Having sex for the first time? Here’s what to expect.


First time sexThe first time, a.k.a. losing it, being deflowered, breaking the seal, losing your innocence, popping the cherry — there are lots of names for it. But when you’ve decided to have sex for the first time, the names don’t matter. What matters is being ready and having some idea of what it’s all about.


When the big day (or more likely, night) arrives, no matter how you set it up — with candles, champagne, and sexy lingerie, or as just another night — it’s bound to be more exciting, and at least a little more nerve wracking, than your standard hook-up.

So do yourself a few favors. First, have protection ready. There’s enough to worry about without having to add concern about contracting an infection or dealing with a pregnancy. If you don’t have a supply of condoms, go get some. Frank Littlefield*, a senior at Boston University, remembers making a fast trip to the store on his first night. He was at a friend’s house for a holiday party. When he discovered both he and his (also virginal) partner were latex-less, he “ran to the drug store. I grabbed one of those 75-cent single packs, and sprinted back. She was waiting for me.”

Next, get in the mood. This is supposed to be fun, so relax and enjoy it. Turn on some sexy music, and then it’s time for — hey guys, are you paying attention? — foreplay, foreplay, foreplay. The more excited and worked up you both are, the easier and smoother the whole thing will be.

Getting In

Take it from the veterans: Penetration is rarely as easy as it looks in the movies. So you can probably expect a little, er, poking around before the ship docks in the port. And don’t be surprised if a little manhandling is required. Sharon LaRusso, a senior at UCLA who lost her virginity at age 17, recalls the pre-entry moment as silly, but fun. “There were a few mis-pokes around my thighs. Then he guided it in with his hands,” she remembers.

Prior to experiencing sex, most virgins have heard from a variety of sources that the first time hurts for a woman. According to most women — and some men — this was their biggest concern about the whole experience. The truth? First-time sex may be a tad wince-worthy, but you’re not passing a kidney stone. “It hurt a little, but nowhere near as much as I’d expected,” says Lindsay Kelly, a senior at the University of Delaware who lost it at age 19. Gretchen Lazlo, a sophomore at Colby College and a virgin till age 16, says, “It was a little uncomfortable at first, but I wouldn’t call it painful.”

According to these same women, the best way to make it as painless as possible can be summed up in two words: Go slow. John Tatum of Emory University remembers asking his partner, who was also a virgin, several times how she was doing and if it hurt. “I knew that if she didn’t like it the first time, she probably wouldn’t want to sleep with me again!” he says. “So I was gentle, and kept checking in with her to make sure everything was OK. Later, she told me she was so glad I did that.”

The Act

First time sexLet’s get one thing straight right off the bat: First time out, the big O is mainly the domain of the guys. No, it’s not fair, but that’s just the way it is. If you’re a female and you’re with someone who is very experienced, there’s a chance you might be sent into waves of orgasmic ecstasy, but don’t count on it. “I don’t know of anyone who [had an orgasm] the first time,” says Lindsay. Sharon agrees: “It was at least a year before I came while having sex.”

For guys, by most accounts, the first time is a quickie. Most guys I talked to estimated their first time lasted about 1-3 minutes. At best. “Put it this way: I could have beat Maurice Green,” says Dave Wayland of Princeton University. So coming quickly is nothing to be embarrassed about. If you’re with a more experienced girl, then “they know what to expect from you” says Frank. If you’re with another virgin, you really don’t have to worry. Hannah Kischler, a junior at Smith College, says her first time was “mercifully quick,” since the first time for her “was fun, but it wasn’t generally enjoyable from a physical point of view.”

Experimenting with different positions may not be the best thing your first time around — unless, of course you’re with someone who has more experience than you and who is comfortable taking you through the steps. Most men and women, however, find that the missionary position works just fine for that first test run.

Many novices worry about rhythm. Don’t. Rhythm is something that comes with practice, and from getting to know how your partner moves. “I definitely didn’t know what I was doing,” recalls Barry Glover, a senior at Drew University. “I didn’t really get the motions going. I never practiced on an apple pie or anything.” His recommendation? Slap on some tunes. Sexy tunes, that is. “It’s about slow, constant, steady rhythmical pressure. If you lack rhythm, like I did, try putting on music. It’s like dancing. Just move to the beat.”

Lindsay remembers the one thing that kept going through her mind. ‘I didn’t know what to do with my knees!” she laughs. It may seem trivial, but she, like many other men and women, remembers worrying about simple little things like their limbs. The best advice on this front — and overall — came from Jean Kirkpatrick, a recent graduate of Kenyon College. “There’s nothing you can do wrong. Okay, so you want to make sure you don’t hurt your partner. But outside of that, there’s absolutely nothing really right or really wrong you can do.”

Getting Out

Hey, you’ve done the deed. Congratulations. But don’t screw up now. Guys, when you pull out, grab the condom, hold on, and pull out slowly. Spillage is bad. You put that thing on for a reason, make sure you use it correctly. Don’t wait a long time to pull out, either. Instantaneous removal isn’t essential, but shrinkage can cause spillage, so watch out.


There are a few things you should know about after-sex. One is cleanup. Condoms are pretty neat and tidy, but have some Kleenex (or at least an old T-shirt) handy just in case.

Another is the smell. You may have heard people talk about the smell of sex, but you probably don’t know what it is till you’ve done it. Barry loved it then, and loves it now. He first smelled it after having sex for the first time at age 16. “Mmmm. I didn’t shower for two days!” he reminisces. Now, while we don’t necessarily recommend this particular course of action, a little reveling in the scent isn’t a bad thing.

Finally, while guys won’t be left with many physical reminders after their first time, women might notice a little bleeding. No big deal — it should hardly be enough to qualify as spotting, and should go away quickly. “I noticed a little blood in the shower afterward, but it was gone by the next morning,” says Gretchen. Women might also be a little sore or tender the day after, but that feeling should also go away soon.

So good luck, and remember: No one really knows what to do the first time around. But folks have been successfully bonking for millions of years. They all figured it out. And you will too. So relax, take it slow, and don’t worry about any sexual snafus. Just do what seems natural and comfortable. “There won’t be any swinging from the chandeliers at first,” says Sharon. “That’ll happen in time. You have to figure out what works with the person you’re with. And that’s true when you’re with any new person for the first time — it doesn’t matter if it’s your first lover, or your tenth.”

So, the rundown… the spark notes version to having sex for the first time and tips to make it even better

Talk it up. Not with your friends — although they might be able to give you some good advice. Talk to you partner before the big night. Talk about your experience, your concerns, your expectations. If you can talk about it before sex, it’ll be easier to talk about it during and after, too. And make sure to ask about your partner’s sexual history. Consider getting tested together to make sure you’re both clean.

Rubbers, gloves, latex, protection Call ‘em what you will. Have condoms on hand. (Oh — in case you weren’t paying attention — use condoms.)

Size might matter. We’ve all heard theories on whether or not penis size matters. We don’t have any answers to the age-old question here, but we can tell you that penis size can make a difference if it’s your first time. If a guy is particularly large, entry and sex can be a bit more tedious for everyone involved. Just make sure you take it slow.

Live and learn. Having some “all but” (as in “all but sex”) experience helps. If you’ve previously been initiated into the joys of making out, feeling up, and giving and receiving oral sex, then sex itself is a whole lot less intimidating. You’re already comfortable with squirts, spurts, and other bodily functions.

Lube job. If you’re having trouble getting in, or if you’re experiencing pain after penetration, you may want to have some KY jelly or other non-oil-based lubricant on hand. If you don’t feel comfortable with lubricant, use a natural substitute — saliva can work wonders.Let there be light? Lights on or off, it’s entirely up to you. Sex is sex, light or no light. But it may help to know that many first timers recommend darkness. You’ll both probably be less self-conscious that way.

No crowded house. Make sure your door has a lock. Use it. The last thing you need is your roomie or anyone else detracting from your first bout in bed.

*All names have been changed to protect the no-longer innocent.

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    I must admit this is really good advice, I’m 24 year old man and always was a little insecure, had some bad relationships and never made it to the point where I was ready to “take the plunge” but recently I started dating someone who though not a Virgin themself was able to make me want to take a leap of faith, little bit of fun music “all night long” by Lionel Richie (though more like 5 minutes) alot of give and take with foreplay, alot of laughs (laughing with me not at me which i made well known was appreciated) and we kept the lights on. and while I was nervous I now see that there really was no need to be

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  • Nicole

    I am 20, almost 21 and I am a virgin and I’m not ashamed of it. I’m lonely, yes, I want a boyfriend, but I wont have sex until I feel comfortable. All of my friends in high school (and I’m not exaggerating here, I mean ALL) have kids, they all got pregnant their Junior and/or Senior years. Don’t get me wrong, they love their kids and they wouldn’t change anything, but they can’t live their lives to the fullest. Some girls think that once they have sex, get pregnant, and have kids they can still be a kid themselves (party, etc) guess what? Wrong! Kids come first. I’m not lecturing or judging people here (but loosing your virginity before 16 is pretty bad) I just think people should wait. Not until you love some one or feel comfortable with them, but when you are ready for the consequences. This is true, some of you will think I’m kidding trying to be dramatic, but I’m not. My mom had sex for the first time when she was 17, she was on birth control and the guy (her first husband) had protection and guess what? She got pregnant. So if you’re 15 years old? I hope that you are ready to have a baby.
    And to you girls who “want to have sex”, do it for yourself. Guys will say “I love you” and anything else they can to have sex with you and hey, maybe they’re telling you the truth, but do you want to have sex? Is there any doubt, even a tiny bit that you don’t want to? Like I said, I’m a virgin and I’m not experienced at all, but I must think that if you have sex when you’re not ready you’re going to feel shitty about it and regret it. I know most of you will read this and just not think twice of it, but I hope I helped, even a little…

  • Roni

    u go glenn coco(john) we need more guys like you! not assholes like my ex who would get pissed if I said no (being 17, a virgin and all) but exactly we want to know sex isn’t all you want, and isn’t all that is on your mind. I would give you a whole paragraph on how your right but I should be tudying for exams lol but YOU ARE A GREAT BOYFRIEND!! SHES A LUCKY GIRL! TAKE NOTES GUYS!! GIRLS LOVE GUYS LIKE JOHN :D

  • Emiliy

    i actuallz started reading this cause of my sis, shes older now and its kinda weird to think of her doing this, i mean im 16 and i hope i am not stupid enough to give it away to anybody and cangt believe some people take it so lightly, im pretty sure half of my class is not a virgin and i think its a waste cause my friends didnt exactly enjoy it…. im scared and excited for it but il think ill wait a few more years
    ps: John you sound like a really nice guy and good for you not many people are like that today

  • Pierre Savoie

    Satan is trying to get young people to have sex before a marriage sealed in front of the Spirit of God! He even refers to “millions of years” and the False Doctrine of Evolution as if we are just animals and not humans with souls who must watch out for the least of our actions 24/7. These minions of the Dark One shall BURN in Hell!

    Hahaha! Just kidding! No one should think that way any more. Go have fun!

  • Desperate-Dude

    If anyone is looking at this post please help. I’m so torn right now. I’m 16 and yes I know that is a bit young but theres this girl I really do love and she loves me, we’ve been dating for 8 months and I kinda want to have sex with her. Its a hard decision since I know I might be putting my future at risk but I truly love this girl. I would do anything to be with her and if all goes well, I want to stay in touch with her after highschooI just don’t know if it is worth the risk of losing everything, I have a older female cousin who had sex before getting any education fit for a well paying job and ended up having a kid and now stays with her parents. I don’t want that to happen to the girl I love. So please, help me decide whether or not I should make love to a girl I love and face the risk of messing up my life.

  • Yup

    The comments on here are rediculous but in all experience when your ready your ready doesn’t matter what age unless you like under ten but still you need to really have a long conversation with your self about if you love this person and trust them enough to let them seduce you and then expect them to not just leave you

  • Ezra

    I just wanted to say that these tips should help me and my soon to be husband out. thank you so much it has put me a little more at ease.

  • Oreo

    I’m 15 still a v but idk maybe not this weekend n I’m nervous

  • Just Ashley

    I’m not very old or anything. Just 16 but I’ve been through alot more than a kid should have to. Sadly I lost some innocence when I was just eight but luckily not my virginity. I just knew too much. Within a month my first boyfriend and I had done, well alot, and then heartbreak led me to seek love and affection on the internet….bad idea. My second boyfriend and I did…. again alot just on the second day. But I’ve gotten better and learned. Calmer, wiser. Of course I don’t claim to be all knowing or without mistake.But iI’m saying that NOW I think I can make quite a few better decisions than many adults. I’m not losing it just to lose it. Because I feel I have to. To brag to people. But because I’ve found someone I love and who loves me back for me. Someone intelligent, caring, and careful. Someone who has put thought to marriage before even sex. Someone who I have known and been with for over a year now. Whereas my mother has men over alot….. without refused to safety or protection. So what I’m saying is, it’s an experience like any other thing in which any human could make a mistake. Adults included. So stop talking down on “those under eighteen” because maturity does NOT always come with age. But kids as tired as you are of hearing this, wait. Because sex will screw you over and

  • karina marlyn

    Some people need to be responsible because many non expected things could happen especially those younger people like the ones who commented … Im 27 and my first time was when I was 25 the day of my wedding ….

  • His-Kitten

    I agree this is a grown-up decision that’s why these young kids are doing it they think it’ll make them grown up. I am 17, and a proud virgin but I LOVE my boo. He’s okay with waiting but you know he wants it. Tonight (vday) we tried but I stopped him (mostly because it really hurt) I felt bad but I know im not ready and I don’t feel like we have talked about it enough. The number one way to tell if your ready (male or female) is when you and your partner CAN COMFORTABLY TALK ABOUT HAVING SEX. From what you expect, what your afraid of, the consequences, even how you plan to deal with an emergency during it (someone walking in) Tomorrow me ans him have decided to sit and talk about these things. I hope you will too.

  • Colton

    How did kids go from playing and collecting pokemon cards to having sex? I’m 16 and am still a virgin, I’m a well respected guy around school and out of school, and have a few girls after me but I’m not interested in them. Most of the people in school ask me why I’m with my girlfriend and say I could do much better then her, but we love eachother a lot and have been happily together for 3 years. We’ve talked about it and put up a minimum of 18 before we start(though we both have urges at times.). I don’t really have a right of saying this at this time, but those kids who are bragging about have intercourse between the ages of 10-15 should learn to be a kid for a bit longer and not try grown up things until they can actually take care of themselves. To those who are 16 and under and reading this,don’t be a idiot and ruin your life because of a little urge, take a few years to be a kid and become a more mature person before trying anything like this.

  • Taylor

    I’m 15 and I’ve always wanted to actually wait till marriage but I feel like sex in high school sounds.. fun? Weird but true. Reading this helped because I had all sorts of concerns. I hope it will be awhile but just in case if I’m in “the heat of the moment” I’ll be prepared.

  • Club

    Me and my boyfriend are waiting to have sex. Im 15 and hes 16, so we wanna wait till its legal. I still worry about it hurting though. I know theres no pressure to do it, but yknow

  • Hannah

    I’v never done or had sex and this makes me feel a little bit less nervous, I’m 16 right now, And I’v had health classes, the talk and all that, but they never tell you things like these. I don’t feel pressured, but I feel like it’ll happen soon…

    I have a boyfriend, one year older, and he’s experienced, and I’v just been really really nervous about..any and all of what was talked about above. I’m very shy person.. He’s not pressuring me… but..I’v..never felt anything with anyone else, like I have with him..and..I really want my first time to be with him..

    I know none of you are about this little comment, but this page/article means a bunch to me..

  • Mel

    Um….a bit random there?but 12 year olds,really?!!!Just wait till you find the right person

  • Brittanytatlor2199

    I’m 13 nd dis boy who like me he is 11 but he has experience but I’m da virgin but I dnt want to do it but I do every mi age nd younger have mostly done it but da boy was tellin me he was gonna do me up side down , doggy style , side to side nd the front so I’m kinda scared cause it might happen but I want to marry first b4 havin sex

  • Foreverrtayy

    Hello I’m 17 and I have been in a committed relationship for three years. We have talked about having sex and I’m lucky enough to have a guy that’s on the same page as me when it comes to this subject.He is experienced and I’m still a virgin . I’m jus really afraid of the act itself . I’m afraid if the pain. He’s way larger than the average that I’ve researched, which makes me a little more scared.

  • rita

    Good day
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  • Kendicapark

    Great comments ……..kids these day donot have any guidance so they do any thing they want and they donot know the consequence of havin sex, who know they can catch any kind of disease……this is also a great article…..i acknowlege those who wait until its a special time,age,and until romance is in the air i am an 18 year old with 5 younger sister donot accept hearing younger kid talking about sexs it irratates…..me

  • Megan

    I’m 16… I don’t agree with this whole ‘adult choice’ people are going on about. I know I’m ready and me and my boyfriend have the date planned and everything. It not right below the age of 15 if you ask me, but above that age I think we are capable of making that choice. 12 year olds that say they’ve had sex are lying to look ‘cool’ they’re not telling the truth.

  • Zombiecupcakesforbreakfast

    I’m 17 and still a virgin but I want to lose my virginity to my boyfriend. We’re both virgins and we both are ready but I’m afraid of the pain when he goes in. These tips are amazing! Thank you :)

  • Smart lady

    Just make sure to pee after sex. You can get a uti if you dont cleanse the new bacteria that wasnt there before.

  • Cassie

    wow… I do not understand why kids want to have sex….
    I’m 19 and going to be 20 in a January; my boyfriend is almost 21. We haven’t had sex yet, even though it has come up in conversation. I am SO happy that we are waiting and going to college and traveling. It is difficult to do this  things with a baby in tow. This was one of the best choices I’ve made in my life. By the way, we have been together for over 3 years.
    enjoy your lives, because, like many of these stories show. Things
    happen and all that fun you could of had is history. Everyone has a
    brain use it and be smart. It honestly isn’t that hard to wait till your
    older if you don’t let your hormones dictate your decisions. Also think

    about age… it is illegal for different age gaps. You can go to jail. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003462551634 Louie Jay Bette


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003462551634 Louie Jay Bette

    call me if you..sex with me…im a boy 14 yrs old..this is my#..090762458977

  • LifesRide

    Hello, I was wondering if I could get some different views on this. Please don’t take your thoughts too far. I’m asking for some help, not a freaking cuss-out session. Keep your foul comments to yourselves if you’re not really interested in helping at all. Okay, well I’ve been seeing a lot about how kids are having sex at such young ages and how stupid they are to do so. Which I agree with, but I’m having trouble staying on the right side. I haven’t had sex yet, which is great, but I’m getting very close. I was first fingered around the age of 9 or so, I’ve been “eaten out” down there, I’ve tried dry-humping, giving blow-jobs, and I’m only 14. I recently got a new boyfriend 4 months ago, same age as me, and we’ve known eachother for about 3-4 years now. He’s a handsome, nice guy, who treats me wonderful!<3 Of course at my age, I don't know what "true love", or whatever, is. Lately I haven't done anything sexual, I've been able to act like a child and avoid having sex. I'm planning on staying with my boyfriend for a long time, as he is with me, we really love eachother and have great communication.. But I just don't feel comfortable around him.. Every time he puts his arms around me or kisses me, I feel guilty..? I've had bad relationships in the past and he knows to be slow with me, but recently I've been getting very excited and I feel like having sex already.. I don't want to, but my hormones are getting the best of me.. He's also a virgin. I was his first kiss, and his first girlfriend, so he's not experienced like I am.. And masturbating doesn't do the job. My boyfriend is very attractive and I easily get excited when he puts his hands around me or anything, but I'm afraid to go anywhere with him. I'm very uncomfortable around sexual stuff now. I don't wanna get pregnant or have sex at this age, but I keep feeling like I'm ready and I wanna do it so freaking bad! I have had experience with another female before and I have been naked with other guys before dating him, so I'm not shy about my body to others, but with him.. I just wish I could start a new beginning! I hate having thoughts of my past butting in whenever he's trying to make a move! I back away or tell him not to, but I don't wanna tell him why. I'm also afraid that after being so "active" this early, could I have gotten something? How can I ask to be tested for this, without my mom getting the idea I've done sexual stuff, which I have. A few more questions: How can I control my feelings and hormones? I'd like to be smart about this and wait.
    How can I make myself get comfortable around my boyfriend again? I really hate having to make him feel like he's doing something wrong.
    This has nothing to do with what I'm trying to figure out, but.. Do condoms hold everything after the male has an orgasm? Or is there often some spillage? And if there is, how can they avoid getting it on their female partner?
    I hope there's something you can help me with and feel free to give me any life lessons or how stupid and young I am. There's not much I haven't heard, which isn't a surprise. I have been told I'm very attractive and smart, but I also have needs. Plus hormones don't help in controlling myself. I do regret ever doing what I've done and I have learned my mistakes. I'm a baby, I don't know better.. But it doesn't hurt to ask for help, huh? Don't anyone dare say my mother has raised me wrong! She has nothing to do with my stupidities. I'm responsible for my own actions, as so is every other living being.
    Please try commenting as soon as possible, thank you.

