Cell phone Taxes by State


 Most of us complain of the high cell phone taxes which our state charges after their Federal, Local and State taxes. So, how does one reduce their cell phone taxes? Apparently cell phone carriers charge by their customers cell phone number area code and not their billing address. So, in this list, we have cell phone taxes by state listed. Choose the state with the lowest amount of tax and where you might get an address and reduce your cell phone bill.

In this list, all states charge a Federal Excise tax of 3.0% and Federal USF tax of 2.48%. The only cell phone tax that would vary per state is the State-Local Tax. So, here is the list of Cell Phone taxes by State in the United States.

The list is based on

#. State Name: State Local Tax %, Total Cell Phone Tax %, Highest Cell phone tax rank.

NOTE: The higher the Cell phone tax rank the better. In this case, Nevada with rank 51 gives you the lowest cell phone taxes whereas New York with Rank 1 charges the highest cell phone taxes in the country.

1. Alabama 7.45%, Total cell phone tax 12.93%, Rank: 32

2. Alaska  4.05%, Total Cell phone tax 9.53%, Rank: 47

3. Arizona: 11.06%, Total Cell Phone Tax: 16.54%, Rank: 14

4. Arkansas: 10.21%, Total Cell Phone Tax: 15.69%, Rank: 19

5. California: 13.18%, Total Cell Phone Tax: 18.66, Rank: 9

6. Colorado: 9.37%, Total Cell Phone Tax: 14.85%, Rank: 23
7. Connecticut: 6.41%, Total Cell Phone Tax: 11.89%, Rank: 39
8. Delaware: 5.49%, Total Cell Phone Tax: 10.97%, Rank: 44

