • Josh

    try here to unlock your blackberry:

  • sam

    okay….so i know how to unlock it..but how to i get the code?? i have to pay yall for the code??? thats messed not paying shit

  • tibebe

    hi my name is tibebe .

    i have ablackberry mobile at my hand.
    PRD 08554 001 RAP40GW
    BT MAC:00 OF8681 81 77 17
    it does not support (work) with my countries (Ethipian) SIM card. how would i manage this?

  • Pranay

    I hve a query pls someone answer it.
    My service prodvider here in Qatar has just started providing the blackberry service…u know the enterprise solution and email thing.
    But its prices are nearly double than that on ebay.
    I am thinking of buying an unlocked ATT Curver 8310. Can someone tell me if I will be able to use the blackberry services on it in my country once i buy the service from here to. Or is the Blacberry services locked to ATT despite the phone being GSM Unlocked.
    Pls reply here or email me at
    THanks all

  • Hasan

    Hi, I need a code for my Blackberry Pearl 8100. I’m a student with a low budget and would appreciate it if anyone could provide me with a code for it. The IMEI # is 355768015121810. Thank you guys. My email is

  • Hasan

    Hi, I need a code for my Blackberry Pearl 8100. I’m a student with a low budget and would appreciate it if anyone could provide me with a code for it. The IMEI # is 355768015121810. Thank you guys

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  • bahi

    here is where i got my unlock code

  • bahi

    well i got unlock code from in 2 days and it worked for me..

  • xxx

    I am a poor man from a very poor family background and I have a lot of family burden upon me…..

    Kindly unlock my blackberry for free !!!!!!!!!!


    Go get a life guys!!!!!!!

  • Sha Tin

    Looking for BULK BB Unlock Codes for

    T-Mobile 8320 and
    AT&T 8310

    Need from 500-1000 per month

    Will request codes in BULK (NOT 1 by 1)

    Can you offer service within 24 hours?



    Shatin89 (at) gmail (dot) com

  • squaresoftalbert

    Am willing to pay $20 for the Blackberry 8820 unlock code to any GSM sim card…

    email at

  • madjohn

    what is the unlock code for BB 8100

  • Ped

    Pls help me unlock my blackberry 8320 IMEI 358264015523914 . I have this for 3 weeks and I can not use the phone. Pls help. Thank you.

  • Kazelkvc

    Hi webmaster!

  • Kazelfzx

    Hi webmaster!

  • Kazeldky

    Hi webmaster!

  • Marcus McCray

    I’ve been looking all day trying to find a free way to unlock Blackberry 8100’s and the best I could find was to call the carrier ie T-Mobile and ask. They’ll give you the unlock code free as long as you’ve had the service for 90 days or more and your account is not passed due. Also from what I gather there is a unique unlock code for each phone so if you find someone has posted a code they received from T-Mobile on a site or forum it won’t work.
    Try bidding on eBay for a low cost unlock service?

  • will

    i got a T-Mobil blackberry 8100 can some one help me unlock it pleas im going to spain next month i would really appreciate it if some one can help me

    IMEI is 354580.01.807106.1

  • Agung

    pls smb help me , ia have a BB 8707g and i need to unlock it, IMEI is 359883004102477, my email is , ia have no money to pay an pls help me

  • Moin khan

    i have black berry peral 8100 i don’t understand whats is unlock code where from i get

    pls sir reply me soon ill be waiting

    Moin khan

  • abo 3li

    I have black berry 8100
    I need the unlock code
    where I can get unlock code
    please help me out
    imei number is IMEI352127017052247
    bin code 23E628A3
    close to t-mobile

  • itsblackmelop

    Ah can someone help me out I got the blackberry 8100 from a friend but it’s a t-mobile version but I got a at&t sim card need unlock code plz help me out guy’s/girls my emi imei# 357838013320850 feel free to e-mail me at thanks alot.

  • jojo89

    it does not work i folowed direction till 4 than number 5 it did not work, everything worked till number 5 can somebody help me? i need to unlock my black barry 8100

  • marshall

    i have a blackberry 8300 imei 355772015843076
    i would love to get the code but i dont have a credit card,i live in jamaica

  • Narendhar

    I have black berry 8100
    I need to unlock
    I tryied several ways still
    asking unlock code
    where I can get unlock code
    please help me out
    emi number is IMEI355768015560033

  • Daniel

    I tried the generic instructions on my 8300 and I couldn’t get it to work
    I don’t know if I’m just doing it wrong but I’d like some help if all possible.

    I found the “sim card” section and when I tried pressing shift and mepd, nothing happens

    once again, help is greatly appreciated

    email me back at if you can help

  • Bubba

    I have a BlackBerry Pearl 8100 that needs to be unlocked from Centennial Wireless. Its IMEI 356920.01.539577.4 If anyone can help that would be great.

  • Jal

    I just got a Blackberry Curve 8310 and locked the keypad but now I’ve forgotten my own &$^# password. Any help on overriding the key lock so I can get in my phone?

  • Ash

    The unlock code is specific to the imei so you have to call the carrier that the phone is on to receive the code. Once I got the code this way I used the alternative method listed above for unlocking the blackberry pearl 8100 on att service and it worked!!! Thank you very much! (And by the way I used to work for ATT and I had no access to the unlocking codes. You have to go through customer care)

  • Fonz

    I can unlock blackberries. Usually Takes about 10 days, I charge $50. contact me at

  • kronyac

    maybe if someone or even better a few people who have actually gotten the unlock codes for their phone could let us know what their code is and also what their imei is and hopefully we could figure out how the unlock code is generated from the imei!! please someone share this info!!!

  • Master of the obvious

    I found a TM BB8100 & have ATT , So, my ATT SIM will NOT work in the TM BB8100 UNLESS I unlock the sucker. I see a lot of ppl asking for “FREE” unlock codes. There are NO FREE CODES!
    You can get them from 7$ to 50$ however, you need to search & search for a good reputable site to supply you the unlock codes.
    I do know that you can’t unlock a TMOBILE to be used with VERIZON.
    You can unlock TM for ATT and vice-versa.
    I paid 7.99$ for my unlock code & it worked like a charm I am now rockin my new ATT BB8100 former TM BB8100.
    As far as “FREE” unlock codes go if u can find it send it my way & everyone elses!!
    Not everyone can call TMOBILE or ATT for a FREE unlocl they may not of gotten their phones through a contract plan (like me, it was found & never claimed so I was allowed to keep it after the time expired).
    By all means check out eBay, they have good, reputable ppl selling unlock codes for every phone from here to Timbuktu!
    Check out eBay when in doubt…

  • Bryan R

    PLEASE HELP!! I purchased a T-Moblie BlackBerry Pearl 8100 phone off of E-Bay and I am needing an unlock code. I contacted T-Mobile and they would not give me the code because I am not a customer. Can someone please give me the code to unlock this please!!! The IMEI# is: 354580014399128
    Emailme at:
    Thank you!!!!!!!

  • Iván Bracho

    Hello, i’m ivan, i am a venezuelan and i recently got my blackberry pearl from t-mobile LOCKED!, i wanto to know wich of this options is the best for me, i don’t care how much it costs, i just want my blackberry unlocked TODAY!, would it work here in venezuela? can i unlock it without a simcard because anyways when i got to simcard it says NOT VALID SIMCARD in Spanish, and also, would anybody help me in spanish because that way i can make my point better! Thank you and please get back to me..i WIIL PAY!!