  • JoyRide

    That was great! It was very helpful and it made me feel a little more confident as to what to expect. I haven’t had my first time yet, but I’m expecting to some time soon! I’ll remember what I can about this “article”. Thank you so much! I hope this giives me a little more courage to try out new stuff and to make it as nice as possible for me and my boyfriend! I have more experience with this than he does, since he hasn’t done anything really sexual before, so I’m not really sure about how to handle it with him.. But we’ll see how it goes!<3
    ~I love him very very much~

  • Isaiah_winn

    During sex for the first time should the girl or the guy be on top.

    • sabii

      Like u want. I had my first time a while a go, and my boyfriend was on top, cuz’ when i’m (girl) on top he gets the orgasm fuckin’ fast, and i like when sex last a little bit longer!

  • Emily

    I don’t know but, SEX isn’t the only thing in the world..like…dang. 
    It’s like a lot of kids, teens, adults, think sex is the solution to everything. they think. sex this, sex that. blah blah blah. If your a 35 year old man/woman that hasnt had sex, BIG WHOOP!  no one should care! you do what you want, if you dont wanna do it, you don’t have to. Like i said, sex ISN’T the only thing in this world..

  • zamphire

    no one here has a little bit of common sence do you?
    kids stop thinking u have the perfect chance! US, Europe, Africa, where ever you are; just think. you have all been consumed with mostly 2 ideas
    1) sex will kill you (exagerated)
    2) sex is awesome! (exagerated)
    well why take these 2 stoupid options when you are creating your lifa, you can make your own option like for example:
    3) i know how it works, does she?
    or eany other, cuz i cant thing of eany other… :p
    muy eanyways, if u all 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 year old peeps think u know enough about it, and are responsible enough… ur problably not!

    yes im 15, turning 16 in some days, difference between you and me, is that i have common sence, and ive had if for all my life, my mom died 5 years ago, and my dad does not live with me, but i survive mith my 4 sisters… they atleast once a week, for like 1 year, (last year) would sit down ant talk to me about this… and guess what i have already mannaged to give a sex ed class my self, of how ever u spell it… english is not my first lenguage…

    i know how it works perfectly… but this does not mean at all that you need to be like me either, just think about it, look at your life, and dont base ur hought on ouuu shes so preatty… or YEA! i can drive, or smoke, or drink or eanything like that….

    yes i have smoked and drank many times… but it doesent call my atention..

    to me, when u start acually thinking that things for “big kids” is no more for you, cuz u know u dont want it, or cuz u know ur not thinking on your head all day; “damn i gatta go get my joint!”
    thats when you are ready to go to the next face of life, and in that one, maybe may not be, is when you are introduced to many other things, andone of them is sex… qith tome sound very bad, sex is not the word i would use, since it does not really sound to me like it expresses love, or passion or what ever you feel for ur partner.
    i preferibly would use “hacer el amor” (spanish) because it shows, and expresses (to me) part of what i feel for by gf.

  • That One Derp

    So when I was in Kindergarten my best friend(guy), not knowing entirely what he meant, asked me to marry him. Being the young, blissfully unaware child that I was I said yes. This year marks ten years since then and I’m starting to freak out. We’ve been going out and are, y’know, occaisonally kissing on the cheek or a peck on the lips but I have not a clue as to how I should approach asking him about sex. As of late I’ve been looking into articles like these and aam wondering if anyone can give me some advice?

  • Sydenayrox

    I was sixteen when I had sex for the first time, he was 17, but we’d been together for a year and a half, and we were both very much in love and ready. Also, as a side note, it was his first time too, so it was a bit awkward for us both, but beautiful.

    Look, you know when you’re ready. You don’t ‘think’ you’re ready, you know. If you ‘think’ it, then you’re not 100% sure, and you have to be, because it’s a big deal. It hurts the first time usually, for the girl, not alot, but enough to cause general discomfort for a little bit, but it’s really only for a short amount of time. You need to be ready for that though, because if not, you’ll regret it and feel dirty.

    I have been with that same guy for three and a half years now, because we are totally in love. He never had to pressure me into doing anything I didn’t want to, and still doesn’t to this day. Don’t have sex at such a young age as 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15..I mean, even at 16, I was pushing it on the young factor. And don’t, please don’t let anybody preassure you. It doesn’t matter what other girls are doing, or what your boyfriend says. If he loves you, he’ll wait until you’re ready, and those other girls have nothing to do with you.

    And protection is key ;)

  • Brookethomas44

    Heyy im 13 and my boyfriends 16 we cant hang out with out sneaking around our parents cause they read my text and found out i was blowin a softmore. So he always walks over at like three in the morning on weekend and since we never get to see eachother we just do stuff the whole time. He wants to have sex now but im afraid its just a hit and run and hel leave me after? wev been dating for a year and i love him and im deff sure he does too.

  • Hector

    If you want to have sex really bad and dont want to make her pregnant wear a condom. (best kind of condoms)

  • Savanahhughes

    Okay, soo I’ve been talking to this guy and well he’s about to turn 17 and I’m about to be 15 in a week and well…all we talk about is having sex and I mean I really want to and I know I sound like a slut and everything but I’m fucking scared to death!!!! I’ve always been like a goody goody and thought I wasn’t gonna have sex tell I was married…but then I met him and he changed all my thoughts..and we are sending pictures back and forth…an I just don’t know what to do anymore.

  • Whateveryousay

    Really? Most of you are flipping shit because people say they lost their virginity at about 11, 12, 13 ectect. Some people mature REALLY fast and are ready to  handle sex. Who are you guys to say they’re terrible, need an ass beating, ect? they aren’t bothering you. and as i recall i’m pretty sure a long time ago, kids were getting married at around 12.  

  • Socc

    So I’m 12 years old and think about sex a lot, I want to have sex but I’m not cause I’m 12 (if I was older I would) so I have been masturbating since I was REALLY. Little and I don’t really know why I started,, but anyways I want to finger my self but I’m too scared

  • Preegurl17

    I know imma bit young (14) but i have been dating my current bf for 3 years he’s 17 btw…. We still havent had sex, he has been very sweet and understanding about me not being ready, i cant really tell he wants to have sex tho (he is not a virgin). I am ready, i just dont know what to do really, even in foreplay. Anyone plz give me tips. Plz no criticism because its a waste of the critics time because i am not going to listen to them.

    • Evalen

      My best tip is to wait, even if you “think” you are ready. I’m 19 and haven’t lost it yet. To tell you the truth, its amazing. You get to look at the people around you at a young age having sex and then look at them years later and half of them have messed their lives up. So many people I knew in middle school and high school that where sexually active have made some serious mistakes in their life, drugs, drinking, fatherless children. Though a few of the people (only like two) are currently engaged to be married. If your are absolutely certain that you are “ready” take a bit of time to think about if you are mature enough to deal with any mishaps that may happen (and there is always the chance something will), how the action will effect your relationship with your parents, and if your boyfriend wants you for who you are, or if he wants you for your body. If he wants you for who you are he will wait, and wont pressure you.

    • Brookethomas44

      Heyy girl im 13 and my boyfriends 16 and wev been together for a year were the same way exept he pressures the hell out of me so were prob gunu do it tommorow night. Anywayys what we do for foreplay that i think is amazing is, oral like u know head, kiss him from his lips all the way down to his package and defenetly neck kissing if u dont like giving blow jobs but if u do swallow hell think its way sexier;) also u could have him eat u out or finguring there both realllly good;) btw since ur a virgin it will her if hes over 6in and u will bleed so be prepared but over all go for it! ive only done it once with the same guy im dating now and hes 8in and it still felt amazing! Dont be scared and get nasty;) haha i sound like a whore but im just tryna help sorry if i got to detailed anyone who wants to say shit bout our age go fuck urself if your not to scared to u pussy 20 yr old virgins!!

      • Mybabe

        I heard of a guy about 28 who was seduced by his wife’s 13 yr old neice into fucking her. She wasn’t a virgin. Lost it when she was 12 to a boy her own age. He said she was like a little well-experienced whore. Best sex he ever had. He also had sex with her mother, his sister-in-law.

  • Ahw28

    John you are right some of the comments on here are a bit weird what do u all this besides John

  • Ahw28

     this is fun what do u think

    • Ahw28

       I think i like this but it is too weird to me do u all think that. That’s what my boyfriend thinks

  • Gamergavin1822

    I’m a fourteen almost fifteen year old guy and I’m, yes still a virgin like most people with sense. I believe that you shouldn’t have sex until your married but if your are going to that you shouldnt do it with some meaningless slob you find in a bar or some prostitute. But some girls just don’t get the power of male hormones. It’s HARD to control. And the lady who said that people 16+ shouldn’t be on here screw you people like me who have hit puberty within the last few years are curious and should figure this stuff out on sites like these. It’such better than figuring it out in real life! I mean for the 1-12 year olds you guys want to be big kids and learn about sex but really you should be enjoying your last years of childhood before you take on responsibility and life gets harder my little brother will turn ten in a month and is talking about humping fine girls! That’s what I’m talking about kids childhood is great so don’t screw it up with trying to be older and knowing to much about sex. Trust me you can worry about sex once you’ve hit puberty because for me that’s all I think about. So kids dont ruin your childhood. Have fun, make friends, your biggest worries should be on school and friends.

  • Pedro

    Hey every1! i have a question….

    Ok so im 15. Theres this girl im friends with who i really like. I’m pretty sure she likes me because she gave me her number. She also has tried to make me touch her ass and rack. Trust me ill tap that any day but it just dpesnt seem right.Shes pretty slutty i guess. Shes got a huge rack and im pretty sure shes already had sex. So one friday her and i were alone together after a school volley ball tournament. I was just walking out of the gym doors when she said she needed to talk to me. She said there was something really important at her house i needed to see. I said sure because it was a friday night and you know its not like i have school or anything in the morning. So i got to her house around 6-7 pm. I got to her front door and rang the doorbell. She came and answered the door. She was wearing a robe. I didnt know why. She brought me to her room. I asked where her parents were and she said they were out at dinner and wouldnt be back till 12 or later. So i sat on he bed were i watched her take of her robe and underneath she wa in her bra and panties. I literally got an insta-boner. She kissed me then through a plastic rapper at my dick. I picked it up and opened it. inside was a condom. She said put it on lets see how you look. So i did and she got naked too. We were having sex. Good sex too. I decided i should stop before i come even tho i had a condom on. So i stopped and she said whyed you stop. And i said i didnt wanna chance making you pregnant. I wanna know if it was the right thing to stop. I mean i like this girl a lot and now we are dating but i wanna know if i should have kept fucking her. Thnxs for reading please tell me your answers….

  • Lily

    My first time was when I was 14, and it was with a much older man whom I met on the Internet. After that I was having sex with older strangers on the regular, and I can say from experience that this was a giant mistake on my behalf, and not worth it at all. After I turned 16 I was so afraid of intimacy that I rejected everyone who made a pass at me- even the boys my own age who were sweet and kind to me. Now that I am 17, I have met a wonderful man who is just two years older than I am, who I care for very much, and who cares for me just the same or even more. He is a virgin and tonight I’m taking his virginity, but I’m also reclaiming myself as a virgin because it truly does feel as if it’s going to be the first time again. He is the first man I’ve ever cared about, and he treats me so kind that this will be an entirely fresh experience. We’ve been talking about it all weekend and I’m so excited. I’m going to make it absolutely perfect for him. 

    Basically what I want to say is that everyone really should wait until they are ready. Ready for one person can be at a party with their boyfriend or girlfriend and being in the moment and loving each other, or it can be planning and consideration and romance- but it’s of the utmost importance that one is mature enough to go through with it. I had intercourse with men I didn’t know because I had low self-worth and felt nothing except sexual pleasure, so I really could not make a good decision. Now I know I’m doing it because I care for him, and him for me, and I’ve thought about it. 
    Just be ready. Feel okay. Do it for reasons like attraction and love, not compensation or impulse. 

  • Butterflyt54

    Well. My faith in humanity is completely lost now after reading some of the comments here. I mean, kids as young 10 wanting to have sex and some actually losing their virginity at that age?! What is the world coming to? I’m turning 17 next month and my boyfriend of 6 months and I have planned to sleep together for the first time after I turn 17 because we’re normal and sensible people. Seriously, I thought my generation was bad, but the kids who are between the ages of 10 and 13 now just make me want to get sick. My skin is fucking crawling from some of the kids comments I’ve just read on here.

    • GirlInLove

      Are you really surprised? Have you seen the world latley? But I’m glad your a normal sensible person, I’m in the same boat with my love, except I am 17 ;)

  • Oranges

    i think 16 years old in old enough. 

    • oranges


  • Mindless blondey :P

    Come to think of it… I don’t even know why I read this whole article about this… I guess I was just really horny and then when I was half way reading through it… Something snapped in my mind. Wow I’m gross. :P

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  • Payton1219

    is it less of a chance to become pregnant with a condom or pills?

  • Payton1219

    i have an awkward question (not that im t the only one) but everyone in my class says (5th grde) that the guy humps hard, but does the woman ever hump? is ir impossible for a woman to hump? i believe when i was small, and i still do (hump my pillow/bed) i love doing it and it makes me feel sexy ;) last year i thought about starting to masterbate but then i thoufht i mde joy to myself as much as humping does so am i reallyy humping or what? im only 11 and i just have a lot of questions about life :)

    • The Truth

      You’re a freak. Quit humping you’re pillow like my dog and grow up. For real? You couldn’t get it in if you tried to do you’re pet cat so why are you asking on here? You’re fuckin 10 so shut the fuck up.

  • Liz

    Hi guys! My name is Liz and I am 13. So, lately, my best guy friend and I have been talking really openly and personally(lately being within the last few days) and today he asked me to have sex with him. He’s 14 and he has a girlfriend who is 16.
    He says that he loves his girlfriend and would never want to have sex with her o even ask her because it would change that way that she looked at him. We agreed that we would only do it of she was out of the picture, but he says he doesn’t want to hurt her.
    I don’t want him to break up with her for me, and I do realize that sex at this age isn’t the best idea, but it’s hard to resist in today’s society. I need help withtrying to figure whether or not I actually want to have sex with him. Any help would be appeciated please and thank you(:

  • huzlyn

    Gaigs has been the love of my life since high school. I am currently 30, so you can see that’s the last 12 years we were together. About 2 years ago I noticed a change in her. Real settle differences at first, but then it became more apparent as time went on. I noticed things like her withdrawing emotionally from me and the children, then lack of sexual intimacy, and more recently a withdraw from our family. We have a 3 year old daughter and a 2 year old son that are absolute angels as far as kids are concerned. They did not deserve their mother treating them this way, nor did they deserve the emotional abuse that they suffered because of this. I was so glad that I found Dr. Messiah the freemercytemple@yahoo.com i cast a spell to make her love us more and always look us as 1 family because of my children and myself. She was the greatest person in the world, my love and my life along with my children. I gave her my all, my heart, soul, love, and life. I honestly thought nothing could go wrong. The spell casting really changed her and she is always with the family now as we all ever wanted,Its kind of corny, but it was like a fairy tale relationship where the guy and girl are so in love that nothing else matters and will like to go an extra lent for doing anything. I never thought of her as one to cheat and I never questioned it. I knew we had a love that would last all other loves and a trust that couldn’t be broken,she is now emotionally with the family now and my thanks to the freemercytemple@yahoo.com  for helping me solve my awesome problem.

  • Cookiesncreme9

    I’m 15 and my friend really wants to have sex with me. He’s two years older than me though and I have a boyfriend already. I don’t want to lose our friendship but I also don’t want to lose my boyfriend. How do I let him down without losing him as my best guy friend?

  • Emily14

    I dont get why people keep posting all these long messages more like speechs about how all these kids under age 16 are fucking ,yes i do agree with you that they shouldnt be doing it at an age younger then 16 but if they think there ready for that then thats what there going to do and to all the people who are posting stuff about it ,if its no your child or your relative then wtf are you posting shit for?and alot of you people who are pisting stuff about it are grown like 18+

  • Rainbowunicornfartsrawreth

    So, my boyfriend and I have been planning to lose our virginity to eachother this coming Saturday- no pun intended- at my house. I’m really nervous it’ll hurt, but as the saying goes, no pain no gain. We’ve discussed contraception and lube and I know he’ll do his best to make it comfortable enough for me, and he’ll be gentle, but reading most of these comments, it’ll hurt no matter what he or I do… I’m just worried, but am I worrying too much? Or am I being sensible?

    • Klmkat28

      something you need to know, your first time will always hurt a little if your hymen hasnt broken yet, my first time hurt a little only cuz he was a little on the big size and im a small person lol, so stop worrying, there is nothing to worry about

  • Katie V

    Hi, I’m 15 almost 16 and my boyfriend is 17 we really want to have sex but we don’t have the time or place, and I really want to do it so he doesn’t forget about me when he goes to Madagascar for a month with 4 girls that have a thing for him, there is a party coming up that we’re thinking about doing it at…. We’re both virgins, any advice for us?

    • Klmkat28

      take it slow, gentle, afterword(if your cherry hasnt broken already)there will be some bleeding but that is 100% normal
      oh and dont be nervous or tense…only make things less enjoyable

  • a big package ;-)

    HHaha lol my first i went for 50minutes and got her to orgasim like 3 times and she couldnt walk properly so guys your not always bad first time out haha i was apparently amazing ;-) but then in saying that i do also have a big dick which helpes

  • Yellow-is-ma-style

    So I’m 18 and my boyfriend of 2 months is 17 we both adore each other and we have some time soon to our selves at his and we are hoping to do it at his house but I’m scared it’s going to hurt and that I’m going to bleed I feel that it’s putting me of although I do love him… I keep thinking that we should do it in the bathroom incase there is any mess ?
    Does anyone have any advice they can provide please thank you :)

  • Khyara Newton

    omfg every single child who is under the age of 16+ needs to get their ass whooped and their parents need to get messed up to. losing your virginity just because you “have the hots” for someone or claim/ think you love someone doesn’t mean to do it. your freaking under aged you need to be focused on your education and your future. see the comments with the lil dummy’s who got kids at the age of 10? yea they no longer are considered children. once you have a child you have to grow up fast. you can’t be a baby with a baby, this isn’t pretend where you have a plastic doll calling you mommy. girls, boys will say anything, and also just because you think your in love with your boyfriend, guess what, your not at that age. you don’t know what really is until you’ve learned, and that won’t happen until your a more mature adult and have went through life a bit to understand what kind of person you want to be with. guys will sex you and leave in a second and either you gone get a nasty surprise that will follow you for life or a lil one who’s going to do the same. I’d rather scare a kid from making the biggest mistake of their lives. wait til your married to the person to enjoy that part of life. I’m mainly addressing to the girls because boys can get away with anything while girls get called names and look bad for the rest of their life. you have to explain to others about yourself and what do they do they look at you crazy. I was 15 when I had my first child. I didn’t get called names because of my pregnancy, but it did mess things up with my family, money, school, and even try getting into college without having to worry about my kid. you can’t have a kid and think “oh i;m too young my parents will take care of it”, no, some girls have had to drop out of school, force to marry the babies dad so they didn’t look bad even if they we’re unhappy with him, or gotten kicked out of the house because they got pregnant. yes sex can be fun and enjoyable, but no matter how protected you are you can still come up with something. condoms do break, sometimes girls/guys poke holes in the condoms, pregnancy can happen at any time. think of all the innocence your risking, all the possibilities your risking just to have sex. I wish I had stopped having sex after I did start. If I had I would’ve probably met someone like my bf now, got married and had kids by only him. also not having sex until the right time shows how much self respect you have. there will be a day when you have a “bf” he’ll tell you lies because he knows you don’t know any better and might try to tell you “if you really love me you will have sex with my friend” this has happened to girls before. some have gotten pimped out this way. sex is a drug and you never know if you can cure it before it gets too late.

