Download Microsoft Office 2007 Compatibility Pack


microsoft office 2007The Microsoft Office 2007 Compatibility pack is especially useful for users of earlier versions of Microsoft Office, before Microsoft Office 2007. Microsoft has launched its most successful and the best office suite in the form of Microsoft Office 2007. However, when you save a document say in Microsoft Word 2007, the default format in which the file is saved has the extension docx instead of doc.

By downloading and installing this compatibility pack, you are ensuring Microsoft Office 2007 Compatibility and also Microsoft Office 2003 compatibility. With this Microsoft Office 2007 Compatibility pack, you will be able to open, edit and save files using the file formats which were introduced with Microsoft Word 2007, Microsoft Excel 2007 and Microsoft Powerpoint 2007. Thus, if you have Microsoft Office 2003 suite, you are ensuring Microsoft Office 2007 compatibility. This compatibility pack can also be used with Microsoft Office Word Viewer 2003, Excel Viewer 2003 and PowerPoint Viewer 2003.

Also, if you have Microsoft Office 2007, you have the option to save in Microsoft Office 2003 compatible formats. Say in Microsoft Word 2007, while the default option saves in the docx format you can go to Save As and under there you can choose save in the option compatible with Microsoft Office 2003.

Download Microsoft Office 2007 Compatibility Pack

To install Microsoft Office 2007 Compatibility Pack

1. First ensure that your computer is up to date with the latest updates including the security updates.

2. Download the Microsoft Office 2007 Compatibility Pack by clicking on the link and save to your computer. This setup file downloads the compatibility pack straight from Microsoft.

3. A file called FileFormatConverters.exe will be downloaded to your computer. Double click on that file to start the installation of the compatibility pack.

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  1. i recieved e-mail with attachments encoded in Office 2007, i cannot open cause i am using only Office 2003, so i really wanted to open it and i think it could be a great help to download a compatibility pack so i can open my files, isn’t it?

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