  • Marla

    I ned help unlocking my Blackberry Pearl from T-Mobile… they actually gave me the unlock code but it kept saying “code error”.. someone PLEASE HELP!!
    IMEI: 354580014213378

  • Jen

    awesome thanks it worked perfect!!

  • Mordecai

    i have a nextel blackberry 7520, i live in jamaica how can i unlock it to work on our networks?

  • Freddy

    i’ve a blackberry 8300 curve, i already have the code to unlock my cell phone, but i can’t insert them in the phone.
    I go to SIM card and then I right MEPPD or MEPD holding swift and also not holding it. But still it doesn’t work.
    Can someone tell me if to unlock the 8300 curve it’s diferent.

  • Sven

    I just get Blackberry 8100,please somebody send me MEP code to unlock it.It’s O2 operator


  • solomon

    iwould want to have acontract with u because i deal in Black Berries and thats the only hinderess that have experienced otherwise the market is readly available in most parts of africa.Uganda in particular thanx

  • Amarendar

    I’ve T-Mobile Black Berry Pearl 8100, which is brought from USA.
    After 3 months contarct period i’ve got Unlock Code from USA.

    Now i’m in India, can i use the unlock code which i got from USA.

    Is unlock codes will differ from country to country.

    How to Unlock the Mobile, tell me the procedure.

  • Ivan


    Just got my BB 7100 and its locked. Does anybody know where i can get the unlock code for free? Please help..
    IMEI: 354594.00.244511.6

  • suresh

    Hi friends, actually i got a blackberry pearl 8100. it is locked from Cingular . Plz help me to unlock it and use it
    Plz reply to :

  • Nagendra


    I have blackberry 8820 , the IMIE number is 3537 6301 2357 352
    pin is 252F9C12.
    Can someone send me the passcode to unlock it to my email :


  • Franz

    IMEI 354879.01.091058.5

    Could you help me? Please

  • Alan

    I just bought a second hand unlock blackberry pearl, only thing is that it has a security lock which doesn’t allow me to disable or enable certain application… how can i go around this

  • Quick

    I hav a BB 8300 please get unlock code. My IMEI # is 355772019939961

  • Marla

    ??? If i have a T-mobile phone but have service w/at&t who needs to give me the code t-mobile or at&t?

  • Jeff1978

    It seems that about 90% of those that have posted are retarded. It states CLEARLY where to get the codes and how to get the codes. I’m not a rocket scientist but with just a quick glance at the instructions I was able to get to the point where I enter the UNIQUE CODE FOR MY IMEI NUMBER (unique meaning every phone has it’s own code that no one else can use) which I’m still waiting on from my cell company. PLEASE, MORONS, READ. If you’ve noticed this thread getting longer and longer, it’s because you don’t pay attention!

  • Alan

    I just got a Blackberry Pearl 8130 phone from a repossesed car. It is an Alltel, how do I unlock it?

  • Martin

    Please can someone to help me?My BB 8100 pearl ask me for Network MEP code, where i can to find it? What is this code?

  • waqar

    where do i find the code

  • Sam

    I have a 8800 BB from U.A.E etisalat, however, I want to unlock the SIM so that I can use it with differant countries as I travel a lot.
    My IMEI is 354672019488665

    Any one can help??

    My email is

    Regards, Sam

  • Sam

    I have a 8800 BB from U.A.E etisalat, however, I want to unlock the SIM so that I can use it with differant countries as I travel a lot.
    My IMEI is 354762019488665

    Any one can help??

    My email is

    Regards, Sam

  • dee peezy

    mane can anybodi hook a playa up wit da unlock codes fo my blackberry 8700g, i just bought dis damn fone from my partna fo a 50 bucks. i need dat kode bad. my imei iz 357890.00.644719.0

  • Diane Klein


    I stupidly bought a 2nd hand blackberry from a friend who was visiting Thailand. (where I am currently living).
    I have a vodaphone 8700v but cannot find any other people on the site with the same phone.
    I have invalid sim card showing on my blackberry and have tried all the phone operators here and they cannot unlock my phone.

    Please someone help me!!!!
    I have had this phone for many months now and cannot use it.

  • Anton

    Black berry 8100 , AT$T. IMEI: 355768.01.834399.9
    Ii need the mepp2 me

  • vamsy

    hi George,
    Thanks for the info.

  • Yash

    How to unlock Blackberry 7730?



  • Vamsy

    one month back i have purchased an Blackberry pearl 8100, in US, (at & t), contract period is 6 months but now i am in india and unable to use the phone, can i get a unlock code for this(only network in locked)
    after completing the contract period , my service provider will give the unlock code, but i am in india now, so is there any other posible way to get the unlock code, what would be the price for this.
    can i make the payment using Indian credit card.
    thanks in advance,

  • Logan Jenks

    So thank you very much for this information. I recently got the phone from a friend who had the AT&T version. I have t-mobile, and when i switched sim cards it became locked. I called AT&T and they said that I have to have the previous owner verify the account first before they can release the unlock code.

    Not sure if this is something new compared to the date of the original post, but if anyone knows any ways around it please help.

  • cole

    can anybody help help me unlock my T-mobile blackberry 8700g?

  • filbill

    hello, can somebody help me to unlock my T-mobile BB 8100, my IMEI: 357838.01.251368.7 Thanks very very much:)

  • Nick


    I need an unlock code for my vodafone BB 8100 with IMEI: 3544879017611368.

    Pls hlep me.

  • Henry

    I’ll paid $5 for any one give me an unlock code for Blackberry pearl 8100 or help me unlock my phone IMEI:354879014252661 within 24 hours. Please mention Vietnam

  • Mandy

    Does anyone have the unlock code for the at&t blackberry pearl 8100?? I now have tmobile. I tried calling att and they will not give it out until they submit some dumb request that takes 10 days. I need it ASAP, to travel with. Thanks

    IMEI: 355768015824942

  • nate

    IMEI: 354580013378495

    can someone unlock my pearl for t-mobile

  • Bob

    Hello guys im planning on buying a T-mobile blackberry pearl but i have cingular are these hacks right above the comments a way to hack so i can use cingular card on T mobile phone just wondering. If your willing to help me just e-mail me at Thanx for the help = )

  • Jessiegurl79

    Rogers, cellular company in Canada, will NOT give your unlock code so that you can use differant SIM cards in their phone. They said it’s a policy now.

  • Yaciel

    Hello friends!
    I live here in Cuba, so I have a Blackberry 8100 T-Mobile phone and it´s locked. I have no possibilities to unlock it in this country. Would you mind help me in finding a solution?. Can I give you my EMEI number?
    I will appreciate your noble help. Thanks in advance.

  • Mr Nghia


  • swissboy

    Forget about Pearl. Just try to get BB-8830. This CDMA-GSM world edition phone comes from provider already unlocked. I am a Sprint customer, I travel to Europe several times a year and the phone works with my Swiss, Turkish, Italian and Austrian sim cards without any problem. But you have to know that you can’t use GSM service in America. This phone has only 900/1800 band which is only for Europe and Asia. In America you have to use CDMA.(Sprint or verizon)

  • Caitln

    where do i find the network MEP code?

  • Maheshbabu

    Now living in india, i was used T-Mobile in USA. Is there anyone that can help me

    to release blackberry pearl 8100. please would anyone be able to send my a unlock code for it. send to me

  • alicia

    I have a brand new verizon bb pearl 8130, but i have sprints service, and the phone doesnt require a sim card, so how can i unlock it to use it with sprint?