    • guest

      the women about me got raped as a child. and is also out of the kitchen.

      • Ahw28

         WHAT???????? i don’t get it

    • The truth

      Shut the fuk up. You hopped on a dick when you were 14 so you have no right to tell ANYONE what “real love” is or what age they’re ready. Everyone is different. No one died and made you the all knowing god of live so shut up. Just cuz you were an underaged whore doesn’t mean everyone else is going to be

    • ZebraStripes

      What the fuck? Kids losing their virginity at’ 10 or 13? This is what I get from googling random stuff. You guys must not be here from Kentucky, you would of gotten an ass whooping from your mama, and another ass whooping from your grandmother. I’m 14, and still a virgin. I really don’t give a 2 shits
      about guys or sex right now. None of you girls at the age of puberty shouldn’t. You guys should be worrying about school! Hey girls and guys, use your time wisely like doing your homework instead of saying; O I HAD S3X AT THA AG3 OF 10 ET WAS THA B3ST T1ME OF MERH LIF3. I’m a straight A student, who plays flute in concert band and highschool marching band. I don’t give a two shits about boys, boyfriends, kissing, and having sex. I’m trying to stay as a kid for as long as I can be! To the girls of the age of 13&below, none of your have been to the lady doctor. Let me tell you, it’s not fun. It’s not fun to be there, and it’s creepy. I have to go there because I have to take birth control for my period, and that’s all but, I’m still creeped out! I already had my first few grown up experiences in there that I shouldn’t have to experience until I was at least in my adult years. It’s not fun having a person stick a swab up your vagina. Be glad your not going there. Be glad that your still a kid or a first time teenager! Growing up isn’t fun. It will never be fun. Being a kid is the best time of your life, enjoy it. Don’t be trying to loose your virginity so young, be glad you have it. It’s your’s for now until the right person comes along at the right time in your life. :3

      • ZebraStripes

        Also, to the girls who are my 15&under, stop lying. We all know you have no boyfriend that’s 17-20 years old. That’s not having a boyfriend, it’s called having a babysitter. You make yourself look like a slut instead of looking cool.

  • Tiffany

    I’m 18 years old and still a virgin, i’m ready to find the right person to be with and  lose it too but the only thing that freaks me out is that most guys seem like they have more experience in this field.

  • John

    Some of the comments on here are a bit… weird. People bragging about having sex at age 11 is nothing to be proud of, in fact you are what I like to call the problem. You’re too young, too immature and don’t have a sense of responsibility or consequence. I’m 20 now, and still haven’t popped the cherry mainly because I felt I hadn’t met the right person, and despite the fact I go clubbing/ drinking a fair amount etc. (being at University and all), I still stop myself doing anything that far with anyone, mainly because the last way I want to lose it is on a cheap one night stand with someone I really don’t care about…. Luckily I met the best girl at University though (may sound somewhat contradictory to what I just said, but it was a sober and nerve racking meet experience – I hate asking people out!) and we’ve now been together 5 months. We’ve talked about it, and I understand that her previous boyfriends pressured her which is why she walked away, and it’s not worth losing someone you care about just for the sake of sex, I can wait as long as she wants, I have done for 20 years so far so longer won’t hurt… I think it’s important to wait until they’re 100% ready and to find someone you actually care about, that way the whole experience will be more enjoyable, meaningful and special, none of this having sex at 13 stuff just to lose it…

    • Leah

      John, you sound like such an amazing person, and I just want to thank you for making such a wonderful decision! (I’m on the same boat- though I’m waiting until marriage.) Time and time again, I’ve overheard 12 year old’s at the library “bragging” about all of the guys they’ve slept with. Don’t they have respect for themselves?

      In my opinion, sex is such an adult decision, and these kids now a days that get pressured into doing so is just wrong. I’m glad I’m waiting!

      • Payton1219

        I am a bit young to be reading this but I am a bit worried, I dont know what about I think I am going to wait till marriage , and I still dont get if theirs anything i need to take or put on before. maybe i need therapy because im a pretty messed up kid :/ And OMG i cant believe those frekin 12 year olds dis it its a messed up world ….

        • Becca

          Well I’m 15 and I go to secondary school and all I use to hear from this one las was all the lads she slept with n she use to just blag it out about what she did n how long and how she did it n she was a sick minded kid she would say that her dad raped her at age 2 then she was sayin that it was her babysitter at age 3 then she was sayin that her dad had dided then he was alive n she was writing ‘love’ letters to him then she use to tell us about her first time n how would she was (6) anyway all I hear at school is about everyone havein sex n I’m startin to feel left out cause I don’t want to lose it yet and I want to wait till I leave school n just before collage but I’ll have another year as I’m only in year 10 and we leave in year 11 so not long but I want to lose it with someone special

          • Mjc744

            Tell that girl she is lying aint no dad os going to rape a fuking 2 year old

          • Dude-grow-the-fuck-up

            Sorry to say it but you need to get with reality and have a fucing reality check because the youngest account of rape was on a 4 month old dumbass

          • Emilly

            So do I

        • Jadetee1

          well a, young to bit it the end of the day we just want to do it ryt boys have been  asking me for sex n a want to do it bit am to scerd it will hurt  so iv not done it

        • Emilly

          I agree

    • Gir_loves_the_cupcakes

      Well you know what they say, “If their age is still on the clock, they are too young for the cock.”

      • Ahw28

         who is this Gir_ loves_the_cupcakes

      • Pierre Savoie

        I have digital clock on military time. Do you mean I can’t touch her until after she turns 24??

    • Ahw28

       John I was wondering how old are u

    • tombstone

      Amen brother, if you have found a partner willing to wait until your ready and you don’t want to pressure her then you are a better person then anyone who does it just to lose it

  • Ozzyandelvis

    Just got off the phone with my gf we gonna get a lil high then smash any last advice to give me pls write with in 2 hours thanks :)) ;) Wish me luck :*

    • Guest

       you’re so young

    • Evalen

      No one should ever wish any luck onto those who wish to ruin their body, except to wish good luck on breaking an addiction.  I feel truly sorry for you for starting down the road of disaster. May you realize your mistake early, before Darwin’s street sweeper catches up to you

  • No Name

    I’m 28 years old guy , and i never had sex and i was thinking lately to do it with a prostitute .
    do u think that  i should do it or just wait because i’m in deep misery and i don’t know what to do . my friend told me that sex can make me happy .

    • Ocean_Niamh

      Don’t do it with a prostitute! It will just leave you feeling emtpy and even depressed afterwards. Even if it takes a few more years, you should wait for the right girl! You’ve waited this long, you deserve to have it with someone you care about!! :)

      I think it’s great that you’ve waited this long, because you can only have your virginity for so long in your life, after your first time it’s gone forever. Start dating, you’ll find the right person!

      • Payton1219

        notice that some of these people ask and never come back to check for answers so they choose it by themselves , if this guy did i hope he picked the rite thing to do

  • paula

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  • rosario

    Hello there, First of all I wanted to thank THE freemercytemple@yahoo.com . I ordered a ‘Make You Love Me’ spell kit several months ago and have had incredible results! I’ll admit that I was a bit skeptical about ordering but was willing to try anything possible to get a certain someone to see the depth of my feelings for him. The spell kit helped open the gates and I now find myself in the arms of one of the most sweet, caring, trustworthy and honest man that I have ever met. Things are going wonderfully! There were a few surprises of course..I was surprised at the potency of the spell. I went into this hoping only that he would take more notice of me and see what I had burning inside for him. Several weeks after having completed the spell he unexpectedly moved 65 miles back to his hometown (which just so happens to be minutes from my own home) and our courtship began in earnest. Things just keep getting better, we’re growing more comfortable and affectionate as each day passes and I haven’t been this happy in years. So once more THANK HIM THANK HIM THANK THE freemercytemple@yahoo.com and contact him for help!!!

  • na’d

    i want to show how disappointed i am with what i read below!
    for god sake..9 ..12..14..16..years old KIDS wanting to have sex?
    where is this world leading to??

    being a children or a teen is important
    u people wanting sex that much..is not true
    u say this obviously because tv and magazines, peers have driven u into desiring s/th that is untotally not for ur age

    why are u rushing things??
    u r kids only once..while u will be doing sex all the rest of ur life..
    DONT U SEE??
    i am sure u will regret it ..and u will feel unsatisfied with urself

    so think twice  girls before grabbing that ..dick
    u wont go far ..believe me
    rather ..enjoy real play with friends

    being innocent is good

    • Evalen

      here here!

         Please children wait till you are mature enough to deal with grown up stuff. No longer do we live in the day and age where kids are frequently married off at incredibly young ages, to men they have likely never met. As a result children no longer have a valid excuse to have sex at the ages they do now. At the ages most children are now when they foolishly decide to have sex, they do not realize how it may affect them as they grow up. They cannot, or will not see around the “invincible” complex that nearly all children/teens have. They do not stop to realize how a simple slip can destroy their future. A simple one night stand at a young age can be the gateway to many future mishaps. Teens tend to lack in self control, they often fall prey to their instincts, and/or to outside pressures. To be able to say no to pressure, no matter how much you may want to partake in the said pressure is the greatest secret to a successful life.

      Watching people around me in Middle School and High School fall victim to pressure, and messing up their life’s has made me a stronger person. I have no wish to follow down the path they have chosen, and why should I? I do not feel like having children I can not support, to party or live life without thought of consequence as people who fall to pressure often do? To become a drunken, drugged, wreck that many old acquaintances have? The first step to avoid many pitfalls in life is to wait, practice self restraint and feel sorry for the people around you who are on the path down disaster. (or laugh if you are heartless)

  • think twice


  • Dalton_ryn

    I’m planning on losing my virginity Saturday, I’m 15 and I’m a boy, my gf is also 15 but I’m scared to go buy condoms.. Yikes! was anyone else scared? I don’t wanna feel left out.

    • Hjkkdk

      If you’re escarde to buy condoms, you shouldn’t be hqving sex.

  • Buildyourownprojection

    sex is very important for human life. without sex human’s life is not good.

  • Brandon_l_lopez

    hey whats up world my name is james. im goin to prom with this one girl we had been friends for a long time and were thinkin about havin sex im 16 she is 17 and me and her are both virgins any tips for the first time?????

  • virgin till next week

    wow this is an amazing article i’m 15 year old boy. i am planning to have my first time next week actually. We agreed to have sex, but i wont see her for the rest of my life, only because i’m moving schools. my question is should i do it with? 

  • Melisa k.

    This will realty help because my boyfriend and I just had it April 1 2012 and it was fun also it was my first time we met at a bar and did it the third day also he had to run to the store to buy some consumer also when he cane back we jumped right in bed when he touched my virginal it felt good when we started so first timers don’t be worried as the girl said if it hurts ask the Guy to go slow

    • Yeka maril

      Its there choice if they want to have it I have a 16 year old cousin that did it to an 15 year old girl and he showed me a video the girl had fun getting laid

  • Annazerikova

    Im 15,and my boyfriend and I have been dating for 2 years! And we still haven’t had sex…is it wrong to do it at my age? I know all my friends did it even younger but I’m kinda scared I might stuff it all up and get pregnant! What do you think i should do?Please help.? Xx

  • Curling_girl

    Hey I’m 15 I lost my virginity in October, but I was raped. So I already mostly had sex for the first time but now I have a boyfriend who I am thinking about having sex with but I’m worried cause I was raped not that long ago. I love my boyfriend but I’m worried just bout it bringing back horrible memories … Someone help?

    • Awesome Face

      Actually if you are raped when your a virgin then your still legally considered one.

  • http://www.ukdocumentscanningservices.com/ document scanning

    im really nervous about my frist time having
    sex and my friends say its pritty horrible is it ? or dose it depend on the
    person your doing it with ?

    • Elmervbree

      Horrible????? What kind of friends do you have? Sex is amazing!!!

  • http://www.ukdocumentscanningservices.com/ document scanning

    The pain isn’t that bad. But please, please, please use condoms, no matter what
    form of BC you are on.

  • Yleciram39

    I had protected sex(Condoms and spermicide) yesterday for the first time. I’m 19 years old and have been dating my boyfriend ( who was also a virgin) for a year now. I don’t feel particularly proud about it but we used protection and he tried to be as gentle as he could be. I don’t regret it and I’m glad we got to know each other and be sure how we felt about each before we took the plunge.

    Having unprotected sex is a definite NO for me since having a baby at this age is simply not an option. There are so many resources available for teens ( like this page) , your school and health campaigns that its really hard not to be informed on he different contraceptives available.

    Be responsible. I know I will continue to be. :)

  • http://www.buildyourownprojectionscreen.com/ projector screen

    I am in my early 20s but i do not have sex with anyone still but i am not virgin as i did oral sex so many times.So this post and the comments are very helpful for me.And thanks for this post.

  • micky

    Thank you with all my heart for making all my wishes and dreams come true… My husband plays the horses all the time. You put a spell on him over three months ago. And he came home with $16,000. He won every race and every exacta that day. Thank you spiritual Dr. Messiah freemercytemple@yahoo.com for your spell help.

  • Kevin5953

    Are you people nuts? Your brain doesn’t fully mature until around age 20, and yet you’re having sex as young as 10 years old? I feel bad for you, of course, but as a 19-yr-old male, I don’t think it’s right to have sex at any age younger than 18. Keep it in your pants for a few more years, why don’t you?

    • Klmkat28

      im 18 turning 19 this yr and i just did it for my first time WITH PROTECTION a week ago

      • Ahw28

         you had it? OMG

    • GirlInLove

      Actually kind sir, the age your brain finishes maturing is around 25, just saying. Also I doubt half the 12 years who brag about their sexual experiences have actually had them =_= when I was twelve I played make believe Indians on the play ground and traded pokemon cards, seriously bro.

      • Mel

        Same here bro

  • http://www.a1adultsextoys.com Sex Toys

    I remember my first time. I was pretty young but we had a really good time.

  • Mckaywal

    hi im 13 and i dont have a bf but i dont have  the cerig to ask the guy out what do i do?  

  • Fallingraindrops2010

    I would say to those who are sexual lol it is normal and by the way you are too young and yes sex may looking exciting but my two friends were pregant and left by their guys. they say they will stick around but fatherhood is big thing as well as motherhood. It’s not easy and it’s a full-time job are you ready to grow up or just be 13 and live and do something with your life. if you want know what it’s like get sex toy lol. you only get one chance to be 13 so make it a good choice or I guess you’ll learn the hard way. My friend regerts getting pregant and not finishing school and has a hard time finding work now even today. I hope your guy or gal loves you enough to wait.

  • Anonymousxxhackerxx

    Hello tomato

    • Me

      ¡Hola banana! :L

  • Wolfy

    I’m reading all these comments and I’ve noticed alot of young mothers, and people being scared to tell that they are virgin or not, or to tell someone they have “done the nasty”. This is my oppion as a 18 year old female who is watching a close friend strugle threw being a singel parent at the age of 15, she had her baby girl at 14. The father wanted a one night stand and left her after her found out she was prego and he also claimed the child wasn’t his.
      .In a high school being a student and parent is bad, people will put you down and you’ll have creeps cornering you and you can just imagin what they want. Their isn’t a day in my school where i’m not worring for my friend, i’m now on a 3 week school suspention for fighting on school grounds and i’m going crazy from not being their to watch over her.

      My sugestion is if you don’t want to be pregant, lose friends, get something nasty like an STD, be called a slut/whore or any other name, or if your worried what others like a friend will think, think about this: Are you ready to risk being a parent, are you able to accept what others will come to think of you? i wish my friend thought on these before because now her whole future is changed.

    • http://www.a1adultsextoys.com Sex Toys

      wow thats really hard to have kids so your me and my wife were in our mid 20s and we were not ready. Hope all goes well.

    • Vejne

      while you are of course completely right, i think it is really bad that when people talk about great sex, this kinda thing always pops up
      pls pls pls do not try to frighten ppl
      without sex, ppl go nuts
      being afraid of sex ruins the whole thing

    • cute kat

      hey I think ur compeletely right I am only 11 but my cousin is 14 and shes pregnent we found out last night but I think ppl under 18 having sex that makes me wanna puke all over their sorry fucking faces

    • ME

      This is totaly messed up kids shouldnt have it thill they are like 15 this is what i get for using Google to do my HW

  • Brandonrichmond23

    Is it easier to get it in if the girl sucks the penis?

    • Ryan beyok

      I no rite for me it felt good she was also screaming when I was humping her she said oh yea f***k that baby uh yea yea ahhh f***k yea I love that harder harder faster faster that’s what she said

      • HachachaSxxx

        Dude, sorry to say, but you sound like you’re 12.

        • Winry

          Sadly this is a common ailment that many of the teens now days are stricken with. I blame texting, not paying attention in school, and the sickening disinterest in book that many young people display.

  • Turtles_man98

    I lost mine at 13 and not shit happend you pussys

    • Davidallin1

      i lost mine at 11 aha and i was like wow ever sence then ive loved sex …

      • Emily

        Your an idiot.

        • timmeh!

          Really you are…

  • Turtles_man98

    I lost mine at 13 and not shit happend you pussys

  • Tubagirl98

    so im 13 turning 14 in march and me and a guy r thinking bout doing it….2 problems though 1:he is 19 turning 20 and 2:he feels bad about it becuz he has a gf his age. we have known each other over a year and i know i love him and we have talkd about it a lot but now he is aking a big deal aout it now tht we r getting closer to times were we can im a lil scared tht because he is older and way more experienced tht he will expect more of me but im a really self consous girl….i know i love him and i want to do it with him but he ismaking excuses, shud i stop trying or what?

    • Anon


    • Brookethomas44

      First wtf im not tryna judge on the age difference cause my boyfriends 16 and im 13 and were doin ot for our 3d time tommorow. But honey even my bf pressured me into the first time and were in love. If thos guy is 19 with a gf his own age and hes tryna get sex out of u and hes got u thinkin he loves u he dosent. He obvi cant get sex out of his gf and devided to find an easier to trick younger girl who he can fuck freely. Dont trust him guys will say/do anything to get sex out of u!

  • Jakester1563

    if ur a first time sex and ur a girl well im a sex trainer and u can come haves sex with me for free i live in troy;ohio on burtch court troy ohio 1563 and it must be at night and u haft to come behind my house and the password is peanuts hope to see u there

  • bm

    hi, i’m 16 and a virgin and tomorrow myself and my boyfriend are planning to have sex .
    he says if i’m not ready we can wait(hes had sex before) and i’m very scared it will hurt so badly and that ill bleed.. 