9. Washingon DC: 12.57%, Total Cell Phone Tax: 18.05%, Rank: 10

10.  Florida: 16.12%, Total Cell Phone Tax: 21.60%, Rank: 2

11. Georgia: 7.64%, Total Cell Phone Tax: 13.12%, Rank: 29

12. Hawaii: 6.14%, Total Cell Phone Tax: 11.62%, Rank: 40

13. Idaho: 2.23%, Total Cell Phone Tax: 7.71%, Rank: 49

14. Illinois: 15.57%, Total Cell Phone Tax: 21.05%, Rank: 4

15. Indiana: 9.62%, Total Cell Phone Tax: 15.10%, Rank: 21

16. Iowa: 6.53%, Total Cell Phone Tax: 12.01%, Rank: 36

17. Kansas: 10.32%, Total Cell Phone Tax: 15.80%, Rank: 17

18. Kentucky: 9.98%, Total Cell Phone Tax: 15.46%, Rank: 20

19. Louisiana: 4.39% , Total Cell Phone Tax: 9.87%, Rank: 46

20. Maine:6.53%, Total Cell Phone Tax: 12.01%, Rank: 37

21. Maryland:7.07%, Total Cell Phone Tax: 12.55%, Rank: 34

22. Massachusetts:5.63%, Total Cell Phone Tax: 11.11%, Rank: 42

23. Michigan: 7.07%, Total Cell Phone Tax: 12.55%, Rank: 35

24. Minnesota: 8.10, Total Cell Phone Tax: 13.58%, Rank: 25

25. Mississippi: 9.07%, Total Cell Phone Tax: 14.55%, Rank: 24

26. Missouri: 11.12%, Total Cell Phone Tax: 16.60%, Rank:13

27. Montana: 4.99%, Total Cell Phone Tax: 10.47%, Rank:45

28.  Nebraska: 15.13%, Total Cell Phone Tax: 20.61%, Rank:5

29.  Nevada: 1.14%, Total Cell Phone Tax: 6.62%, Rank:51

30.  New Hampshire: 7.87%, Total Cell Phone Tax: 13.35%, Rank: 26

31.  New Jersey: 6.00%, Total Cell Phone Tax: 11.48%, Rank: 41

32.  New Mexico: 7.63% , Total Cell Phone Tax:13.11 %, Rank: 30

33.  New York: 16.23%, Total Cell Phone Tax: 21.71%, Rank: 1

34.  North Carolina: 7.65%, Total Cell Phone Tax: 13.13%, Rank: 28

35. North Dakota: 10.94% , Total Cell Phone Tax: 16.42%, Rank: 15

36. Ohio: 7.63%, Total Cell Phone Tax: 13.11%, Rank: 31

37.  Oklahoma: 9.58%, Total Cell Phone Tax: 15.06%, Rank: 22

38.  Oregon: 2.27%, Total Cell Phone Tax: 7.75%, Rank: 48

39.  Pennsylvania: 13.57%, Total Cell Phone Tax: 19.05%, Rank: 8

40.  Rhode Island: 14.07% , Total Cell Phone Tax: 19.55%, Rank: 7

41.  South Carolina: 6.50%, Total Cell Phone Tax: 11.98%, Rank: 38

42. South Dakota: 12.01, Total Cell Phone Tax: 17.49%, Rank: 11

43.  Tennessee: 11.57%, Total Cell Phone Tax: 17.05%, Rank: 12

44.  Texas: 14.19%, Total Cell Phone Tax: 19.67%, Rank: 6

45.  Utah: 10.25%, Total Cell Phone Tax: 15.73%, Rank: 18

46.  Vermont: 7.27%, Total Cell Phone Tax: 12.75%, Rank: 33

47.  Virginia: 7.75%, Total Cell Phone Tax: 13.23%, Rank: 27

48.  Washington: 16.04%, Total Cell Phone Tax: 21.52%, Rank: 3

49. West Virginia: 1.94%, Total Cell Phone Tax: 7.42%, Rank: 50

50.  Wisconsin: 5.55%, Total Cell Phone Tax: 11.03%, Rank: 43

51.  Wyoming: 10.67, Total Cell Phone Tax: 16.15%, Rank: 16

7. Rhode Island 14.07%, Total cell phone tax 19.55%

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  7. is it legal for them to raise your tax every other month? my bill with this new company, republic wireless, started at $11.00, and now is $12.48. this is for a $10 plan. they told me taxes could vary each month due to my mailing address. sounds fishy to me, but they refuse to explain, and i don’t know where to go for answers.

    • You will be charged NY tax as stated in the article. Just to clarify though, it is not a “sales tax”. It is a state cell phone tax. Theyr’e very different rates.

  8. ever wonder how in the world the usa can have no money !?!? with all this new tax money coming in? where do they spend this money on? if 100million americans have cell phones and we all pay $10 bucks a month in taxes thats 1 billion dollars a monthin taxes?

  9. WHEN were these figures obtained? The lack of date information is an egregious oversight in this article.

    I believe these figures are at least 5 years old. They match the numbers I found on another site dated 2005.

  10. How did you find your data? I am having difficulty locating the correct sites within the states to see what they are currently.

  11. Now, I never understood these crazy phone taxes – there are just so many of them! I used to have a $49 plan and ended up paying more than $60 every month between service, taxes and fees. I finally changed to prepaid and now I just buy the minutes I need – no hassles or high taxes and fees My maximum expense per month is about $20 with prepaid.

  12. Does anyone think that cell phone taxes all together are the dumbest thing? my plan is a 40/month this latest bill is 51.00, that’s 11 dollars toward gas money!! Please tell me I’m not the only one irritated by idiotic taxes like these. And why don’t we do anything? People in London voiced their opinion, I’m now saying we should throw rocks through a window but as far as masses of people bringing important complaints before our government, i wish it would happen….peacefully tho.

    • My current plan in Indiana was 39.99 with 7.05 in taxes. 17.6% tax on my 39.99 that I was already charged 21% federal and state income tax.. Taxation without representation and taxation with poor representation are equally bad ideas.

  13. hi, i’m having a hard time trying to get a straight answer to this question, so i really hope you can help me out . I keep getting blocked calls and unknown calls to my cell phone. I’ve already changed my cell number once but still get these blocked and unknown calls. Is there any way or any website that i can visit to block the blocked/unknown calls from calling my cell phone? thanx for all your help. sincerely stressed.

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