  • kirkis

    hey guys ! i’ve reach to the part where i see the 5 locks but when i put the mepp2 code in nothing happend can you help me

  • Dale


    Is there anyone who can help. I have now tried a third site three days ago, still waiting to see if they can get a code.

    If you can get a code, here is my previous post with my details

    Hi I have a T-Mobile USA pearl 8100 now tried two places, paid, waited about 10 days got no unlock code. Now living in France. T-Mobile will not release my unlock code as I am not in USA. Is there anyone that can help. I am reluctant to pay another unlock firm.

    IMEI :352127.01.552.798.4

    Thanks Dale

  • awp

    give me unlock code for my blackberry curve 8300 please … , with imei = 359315.01.675110.8 via email me to

  • aly

    i have a at&t blackberry curve. my service provider is t-mobile. i supposedly have the right code this guy gave me, who i got the phone from. and i tried those insturctions up there, and i put in the code and it says error wrong code!! wtf is up with that. i just want my new cool phone to work :(

  • Dale


    From what I gather, you can contact T-Mobile direct ( as long as you have an address in the same country as the provider) and request your unlock code. This can then be entered into to pearl to unlock your phone so that you can use it with any mobile service like AT&T.

    Hope that helps, sorry I can not give you a unlock code. I am trying to get one myself.


  • Valeria

    I need help.
    I’m totally and utterly confused.
    I have a BB Pearl, from T-Mobile.
    I have AT&T.
    I want the Pearl to work on AT&T.
    Do I call AT&T and tell them I want to unlock it?

    (I previously had an iPhone and I must say I’m quite intimidated by the words “UNLOCK” and “AT&T” in the same sentence)


  • Dale

    Sorry email address is –

  • Dale

    Hi I have a T-Mobile USA pearl 8100 now tried two places, paid, waited about 10 days got no unlock code. Now living in France. T-Mobile will not release my unlock code as I am not in USA. Is there anyone that can help. I am reluctant to pay another unlock firm.

    IMEI :352127.01.552.798.4


  • Billy Wicked

    OK, got my Blackberry 8320 from T-Mobile, got the IMEI, but now like everyone else, I’m missing the Network Unlock code. Can I get some help? Thank you.

    my email is –

  • Janet Z

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!! GIVE ME MY UNLOCK CODE FOR BLACKBERRY CURVE 8300 im with ROGERS and my IMEI= 355772.01.021297.0 PLEASE email me the code to unlock my phone my email is please send code.

  • jas

    can i have the instructions for O2 black berry 8100……………..looked every where …………… ,need to unlock it ….travelin to india very soon ……any assistance will be helpfull

  • Patick Belli

    Please help me to unlock my blackberry pearl 8100. my phone from London IMEI# 356920016749029I appreciate if you can e-mail it to me at

  • DEAngelo

    i need the mep network number

  • Mike D

    This is how I got mine unlocked, so I could give it to my girl to use in Spain. If you have the IMEI number, call your provider of the phone and tell them that your going to wherever for a long period of time and you would like to use that country’s provider’s SIM cards. So I called AT&T and told them that I was moving to Spain and I didn’t want their extended international service. The operator just gave me the 16-digit unlock code. Then I followed the instructions in this site titled: Model : BlackBerry Pearl 8100 (Alternative instructions if above instructions do not work). I had to walk my girl through, who is not the most technological inclined person. She was able to unlock it.

    I’m not sure, but I think there’s only one code that’s unique per phone, so you can’t use my code for your phone. So these companies that are charging $20+ to unlock phones are making some real money. They ask for the IMEI number and somehow get the codes. Nicely done. Of course you could just buy the hardware unlocking kits, but those aren’t cheap either.

    I hope this was helpful

  • Mohit

    I got a blackberry 8100 pearl from USA, i am back to my country India, now i need to use this cell phone with my gsm provider but if i try to use the SIM it gives me “Invalid Sim” error, help me out or email me ( if anyone has a solution over it.


  • spencer

    So I broke my T-mobile phone.. and I decided to borrow a Blackberry 8700c (Cingular) from a friend. She thought it was unlocked, but it’s not. I know how to unlock it, but I need an unlock code. I wasn’t sure if anyone actually had one, or if I should just call T-mobile. If you have one, it would be greatly appreciated. Please contact me! Thank you so much

  • BlackBerryHater


  • leo

    Please help me to unlock my blackberry pearl 8100. my phone provider is digicel cayman islands and my IMEI# 354879.01.111434.4. I appreciate if you can e-mail it to me at

  • MPC

    Please help me to unlock bb 8100. IMEI# 354580.01.022528.5. can you e-mail it to me

  • alex

    i have a blackberry pearl8100 if anyone has the unlock code can u email it to me

  • Hollywood

    ok so i just spent $30 bucks for a unlock code which didnt work at all so dont go to im trying to unlcock my phone for when i move overseas with my husband who is in the military. if anyone has any help at all that they could give me i would appreciate it very much. thanks i have a blackberry 8100 from at&t IMEI# 355767.01.638796.6

  • Basel AlSaleh

    I have a blackberry pearl t-mobile, I bought the code from GSM PhoneSource, I followed the instructions, inserted the code to unlock but an error message appears, the phone is still unloacked. Please help.

  • ozgurgsm

    I have a BlackBerry 8100, lockd by cingular ımeı:355768010026337 plıase´help

  • stefan

    l have blackberry 8300.lockd by at&t.IMEI355772014833136;PLIASE,HELP

  • Slavka

    I have a BlackBerry 8100, lockd by cingular. IMEI354879.01.614133.4
    Please, help!

  • Jay

    I have the blackberry 8820 does someone has a unlock code for me.
    imei: 353763 01 918753 9
    you can mail it to:

  • Jay

    I have the blackberry 8820 does someone has a unlock code for me.
    you can mail it to:

  • julio

    I have the bb curve i bought it when i was in the states and now i am panama i wanna know how can i unlock my phone.. to work on the gsm network…and how do you get the password…My IMEI is 358264.01280678.2

  • kurt

    i have a bb pearl.. at first i thought it’s not working anymore.. my uncle gave it to me… when i tried opening it, it keeps asking for a pass word or security code for me to go to the menu. so i cant even use it to take pictures or even browse the phone it self.. im from philippines … dont really know what to do. i tried to guess some codes and still it didnt work. i tried it 7 times…. can anyone please help me email me @ i hope its for free. cause i dont how to send the money to you guys ..way way far from here.. thanks


    please send the code of black berry pearl mobile iemi number 345879.01.9421287… email adress is


    please send the code of black berry pearl mobile iemi number 345879019421287… email adress is

  • jose vazquez

    my blackberry is cingular is the 8100 the imei is 354879.01.541537.4 if some bodyyyy pleaseee send me the code by email my email is thanks

  • jose vazquez

    hey i tried to unlocked my phone but i dont know the code my imei number is # 354879.01.541537.4 ill be apreciated if some one send me the code via email thanks.

  • Krystina

    So I broke my T-mobile phone.. and I decided to borrow a Blackberry 8700c (Cingular) from a friend. She thought it was unlocked, but it’s not. I know how to unlock it, but I need an unlock code. I wasn’t sure if anyone actually had one, or if I should just call T-mobile. If you have one, it would be greatly appreciated. Please contact me! Thank you so much. :-] – Krystina



  • Lahni

    hi there, i had put a security code on my blackberry 8700c & my lil niece had been playing with it. Now she’s blocked the phone & i cant get into it. only shows blocked symbols. I cant get into it or anything. Is anyone able to help?