  • Andre

    thanks alot

  • okash

    guys i got one question and am tired thinking of it …

    is the first time sex for a girl not forgettable ??

    cause she told me that .. she loved me .. and she loved other person for that relation (sex) ..
    and i wonted to know if there is any way to make her forget that person ??

    • Anonymous

      Why would you want to make her forget the other person? Everyone’s relationships, failed or working, will imprint on them and mean something to them uniquely. Just because she still thinks of this other person, doesn’t mean she will be unfaithful to you. You just need to trust in that and not worry.
      On the other hand, a giant inflatable mallet to the head a couple times might loosen up her memories…

  • osa

    I read all this but yesterday my first time was so painful and it burn so much
    Does that mean I’m sick? I need help please , I dnt know if one of you guys can help me

  • osa

    I read all this but yesterday my first time was so painful and it burn so much
    Does that mean I’m sick?

    • Ash

       No, it just means that you probably expecting it to hurt, so you were tense from the start.  Being tense can cause it to be uncomfortable and it can hurt.  Were you using any lubricant?

  • Tyler

    Ive been considering “doing it” for the first time lately, and this article has really helped me. It doesn’t matter if I decide to wait or not, it’s just good to have the right info I guess.
    Thank you, Tyler.

  • david

    am 18 years old me and my girlfriend want to have sex for the first time but the problem is me my penis is small it is 5inhs and 5inch grith i think we she sees my penis she will laugh any other lad have the same problem

    • Ajiiko34

      if its her first time, she will rather be relieved its small! after all, if its big the penetration can be more painful…

    • Jim

      wel actually, your girth is average, but your length is half an inch from average

    • Beccy

      that’s the average size :) not small at all!

  • lexis boyle

    i was jus wanting to know water i would have to look foward to o im 14 and i still havn’t sliped the v-card but my boyfriend is saying that he wants ta get it and he’s done the nastynast already and now im like really nervus like im afraid but excited @ the same time i jus dont know how to feel about it or what to think we were talking about it this morning @ 1:somethin and we were talking about this yesterday and he’s saying he wants to get it today and i so very nervus right no i feel lik im going to throw-up

  • Kelli

    I lost my virginity at 19 to my now husband who was more experienced than me. He recommended we try it with me on top but I was nervous so I opted for missionary. I found it to be rather painful, even though he was very gentle and went slow (he’s a little bit on the big side). It stung and burned and my hymen didn’t actually fully break until the second time and after it broke I was only a little sore. There was also a decent amount of blood on the sheets, we both assume it just looked like a lot ’cause it mixed with the lube so it kind of got everywhere. It wasn’t that bad, after the first time I wanted to try again within a couple of hours and the first day after we did it 6 times (I totally don’t recommend this, it’s so much more painful that way). So..that’s my first experience if that helps anyone.

  • Addeb

    Though am a virgin bt wat ave read now mks me feel relieved.tnks google.i tink i cn du (sex)it.

  • rico

    i do a lot of fears when it comes to sex.,im bisexual many men too wants to have sex with me but then i refused due to insecurities and fears.i wanna first try to have sex on woman but then i dont know how.im 23 already but then i dont feel how to be fuck i always masturbating to release and feel how to be fuck.,please help me what to do.,anybody.,thank you so much

  • knob marley

    SEX! WOOOO!! FTW!!

    • Elmer

      Haha youre awesome =D

  • Lauren

    I am 18 and i am a virgin. I was recently asked by a kinda friend to me to just hook up and have sex every once in a while. But he doesn’t know i am a virgin and i don’t want him to know. I am thinking i am going to say yes to this but how do i make it not noticable that i am a virgin

    • LadyBlue

      Honey if you’re prepared to give your virginity to him, you should be comfortable enough to tell him that you haven’t done it before, as they do appreciate that you’ve told them. He’ll go easier on you and not think any lower of you. I was a virgin till recently when I told the guy(who I had my first time with) that I was a virgin. He was shocked but grateful that I told him, and is better for bot of you to be upfront.

    • blonde boy

      hey deer
      i advice you to not give your self for bad boys

    • Tina

      @ Lauren; dear you are young and still a virgin…..that is not a bad thing at all. Actually this day and age is admirable to make it through high school with your virginity still in tact. I (based on the life experiences I’ve had) would highly recommend that you not give yourself up to a “kinda friend”, just to be a “kinda friend with benefits”, especially for your first time. Your first time should at the very least be with someone you would consider a friend if not a boyfriend, fiance, husband, something like that. It is a little awkward the first time, your very self conscious, and your mind racing through hundreds of questions, your feelings and emotions get a little f***ed up, so the last thing you want is to worry what this “kinda friend” will think. And if you were to say yes and give in, you need to tell him, because if you don’t and he’s gets to turned on, or what ever he can end up going faster, or harder, or deeper then you may want for your first time……you don’t want to end up feeling you’ve been abused……But, if he pays any attention at all to what is going on, as its going on, it will or should be clear that you are a virgin, based off your non-experienceness………… Find ya nice guy, get to know him some, then give it up to him believe me it will be so much better than hooking up with some guy that just needs an available p**** for a few minutes to dump his load into. There are many out there who would do it, just hook up for sex, do what you gotta do, but not for the first time. It is an experience you will NEVER forget, make it worth remembering. Lastly, why do you not want him to know your a virgin? One, its a good thing that he doesn’t know that you are because chances are he would really want you then. Some guys are so into having virgins, makes them feel good, more manly I guess…… 2nd, so what, you’d rather have him think of you as some slut, that he can proposition every once in a while when he feels like getting it on? Believe me, it is much better to be known as a virgin, and making good choices as to when you give it up, then to be known as a slut who doesn’t care where, when, how, or who it is, but just wants to give it up. So my advice to you, is “Just Say NO!!!!” Good luck……….

    • Megan@hotmail.com

      I am 14 and had a baby at 13 my first time hurt like crazy but u will get used to it. The guy said he s allergic to cOndoms and people on the pill so I wasn’t on the pill so I got pregnant and now have a baby called bentley and I miss school n friends just don’t get pregnant it is stupid and wastes ure Life so please just listen to me xxxx

      • Deedee1superstar

        I’m sorry but I just read your comment and what your partner told you is bs. “The guy said he s allergic to cOndoms and people on the pill…” wait, what?? I could see being allergic to LATEX, but then you would just get latex free condoms. But “allergic to people on the pill”? I think he just told you that so you’d have unprotected sex with him, and look where that got you. I’m truly sorry that you got pregnant at such a young age and I hope you’re no longer seeing this jerk.

  • Jordan

    I’m 18, i am stil a virgin. But just recently this guy i sorta like, basically just asked me if we could have sex with no strings attached. I’m thinking about saying yes but the thing is he doesn’t know i’m a virgin. And i am so scared that it would be obvious.

  • Aaliyah

    Hey i am 11 and my bf is 14 we both love each other we have been going out for 3 years!! he means the world to me and itz a long distance relationship it is verry had i am still a virigin but he isnt about 6 months ago he came 2 vist me for the first time he stayed in my house but not in my bed for a week one day nobody was in the house he came in to my room and we cuddled n he asked me was i ready and i said yea he didnt have a comdom and we had sex so that was the best nite of my life my parents kicked me out because i am pregant i stay with him and his family its really tough i am due in 2 months!! i regret it but i love him verry much i dont know what to do now he told me that he is going to be there for me i am verry young he wants to get married but i told him no i am not ready for all of that now we are having a baby boy please pray for me i need help!!! thanks KIDS DONT HAVE SEX I DID AND NOW I AM PREGANT!!! please help me

    • Amandalove

      dont worry just trust him u shud b lucky coz often guys ditch the gals but he is wid u god is thr fr u aaliyah il do pray fr u

    • Luvpinkice

      So, your baby boy should be 2 months old now… How are you handling it. I am 11 too and I had sex at 9. My first period. My 14 year old sister told me and I hooked up with this kid Gianni. We were 9! No condom, and I had a baby at 10. A baby girl no 1 1/2 years. Mona. I totally regret it. I lost my virginity and my whole life may just be ruined. Now I am going to have to marry him… I need advice!

      • nofuckingshit

        you are so fucking retarded. 

        • Hoobler14

          wow.. that was extremely rude.. people make mistakes and nobody is perfect, but it doesn’t make them the r word or stupid… maybe you should grow up and figure out people’s story before you go calling them names..

        • Rhysmavrodis

          I agree with nofuckingshit everyone knows you dont have sex at 9 years of age or 10 the legal age to have sex is 16 you dumass

          • Grimmjowjaggerjack

            hahahaha not laughing at the girls but the assholes who commented

          • Payton1219

            dont be calling kids my age dumasses maybe you r one i bet you are …. anyways were just kids and if ur not going to try to help (thats why they did that) or at least give advice then fuckin leave them alone…. god…..

      • Payton1219

        omg not tying to seem drama – ish but i would not want to hav sex at 9 or 11 or whatever im 11 and im thinking about waiting till im married and omg those young stories are juat breath taking :0

        • Ipearl13

          YOU DIDN’T USE A CONDOM!!!!!!!

          • Will

            I’m 13, but before u skip me saying I’m too young. let me talk. People used to live to be only 40, true fact. R bodies r ready to produce babies at puberty. (12-14) IF IT WAS SO WRONG TO HAVE CHILDREN AT SUCH A. YOUNG AGE. Then why is it ok with our bodies. Those 9 and 10 year olds? U must of had a growth issue because the body isn’t ready to make a baby at that age. Anyway I’m a 13 Male and still a virgin, proud of it! Just in the middle of the day I’ll just start thinking sex and just how wonderful it must be!!
            But I don’t want kids!! That is the purpose of sex. Just idk, happy holidays. :P

      • Angelkisses4

        What a fucking lie

      • timmeh!

        What in the literal fuck is wrong with people like you two….get slapped.

    • Brittney

      Okay so the fact you were 11 when you first had sex just says that you are to immature, especially since you didn’t use a condom. You should have said no. I am 16 and my boyfriend is 14, yes I know quite an age difference and we haven’t had sex yet, in fact we aren’t even allowed to go over to one another’s house without an adult present. He is coming to my house tomorrow without a parent for the first time and we are going to watch movies and cuddle and maybe kiss a little bit. We have no intentions to have sex until we have our parents consent but are perfectly happy just laying together watching movies.

  • Victoria

    Hi I’m 13 and I’ve been getting the “hots” for this one boy who I really really like. He wants to have sex with me too, BUT we aren’t going out and I think if we did go out, he’d want to have sex right away. Anyways, I’m nervous because I feel like I would sound stupid or it would hurt a lot. Or something would go terribly wrong like STD’s or Pregnancy or some awful scary shit. I would just like some reassurance. Please don’t comment on my age, I know it’s wrong. But PLEASE HELP!

    • Helpfull

      Ok this is what I have to say. 13 is a bit young but I recommend going out and if he won’t wait do oral because sex at that age is just not good. If he hasn’t had sex then u don’t really have to worry about MOST stds but if u do have sex USE A CONDOM and if u can get some birth control as an extra not a replacement to a condem. Use both and if ur having trouble getting that tell your mom u got your period because doesn’t it like make the period shorter or something?

    • Ploppiniks

      Dont worry hun u do what u are comfy with don’t let him pressure u into things that u don’t feel rite doing make him wait xxxx

    • Djsherman-1997

      Don’t worry, and don’t do it because if this one boy liked or even loved you he would wait till you were ready to have sex, so don’t ruin your life because if you had a baby at 13 you would regret for the rest of your life, I’m 25 and I’m still a virgin so please wait

  • godsil

    man m 14 nd me nd my frnd(13) (nt my grlfrnd) wanna have sex nd we both r virgin

    i just wanna ask that does it pain a lot????????

  • jason

    i’m 31 and never had sex and dont think i ever will, whats the big deal anyways?

    • Awesome Face

      That’s sad

      • Grimmjowjaggerjack

        Haha ‘thats sad’ lmfao

    • Elmervbree

      Wow, i don’t wanna be a dick but dont you have any friends or girlfriends? I feel sorry for you sex is awesome especialy if you love someone. Do you ever wanna get married? If you ever have a girlfriend.. Those feelings are gonna be there!! Trust me!! But to be hounest its kinda ridiculous that u’ve never had sex and never wanna have it :/

      • jen smith

        ur quite a piece of shit aren’t u?

    • Thehorizonwithinme

      I think this is very unique, especially for a man, I do admire your strength. I’m 34 now but I know that when I was very young I could smell the males in my class just as they passed and it had me going…it was extremely hard for me and married as a virgin to a virgin at the age of 24. My sexuality has grown even more, sometimes I need to have it 3 times a day, it is like eating for me. I can be so busy at work and suddenly I feel like I need it now, this is hard, very hard for me.

      • Thomas

        thank you so much, im am 24yr virgin and I was really delpressed cause I a still am a virgin because of people like you that take acouple of minutes to write comments like these give me brand new hope cant wait until i meet the right girl and finish my engineering degree, my blessing to people like you, may life be great to you! fuck one stands i would of regreted it

      • Jan

        Its very rare that you find people that are Virgins in this time of age.little boys and girls are giving it up like it’s nothing!smh!im 29 and im a Virgin!i decided to wait until i was married !Some people told me i was crazy for waiting!But i dont care!im getting married in June to my boyfriend of 5 years

    • Thehorizonwithinme

      You know, I forgot to mention, what you feel toward having no desire for sex maybe something you were born with because I remember having this strange feeling of my vagina when I was about 5yrs old, my mother became concerned but doctor said I was born with a very sensitive body, I could smell pheromones, I guess that what they are…about when I was 7. Needless to say, just like its my makeup to be very sexually needy, maybe yours is to be the opposite.
      I bet you are very clear headed and very focused in life…unlike myself, I must stop often to care for my needs or else I can’t focus on what needs to get done. So don’t worry, it maybe that you are one that will make a great partner and possibly never hurt or break any hearts…that’s a good thing. Ciao!

      • GirlInLove

        You can smell pheromones ?!? That’s like, a psychic power o.ô

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  • aiden

    im 14 and wanna have sex with my boyfriend but im scared…and im wayy tooo shy
    what should i do?
    please help me

    • Turtles_mab98

      I suggest wait, because most boys that get girls pregnet at that age leave them you should just wait till your old enough to face the facts of what can happen

  • Sarah

    Hi I’m 12 and i really want to have sex. And i know there are a lot of young people commenting on this article and i have one thing to say to them … “masturbate” . I do it all the time because i want to have sex but i dont have a boyfriend. And if i did he would be to immature to have sex with and he wouldn’t do it.
    That is all

    • Awesome Face

      Holy shit your twelve? Wtf lol XD

    • Payton1219

      hey i feel ya i want to but i kno ill regret it so dont beat up urself just keep doing ur thing, maybe ur man will think ur experienced since u masterbate im 11 and i jus t have to say one thing…. MESSED UP KiDS… and yes thats including ones like me an u

    • DeanBrett

      But to finger your self and either read a sexy magazine, or have some people do stuff on the Internet, is so much easier and far less painful, both to the sex and child birth.

    • Emily

      your 12? you want to have sex….why??
      apparently, you have issues my friend.

      • Jessie

         She (or him.. we never know) doesn’t have issues; they’re a preteen going through a hormonal change called puberty which may make them want to have sex. They’ll grow out of it and hopefully they don’t make any stupid decisions until then.

    • Clueer73

      where u live i will fuck u hard im 14

    • kifayat

      wana sex with me??

  • http://yahoo sam

    i’m 24 virgin i like to hv good relationship with girl, any body thr to help me out frm this problem…

  • Alex

    Maybe I was one of the few.. but my first time HURT!!! I had pleanty of for-play, we didnt use protection, he wasn’t a virgin so he knew what he was doing, but I was in pain the WHOLE way! He only got about half way in because I coulnt take it. Maybe it was just me, but loosing my virginity sucked. Was I doing something wrong?

    • Klmkat28

      i highly dout you were doing somethig wrong, my first was a bit painful too, only cuz my bf has a dick a little on the big side and well since it was our first my vag isnt that wide lol sorry to get so into detail! but we used protection, so we were smart about it

  • anjelina

    hey guys
    I m 23 and still a virgin.i have a boyfrnd n we r in relationshp from last 7 months.we were frnds before but then the relationship changed into a beautiful love.ive met him only 5 times then he went back to his country.he is brother of my best friend.he is coming back now.i m scared to loose virginity before mariage.as we both are in love.he want to loose.what should i do.suggest me?

  • anon

    Thanks for this website! I am 19 and still a virgin. All my friends are no longer Virgins and I have recently been thinking i’m alone,n clearly from reading all the comments there is loads more people in the same boat. The info on the article also helped me to be less scared and more confident. thanks!

  • hayley

    hi, I’m 15. Please don’t judge me, but i need help. I had sex once with a guy and he as they say it “popped my cherry” it hurt so bad i never felt a pain like that, but after the pain it started to feel good. That was almost a year ago and in a way i guess it was legally considered rap but i was asking for it. Any way a few weeks ago i had sex again with this guy but this time it really hurt and there was no good sensation afterwords. Now everytime someone wants to play with me or finger me it really hurts, i think i have razor bumps or at least they look like bumps from shaving but could this be something else. I just want to make sure i don’t have an STD or something. I don’t want people to judge i need help. You guys don’t know my life I’m just a scared girl and i don’t know any clinics that i coudl go to that don’t need parent consent.

  • Sally

    Hey, Im 16 and a girl… And i like to think that i am quite mature, especially when it comes down to the taboo subject of sex. I have a boyfreind whos 17 and we are both Virgins. We’ve been dating nearly 7 months and at the end of the year near his 18th birthday i plan on giving myself to him. We are in love, and i thought it all through, i have the implant, because although condoms give a lot of protection i needed something a little more permanent. and we have both sat and talked about it. But how do you really know when you are ready? Weve both admitted to doing things over each other and we hav shared some fantasies we would like to try. Hes nervous though, scared that he will hurt me, and i wish i could make him feel better about it. Anybody have any ideas?

  • Emilee

    im 11 and want to be a mom is that normal and i think haveing sex before ur mared is wrong
    (sorry for the speling fail)

  • someone

    If I were you all I shouldn’t have sex before married, see this as a advice. It’s the best way to keep your virginity safe.

  • dfsdfsdf

    If I were you all I shouldn’t have sex before married, see this as a advice. It’s the best way to keep your virginity safe.

  • emily

    I am 21 years old and i am virgin and i wonder is it going to hard the first time i do. I really like this guy he is really hot he is experience and he said he love me so i let him deflower me. I am crazy or wat can someone help me. i am ready i dont want to end up a 40 old virgin never had se.

  • Erin

    Hurt just a little bit? Don’t kid yourself. Hurt like bloody murder holy hell it was the worst experience of my LIFE. And the nightmarish part is it was my flippin’ HONEYMOON. I was an idiot virgin bride. I remember thinking “you have GOT to be kidding, THIS is what the fuss was all about”????? *LOL*.

    To be fair, sex with him always sucked and after too many miserable years, I got divorced and found a man who knew how to do it right. Advice to the young ladies out there? Sex is NOT for kids, but if you are 18 and older, get thee to a doctor for birth control, then have a few rides in the saddle before you get married then you won’t have the nightmare I did on my wedding night.