  • chris wheeler

    anyone got a unlock code for a blackberry pearl 8100 on O2 Tariff
    i went on a web site and paid $35 but got the information i have already got free on how to get to put the code in not the code

    my imei no is 354879019135168
    email me at
    if you have any suggestions
    O2 refused me the unlock code

  • dominique

    hi, thanks for the tip, but where can i find the code for my blackberry t_mobile

  • mr hisyam

    hi, im got 1 bb 8100 that need to unlock..i from malaysia..the phone is a gift from my frend when he travel to UK..i’ve no if malaysia currency convert to USD or Pound is times 3 and times 7…so i hope some1 will help me out on this…
    IMEI : 35920.01.619885.4

    emel me at

    thanks guys..

  • richarh

    I have a Blackaberry 8700c i got it when i was in the states now i’m home in Trinidad. i forgot my lock code and the phone’s network is locked so i can’t get in. I have to overide my password beause i really can’t remember it don’t know what to do????????????????????????????????????????????

  • arun

    i have one black berry 8310 mobile itz locked only,iam not able put any insert,could u plz help out how to open that lock & unlock code also
    plz help me out

  • arun

    i have one black berry 8310 mobile itz locked only,iam not able put any insert,could u plz help out how to open that lock & unlock code also

  • Virendra

    I have a Cingular Blackberry Pearl 8100 , which I want to unlock. I have the unlock Code with me, but I am unable to unlock it.
    As per instructions from Cingular (AT&T) –
    Step Action
    1 Insert Cingular SIM into device
    2 Power phone on and Turn off the radio (Turn Wireless Off option) VERY IMPORTANT.
    3 Select “Options”
    4 Scroll down and select “SIM Card”
    5 Type “MEPD” (multitap means this will be typed in [M] [ER] [OP] [OP] [DF])
    6 Type “MEP2″ (multitap means this will be typed in [M] [ER] [OP] [OP] [TY])
    7 Enter the Unlock Code
    8 Press enter
    9 Reboot device. Device is now unlocked.

    I have used above steps but looks phone is not unlocked , I need help , Can Any one answer my these questions:
    1. Once I succesfully type MEPD , what the next screen look like i.e will screen show some thing to accept next command i.e MEP2 or How do I know that I am at currect unlocking level screen.
    2. Similiarly What screen will look like , once I type MEP2
    3.Once I type Unlock Code correctly, will screen displays any message like PHONE UNLOCKED or How do I know that Phone is succesfully Unlocked..?
    4. In the forum I have some where read that use MEPPD inplace of MEPD in step 1 and MEPP2 inplace of MEP2 in step 2 that required for my Cingular(AT&T) Blackberry pearl.
    Please help.

  • Sherri

    Thank you. This worked like a charm!!

  • sortablediablo

    you all are sayin how to unlock the phone but where do i get the unlock code…i want a free one..i’ve looked everywhere for it..i hav a blackberry pearl..the IMEI# 357838012420388… whats the unlock code for it?

  • Chetan Kapat

    I have a BB8100 pearl mobile from at&t. I got the unlock code from at&t but still unable to unlock it with the procedure provided by them. I am trying it sitting in India.
    The process I followed is.
    Put the at&t sim in. Switched on the handset. Turn off the wireless option. Then followed the path as :->
    Settings => Options => Advance Options => SIM Card.
    It displayed:
    SIM Card: Security Disa…
    Phone Number:
    Then pressed and hold the ALT key and typed mepd.
    The released the ALT key and pressed mep ALT 2.
    Nothing was displayed at this time.
    Then it typed the unlock code. This time also nothing was displayed.
    The I hit the enter key.
    Restarted the handset.
    Inserted the SIM from an Indian network provider. But still showing Invalid SIM.
    It looks like I did some mistake in unlocking it.
    Please help my with the right procedure.

  • kelly kelly

    is there a law that has made is illegal for phone companies to keep their phones locked? i thought this was the case, does anyone know?
    i THOUGHT he fcc passed a law that ANY service provider HAD to give someone the unlock code for a server locked phone,,,, i got mine from t-mobile after being a customer of theirs for a long time, so i didn’t hav to g thru the hoops,,,,,

  • Anton

    OK So I Have A NEXTEL BLACKBERRY 7520 But I Need A Code To Unlock It Can Someone give Me The Code

    The Phones IMEI IS: 010000025529190

    Please Heeeeellllpppppp

  • al

    guys every body giving alot of un useless info abouth bb8100 unluck , of course if you have unluck code you can do it, other wise , bull-shitt , info, best way call the which company provider your cell phone , they can do it remotly and secuerly way

  • berry user

    is there any other way other than inserting a different carrier’s SIM CARD to check if your phone is unlocked or not? If so, can you please explain how I can check that. I habe a blackberry 8700g.

  • kris

    whats the unlock code??????/

  • awais

    i hav bb pearl 8100 and i wan to unlok it .its t much cost u will charge and in how much ours u will take to unloick ir thanks.kindly reoly in my email adress

  • holly

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! seems a lot of peeps on here didn’t read the whole article. You can totally do this for free!! I just called Tmobile and they are supposed to email my unlock code within the next 24 hours. I also ran thru your instructions and they work great. got to the place i need to put the code really easily!

    I’m giving the phone to my brother who is on at&t/cingular. my only question is – should we download the blackberry software from cingular and install it? Tmobile has specific email fowarding software, etc, and i don’t think it will work. so should we reformat the whole phone? what do you think?

  • miami3o5

    wow this is the worst topic/post ever. Everyone with a question and no answers.

    You guys are fucking retarded to see a million post before yours with no replies and yet you still ask for the same shit. I wish i could e-slap the shit outta some of you.

  • Daisy

    i just got a blackberry pearl 8100 would anyone be able to send my a unlock code for it.


  • sangv

    can some one pl tell me unlock code for my blackberry pearl 8100 from T-mobile USA. IMEI – 356920015747057
    thanx in advance

  • Sultan

    BB Pearl 8100 locked by o2 uk? Where to get unlock code?
    My Email address is help me,please.

    Sultan Gondal

  • Emilio

    i have a real problem, you see i bought my phone in the usa from cingular, and brought it to mexico, i want to unlock the phone, so i can use it in mexico, but how do i do it, i need the MEP code but where can i get it? or how?

  • miami3o5

    I have 1 question… what is it that these guys do to get the unlock codes to the blackberrys? Is it a software or hardware or some database list somewhere? Im tired of this bullshit.. someone spill the beans already.. this is what internet was made for! I did find some Unlockers,like the one from Furious Gold for like $200 but none do the 8000 and up Blackberrys.. so no Pearls or Curves. How the hell do all the “remote unlock” guys do it. SOMEONE ANSWER PLEASE!!

  • sachin

    i have purchased an o2 blackberry pearl 8100 from uk and now i m back to my home country INDIA and hence i wish to unlock it. pl. help

  • goku

    i live in jamaica and went to the states a fuw days ago my girlfriend baught a bb8100 for me i took it to jamaica and tried to unlock it (tmobile)
    me girlfriend cant find the reciept which they asked me for when i requested the code can anyone help me

  • Mr Jerry Smith

    We Sell the Black Berry Pearl 8100 for just US$150 (Brand New/Unlocked)

    We also stock for sale different Brands/Model of Mobile Phones* Ipods* Games.


    Please email us:

  • Lazy

    as it was previously said, the unlock code depends on your IMEI. regardless, the code that i got for mine (whether or not you people feel like trying it since IMEI is different) 2232911292614893.

    also you can ask cingular for it FOR FREE. they have that dumb 90 day period supposedly but i just said I forgot when I actually got the phone. the guy said well i can check that for you go ahead and give me the IMEI number. i did so and after 5 minutes of the computer crunching he gave me the code (note i’ve only had the fone for a month at most) so it doesn’t hurt to try anyways.

  • shira

    I need to know the steps of unlocking bb8100 i have the unlockcode

  • david

    when switch on it requires for me to enter blackberry to continue,then after entering blackberry as required it then request to enter password.its bein powered by CINGULAR. and it model number is 8700c

  • STOP!

    Oh my god!!!! will all you loosers stop asking for unlock codes!!!! how many times do they have to tell you…..YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR ONE IF YOUR PROVIDER WON’T GIVE IT TO YOU…..please stop being such loosers!!! Geez!!!!……..Oh boo hoo I have an expensive blackberry and can’t afford to pay $25 to unlock it….cry me a river will you??!!!

  • nadeem

    i want to unkock my blackberry 8800 vodafone spain any body help me soon

  • nadeem

    i want to unkock my blackberry 8800 vodafone spain any body help me soon

  • nadeem

    i have a black berry8800 and i want to unlock it any body help me soon



  • poteat

    hey does anyone know how ot unlock a handheal blackberry pearl the phone is locked and i forgot my unlock code! Does anyone know how to get around it? email me please with instructions

  • Meyien

    please help me unlock my BlackBerry 8100 from T-Mobile
    IMEI 35127016671203.
    MY EMAIL is

    I have try to go to many phone shops in my country , but none of them is able to unlock it. Can anyone help a little pitty girl like me ^_^..
    So sad…

    thanks so much for any smart guys who can help me…

  • mike

    BB pearl8100, arriving in china for work my BB wouldnt accept the chinamobile sim card [invalid sim ] so after a few visits to the endless phone shops that are here my chinese friend explained what i required, the guy in the shop said he needed the lead from my phone to the PC, so the next day i went back and after a few minutes he unlocked it to accept a china mobile sim, his charge was 20 rmb approx 1 pound 60 pence UK sterling. So i was thinking if he has this software it must be available in the west. If i can get my hands on it I will post the download on the web for all , but the only problem it will be in chinese text .

  • PJ Singh

    um yeah i got a blackberry 8700 from cingular and i need an unlcok code so i can use it on tmobile… anyone that can helm me please email me at and i will give you the information you need! THANKS! I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT! I NEED IT WITHIN THE NEXT TWO DAYS!!! THANKS AGAIN!!!

  • Nishant Rana


    I own 8700 blackberry and service provider is T-Mobile. Can anyone help me to get unlock code My IMEI Number is : 357646006133945

    my email id is

    Nishant Rana

  • Jeff Black

    i HAVE a blackberry 8700 from rogers and i moved to michigan and want to make it a At&tor nextel phone how do i do that



  • barbie

    ur website kinda helpful in someways, just kind of confused as the others who wrote about unblocking BB pearl, got one and tried but i ended up asked Enter Network MEP code (252 left) the next part is to pres alt+2 which i did and ended up writing 2 to the lower part of entere network mep code, so like others i’m kind of questioning myself whatz wrong so just wondering my BB’s from thanks ! helpppppppppppppppp

  • fida

    8700g code of this phone can you help! me please I ‘m from kosova and i have Blackbarry T-mobile

  • sonia

    why is every1 going on about free unlocking code, every phone has a different IMEI number which means every1 wil have different unlock code. GET IT

    anyways i use the above instroctions give, big big help thanks a million guys.

  • jatin

    i have blackberry 7290 and my problem is when i try to use my handset it shows handle lock so can u help me it wants handle code and maximum try for this lock is 10 so i want to open in 10 tryles so pls help me

  • brian

    how do u get the unlock code??

  • Nate

    I recently received a bb 7290 from a friend as a gift and was wondering if there is a way I can get the unlock code from my service provider?

  • Jesus

    pleeease tell me who is “Roger” and why does everyone say they got a phone from him.

  • sam

    please help me unlock my bb 7130c. my IMEI IS 359886000208800. MY EMAIL is

  • Steven Dsouza

    I have a blackberry 8700c (Cingular) USA. I need the network unlock code. I have no money to pay. Any help is appreciated. my email address is and the IMEI # is : 357647.00.122142.0


  • Cam Taylor

    hey I have the 8100 Pearl with Rogers in Canada. I was wondering what the unlock code would be for my phone. Thanks so much for posting this site.

  • Bianca

    i just got a blackberry pearl and i really dont wanna have to spend the 30 35 dollars on the unlock code can you send it to mee??
    hopefully you can email me back sooon

  • Anthony Tylor

    Dear Sir : could you please send me the unlock key for BlackBerry 8100 to unlock it with knowing my IMEI is 355786.01.357949.8

  • Manny

    please help help me i got ablacberry 8700c from cingular but i wanna use for t–mobile how do i find the unlockcode

  • moe

    i would like to unlock a blackberry 8800 its got a owners lock on it any one have a clue???????

  • fahad

    i m trying to open the imei code of blackberry 8100 pearl…but their is MEP i can enter that

  • RD in Iraq

    Hi All – i have a 8100 from AT&T. Bought the unlock code from ebay. Seemed to work, but tried 3 different SIMs in 3 different countries and no luck. Any ideas? How can i tell if it is truly unlocked? Anyone able to help me get this thing working? Great forum and great help here. Thanks! My email is

  • anton

    hi, i have a BlackBerry 8300 and i need a unlock code without paymend. please send me one. many thanks


    people people CALL YOUR PROVIDER THEY WILL PROVIDE U WITH THE CODE FREE ! if u press *#06# it will give u your IMEI ##

  • Carole

    I would like to know if these unlocking methods will apply to the new Verizon Blackberry Pearl? I am going to Italy next week and would love to avoid paying Verizon’s very expensive international rates.
    thanks to anyone who has an answer.

  • dani

    please is an unlock BB pearl 8100 able to waork in africa especially in ivory coast my mail is thanks

  • Sunny

    hi guys ….really need advice on this…if i buy a bb8100 which is locked on o2 network UK ,….CAN THE PHONE BE UNLOCKED ….JUST WANNA KNOW IF IT CAN BE ..THEN I CAN GO AHEAD AND BUY IT…CHEERS

  • at

    i think i have the code now but when i enter mep2 or whatever nothin happens. the first part seems to work but i cannot get the prompt to enter the network unlock code. also, my network does not state that its Active like you say it should above. could that be the problem?

  • at

    also, how many digits can i expect my unlock code to be?

  • at

    i have a bb pearl. i want to use it in spain on the movistar network. if i purchase my unlock code from one of the two options i’ll be able to use the phone service on my bb thru this network right?

  • eugen

    my imei:359885.00.042097.7 locked to o2 network uk blackberry 7130g, plz give me code….thanks!

  • Dr.Kamal J.B

    Anyone gurantee for a code for blackberry pearl 8100 and i will pay…..thanks.