    • liz

      haha yes i know what you’re saying. For me it hurt like a mother effer! i swear i just wanted him to get off of me lol. It was so painful but the thought of doing it with the guy i love sorta took some of that pain away. However i do remember that after doing it for the 1st time i went to pee and it hurt! lol. BTW i’m glad you found yourself a good man :)

  • Sweetness

    H every1,im 21 , nd stl a virgn, i fnd a new bf, we hav 2 wks now ie da relationrhip,he now invites me 2 his place 4 a nyt .. Is it possble 2 share da same bed without hm trying 2 hv sex wit me, ..plz reply me as soon as u can

  • SupernaturalGirl

    I just turned 21 the other week. I’ve been in my first relationship for a little over four months now, actually we’ve been together for five. In the past few months we’ve messed around a bit, but I’ve always said I was waiting for marriage before I had sex. He’s never had sex with anyone else, he said he was waiting until he knew he was going to be with the girl. On our four month anniversary I was over at his house, he took a nap like usual, but things changed this time when I woke him up. I didn’t let him go all the way in, but now I’m wondering if that counts as sex or not? I feel stupid even asking, but I want to know if we’re still technically virgins or if we blew it. (Haha, we blew it xD)

  • http://stumbleupon JJ

    sorry, I was 15, there was plenty of foreplay as he was much more experienced than I but it hurt like freaking hell. But, didnt deter me. I love sex, enjoy sex…but will always remember than first time as being very very painful

  • Meee

    Hi , im 14 and i keep thinking about having sex , is this normal ?

    • Meekah1

      so do i but i dnt no how to do it

  • Miaa

    Hi im 16, and im thinking about getting down to it BUT i feel sooo nervous i cant seem ti shake the feeling im gonna mess up r do something wrong and hes gonna think ‘she was crap she did nothing right’ :L soo my question is how do you get down to it exactly bit of an awkward question.. do you ike start kissin and then start undressing each other or something?

  • http://gmail.com/ valyhope

    loles….bt i ril lyk ths..it bis tiching us alot about ths nature col “”sex””, say out wat u ol knws about it, coz yor says saves morethan a thousend lives…lets kip in touch guys…w on th ryt path..may the eneration hear our talks

    • Ggeaclxb

      I can understand a fucking word your saying…….must be another (10)year old prego bi but hey im 13 and i masterbate i would like to have sex i really do,i havent asked my gf i have condoms that my big brother gave me so i think im ready……all i can say is that all these 20 year olds and that 30 year old virgin dude i feel realy bad for,i dont want to be like that NO SEX that must suck so i think im ready but anyone that says im not im just going to give them the finger

  • Shinin’

    Okay, yeah I’m “young” shut up. I’m 14 but almost as sexually mature as any other male that’s older… My girlfriend and i have been dating for a year and a half and though we dont really talk about it, i really think that she is interested in “losing it” to me as I am to her. I’m no 12 year old, i know the dangers of sex for the first time and that it hurts/feels uncomfortable for the first time for the girl, but the thing is, i am WAY too shy and embarressed to go buy condoms >_< i cant go bareback for the first time because that's insanely stupid…. What should i do?

    • michelle

      man up & go buy some

  • Me

    I’m 14 turning 15 on the 10th and I’m going to lose my virginity the next time I go to my boyfriends house. We have been together for 9 months and I love him so much. :)
    This article helped me so much, thank you. I was like 80% nervous before I read this and now I’m like 30%. Haha, again thank you. :)

  • Hiruyay

    wow…lol. for one thing, kids from ages 12-15 thinking about sex is normal. Because your going through puberty.o.o; But you kids need to realize that its not all about feeling good for yourself, you would have to be mature about it and deal with your partner as well. I am 18 years of age and I lost it a little while ago to someone I care for and will continue to care for. 8 year olds having sex with parents is…You know Im not going to comment on that..wow just wow.o.e its disgusting and kids need better parenting. No offence. Im just tired of pre-mature kids getting pregnant. and young teens letting themselves get pushed around by their partner until they are pregnant.

    I should really smack some nonsense into you kids. >: o

    • Sarah

      You’re talking about needing to be mature to have sex. Well seeing as though you cant spell (realise you’re) I doubt that you’re mature enough. Just to let you know it’s, smack some SENSE into you kids, not “I should really smack some nonsense into you kids.” You sound like an idoit not knowing what you’re talking about.

      • shut up

        realize and realise are the same and can be spelled both ways. in the u.s. it is realize, there’s even a song by colbie caillat spelled exactly like that you moron. and just because someone misspells a word doesn’t mean they’re not mature enough for sex, you don’t have to spell anything while having sex.

  • darkmicheal

    these cooments are great the one saying that sume girl got her big daddy 2 fuck her um that’s fucken down right wrong and i agree and who wants 2 have sex at younger age i mean who wants a kid before their 18 and wants 2 say goodbye 2 their freedom yet we’ll i do want sex but not just that much that i want 2 lose me verginty just like that and i still wonder what it’s gonna be like 4 me 2 lose me verginty

  • hatsuki-chan

    im 15, a virgin, and me and my bf have planned for our first time in a few months.oh yeah doctor x or whatever, i feel for standing up to morale is good but please dont bring people down. its mean andd that girl obviously is not guilty, and its wrong for you to say she is. plus pornography is good and so is masterbation, it is reccomendedd by scientists that women start at the age of 6.(;

  • james viagra

    hi im 8 years old two years ago i became a virgin and now i want to lose my virginity again please help me my mummy dosnt let sleep with her i need advice urgently!!!

  • http://yahoo ROBERT

    i’m 52 male still a virgin will sex be painful for me i have a forskin.

    • Karsthockeykid8

      Hahaha 52 year old vergin hahahahahahaha

      • Wolfy

        So nice of you to laugh. Have a wee bit of understanding no?

  • Linda

    Hey im 15 and me and my boyfriend are planning to have sex, i masturbate,can fit 2 fingers but will he be able fit in? hes quite large, but not too big,i got my periods when i was 10 would that make a differene in the widen of the hole? i really want to have sex with him,but im afraid he wont fit in and if it will be sore, please help me!

    • Emma

      I know what you mean when you dont know if it will fit. i am sixteen and recently had sex with a guy. it hurt so much because im too tight. i recommend trying to stretch it first by poking etc so it fits better

    • manu

      hey,,,,, fingering  doesn’t make any problem to your vagina.so enjoy it and have a smooth sex with your partner,,,,,,,but you have to know one thing having sex before marriage is sin and ungodly…. if you do it once then  you will have stood before the god for damnation…..so get ready for recieve the wrath and rebuke from god…………………

      • Blueicesnorter

        So then how come Jesus was born out of wed-lock? What happened to the people who came before Christianity?

      • no name

        shut up with ur damn damantion and shit -.-

    • MEEKAH1


  • sophia

    im 17 me and my bf have been dating 3 months today we are both crazy for each other and love each other alot… now we both say we are rady for sex but how do we really no?? also is it going to hurt alot for me the first time?? thanks for the help :)

    • Manu

      hai sophia…………having sex before marriage is ungodly….so please cast  away the lust,,,,,,,,,,, direct holy life nd enjoy smooth and safe sex with your partner……………………….

      • dude

         Not saying He doesnt exist but Jesus didn’t force christianity…juss sayin

  • Thats so rAven

    Hey I am 20 years old and still a virgin…. I had one boyfriend in my whole life time and we weren’t even dating for two months and he tried to pressure me in to having sex.. I told him it was over and broke up with him… I am single now and I want to wait to have sex with someone I love and btw I am scared now( don’t want to get pregnant( i dont want kids at all, don’t want to have any diseases, my boyfriend to leave me or to be emotionally vulnerable and scarred for life :~ |

    • mbali


      I am also 20 and I am a virgin and I have dated lot of guys now and I am just playing around without having sex, I am prepared to wait I am not ready I just wana take my time, dear its not a bad thing to wait, it is valuable because its best to have when you are matured enough

    • Gabbielle S

      Hello, how do u gals think about sex? I am a chinese so we have quite conservative attitude towards sex.

      I am 23 and still a virgin, I live in Hong kong but i met a guy online and am planning to give away my virginity to him in august (he’s a swiss so I am flying there to have my fisrt time sex). What do you think of this?

      • http://www.askstudent.com Dawn Gillo

        I think is the dumbest and craiest thing i have ever heard!!..no offense..but you only met him over like, you guys r from completly diffrent countries. You have never spent time with him, and he could be a rapist for all you know. It happens all the time. I mean you cant be in love with someone you have never met and never spent time with…and sry but asking something like this just makes u sound like a TOTAL SLUT!!! just as a warning….so DONT! do it

      • Derpington

        Firstly, if the guy was a rapist, it wouldn’t matter because she wanted to lose her virginity to him. It’s not really rape if she consents. 0.o
        Although it seems like a stupid thing to do for most people, if you really want to do this, go for it, but in my opinion, sex is something that should be shared between a married couple. It may look like it is impossible to fall in love with people over the internet, but I don’t think it is. Skype is just one program that allows people to interact. Sure there is no physical side to it, but it is very close. Also, if you do plan to meet him, prepare yourself in case you do get disappointed. People aren’t always who they say they are, sometimes on purpose, sometimes not.

    • shell

      I am 23 and still a virgin. I am not rushing anything. A lot of my older friends wished they had waited. I don’t want to give it away to some jerk. Besides, its something intimate and special, not casual.

      • shanny

        i am 19 and want 2 have sex with my boy friend but am afraid of d pain we try 2 do it more than once but when he try 2put his finger in i stop him am so afraid of d pain please help me

  • Marissa

    Hello, my name is marissa and im 15 years old, gonna be 16 in just a couple of months. I am not on birth control and i have never had sex. But me and my boyfriend were thinking about doing it. And he is 19 and very experienced. But he usually doesnt wear condoms. I wanna do it, but i am very nervous at the same time. Like about getting pregnant. I would feel much more comfortable if i was able to get him to wear a condom. We love eachother very much and have been going out for a while now. What do you think would be the right thing to do? please let me know. Thank you (:

    • Helpfull

      Well if u don’t use a condom which I don’t reccomend I would say get birth control and be prepared to get an abortion. Screwing up ur life is not an option but try to use the condom. Hope this helps.

      • Klmkat28

        damn thats an age difference! and please either get him to use one,  or use BC(birth control) and get condoms for yourself DO NOT go unprotected

    • logical

      Ok why did noone comment that the age of consent is 16 and since this guy is over 18 its completely illegal. Having sex if anyone found out could be a misdemeanor or even a felony I believe. Just wait.

  • Adam

    I’m 19 and I almost had sex with my gf. We already touched each other’s genital. I want to push it in but I don’t know wether it was the right ‘hole’ and apparently I find it hard to ‘put it in’ and my gf no longer aroused. The thing is, it is so hard to make her horny and the first time I had the chance, I blew it. I know that she want to have sex with me, she told me, but she has to be aroused first and it is difficult to arouse her. Advice please?

  • Miguel

    Hey, I’m 17 and haven’t had sex yet, however there is a girl who wants to have sex with me and has had sex herself. the plan s that a friend and I are gonna meet up with her and one of her friends and go out. She has had sex before and probably doesn’t know that haven’t and I am worried that on the big night she will notice my ill-experienced performance and be put off. any advice???

  • http://LovelyWermita.tumblr.com Blossom

    Hi im 16, i really want to loose my virginity there’s this guy who i wet to smmer school with we’ve been talking for a while now and he wants to have sex with me and i want to have sex with him too, he’s really nice he’s very experienced he’s had sex before and has told me all about it and has asked me many questions and i have too ..like i want to have sex wit him but im scared do i like fingure myself before hand ? annd i’ve also been molested as a chilld i dont want flshbackks of those times when im having sex with him :( plzz help me

  • Jessica

    I am virgin and my 4 years long distance boyfriend want to have sex for the first time visit. I haven’t met him in person.. this is his first visit. I live is USA. he lives in Europe. PLease i need your help and opinion.


  • Kama-kazi

    Hey every1 I’m turning 18 in a few months and my 19 year old boyfriend and i have been dating for a year and half. I’m a virgin and he is not, though the sex topic pops quite often. we are comfortable enough to talk about it and we waiting coz i don’t really know what i want just yet nd culd also partly b coz im scared of the pain and im self conscious. . . We have had some really heated sessions that could have led to us making love but we have controlled them. to be honest i’m also very nervous about my 1st time but i trust him with all of me. i advice that if you want to lose your virginity lose it to someone who will put your needs ahead of theirs. . . my idea of a good 1st time is being relaxed, have some fun and do it for the right reasons=)

  • Erin

    I have a sudden craving for sex that just hit me what should I do? Should I shake it off or satisfy it?

    BTW i turn 13 this September

  • chief

    Hi. I’m 17 and i’m a male. The first time I tried to have sex with a girl it was going great. We had it planned out from about a week previous to the night. When the time finally came I couldn’t get hard! I wasn’t really nervous and it had never happened to me before..she gave me oral and I fingered her and we made out a lot but nothing was working for me. I haven’t had an opportunity to have sex since but i really don’t want this to happen again..

  • jen

    Hi im 13 iv got a boyfriend and he is 14 he wants to have sex but i really dont want to so like i love him but im not sure all my mates have done it but i ask them and they say if u want to do it, do it but i say no but then today i thought maybe i should but idk if i hurts or not. its first time ive done it b4…….suck :@? i didnt like it but whats it really like to have sex is it good…..Please help x

  • George

    I am 14 and still a virgin but anywys I was at my girl friends house a bit ago. I stayed till about 10. At this point she hadn’t even kissed a guy before I had kissed a girl before so I would imagine she was very nervous. Anyways after about an hour and a half of on and off making out we started touching eachothers butts. It’s about 8 30 now and dark outside. So then I started really touching the area around her breasts and them she lightly took my hand and placed it on her breast! Fun time. Anyways then I started puttin my hand up her shirt. In the front this time, and I got to the outside part of the breast an now I’m really excited so I slowly continue puttingmy hand further and further up the inside of her sports bra until I can feel the nipple and I started playing with it. It was soon after my dad arrived and i had to leave. But I got very close to her genital region! I need advice, to do her or not to do her, that is the question! By the way don’t give bullshit answers about us being too young, give me real, honest answers.

    • Sara

      doooo it. I’m 15 freshman in high school (girl) and I liked it. make sure you have a thing with her and don’t creep her out about it. you seemed and she seemed prude in your little story there but sex is fun. only when it’s Safe sex tho.

  • srikanth

    i hv a doubt.. once i asked my aunt,s dughter for a smootch.. she said no… so let me knw weather she s interestd r nt…. and i wanna hv sex wit her 4 the 1st time…. pls… get me an idea… and hw to approach and make her accept…((

    • Czimm

      That’s called incest and it is illegal. Furthermore, if she got pregnant, your genes are so closely related that the baby would have a high chance of deformities and retardation.

  • Caa

    so, im 16 [virgin]and my bf is 19.. we’ve been together for awhile now.. and we are planning of doing it. but im just scared of getting pregnant and stuff like that ..so what should i do?

  • a23j

    i wanna have sex wiht my boyfriend butim scared, what should i do?

  • daney

    what will happen if u fuck a girl who is taken sleeping pills????
    plzz help

    • Mich

      It is rape, because she cannot consent if she is drugged or drunk. You truly could go to jail. I am not joking. I am a lawyer.

  • daney

    ok for example a girl is given sleeping pills n she is in sleep n she is a virgin what will happen if she get’s fucked for the first time plzz help

  • hmm

    Well I was really extremely young when I lost my virginity 13 in fact, I thought I loved the guy now a few years down the line I seriously regret what happened and turned out it was just lust so my advice is to you, think really clear before anything happens and if your going to do it make sure you use contraception as you don’t really wanna end up pregnant. Also using condoms protects any sti’s so either though you might not have any you really don’t know about your partner as remember your sleeping with everyone they have slept with. No one can stop you from becoming sexually active, just think carefully before hand. Are you in a stable relationship? And make sure you use a condom as it helps protect against pregnancy and sti’s

  • hmm

    Well I was really extremely young when I lost my virginity 13 in fact, I thought I loved the guy now a few years down the line I seriously regret what happened and turned out it was just lust so my advice is to you, think really clear before anything happens and if your going to do it make sure you use contraception as you don’t really wanna end up pregnant. Also using condoms protects any sti’s so either though you might not have any you really don’t know about your partner as remeber your sleeping with everyone they have slept with. No one can stop you from becoming sexually active, just think carefully before hand. Are you in a stable relationship? And make sure you use a condom as it helps protect against pregnancy and sti’s

  • Krissy

    I had my first time with my boyfriend of 5 months last night. I found that it hurt really bad, but it was comforting that he continuously checked in. When I wnced, he held my hand asked if I was ok or wanted to stop. Afterward, there was a lot of blood and this weird feeling that nothing would be the same, in a good way. We cuddled, but we didn’t talk about it. I’ve noticed that he’s more affectionate and protective since we’ve had sex. I had a few questions: How can I get him to talk to me about it, without coming straight out and saying ‘Hey, we need to talk about sex!’? Also, we did it once today and it still hurt quite a bit at first but felt slightly, just slightly, better, how long will this last?

  • sem168

    I am 20 and I want to do sex virgin .
    Because I never do sex with virgin I want to try it. and Want to know how feel when we do sex with virgin.

  • kimibear0618

    so after prom my prom date wants to get a hotel room, which is fine i’m all for it!!! but he’s not a virgin, and i am… and to be honest (even after reading through this) i’m scared!!! like legit, i’m terrified to have sex, i just don’t want it to be awkward between him and i, we’re dating yes, but i don’t want it to be awkward and back out, i think that would just put strain on our relationship and i don’t want that because i like him a lot and he’s really nice… i just don’t know what to do!!!! aaaaahhhhh it’s so stressful!!!

  • Tayler

    I am 17 and have been a “thing” with my brother’s friend (who is 18) for a couple of months. He wants me to be his date to a friend’s party on Saturday night and there will be alcohol involved (but since there is so much talk of the party getting busted because of the massive amount of people expected to show up, I don’t think I’ll drink, but I may smoke some weed). I know he is looking to at least get ‘tipsy’ and since the plan is to sleep in his car someplace that night, I’m assuming we will have sex. I’m a virgin, he’s not. He’s probably gonna be drunk, I’m probably not.

    My question is, should I be relieved he will be drunk? I feel like that since he will be sort of ‘out of it’ that less pressure will be on my performance because I have NO idea what to do. Wish me luck!

  • Noel

    Okay so I am 16 years old and me and my girlfriend are ready for sex, we have communicated and everything so the message is clear. Howvever we have tryed 3 times and when we do it she feels no pleasure and neither do, I guess I let my nerves get to me and I can’t get it in the right spot and make it feel good. I don’t have the biggest piece of jewelry but I’m pretty sure its big enough for sex, can someone please help and tell me how to makesure I put it in the right place and do it right next time. Thankk You, oh and what’s the best first position?

  • http://Gmail.com jessy

    So I’m 14 years old && all my friends lost there virginity already and I feel like I’m left out because I still haven’t done it. Everyone tells me it’s okay jessy don’t worry it feels good but I’m not sure if I should do it. One because I’m really scared it hurts and two because I don’t wanna loose it to young, but then I don’t wanna feel like the odd one out because I’m still a virgin. && I also don’t want to go to highschool and everyone lost there virginity except for me :( any Advice?

  • http://Gmail.com jessy

    So I’m 14 years old && all my friends lost there virginity already and I feel like I’m left out because I still haven’t done it. Everyone tells me it’s okay jessy don’t worry it feels good but I’m not sure if I should do it. One because I’m really scared it hurts and to because I don’t wanna loose it to young, but then I don’t wanna feel like the odd one out because I’m still a virgin. && I also don’t want to go to highschool and everyone lost there virginity except for me :( any Advice?

    • danielle

      DONT HAVE SEX Just because everyone else is doing it. Its really not worth it. take your time and some one that you really want it to be with. if you do have sex too soon youo’ll regret it.

  • David

    I just turned 14 two weeks ago and I have had this weird feeling to want to have sex. I know I obviously won’t at this age (though since I have been craving it secretly, I do masturbate sometimes), but what should I do about it. I haven’t found my dream girl yet, but she’s out there somewhere.

    • Jocelynn

      well , i turned 14 in december . . . and i have had the same urgee :))) maybe we could hook up ??