  • Btraveler747

    my imei:359886.00.624971.7 can some plz give me unlock code at&t/cingular blackberry 7130c email: never been a customer just picked up free phone from friend to replace broken t-mobile phone. Thanks

  • lanre

    I just got a used blackberry 7130 locked to o2 network uk. anyone knows were i can get the unlock code thanks

  • eugen

    my imei:359885000420977 can some plz give me da mepp2 code blackberry 7130g email:

  • JC

    I just got a BlackBerry Pearl but it’s from Cingular, can I use one of these method to unlock it and use it within the T-Mobile network?

  • fatir

    how to find mep code for 8100 blackbery perl pls help

  • adib mualla

    hello all i got this blackberry mobile from U.A.E its 8100 and its locked i need some help if its possible on un blocking my phone for free thanxs to alllllllllllll;);)

  • Dadda Dre’

    Its for a Blackberry Pearl (T-Mobile) that i need the code for….Network that is.

  • Dadda Dre’

    This site was truly helpfull, but hear wa….does any know the T-Mobile network unlocking code?
    Thats as far as i got….so guess now all i need is that code and i’ll be free…..ANYONE?

  • Jt


    I was just wondering and if you can be so kind to give me the unlock for a white blackberry pearl 8100. My IMEI is 35480014450111 if possible. I would greatly appreciate it. My email is

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  • Dean

    Can any one help to unlock an 8830?

  • nimesh

    i have a blackberry8700G from etisalat. can neone tell me the best pay site to unlock this fone.

  • martin

    need an unlock code please or a motorolla imei calculator here is my imei 357647.00.816107.4
    its not for me i just want to give it away i have an iphone

  • william

    My IMEI is 357464004544713 can some1 give me the MEPP2 code for my T Mobile 8700g blackberry…..thanks

  • Jason

    Just requested unlock code from T-Mobile as I want to now give the Pearl 8100 to my wife to use on her Verizon service. Do I need to have the SIM card in the phone when I unlock it. Once unlocked do I need to obtain a new SIM card from Verizon as I want to keep my current one to use in my new T-Mobile phone.

  • agangsta

    my imei:352127014754621 can some1 plz give me da mepp2 code for my bb pearl 8100 my email is

  • Rico


  • Benedetto

    pls help me to unlock my blackberry 7210 i need a unlock code.
    imei= 0010204.00.008651.8


    pliz help me!!!1

  • Singh

    Sorry can u just email me what needs to be done! i forgot to check off the notify me followup comments via email box. sorry

  • Singh

    Hi, I bought my BB pearl from Canada and i am trying to use in England. I had it unlocked in Canada, and i have working the only problem is i cant seem to work the internet stuff and connect to my emails and stuff my BB is saying “Data connection refused” can you help me please and tell what needs to be done. Thank you

  • Shahzad Ahmed

    Hi friends how are you actually i bought a blackberry pearl 8100. how can i unlock my BB It’s from Cingular Plz help me as fast as possible if any one knows about it how can we unlock & how can we get signals then pls reply back ASAP. Awaiting from ur feedback or best replys Thanks.

    Best RGDS
    Shahzad Ahmed

  • Badger

    For all those that keep asking for a CODE, STOP NOW!!

    If you can’t get one from your provider, Pay for one! If you can’t afford to pay for one, HOW CAN YOU AFFORD A BLACKBERRY? Or the call/data plan?


  • mary

    for T-mobile blackberry all you need to do is dial 611 and tell them you want your phone unlock and they’ll send you email/txt msg instruction with your codes for free. it takes about 24hours.

  • sujit dey

    I do have a blackberry pearl which I want to unlock it for use oversis.How ?

    • Agosh

      You can get ample amount of help from the site .
      Do visit the link . 100 % secure and easy.

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  • Kevin

    Ok, I have a TMobile BB Pearl that is unlocked. Put in my AT&T sim card from my samsung sync and no problems I am getting my calls and making calls without issues. Can I now get the AT&T menus and all on the phone. It still looks like the TMobil device even though it is on the ATT network

  • Dan

    Hi, i have 8700r from rogers network. Need help to unlock it. IMEI# 357648000260351. thx in advance.

  • Steve

    I recently purchased 3 BB curve from some guy on craigslist.
    i went to google and searched for “unlock blackberry”

    I did not know what brand these 8300’s were locked on.

    I tried a guy on ebay but he said no codes were found.
    The site I found with my google search got the codes for all 3 of my curve BB.

    it took a week but now my BB are unlocked.

  • fretzat

    i have a 8700g from MOVISTAR can some one help me out with the unlock code please my imei:357646.00.876468.9 my email is

  • Virus

    i have a 8100 from t-mobile can some one help me out with the unlock code please my imei:356920.01.462386.1 my emal is

  • Sathees

    i have 8100 bought from T-Mobile germany want use with my BIS subscription in UAE (ETISALAT), it shows “data connection refused” even though its unlocked (options/advance options/sim card – meppd, all disabled) any idea

  • carl

    pls help me to unlock my blackberry 8700r i need a unlock code the phone is from rogers plz be generous my phone got cut off im only using free paid now :( pls
    my emails

  • Romeo

    hey i have a blackberry 8700 its from t mobile usa please assist if you can help me unlock it please help i know the unlock process but i don’t have network code my imei:357646.00.416844.8 my email address sadly in my country zambia its not easy to get such info. please help

  • Ricardo

    Very good, worked well on my AT&T pearl. Thanks for posting this information

  • yinka

    have just bought a blackberry 8700g, i need the unlock code….my mail is, anybody wanna help me out.

  • shoaib

    plz any one tell me how to get network mep code?

  • spree

    email me

    thanks alot…

  • spree

    i just bought a blackberry pearl from someone have a lock on it tried unlock the code more than 10 times. can someone please tell me how to take the lock off the keypad if i dont know the password. so i can start using the phone because its for tmobile and i already have tmobile just need to take the lock off….

  • Austine

    Please help me to unlock my T-Mobile Blackberry 7105t.

  • Linar Davletgareev

    hi everyone. i am from russia. a couple of days ago i found on the street blackberry 8100 phone with Cingular on it. There wasno SIMcard in it. I need to unlock it, but paying $100 for it is unaffordable for me, cause that’s how much i earn in 2 months. can anyone help me to do it for free?

  • Brian

    I recently unlocked my cingular blackberry phone and tried to sell it to a t mobile customer. When he put in his sim card to try it out the phone asked him for a pin (which neither one of us knew) before it would start working for him. When I put in my old (cingular) sim card the phone doesn’t ask for a pin. He wouldn’t buy the phone because it wouldn’t work for him. Is this pin something that has to do with his service? Please advise me on whats wrong?

  • rouge

    RIM the company that makes the blackberry have there own repair center, and they have there own website providing blackberry unlock codes.

  • msloop


  • bryan

    hi i need unblock code for bb 8100 pearl my IMEI# 354580013971810 thankz

  • M. F. Sharaf

    I know how but I need the code.

  • M. F. Sharaf

    I have a BB 7130c. I want to unlock it. It’s from Cingular. It’s IMEI is 359886000174952. Plz help me as fast as possible. Thanks.

  • B

    Definately call your provider to get the unlock code. If it is AT&T the turnaround it tops 7 days. I have called and got the unlock code over the phone when I called and the next time had to email info and wait a week. There is no consistency in the way they handle this request. However the point to this is you will get it in less than a week.

  • Michael Frown

    I have a slightly different question. My phone is unlocked. I want to lock my phone. Is there any way I can do that?

  • Rajesh

    I m having a BB Pearl 8100. I want to unlock my mobile.Its of vodafone Uk made.And my IMEI no. is

    I want to unlock it plz help me as fast as possible….Please please please ive no money
    email me at=
    thank you so much.

  • satish

    pls any one can say me where can i get the lock code for free to open my black berry 8100 of cingular service

  • Edgeman

    What I would *really* like is the IMEI calculator that generates unlocking codes… Anyone seen one (other than the free Nokia software that is on

  • robert w

    i got a blackberry 8700 from cingular. however, i live in canada and i cannot seem for the life of me, to use it as a phone. there isn’t even a phone icon on the homescreen. does this mean that my blackberry is locked??? can someone pls email me back with info. thanks in advance.

  • Slaty

    pls smb help me , ia have a BB 8100 and i need to unlock it, IMEI is 354879017298322, my email is , ia have no money to pay an pls help me

    P.S. mobile is From O2

  • Slaty

    pls smb help me , ia have a BB 8100 and i need to unlock it, IMEI is 354879017298322, my email is , ia have no money to pay an pls help me

  • Abdou

    if i buy a blackberry pearl from ebay, a t-mobile one, and i have cingular, if i call cingular and give them my IMEI, would they notice its a t-mobile phone?

  • Jawad Noor

    can anyone plz help me!!! i have a blackberry 8700g and i need the free unlock code, i already used up 8 attempts so i need it desperatly!!! its a t-mobile one but theres no sim in it n i live in pakistan so i think i also need to unlock the software as well plz help:(

  • Chalain

    Hey Christine Gordon, Maybe you are not longer here but the same happens to me, and I verify with Cingular the unlock code and they confirm that it was right, Now I have the code BUT THE NETWORK IS BLOCKED because I use the 10 attemps, APARENTLY NOBODY SAYS NOTHING ABOUT HOW TO SOLVE THIS, please let me know if you find something, Administrator please contact her, SOMEBODY HELP US PLEASE

  • Seye M

    Bought a Blackberry Pearl from UAE and need to unlock. Which website do i go too please.

  • sha

    i have an old blue sim – WILL NOT switch because I have the great North American plan that noone offers anything comparable to anymore. I bought a blackberry pearl cingular branded on ebay – I get a invalid sim sos code though the guy says he used it with an ATT sim himself. I call 611, they tell me i have to upgrade, I ask can’t they give me an unlock code? She tells me she can file for one, that I will have to provide proof of purchase, and that I will receive my decision in a week and that I CAN’T USE DATA SERVICE ONCE IT’S UNLOCKED?!?! IS this true or are they just trying to scare me out of trying it? That seems absolutely stupid. I’m annoyed because I’ve been a great customer for years. GRR.

  • db

    Will people STOP asking for a code already. There is no GENERAL CODE. Each code is unique to the IMEI. A code for me, may not work for someone else. If people claim that they have been searching, then I’m quite sure that they have seen that the IMEI is what is needed to generate the unlock code.

    With that being said, I’m actually quite upset that all this is is a simple IMEI calculator. You pay these companies money, they take your IMEI, plug your code into the program, and send it back to you. After the first 50 times selling this, at even 25 bucks a pop, I think it’s high time to give this code up. It’s nothing magic. All it is is a IMEI calculator, similiar to the Nokia ones. If I had more programming skills, I’d create a free one, just to put all of these greedy companies and people out of this part of the business. Maybe if I got enough people with unlocked phones, who actually got the unlock code, I could take their IMEI’s, and the unlock codes, and reverse engineer. Possible?

  • Spencer

    I have verizon and i am very interested in getting B.P. If i unlock it, will i be able to use it through verizon?

  • nala Gah

    Think I’ve just read every comment on unlocking a blackberry, still no one will answer the BIG question “what is the actual code”
    Someone one day will actually just blow everyone else out of the water and give the “code” out gratis. Won’t that cause an upset.
    So what is it for a BB 8800?

  • jass




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  • Yanique

    This website helped me a lot. T mobile said they couldn’t help me unlock the phone without a sim card. But I went to GSM phone source and in a few hours I got the code and it works!!!! Thanks for the instructions too on how to unlock it. Works like a dream
    By the way in Jamaica, I have heard that Tmobile only works on our Cable and Wireless network not the digicel. Don’t know why.

  • Mark

    called AT&T and they gave me the code next day. Not a bad deal.

  • josh

    Any of you guys having issues unlocking your phones, goto ………..they should be able to unlock almost any GSM cell phone.

  • Giles

    I have been trying to get my Pearl unlocked for days. CellularOne is my service. They gave me the code and we double-checked it with the IMEI number as accurate and it gives an error message when I hit the trackball (enter). Any suggestions? I’m down to four trys remaining.

  • Justice

    If i unlock my phone, do i have to have the blackberry service to get email and internet? I have the AT&T blackberry but i dont want to spend the money each month for the blackberry service when i can pay just for internet that is cheaper.

  • Josh
  • Inca

    if i get the blackberry curve would u guys be able to tell me where can i get a cheap code and if it would work in wit a mexican sim card?

  • Jason

    Does anyone know where I can get the unlock code foar a BB8100 on Cellular One Network. TIA

  • carl n

    Well i have an 8700c how do you unlock my phone plez

  • V-Ness

    I bought an unlocked AT&T phone from ebay and am currently using it with my T-mobile sim card. However, now I can’t send or receive picture messages. Does anybody know how I can get this to work?

  • raj

    I used your instructions and called T-Mobile. They emailed my unlock code within 24 hours and it worked! THANKS! Now, to use my phone in Europe, I need to buy a new SIM card right? My friend in Austria told me I would need a different card for each country I want to use my Blackberry Pearl in. Is he correct? Where do you recommend buying these cards?

  • KP

    hey, bought an O2 BB Pearl (8100) in London, rtned to South Africa and would love some advice on getting it unlocked – any help out there?

  • nick

    i have a blackberry pearl phone, but it has a password in it in order to go to the menu, and i have no access to that password;. is there any way i could get a code to unlock this password.

  • mdubya

    Just followed the steps above with my unlock code and it worked. I had a cingular locked Pearl and needed it to work on rogers…

  • gadaffi

    i have a bb8100 i want to unlock and am hoping i wont have to mail in my phone can someone help me with this. thanks guys.

  • norv

    While playing mp3 my bb 8100 it locked. I can’t remember the keypad lock pin code how can I reset the code hereof? I already use 2 attemps of the 3. Thanks in advance for your help.

  • Jesal

    I m having a BB Pearl 8100. I want to unlock my mobile.Its of Cingular USA made….And my IMEI no. is 352127.01.973074.1……I want to unlock it plz help me as fast as possible….Plz

  • Hadi

    i get this bb7290 from UK,IMEI : 357778000982405 black berry o2 7290..i need the mepp2 me

  • Tor E Tiset

    Hello i get a blackberry 8100 pearl as a gift for 3months ago. This was coming from USA, and i live in Norway, so the phone was locked whit T-mobile, so it was useless for me, i have heard many times whit T-mobile, but they could not give me the unlock code if i dont wont to use their at 90 days first.. And when you live inNorway thats not possible… So i found this site, payd to GSMphonesource. After 1 day i get a code, and tried the first option in this site too how you unlock the phone. And it work!!!!!!!!! :) thank you everybody!!