      • shyla

        i dont kno what to do i want to have sex with my boyfriend we have been dating for 5 months and i really love him he is the most amazing person in the world i am 16 and he is 17 so i want to know should i do it or should i wait until i am married. i am taught to wait until marriage but i kinda want to do it anyway i am jus afraid to have sex:( what should i do????

        • Elmervbree

          Why wait? You want it, he wants it and you love eachother.! Dont worry and dont be scared. It will be amazing if you are comfedent about it. Enjoy = D

        • sabii

          I know this post is old, but i have dating with my boyfriend only a month, and we had the sex for the first time like 2 days ago. And i’m 15 and he 16 .. And i can say, it was awesome, so freakin’ good! It didn’t hurt cuz’ he fingered me very well. Anyway, u shouldn’t wait. Just do it, u have been now for a year together :)

      • Eileen

            kasabubuspell@gmail.com is so amazing! I used his spell and it helped me get my ex boyfriend back.. we have just started dating again, even though we hadn’t spoken to each other in so many months. He says I’ve gone through a whole new transformation and I’m a different and a better person, I just want to recommend kasabubuspell@gmail.com to those who are going through a nasty breakup, I’m sure it would work out for you too!  (Eileen)

    • Jalenbbe

       Well I know its an old post but, i just turned 14 also, it’s some serious stufff.

  • David

    I just turned 14 two weeks ago and I have had this weird feeling to want to have sex. I know I obviously won’t (though since I have been craving it secretly, I do masturbate), but what should I do about it. I haven’t found my dream girl yet, but she is out there somewhere.

  • http://? Kristenpaige

    Okay so there’s this guy that lives next door and I go to his house all the time ,were not dating. We both really like each other and he’s 15 and I’m 14…okay so yesterday I went over to his place and we were alone, before I knew it I was making out with him, my shirt was off,and next were my pants,,, he’s all the time saying that he loves me and that he wishes we could go farther…and I think I might want to. Oh and yes I’m a virgin but I’m scaired to go all the way with him…help please?

    • Brayden Tin66

      Your freaking 14!!! Dont put a chance on ruining your life

      • Amphotosrmylife

        I completely agree with Brayden, you are only 14 and to be honest most guys will say anything to you to have sex with you. You need to be careful and mature more before you even consider having sex. I am almost 19 and i am still a virgin. There is nothing wrong with it and people respect girls more for waiting to find the right guy to have sex with. You do not want to regret who you lose your virginity to.

    • DeanBrett

      Why don’t you just snog each other and ‘may be’ feel each others genitalia and wait a few years until you are both secure, remembering to use protection if not wait then go to your doctor and pick up the ‘pill’

      • http://freedomlovespelltemple.yolasite.com/ Sarah

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  • primo

    i also really want to have sex with my gf,and i know she also wants to have sex with me,but our relationship can wait,well i really love her,so guys show your girlfriends that you love them by not preasuring them,think about the consequences. What might happen to them? Think about pregnancy,you cant just abort a baby. . .well im only 14 years old but i think im thinking more mature than all of you. . .well sometimes i also get a little bit horny and masturbate over hentai,but im not yet really ready to have sex with my gf,well wait till were 18.

    • Lilly

      I think that u really care for her u r doing the rite thing I wish my bf waited for me but he said it was over because I wouldn’t do it strait away ure gf is a lucky one x

      • Klmkat28

        damn, i dont think anyone deserves someone that wont wait

  • mollyhot

    hi i m still a virgin and me and my bf are getting married first before we have sex hes experienced iv been wanting to get rid of my virginity since i was only 8 years old but thats because well
    my dad my sister my brother and my aunt and my dads friend all raped me when i was 2 months old to 7 years old my dad and my dads friends and family are all child molesters also i m 18 now and my bf is 26 just don’t rush into things sometimes its good to wait when you find the right guy me and my bf are getting married in September

  • http://This 1234..

    I’m 13 I really wanna have sex iv never gone whith sumone befor of corse I have met about more then 50 ppl befor bt I’m ascared it will hurt I play with myself sumtimes but I wud still lyk a dick up my pussy xx

    • Ozzyandelvis@yahoo.com

      I’m 15 and my gf is like “Let’s do it” but my parents won’t leave us alone hel

    • Ozzyandelvis@yahoo.com

      Can I hit dat

    • Abisquabi

      Shut up you stupid immature little slag.

  • http://Firsttimehavingsex Alex

    I’m 15 and a girl were I live is always calling me to go were she is at and I go and she asks me if think she’s hot and yes ( she’s the hottest girl were I live) she’s says me to so now me and her are going out and she is putting her ass in front of my dick all the time I’m with her does she wanna have sex with me or what? (I have never had sex )

  • Kate

    hey my name is Kate and im 13 and im not sure if im ready to have sex yet ive been going out with my BF for 6 months and i really need advice

    • dani

      hey, no ur not ready, ur 13, ur waaaaay too young to have sex. finish puberty first, then have sex, and i guarentee ur not in love with this guy, y? bc ur 13 and confuse lust with love…hope my commment got on here in time

    • blah

      13 yr olds should NOT hav sex! r u crazy?!? do u want 2 end up with a baby? do u want ur life 2 b ruined becuz u had sex? ur moms gonna throw u out of the house! ur bf isn’t goin 2 know wat 2 do! if ur 13 why r u dating anyway? sex is 4 adults not 4 kids! yall r crazy as hell!

  • Lucy. N

    Pls help me. Am i stil virgin? I am 28yrs and i ‘ve not had sex before though i masturbate Until i met these guy i am dating. The first time i wantde to have sex with him was very painful and i could not allow him to penetrate bcos of d pain as a result of d wound i contacted when he was trying to enter

  • Dani

    So I’m 16, and my boyfriends 19, but really it’s not a big deal, he looks my age and acts younger most of the time. But we’ve only been dating officially as boyfriend and girlfriend for a week, but we’ve done A LOT already, I know were moving fast, like light speed, but it just happens. He isn’t taking advantage, I do most of it on my own. Buuut it seems like the next step is sex and I don’t think I’m ready, even though I want to. How can we just stop ourselves from going too far in the bedroom?

  • Shirley

    Hey, yesterday I had sex with my boyfriend, it was amazing. It was just a normal Friday night at his house, we planned to have sex the night before. When the day came it worked out real well, minus his brother walkin in, haha. My boyfriend was kind of huge, if you know what i mean ;) 6.5 inches in length and 1.5 inches in width. He took it slow at first because he thought that it would hurt, but it didn’t at all. We we’re both virgins, and during and after there was no pain, so it is different for most people. I am 17 and I’ve thought about sex since I was 15, it is a big deal and you shouldn’t rush it. Its always better to take your time to think about and think about the guy your going to do it with. You should talk to your partner about sex, if you can’t then you clearly aren’t ready. I remember I backed out once and my boyfriend backed out 3 times because we both weren’t sure if that’s what we both wanted at the time, it was from a lack of communication. If your a girl and your reading this make sure its what your really want, and guys make sure you communicate with your partner and always use safety first. Well that’s all I got to say, peace out! :)

    • dani

      im sorry to say, but ur bf is not “huge” hes average…100% normal sized

  • Johny Daylep

    Hello,im Johny(thats my real name XD),i have a attractive girl age 14,we train sport together and we are together,in the sport there is very much touching sensitive parts (i train rock and roll dance),i have a feeling that we should have sex soon,becouse we really like each other and want to push our relationship into next level,girl is sweet and attractive but i have a bit fat,very litlle but it is obvious.I know she wonts me,but I am afraid she wont like what she seen when i take off my shirt,we are both virgins,so does anybody have an advice how to start sex or improve my body please comm. I am 15 years old…

    • Shit I’m still a preteen

      I’m only 12 but my advice is don’t worry about stopping on the food just train on normal Sports like football(soccer), basketball ……. and stuff like that u will notice u have lost a few pounds or more and for myself I am 157 cm tall and weigh 42 1/2 kilo and I am afraid my dick is 13 cm but I don really care about it still I am not insanly into sex o r sth but I like this girl who is 13 and she ikes me to and we have dated a few times but we never get into sex and for ny information I have a sister who is 14 years old And I caught her in my room havin sex but for my info we shouldn’t have sex till we’re 16 or sth :)

  • Dan

    Hey Sam,
    No worries brother. I’m 18 and have slept with several girls at University. When I lost my virginity at first it was impossible me to get it up kuz I was so nervous. Now its now problem with new girls. Seriously though just relax man and take you time. You’ll be fine.

  • Ronald

    I have a purity ring. But I’m afraid when I finally marry my fiance, Miah, that i won’t be good enough for her.. How do I get prepared?

    • mdavis

      Just from my upbringing. I didn’t do the purity ring thing, but I made a commitment to myself to wait until I got married. I did! My wife and I were both virgins and while we were obviously inexperienced, we figured it out quick. I got married when I was 23 and I’m 25 now and my wife and I have one ‘active’ marriage. We were both worried about it of course and things went slow the first time. That’s natural and happens in most cases. My wife and I share a love that means more than sex. We proved it to ourselves and not to anyone else by waiting that we cared about each other. Buddy, don’t feel like you’re not good enough for your future wife. If she loves you and cares about you, than those thoughts of not being good enough are just nervousness.

  • sam

    I am 19 and am very nervous as my partner is not a virgin but i am. i feel that when is comes to the big night my nerves might get the better of me as we have only recently got together and nothing major has happened yet. Im not sure what i should do as sometime when i get very nevious i find it hard to get it up : (

  • Karie

    Ok well, my boyfriend and I want to have sex (we’re both virgins) but he hates pubic hair on girls, I don’t know wether I should shave my “downstairs” or not. Help :/ x

    • Rachel

      The bottom line is do what you feel comfortable with. Lots of girls shave and/or trim or wax to look a little more clean-cut, but i would say do what you feel comfortable with. If you’re considering having sex with some, especially your boyfriend, I think you should be comfortable enough with them to say get over it, everybody has pubic hair. Sex is extremely intimate and if you’re not comfortable enough to be upfront about this than maybe you should reconsider if you’re really ready to share the closest physical connection two people can share. Cause really, it doesn’t get more personal than this!

  • Sophia

    Hi, umm I don’t really know if I want to have sex with someonebut im 14, and I masturbate, but I think I want something more. I don’t know. I would lyk some helpp…. I’ve never said anything about this to anyone. It’s weird.

    • Czim

      Those feelings are natural! However, when you are 14 your frontal cortex (that controls decision making) is not fully developed so maybe you should wait a couple years. Relationships can change after you become active and it’s an extra burden you don’t need at that age. Worrying about pregnancy and STDs is not worth it at that age. I promise :)

  • Sammi

    I am 17. Me and my BF are thinking about having sex. We are ready but i dont know what to expect. I am a little nervouse because he is experienced and i am still a virgin. Can someone explain to me what it will be like and what to expect so that i can be prepared?

  • Lucyy

    I’m planning on having sex with my boyfriend for the first time tomorrow :’) We’re both virgins so I thought I better have a look around to see what I should expect :P This helped so much..
    Thankssss xD

  • patsy

    Himy name is patsy. I am 15 yars old and I am thibking about having sex for the first time with this guy named heffrey we have broken uo and went out like four times. We don’t go out now but are about to start and to be honest I reallu want to have sex with him. He’s experieced me im a virgin so can anyone please help me know what to do. I love him soo much and want some avuce

    • Sammi

      Patsy, it sounds to me that you just want to lose your viginity because you think it would be cool. i think you should wait a while. i mean the relationship isnt going so well. the last thing you want is him breaking up with you after you have sex with him for the first time. make sure you are ready and that it is a serious relationship because you dont want to be heartbroken. think before you decide.

  • TRC

    I just want to say something quick here… i see a lot of people saying that the first time u have sex hurts a lot, and some people saying it doesnt at all… its different for everyone. Me personally, it hurt… BAD… Im 14 turning 15 in 2 months n I lost it 2 months ago. I never played with myself, and my boyfriend is big.. really big. For some people it doesnt hurt n age doesnt matter, its just how your body is. It just mostly matters that u take it slow, I couldnt take more than 1/3 in.. which is fine. Take it real slow the first time, dont worry about getting it all the way in, just focus on relaxing. And trust me, the next time u do it, it feels so much better, it still hurts a little bit but it isnt bad… it feels soo much more good than bad. Lubed up condoms help, in make sure your wet enough… and dont be afraid to tell your boyfriend to stop bc it hurts, if ur not enjoying it, neither will he (unless hes a heartless fag, which most are not)


  • dsperate sexwannabe

    Hi I’m 16 nd I am desperate for sex I sumtimez hump my bed cuz I’m dat desperate to hav it if u wanna hav it wid me den reply bk I tried havin it befor nd it went totally rong ma partna changd his mind nd left me so I.wanna hav experience wid sum. 1 quick I so wanna hump sum1 az I am ritin diz ansa bk if u wanna hav it wid me ma vagina goes all tense wen I fink bout it sumtymz I wish dat evrymin ov my lyf I am havinn sex I try humpin boiz in ma year lyk at break I try to fall on der nee so ma vagina touchez der nee nd I make a big fuss getin off der reely enjoy it but der not reely dat desperate I sumtymz look up picz ov ppk humpin to make me feel comfrtable if I woz to hav sex I wud go deep it wud be mor enjoyable ndboiz wid big peniz r ma typ if u ahv any cures or wanna hav it wid me den reply bk CmON PPL I’m waitin boiz

    • monkey

      Don’t be in such a hurry! You’re only 16, and masturbation is perfectly normal. Everyone does it. I have a boyfriend and a vibrator! Masturbating and discovering yourself now will make you a better lover later–trust me! Don’t have sex because you’re horny, wait until you want that connection with someone.

  • Jason

    So I’m a virgin and my girlfriend has had sex 14 times both of us are18 and I’m kinda nervous about it what should I do without looking like a dumbass

  • Uniquely_Eunice

    I stumbled on this website by accident, and it really helped me to get ready.

  • cody

    i am 15 and im a virgin i mastrabate alot…and theres this one girl..she talk to me more than she does her bf..her bf doesnt know a thing about sex and hes 2 yrs older than me…he cant even finger her…but what should i dop…i really like her as a friend and she has had sex before…she always talks to me anout everything like she doesnt even tell him….does she like me as a best friend or do we have a future…i am just wishing thangs would happen between us

  • allison

    Soo everyone recomends 17 for their first time rite?im only curious because im reaching the age 16 in about a month and my bf wants to make it “offical” that me and him are actually in a relationship,of course we’ve considered all the outcomes,condoms,etc. but would it be risky to try now?I want to know everything before I step into unknown water.Advice,comments,etc??

    • Carrie

      Allison, NO! There is no specific age when you’re supposed to have sex. I’m 23 and I still haven’t had sex yet, and I don’t feel bad about it at all. If you’re not absolutely sure then don’t do it! And your b/f is a jerk, having sex isn’t what makes a relationship official, it’s called commitment!

    • Kit

      If your boyfriend wants to make it official, tell him to bring you flowers (ok, not a frickin mess of ‘em, but still…) in front of his friends.
      THAT is a dude who is serious about his girl.
      Having sex doesn’t say “We’re officially a couple”.
      (um, usually it says ‘ok, peace out babe, tyvm!)

    • Christian

      Hey. There is no specifc age for sex. Many people use condoms to prevent pregnacy though they have a 30% failure rate for teenagers. Also a young girl under the age of 18 is not fully developed and you can hurt yourself or damage apart of your body for a life time. Last but not least condoms do not prevent all diseases. Having oral sex you can get herpies or rubbing some one cut on thier arm and transfer a disease. Alot of diseases are for a life time though some arent but are still very painful. If you are willing to take all these risks then go ahead. Just always be cautious (:

  • danny

    Ok so im 16, and theres this girl in my class, that likes me, i like her and, every time we do some work together in class she starts asking me with laghter: what tipe under-ware do u use?? so i just dont answer her question lol, just go like….why do u wana know; so then she like gets close in the next chair, and starts to feel my legs looking for some answerss..!!! And most embaressing part was that SHE GUESSED IT..!!!!!!!!!!!! lol. Or other times when where walking in oposite directions she pretends to trip like 1 meter away and before she falls bumps into me she turns her body around so shed land on me with her ass pointed at me lol…..ITS SO OBVIOUSSS….!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sooo….what does this mean lol, DOES SHE WANT SEX????? if she does in not scared lol, but it is my first time, so….WHAT DOES SHE WANT SEXXX????.OR WHAAAAAAAAAAAATTTT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!!??!?!!?!?!

    • Hannah

      heyy, this made me LOL, i am 14, well 15 next month and i havent had sex yet but tbh i know how you feel:)
      even though i am girl i also get the same thing happening to me, i think it is obvious that she likes you and i think that if ( and only IF) you like her too, then talk too her and see how she feels about you, if she admits that she likes you then it means she is comfortable around you. once you have worked that part out, try taking her out somewhere or just even arrange to meet her for the day and get to know each other better first and then see how it goes, i personnaly dont think she wants sex just yet lol:) we are girls and we LOVE to flirt with fit boys, so i think she just wants to be with you and love her:) so just talk to her and see how you both feel yea? :D <3 xx

  • T.K123

    Hey guys, I’m 13 and my boyfriend is also 13, but I’m a month older than him. Anyways, I love my boyfriend I really do. I’m actually in love with him. I know it’s wrongto say you love someone when your 13, but I love him. And so, earlier today my boyfriend and I, were talking about having sex. And it’s both of our first times. And he said he would go slow on me. And I’ve been reading that it doesn’t hurt so bad. But I’m kind of self-conscious about my body. I’m pretty I really am I know I am. And I’m not fat nor skinny! I’m just right but I don’t know I’m just scared about my body. And I’m also scared it would be awkward for my boyfriend and I? Oh well, I’m going go to do loose it to him in a couple days when I see him again! Wish me luck!

    • monkey

      Honey, I know you may think you’re ready, but the fact that you mentioned being uncomfortable about your body makes me think you may not be. Sex isn’t as romantic as it seems–there are smells, noises, fluids, the occasional passing of gas…you should have sex with anyone until you feel completely comfortable around them. Like my mom always told me: “If you can’t fart in front of a man you shouldn’t be sleeping with him.”
      As far as pain is concerned, it’s different for everyone. It hurt fairly badly for me, so be careful if he’s particularly long or thick.
      I wish you luck and I hope you make the right decision. 13 is very young; just make sure you’re ready because your whole relationship will change after sex. You’ll start fighting, you’ll be easily jealous…you just have to make sure you and your boyfriend are good enough friends to make that sort of commitment to each other and figure out each other’s boundaries and preferences.

    • Beth

      I am sorry but you really should weight (you probably wont listen but I will say it anyway) 1st of all you are not properly developed so it would hurt a lot more that is you were say 15 2nd if your boy friend is only 13 he probably cant cum properly so it may be a disappointment. 3rd of all I don’t know were you are from but it is illegal to have sex so young in most countries.
      Don’t do it

  • Nick

    Im 15 and have ad sex with many girls. I treat it was a pleasure thing not a romance thing. Is that bad???

  • in love 4eva

    ok so im 13 years old an im madly in love with my bf an we are the same age. i want to lose it to him. we have known eachother for 4 years an dated for 2 years an i want to lose it to him before he moves but im not 100% on how he feels about the whole thing because we are both virgins

  • Sweety_Kamy

    i’m 17 and i want to do it so bad! but i don’t think i’m ready

    No crowded house. Make sure your door has a lock. Use it. The last thing you need is your roomie or anyone else detracting from your first bout in bed.

    So true!

  • Gman23

    hahaha you’re too nice for this

  • Meme

    Thanks a lot! very good article

  • hah

    hahaha WOW! First off… Sex is not just for love. Sex is fun and is a good way to spend the evening. All you 10 yr olds out there… I must say… Wait until your fuking balls drop before you consider having sex. Not to mention, your partner over there… Has no tits! This is some funny shit! Hey if you’re having a hard time, drink some booz! It will make it easier haha… lata niggas, this is some sad sad shit. Especially those of you looking FOR sex by posting on here… hahaha….. hahah.. haha… hah… ha…. h….

  • Bruno B

    i am virgin and i have 18 and have ”dreams” every time, and random erections, never had a girlfriend and all my experience with girls are the random ones i made out in parties but nothing beyond that, because on the heat of those moments is kind of easy to get along a random girl and made out but i never really stayed close enough to a girl, like been close friends, and ask to be a girlfriend so what do you guys think i should do

  • Alexis(again)

    hey ppl
    i had sex for the first time and it hurt alot.
    i had sex for the second time and it felt fucking good
    me nd my boyfriend love each other alot nd we are still together nd going out for 1 nd some weeks LOL…
    nywayz im 14 and he is 17 nd i enjoyed it bt i think ppl from ages 5-13 shouldn’t be having sex rte nw.
    get your education first then think about having sex nd p.s i don’t regret anything
    tee-hee =] hope this helped ya’ll

  • Name?CouldItBeSexyDude?No?

    I am 15(male) and going to join an exchange programme.. Gonna go to Germany for 6 days, and It seems It would be so hard to keep my virginity.. Girls at there are going crazy as I heard. So can you suggest me which processes should I use including posiitions, before sex tactics and stuff.. Thanks for helping

  • Jaco


  • Molly

    What is the youngest age you recommend to have sex? I’m 14 so is my boyfriend. Don’t get me wrong I really really do like him. But he wants to have sex, I’m trying to figure out what the youngest age could be. I want to wait till I’m older but he says he’s ready, and so am I. But I’m not exactly sure if that’s thAt the right thing to do. Like I want to but then I don’t want to look back at my life 30 years from now and say I lost my virginity in 8th grade. Do you get what I mean?

  • Molly

    What is the youngest age you recommend to have sex? I’m 14 so is my boyfriend. Don’t get me wrong I really really do like him. But he wants to have sex, I’m trying to figure out what the youngest age could be. I want to wait till I’m older but he says he’s ready, and so am I. But I’m not exactly sure if that’s thAt the right thing to do. Like I want to but then I don’t want to look back at my life 30 years from now and say I lost my virginity in 8th grade. Do you get what I mean?

  • Kina

    I am , 12 years old.
    and me and my boyfriend have been dating for awhile now .
    i know im young but .
    he wants to do it .
    and i dont think i will back down .
    i mean this time period is different .
    my ex boyfriend lost his virginity already and hes 12.
    im not saying i want to be like everyone else, but ive done kiss, makeout , tongue, and not sex yet .
    i think im readdy . because i am very matture for my age .

  • fudgemufin

    lol, all the trolls in this reply forum make me laugh.

  • Alina

    I think they should have added that girls should pee afterwards, ESPECIALLY if you didn’t use a condom. This can prevent UTIs and such, so if you are prone to them, definitely pee after sex.

  • samantha

    i am 5 and i just lost my virginity a boy just walked me home then we just started sucking each others pussy (i learned these words from him) i think im too young and heis too old ( he is 10) is that rape or sex cuz i enjoyed it

    • Alexis

      wtf?!?!?!? did u jst say tht your 5 nd your BOYFRIEND id 10? cuz wtf u r a fucking baby nd having sex already wtf d u know about having sex u stupid little kid…….p.s boys don’t have pussy ohk…..i think yur fucking crazy your only 5 for gods sake……nd wat r u doing hving a 10 YOUR OLD BOYFRIEND THT IS 5YRS OLDER THAN U…u americans are corrupted

    • danny

      lol how did u even discovered that u wanted to have sex??????????????????

    • Sock

      5 can’t do all that what the fuck they can barely talk let alone spell!!

  • Pocahantuz

    hi im just wondering…WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE…. okay now realy, all of you are basicaly children, minors, jeez toddlers some of you. What exactly do you know about sex? It consist a man and a woman playing with their weeners and cookie jars? huh! like NO!!!!!! Im 21 and still in the V-club and so proud of it coz no man can ever point a finger at me. I am happy in my current relationship, and gonna give it up WILLINGLY not like you guys that are pressurised coz your buddies are doing it……PLEASE think again, and AGAIN and ONCE MORE for over 20 years coz jeewiz you are just too much of in a hurry for something that shouldve been expressed between like “me&my MAN” . And uhm, just for the record if you didnt understood what ive just written it just rectifies my comment you are still babies….so go play house coz your definetely not ready for thst type of commitment.

  • http://www.hammand.webs.com hamman

    i am 20years my fiance is 21years we want 2 have it for the first time but she is afraid of the pain, what can we do?

  • Darren

    Hey guys. Me And my girlfriend have decided that we are ready to have sex. Only thing is, that this is my very first time. Anyone experienced have any advice or tips for me and my girlfriend? It would be extremely helpful. Thanks for the website by the way, great information.

    Darren :)

  • chloe

    hi my name is chloe i want to have sex with this boy in ma class who is fiit as hell but he has had sex before what do i do (i am 13)

  • sally

    ok so im 15 and my bfs 13 . were both virgins and been together 6 months . im ready but how do i know if he is ?

    • lindsey and elliot

      thats freaking disgusting. get a guy your own age. your robbing the cradle pervert. and IF your bf was your age YOU WOULDNT BE QUESTIONING THIS AT ALL BECAUSE ALL 15 YEAR OLD BOYS ARE HORNY ASS FUCKS.

  • Greta

    I just recently had sex for the first time and I am only 14. I really wish I hadn’t done it but the guy I did it with just happens to be someone that I am falling in love with. Not that stupid ” I love you” after only one date or something, I mean like actual love. Everyone says i’m too young to know what it is but that’s not true. I regret doing it because I know it would’ve been more memorable and special if I had waited. However, it’s too late to go back home early. For all you people who are 10-15 years old don’t do it unless you are sure you are in love. And 10? Really? That was the most pathetic thing i read on here. If your 10 you should definitely not be having sex in the first place. You are not mentally nor physically ready to deal with it. You may think that is crap but it isn’t. Just remember that love is important when it comes to sex. With out it, you are really just being used for a meaningless “good time”. That is not where you want to be.

  • earlyworm

    ok so i lost it when i was 9 ever scince then i did about 5 girls a month. im 15 now andd every girl in my school wants to do it with me just so they can say that there not a vitgin. please help me its really ruining my life what should i do. seriusly i think im about to kill myself.

  • Teema

    Hi! I’m 12 in grade 10 just entered high school this and the first day I entered the school I made a lots of friends didn’t know why but everyone who sees me will say hi can we be friends or hey I m………can we be friends well accepted every one but there is this one guy who I knew since in my fourth grade we have been friends but that time when I knew him he was in grade five n wen I was about to enter grade seven we met together did t know how but I had a crush on him once n I know he has girlfriends but always keep them as exception in my grade seven I was just a little girl never know about sex until when I entered grade eight in dat class I was a little bit of a bad girl but didn’t have experience of sex then dia was a day I was chatting wit dis guy he say he wants to hv sex wit me coz I m hot beautiful nice etc but he lives in another state so dia was a day I went to the state whr he lives I told him he was happy so we made it dat wen I come he will come to my house by 12:00 pm he didn’t come at the appropriate time so I complained while I wasn’t ready he came was waitin for me but decided not to show up he textd me many time called every tin but I just told him to go home dat I will come leta to his house he said I should forget about him so I did then the next day he said his angry wit me n even called me a cheater and said he hates me. But I told him dat he doesn’t hate me his only angry wit me so I went back to my state n he called me n told me his in my house in the state he live I tolld him I wasn’t dia so that’s how I never went bak to the state and this whole story happened 2011 this year so I advice all girls of my age should just go n be your club secretary or president n hv fun wit ur life hv sex at the appropriate time ask for advices to avoid sex at an early age.

  • Teema

    Hi! I’m 12 in grade 10 just entered high school this and the first day I entered the school I made a lots of friends didn’t know why but everyone who sees me will say hi can we be friends or hey I m………can we be friends well accepted every one but there is this one guy who I knew since in my fourth grade we have been friends but that time when I knew him he was in grade five n wen I was about to enter grade seven we met together did t know how but I had a crush on him once n I know he has girlfriends but always keep them as exception in my grade seven I was just a little girl never know about sex until when I entered grade eight in dat class I was a little bit of a bad girl but didn’t have experience of sex then dia was a day I was chatting wit dis guy he say he wants to hv sex wit me coz I m hot beautiful nice etc but he lives in another state so dia was a day I went to the state whr he lives I told him he was happy so we made it dat wen I come he will come to my house by 12:00 pm he didn’t come at the appropriate time so I complained while I wasn’t ready he came was waitin for me but decided not to show up he textd me many time called every tin but I just told him to go home dat I will come leta to his house he said I should forget about him so I did then the next day he said his angry wit me n even called me a cheater and said he hates me. But I told him dat he doesn’t hate me his only angry wit me so I went back to my state n he called me n told me his in my house in the state he live I tolld him I wasn’t dia so that’s how I never went bak to the state and this whole story happened 2011 this year so I advice all girls of my age should just go n be your club secretary or president n hv fun wit ur life hv sex at the appropriate time ask for advices to avoid sex at an early age

  • Dave

    Ok ! Well im 15 and my gf is too weve been dating since 6 months and we are getting really closer , i think shes ready to have sex but i was wondering if 15 was too yong … ?

  • yay


  • Tiara

    Hi I just lost my virginity and I am 14 and the guy is 17.! It felt horrible and somehow Im thinking I want to do it again but with a different guy.! Is that normal.? And I’m sore so that’s normal right.? Wat are some symptoms to see if your pregnant.? The guy already has a child so I knew he wasn’t a virgin and he has a girlfriend.! What should I do? Because I think he might have something.!!! And I don’t want it

    • http://www.askstudent.com/sex/having-sex-for-the-first-time-heres-what-to-expect/?replytocom=82768#respond kayla

      terria first of all tht suckx and poor u have u been puking missd ur period or any of tht bigger boobs stuff like tht? and u need to go get testd if u think u may have an std and think be4 u have sex w/ a guy 3 yrs older mayb hiv postive w/ a gf and kid!!!! plus u may wanna get a pregancy test and im not trying to be mean bt really watch out nxt time girl!

  • Nick

    Hey I’m 16 and this girl wants to go out with me and I know she’s had sex once before and I know she doesn’t wait too long to start with that kind of stuff but my question is well I’m a teenager and I’m supposed to experiment but should I get with her just to have sex or should I hold out for this other girl I like but she doesn’t know and has a crush on another boy?

  • vergin kid

    im turning 13 in nov i i was wundering if i should have sex at my age? i love my gf an all but i want adv first

  • Uber92

    hey, im 18 turning 19 in August, um… i have lost my virginity at 16… and i didn’t really like it or the feel of it and since then never wanted to have sex again till married..

    i am single but seeing this guy way older then me he is 26 but we have some connection… we both like each other and we have made out and was really close to having sex…. im really scared but exited at the same time and also really self conscious im fit and healthy…

    so heres is the question… what do i do… i want to have sex and experience it (again) but im not sure… people keep saying yeah have sex have fun its good….. but im different i use regretted my first time because i would of liked to wait… so any advice? what should i do or more importantly what are your thoughts on this??

    • LOVER

      I know sex is fun and all and everyone (especailly guys) is always looking to have sex… but honestly what is the rush? Why is it that everyone has to get into a relationship and think all about having sex after 3 MONTHS!!!! sex is something that you do with your love for a purpose of making them feel good it is something you want to give to them and experience with them because you love them….. Im just saying that I would only want to give it up to someone who I want to make feel good not be someone who gives in after three months of a relationship (if you can even call that one). Men don’t deserve on any level for a girl to just give in to having sex… make him want it but don’t let him have it just yet till you know he isnt going anywhere.

  • http://www.askstudent.com/sex/having-sex-for-the-first-time-heres-what-to-expect/ DeathStarsXD

    well im a guy nd 17 now couple ae month till 18 and i had sex since i was 12 and soon as i got to age 14 met this gawgeous girl from england been wae her for 3 nd a half years man we got on so well love her tae the max first time she had sex with me she fucking loved it buh other than tht lets get to it so the first time u have sex can be scary or dodgey by girls coz some girls well more likely half of the world of girls fucking call the 5-0 aka poice for rape lol fuckin some girls are bitches likes thts just like kickin yh in the balls buh other than tht guys for the first time if u think u got a small dick its not always the size thts counts its wht yh dae wae it man if the girl does not have an orgasm tht is perfecty natural because she either does not love u or feel anything for yh so basically yer wasting yer own fucking time lol fun thing is though u can cum up her pussy :) thts when the shit starts u either have a baby or u go to the fucking jail lol just a heads up guys just watch whit yer doin also girls watchout for guys they only want girls to have sex with unlike me im engaged and love the girl who im with :) catch yeez aka fae SCOTLAND ya fag dout

  • Bibee

    ok so heres the deal. im 16 years old and im dating this guy (who is 15) and i was wondering how long i should wait for us to be together befor we go at it. weve been 2gether for 3 monts now. weve ben having fun in other ways (blow jobs, fingering, etc) but i still want to know WHEN we should have sex.

  • Girlsrule291

    Whhooaa no offence but people who r postin bout havin sex at 14 etc I’m soz but that’s just nuts , I’m 18 an haven’t , there is just so much u have to consider, u can catch stds become pregnant etc u need to make sure that u understand wat ur doin an how to be careful , u have to be sure the person ur with does truly love u cuz that’s wat it is, it’s a way of expressing deep feelings for another. I believe the first time should be with the person u truly love cuz that’s really wat makes it so special

  • http://www.askstudent.com nabin

    i am 23 years old and i first time sex with my girlfriend and i have no idea to sexual disadvantage.how can sexual activity with my girlfriend. after sex with my girlfriend it is necessary to use a condom.if i never use a condom what will be happen?

  • http://durables.webs.com Hammad

    hi i am hammad
    please tell me one thing i am in love with a girl who surely have a great type of attitude i also know that she is popular among other boys and some are even who love her and 1 has also proposed to her but i am not getting a courage to say to her as she know me very well as a friend
    please reply to it as i look just like a geek and i am not that much popular in mu school oh.yes i am in 10th grade o’levels……

  • shannon

    Iv done everything theres is to do with your partner but have sex, i really want to do it and i know im only 13 but im ready. do you think 13 is a recomended age to have sex? :/

  • Anil

    hey i.m Anil of 16 years and a male of oxford public school, ranchi in 11.
    is there anyone from ranchi, jharkhand, if so, reply, i,m waiting. i really wanna to fuck

  • Alex B.

    Am 21 and lookng 4 a nice grl 2 turn me on….its my first time and my frnds are mockng me…pls help send ur number…thanks

  • kelkel

    im 13 and i think i should wait until marriage to have sex ths just the way im think into i really found the one for me

  • Rozie Vanie

    i am 16 and my bf and i are wanting to have sex for the fist time but he is only 15 i mean that shouldnt matter but for some reason i think if we have sex he will think different of me or i will of him. is sex saposed to make our relationship stronger we have beenn together for 2 year.

  • ;)

    Ok so I’m 13 and my friend is trying to ” hook me up” with a girl he knows pretty well and yes I have protection but I’m really nervous… Advice?

    • Bex

      Be confident, take it easy, i was around 13 when i lost my virginity, and make sure you think you want to, cause you might regret it eventually, on my own opinion, i think you should wait till you’ve been with someone for a while, and you feel comfortable with them :) xx

  • lakesíde

    Really i’m going to be 19 this april and i’ve neva had sex b4….but what bothers me most is when am sleeping alone then i will start thinking of havin sex with some girls i know and the pictures start flashin in my memories as if am really having sex….what can i do pls?

  • http://saifulislam87.blogspot.com Saiful Islam

    i meet a girl his name potl.. i sex with poti… plz help me…….. plz tell how i sex with poti… plz tell………

  • henry

    i am 14 been going strong wfor 2 years i think she wants to have sex and so do i i dont want to bring it up because if she doesnt ill feel like an @$$hole and she could think that that is all i am there for how do i ask

    • Keenan

      I’m 14 too and I think you should just say hey I really love yOu and I wan to express my love for you with sex

      • jakerboy122

        dude if you like the girl and you ask her to have sex there is no telling what she could say and if i were you i would wait till she ask you 2 do it.

        • http://www.askstudent.com/sex/having-sex-for-the-first-time-heres-what-to-expect/?replytocom=82768#respond kayla

          Henry hey im Kayla and here the deal ur girl prob dont want to be the first one to make the move or anything but i wuld say she thinks bout sex jst as much as u so find a way to test the water like whn ur making out go a lil farther or something if she responds badly to the hint drop it if she takes the hint try going for it jst make sure the night is rit and totally magical…. thts wht every girl wnts is a guy to go slow and easy bt be forceful when he needs to and test it and make sure the moment is romantic as possible… tht means no hookin up in the janitors closet lol!

  • Teema

    Hey, my name is Teema by 9th April I will b 13 n I m in grade 9 so there is this guy who is askin me out bt he lives in another state and he told me abt his life well he said he had sex wit he ex just dis year n the girl he is wit is not sexy and I m sexy so I don’t want to have sex at dis early age I want to have sex till I experience everything in life but I need advice so I will lost contact wit the guy pls just email me at zee_waz@yahoo.com or wfatima@rocketmail.com or just call my numb +2348031130942 will be waiting for u

  • Elaina

    Please help me I’m 17 turning 18 in June im a virgin and my boyfriend just turned 20 hes not a virgin we are crazy in love. He wasnts to have sex but he respects that I’m a virgin and says he loves me and said he can wait. I really want to but everytime we get that far I get scared. What can I do to calm down help me please?!

    • John

      I think every girl or boy should have sex any time.Without sex there is no LOVE.In todays work there is very less ppl who do true love otherwise many ppl just need love for getting sex.
      So far i have fucked at least 30 girls age from 15 to 40.

    • Nottellingmyname

      Just take deep breaths and take your time.. It’s not a race, go at your speed and don’t let anyone hurry you up.. That’s all the advice I can give.

  • http://www.hjzcom.com hotel in riyadh

    this was supposed to be a reply to “is it love”s question

  • Logan

    I have benn dating this girl my age for 3 years.We are both virgins and 10. I know iam young but i wantt to do it. I know she is the 1 4 me . I know she dos nt nw about it what should i do? Please help me out.

    • MeanJoeGreen

      Ugh, definitely not! 10 years old? That is just disgusting. I’m doubtful you have even gone through puberty yet, let alone legitimately want to have sex. I assume you’re in 4th or 5th grade, and whatever you do, do not, I repeat DO NOT have sex that young. By the way, I kinda doubt you have been “dating” any girl your age for three years, due to the fact I would assume you consider dating a mutual agreement to tell people you are dating, rather than actually going out and doing things. My advice is to just wait, and quit rushing into things. It sounds clich’e but don’t grow up so fast. I miss the simplicity of 4th grade, your longest essay was 2 pages, you were learning long division, and you didn’t suddenly get random erections at the worst times. Ahh the good ole days.

    • http://www.askstudent.com/sex/having-sex-for-the-first-time-heres-what-to-expect/?replytocom=82768#respond kayla

      hey logan i see your point while ur saying u want to have sex but u r really young try kissing or making out and down the road then u can think about sex… and when the times comes u will be freaked out so dont ruin ur childhood worrying about this stuff plus u have 2 think have both of u went thro puberty if not then wait! either way i think its best to wait a while who knows there may be things u dont know bout this girl u think u no so well and u shuld check the legal age of when u can have sex in ur area most r 16 or 18 but some go as far as 21 or 25… i think so at lest i jst saw it on another website plus u have to think wht all do u no bout sex it isnt all fun and games.