  • Glenroy Valentine

    hey i bought a tmobile bb pearl unlocked,but for watever reason,i cant get it to work on all networks,i went to jamaica,and it was only open to one network there,the one that i have the sim card for,could not work,can anyone help me with an unlock code?
    i would greatly appreciate same

  • Shrenik

    how reliable is GSM Phone Source or Unlock to Talk website?

  • statik

    If I have a cellular one blackberry pearl, if I unlock it will I be able to use the blackberry AIM software? its currently blocked by cellone.

  • admin

    To flog, no you do not have to re-register your phone. Unlock , put in your sim and you are good to go

  • flog

    I have an 8100 pearl for t-mobile. Lets just say i do unlock it and i have cingular service, what happens after i unlock it and put my sim card in?do i have to re-register the phone?

  • Christine Gordon

    I have tried to unlock my 8100 blackberry pearl. However, I have used up all 10 attempts. How can I reset the counter so that I can follow your instructions on unlocking my phone. The unlock code I received was incorrect. Why? no one asked me what network (i.e cingulair or Tmobile) i was connected to prior to providing the unlock code. I later learnt, after I had exhausted the attempts, form the provide of the unlock code that i was given the incorrect unlock code. Great.

  • Sigs

    Hey, thanks a million! I used the last optio n for my BB Pearl and it worked. I had the code fom cingular but acc to instructions was asked to type ‘MEPD’ instead of MEPPD. It never worked and I was really at a loss till I came across this!! Now I can FINALLY use my phone. Really had a bad exp with Cingular!

  • JEFF00

    I been doing some research on this and to answer STEPH’s post. I think the IMEI is different on each phone kinda like the ESN number Verizon uses. And the unlock code is different for each phone based on the phones IMEI number. The unlock code is probably a generated number which is based on the IMEI number for the phone you are trying to unlock. What I have been seaching for is an IMEI calculator for a blackberry 7105T. Since I bought the phone locked to T-mobile and I am a Cingular customer I guess I am screwed unless I pay for the unlock code. I am going to try and call T-mobile and plead with them and see if they can find a bit of kindness and give me the unlock code.

  • OsKr

    Got the code with the guys from for my pearl for $28, in about 12 hrs. Their instructions didn’t work though, so followed instructions on this site and worked fine (third set of instructions).

  • krys

    Blacktiger, you and i in the same boat. the sme thing happening to me.

  • Blacktiger

    It’s from T-Mobile USA.
    The IMEI : 354879016060104

  • Blacktiger

    I am waiting for somebody to help me. My BB Pearl was a gift but it’s lock. I need somebody to help me unlock it. I have no money to pay.
    I just got my MCSE and CCNP but no job.

  • Steph

    You know what…if this really works like you guys said it would..if you have the codes then why don’t you guys just give us the actual code instead of just saying type in the unlock code…if you have it JUST GIVE US THE DAMN CODE!!!!

  • Blacktiger

    I need help. I have a BB pearl 8100 I just want to unlock it. It’s from T-Mobile USA.
    The IMEI : 354879016060104
    Plese help me I have no money to pay. Thanks

  • al

    i have a blackberry 8700v from vodafone (europe), with a AZERTY keyboard, but i dont know from what country that vodafone is, and i want to unlock my blackberry, please what can i do?

  • admin

    Miso, what kind of BB is it? A rogers or the regular 8100. Also, when you punch in the unlock key, what do you mean you get nothing? Could you be more specific like at which stage you are getting stuck ..

  • miso

    i’ve got my bb from uk vodafon, i’ve got their unlock key, but when i use this or their method i get nothing and they are not answering my e-mail
    somebody help

  • shah

    hi every one plz any one help me too unlocked black berry 8100 perl.i got from rogers plz help me.

    thank you

  • techno

    most of the comment it say
    1) In the SIM Card menu, press meppd
    2) You’ll see the unlocking level screen there you type mepp2
    *You won’t see any text while you are typing either one of these.
    3) Enter the unlock code.

    but no one say where to get unlock code.
    i m confuse
    can any one help me .
    thank you

  • admin

    well Jonathan, i guess you forgot to mention how way overpriced your buddy over at EBay is

  • jonathan


  • Ted

    for a rogers phone choose unlocktotalk. And then for entering the codes, follow the first option( all blackberry models except T-Mobile) in this post

  • Francis

    my blackberry 8100 is with rogers and i would like to know how i could unlock it so it works wit fido

  • TeckniX

    Thanks for searching into this.

    coming from the Nokia world I find myself a bit frustrated.

    Did you ever find a ‘reason’ as to why there’s so many unlocking tools out there for Nokias, yet all the other phones are lacking heavily in that department.

    I understand that all of those unlocking companies have access to some sort of common database, or paid for the IMEI unlock code.

    Just looking for answers really to explain their access to stuff we don’t ;)

  • Subodh Dubey

    I got the code and unlocked my BB Pearl…. great post really helpful to get my work done

  • Mat

    Was wondering if anyone knows where i can get/buy software that would unlock the pearl?

  • Mike

    To daniel, you dont neeed to hold the shift key. Just type in med wherever it appears on ur blackberry keyboard

  • daniel

    am tryin to unlock my blackberry 7130c i made it up to
    numder 3 but when i try to enter ‘med2/medd2 while holding shift nothing happen please help….me

  • Aaron

    Gee, for half the price quoted, unlocks Blackberry phones, too. Surprised you didn’t research that.

  • admin

    Hey Paki Nimer, trust me when I say I looked everywhere for a FREE unlock code. The only free option is as mentioned in this post, is if you got the phone with a contract from either T-Mobile or Cingular in the USA, you can get a free unlock code after 3 months. The two sites mentioned here are the cheapest available and the most reliable options out on the Internet. If you bought the phone without a contract from a non USA or UK country, the best option for you would be to use one of the two sites mentioned in this post to get your unlock code.

  • admin

    Thanks Wayne. The forum is pretty good. However, anyone looking to unlock their Blackberry shouldnt face a lot of issues. Let us know if you run into any problems.

  • wayne

    I justed used gsmphonesource to unlock a pearl from t-mobile

    Also here are some unlock instruction found here:

    Prerequisite: unlock code

    1) In the SIM Card menu, press meppd
    2) You’ll see the unlocking level screen there you type mepp2
    *You won’t see any text while you are typing either one of these.
    3) Enter the unlock code.

  • admin

    Also, in the comments Jhon mentioned that he unlocked his pearl from Cellularclinic. Cellular clinic charges $59.99 which is on the higher end that the two sites that were mentioned in this post. These two are the cheapest and the current best options to unlock your BlackBerry Pearl.

  • admin

    You want a free BlackBerry Pearl? Ok, with a two year contract from T-Mobile, you are actually getting the Blackberry pearl for Free and $50 back. Yup, you are earning more in rebates than what you paid for it. You can get this deal on Amazon. I added the link below

  • michael jones

    where can i get a free one?

  • michael jones

    ok ok ok…. so isee how i can unlock the phone, but where do i get the phone?

  • michael jones

    this is BULLSHITT

  • jhon

    i have got my Rogers Pearl 8100 unlocked from

  • hardik

    from where will i get network mep code for blackberry 8100 t-mobile…. thank you

  • wayne sutton

    Thanks, I’m getting a T-mobile pearl on Friday and will use your site, great post.

  • jigal

    Thanks. I used the first option to unlock my tmobile blackberry pearl 8100. I got the unlock code with 24 hours.