    • Morgan

      @Logan erm, 10? As in.. 10 years of age? Seriously? O_O well yeah I should hope you are both virgins ! When I was ten I don’t think I even knew what sex was ! Wow. Just shows what this generation is so different from mine. Anyway, Logan, 10 years old is way too young. You need to wait until your old enough to actually enjoy and get real pleasure from sex. Sex is about love, and you are ten, so you might think you love her, but I’m afraid you don’t know what the true meaning of love is yet. And like someone said, you probably haven’t even reached puberty, and I’m guessing your ‘partner’ hasn’t either so that means she hasn’t started her period, and won’t be able to enjoy orgasms as much as someone who has. Now you probably have no idea what I’m talking about which is why you are too young. Sorry mate! Just be patient(:

      • Your Face

        Eh, yer a little to young there Logan. I Suggest even when you start THINKING<<<<<< About Sex Turn 14. When you DOOOOOO It<<<<<<<<<< Turn at least 17. Or join the Marine Corps but hell you'd get more girls that way. XD

  • Logan

    I have benn dating this girl my age for 3 years.We are both virgins and 10. I know iam young but i wantt to do it. I know she is the 1 4 me . I know she dos nt nw about it what should i do?

    • Anonymous


      Oh my goodness. Did I misread that, or did you say you were 10? As in 10 years old? As in, still in elementary school?? Please do not have sex with anyone. You aren’t just a little too young. You’re way too young. You are so completely too young that I am actually afraid for you. Life is long, and you’re sure to meet many different people before the time when you should be having sex. There’s a reason adults have sex and children do not. Even animals don’t have sex until they are capable of raising young. There are times to be awake and there are times to be asleep. As far as the sex thing goes, it’s definitely not time for you to be awake yet. Rethink the sitch when you’re old enough to deal with the affects of sex. ALL of the effects…

      • Ashu

        U R right…. There is a particular time for each n everything…. agree for u

        • libby

          Dont have sex!! im 15 and been with my bf for 3 years and wer still vergins and both agreed we must be atleast over 18 and i prefer after highschool and really amiing for after marrage!! you guyes have been dating sence you were 7! thats not true love. thats two best friends of opposet gender kissing!! even i being 15 and in highschool dont do much. its best to wait and have that one moment be the best when you are married or somthing. plus its illigal for anyone under 16!

        • libby

          Im 15 and do have a bf. if anything imma wait til im atleast 18, better out of highschool and what i really want to do is wait til AFTER marrage!! im going to wait and if any guy dosent want to then i’ll dumb him cuz then hes oviusly not in love if he wont wait.

      • Boil

        LOL doesnt that mean you guys were together at the age of 7? damn that’s too young

    • naghtypop

      i am 18, and this guy i tottally love asked to fuck me, i totally did it, it was soooooooooo good but i don’t think it is good for people your age, so no!

      • http://www.askstudent.com/sex/having-sex-for-the-first-time-heres-what-to-expect/?replytocom=82768#respond kayla

        okay i dont think i wuld evr have sex altho i do think bout it sometimes? but my boyfriend and i made out 4 the first time evr and i dont think he has evr evn kissd a girl and i have kissd a gy but never made out with them and normally i wuldnt do tht but i think tht maybe he is pushing me into something or backwards maybe i am pushing him into stuff… i no we rnt ready but wht if it gets to the point thts its more then kissing and making out wht if we start like u no having sex? i dont know wht to do but im only 12 (like almost 13) and ik thts way to early and im prob not in love or anything and this guy culd break my heart but we r semi thin king about sex shuld i dare to or just forget the hole thing and dump him? i really like him tho? and if we did have sex we wuld be safe and it wuld b both of our first time he is 13 almost 14 our birthdays our on the same day is tht a sign or coincidence?

    • Nottellingmyname

      I highly doubt your wanting to have sex at such a early stage in your life, that usually doesn’t happen till your in your teens. Either way don’t do it, your to young to even begin understanding the ramifications of having sex or any type of physical relationship.

  • 14yeRoldboy

    Hello well I’m 14 and my girlfriend is 15 and she wants to have sex with me. The problem is that she’s a virgin and I’m not.last time we were going to do it I left in the middle because she wanted it analy and I got freaked out bout the idea of Cummings in her butthole. Well like I need help because I dont want to ruin our relationship cazz we deeply love eachother but I’m a little sore down there. Poss help

  • http://www.askstudent.com 14mygrl15help

    hello everyone. my girlfriend is 15 and im 14. she wants to have sex but the last time well she was a little rough so i kinda pussyed out in the middle of it. look make fun of me if you want to i came here for advice. im 89 pounds exactly shes 90. im in the 8th grade going to 9th shes in the 10th grade going to the 11th.weve been dating for a while and she wants to have sex again fix what happened last time. im a virgin and shes not but we love eachother sooo much but i dont want to ruin it for not having sex with her. i dnt want her to think like oo im not pretty enough for hem or anything but thats not the case because thats were problems start espically wen i left like that. the biggest thing weve done is madeout and i really want to make her happy in a sexully way just how she wants to make me. plzzz… help. kk by.

  • 14and?boutsex

    Hey everyone so ive been dating this girl for like a month and shes 15. she wants to have sex with me but im kinda like a lil scared bout dat. like i bought condoms but like shes not a virgin. i don’t want her to break up with me because im not good enough. when she ask me if i want to do it i don’t wanna say no because i dont want her to get offended or anything . this is my first relationship we really love eatchother but im nervous. im sorry if i sound like a pussy but plzz help. kk thanks.

  • henry

    14 i need help im a virgin so is my girlfriend and i need help on how to ask her about it

  • Brooke

    I’ve recently had sex for the first time, it was better than I expected it to be. I been seeing this guy on and off for the last year and a couple of months ago he asked me out. Last Wednesday he asked me to meet him, so I did we was watching some thing on tv in his room. He put his arm around and gave me a really deep kiss and it moved on quite quickly from there. We had condoms in his room just in case but i wasn’t on the pill as we hadn’t planned the night out although we used the condom we had. It hurt a bit and I had quite a bit of blood straight away and the next day. After that there was spotting of blood. All I would say if your Reading this is that main thing is that you want to have sex and feel comfy to do so. Always take precautions and discuss with your partner.
    A couple of months ago I was reading these comments and thinking will I ever lose my virginity? And it helped me alot. I hope what I’ve said help you.

    Use condoms (I think I mentioned this once or twice)

  • harriet

    m 17 nd my boyfriend is 21,lyk damn i luv dis guy soo much nd m still a virgin nd hez not,m just scared f loosin it nd may b hez just d hit nd run kinda guy,coz hez olwaiz bout sex,wt can i do?

  • cant wait but worried

    hey im 15 and my bo is 15 we both love eachother and he is my souldmate, we want to have sex at him party and we both want to lose r v cards to each other, i dont want to get pregnant, i have condoms, is that enough? when he kisses me i tremble plz help

  • rhiaaa!X

    Hellooo I’m kinda young I’m 13 my bf wants me to av sex with him I am Really up 4 but In my country u av to be over 16 :( v.sad xx help me what shall. We do insted of avin sex?xxx

  • Kariya

    Hey all please answer my question,I have a girl who is a gymnastics girl,will that effect our sexual life in a good way or bad way???

  • Hallie

    My name is Hallie and I’m 17 and my bf is 18.We have been dating and making love for a while now but I feel likee we are drifting apart. I need some help with talking during sex. Do you just moan or do you like express how you feel. My bf seems to want me to talk dirty but I’m not sure what exactly he wants. So please help me. Or my relationship may break apart.

    My email is holiday56@hotmail.ca .

  • Sophia


  • http://www.askstudent.com ashley

    ha okay well im ashley and im 16 almost 17 and my bf is 19 and were both virgins. we’ve been dating for seven months now and we love each other deeply. the other day we were talkin about sex and we decided to do it this friday, now dont get me wrong i want to do it with him but im just afraid it will hurt really bad and im kinda nervous/scared. ive already talked to him about it and he said he would be gentle and would stop if i told him to but im just soooo worried about the pain it might cause, i might just be overeacting a little bit. any tips?

  • Kevin

    Alright so i’m a guy and i’m 18. I have been seeing this girl for a good 5 months at least and we have been officially dating for about a month now. I am a virgin and she is not. She has had like 5 boyfriends, and has had sex with practically all of them. While i have had 3 girlfriends and obviously had sex with none of them, and according to her they all jerks too which scares me because i am nice guy and i really don’t want to hurt her. I really like her (more than any girl i have dated) and the topic of sex has come up multiple times. I am really nervous because it is my first time and obviously not hers. So what do i do?! Is there anything you guys would suggest for this?

    • Juan

      sup, im a freshman in college. kev, what it comes down to is if she is a bit promiscuous, then dont get too attached. now, sex with 5 dudes probably more than once with each, idk man. that all depends on how well you know her. ask yourself what you want out of that relationship and figure out what she wants and meet in the middle. now, if yall want the same thing then congrats but sounds like, based on her history, that she is a bit of a ho. just dont buy into the games chicks play. to be fair, ladies, yes some guys are like that too. gotta love life. but kev, just live and learn.

  • angelofanarchy666

    ok, this is going to be a little awkward… but what ever everyone is old enough here. Is it normal for a woman to have rape fantasies, like i am really into bdsm and everything but i have always wondered what it would be like… if i would like it. And don’t get me wrong i love pleasing my master but i guess its just like would i like this more… am i that attracted to being dominated that i would have to think about being raped and liking it… i havn’t even talked to my master about this i am afraid that it is too crazy that he would get rid of me…. help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Adam Hazza

    My girlfriend and I are both 16 and have tried to have sex like 3 times now, but I just feel really nervous when it comes to it and it just doesn’t happen, purely because I just feel like I’m not going to do it right or I’ll mess up. We’re both virgins. Last time we tried I went to put a condom on but probably because I started to concentrate on doing that, I lost it. Now I just feel like I’m disappointing her and making her feel like shit. We both really love each other and I don’t want to mess anything up with her. I know they say “have sex when you both want to and are both ready” and she wants to so do I, it just makes me feel bad knowing I screw up out of nerves when it comes to doing it. We’ve done pretty much everything else no problem at all haha.

    You reckon I should just try again and stick at it or leave it for a bit?

  • Alexis

    Hi im 14 yrs old and my bf is 17! we have tried sex once and it was really painful bt im still a virgin. He wants us to try again in the next week or so nd i will be having my period during that week. Can i get pregnant if i have protected sex with him while having my period? plz help me nd don’t be rude…

  • haylzisatotbabe

    Im 14 and am not a virgin.
    i’m lookin for any guys that want to have a one night stand if so just hit the reply button with ur email and we’ll chat about where to met at.

  • John

    I tried to talk to a girl she is 10 yrs old while i am 16 i usually masturbate so that i can have the feeling of having sex help how do i talk to the girl

  • scaredycat

    So me and my ex are bestfriends and both of us are virgins and we still have feelings for each other not like major feelings but theres something still there, and recently we decided that we both wanted to do it together….. i’m scared because i don’t want him to think im rubbish and i’m scared he will leave me after? how do i make it more pleasurable for him? PLEASE HELP!!!

  • too young?

    first of all, this article was veeery helpful! and recently, my boyfriend(16) and I (15) were planning on having sex but i’m worried we’re too young…any thoughts? :/

    also, if we were to have sex, is it recommended i take birth control after our “first time”??

  • Love a girl

    I’m 14, I have a 13 year old gf. Both virgins. How do I make her feel comfortable and will she be hurting if my dick is to big. How will I make it work…, help me

    • http://www.Yahoomail.com noniii

      Well I would say she might be in pain, as far as your genital concerns yes it is a possibility that it won’t fit.

  • Love a girl

    I’m 14, I have a 13 year old gf. Both virgins. How do I make her feel comfortable and will she be hurting if my dick is to big. How will I make it work

  • Sexy_chick_:)

    So I am 14 and me and my bf r u goin to have sex tommorrow what do I do cuz I am still a virgin but her isn’t he is 16 and idk wat to do help me asap

  • Nwekeruth

    I had a bf… bt bf i strt dating him he promised dat sex wil not b involved in d relationship…bt 1 day he made luv 2 m bt b4 den i was a virgin nd now we re no longer in gud terms i wnt 2 4gt abt him bt i cnt is lyke half of is missing.now i dnt knw wat 2 do.is this Luv or LOST

  • Trin

    Okay first off if youre 11 years old in love with a 19 year old then forget him. He can get put in prison for having sex with a minor and can get charged with being a paedophile. Now im pretty sure youre gonna say “But i love him” and stuff but isnt it better to let him go instead of letting him go to prison? Either way your not going to see him if you carry on like this so do the right thing and let him go completely. Find someone else who is your age because this 19 year old has already gone through puberty and you aint so you can get pregnant. Face it its not going to work out either. Soon enough he is going to leave you for someone his own age and i know this sounds harsh but its the truth. Forget about it let alone sex you should only be with someone who is your age not that far a gap apart its wrong and youre going to regret it if he gets you pregnant and plus as you said you tried it but he was way to large. Thats saying he is going to cause you damage and believe me once that damage is done your the one whos going to have to live with it and not him. Take my advice and dont do stupid things like this okay?

  • Sexy_chick_:)

    Ok well i am 14 and m y boyfriend is abt to turn 16 we were talking last night abt having sex and he isn’t a virgin but I am and today we r supposed to have sex but idk if I should… But I am really scared … Respond asap plzzz I need help

  • ……..

    Heck no you be 13 and u cant have sex till u is 99


    Hey ive got a problem too. I liked this guy and we were dating for two years during which we nearly had sex twice but didnt, even tho i loved him alot, i said no and he kept asking. a couple of months ago we broke up and then i got my heart broken again b/c i found out that he was dating a girl from school during the time that we were and having sex with her when i said no. Im over him but my problem is… i like this other guy he is a virgin and so am i and we’ve only been going out for a month but he is already asking to have sex and i told him no but sometimes he pushes it. i like him alot but i dont want to have sex yet or lose him to another girl. What should i do?

  • King

    M 20 nd ma gf is 17.we r both virgins.m ready 2 hv sex wif hr bt she tels me da shes ready bt afraid 2.we hv bn 2geda 4 2years nw.m friends always tel me hw gud sex is nd hr friends always tel hr hw painful 1st time is.wht shuld i d 2 make hr b more interestd

  • just me

    haaay guys, I am a 16 year old girl and heres my situation. Theres this guy that i have been talking to for a while. He has met my parents and we have oral sex quite a bit. Im not dating him, but i sort of wish i was. im not sure if he is the one i should lose my virginity to tho. he said he wants to have sex before we start dating and that just confuses me. im not scared to have sex at all, in fact i really want to. and i dont regret things, but i just dont want to give him the best of me if he doesnt deserve it.. what do you guys thinnk? oh and if we do ave sex, it would be in the back of his sexy car.. cause our houses are always fool -__- worth it or dump it?


      I’ll tell you what i think but that doesnt mean that you have to agree. Im a girl too, and i dont know if it is just me or what but if i liked this guy and he didnt want to start dating until after sex first i would ask him why then depending on the answer i would tell him my feelings. if he says just because, or something just as stupid, mean or anything perverted, i would dump his ass and probably give him a good kick if you know what i mean. that is just my opinion. now if he told you that he loved u and that he could wait to have sex until after dating if thats what u wanted then i think you should keep him b/c thats the kind of man we all wish we could have.Good luck making you choice.

  • Her

    Im Young lets just say older than 13?.. And i’ve never kissed a boy. Well a boy kissed me while i was texting but i dont count that, its embarrising for me, i havent had a boyfriend for 3years because im scared of a kiss let alone sex. My friends my age have already had sex! I’m just scared of a kiss and its really annoying me because all these guys like me and are asking me out and im just saying no.
    I’m starting to feel lonely and down what can i do to boost my confidence?

    • Don’t Worry

      It doesn’t matter how old you are; if you’re not ready (even if it’s just a kiss), then you’re not ready. I’m 19 now and I lost my virginity right before I turned 18 with my boyfriend who was 20 at the time. Before I had sex, I had made out for my first time about a year prior. I was just like you– I was always scared to just kiss guys because of embarrassment so I didn’t have too many boyfriends, and when I did we always ended up breaking up because I wasn’t allowing them to pressure me into things I wasn’t comfortable with. Eventually, I got over the fear (when I was ready) and slowly started getting the experience with kissing and making out. I definitely waited until I found the right guy though to have sex.. and I don’t regret it one bit. I know, sometimes it’s really tough not being sexually active when you’re a teenager because of the pressure and everything, but be strong and you will be so much happier with yourself and your decisions.

      Hope this helps :)

  • Anonymous

    I am 14 and a freshman in high school and I am with this guy who is 15 and a sophomore. We have been on and off together for years and all those times in between he has gotten quite experienced. I am in love with him and I want to have sex with him but I feel like I’m not ready but at the same time I do feel ready. The things that are holding me back is my self-consciousness I feel like I wouldn’t be good enough for him or I would embarrass myself because I don’t know anything about sex, also I am scared about a condom breaking. I just had my yearly physical about two months ago and I asked about birth control and when I talked about it to my mom I made it sound like I wanted it only to regulate my period and that I wasn’t even thinking about sex. She told me to tell her when i am ready and she will let me go on it. But I’m not gonna just go up to her and tell her I’m ready two months after I convinced her I wasn’t. I don’t know what to do please help?

  • Ashley

    Hello my name is Ashley and I am 11 years old, I know I am really young but I have this problem or issue you see me and my bf have been dateing for roughly a month and my life has been a life wreck and he has been there for me every second even when my dad grounded me for trying to defend my friend in school my bf let me be at his house ok here’s where most people are going to hate you see I’m 11 but my bf is 19 going on 20 in may like I love him and I know he is the one I want to be with I see movies of happy couples and I truly know he’s the one for me. Just the other day I went to his house one night we were watching scary movies he asked me if I ever heard about SEX and I told him yes well he talked to me more about how it feels etc. And it made me want to stop talking about it but I do truly love him but I know I want to wait but he keeps pushing me and asking nicley we tryed it once but he was really big and I was scared of it so far we have just tryed oral sex so please help me I need to know what should I do I want to and am ready for him and he said he will take care of me if I ever get pregnant and I beilive him because he has a job and a cool car please help me

    • Some1Cool

      @Ashley: LMFAO!! you are only 11 years old little girl, what the heck are u doing here??? and talking about sex like you’re old enough for it….and you believe that guy of yours will take responsibility if you ever get pregnant??? LMFAO!!! you believe him because he has a job and a “cool car???” ROFLMFAO!! it just goes to show that you are still too innocent and naive to know what’s going on in the real world. Why don’t u just enjoy ur childhood with some barbies or whatever u find enjoyable, make the most of it.

      P.S. I gotta say, that guy of yours sure knows how to CORRUPT MINORS. LMFAO!!

      • J :D

        Dude that was just plain rude!
        Yeh she is a bit young, i was still playing barbie when i was 11, but if sex is a relevent issue to her at the moment then you should respect that. Don’t be a douche about it.and act like you’re all high and mighty.

        Ashely, if the pushing and talking about it is bothering you, you need to tell him. Wait until you’re ready for it. If he loves you then he will respect that. Also be aware of the legal age to have sex (in my country it is 16). He can get in trouble if certain people find out he has had sex with you before you’re about the legal age.

    • kacey

      hey is i88 i think we shuld be friends btw im 11 too and my bf is 16

      • misssexy

        it feels good when u hump the edge of ur bed

    • Gracey

      Hi Ashley. :)
      I really think it’s not a good idea to do it now, not because you’re 11 but because this guy is going to be 19. Why? Because it’s going to be ingrained into your memory for the rest of your life, and I’m almost 100 percent sure you’re going to regret it. Anyone who is about to become 20 and is asking a girl your age to do it with them is taking advantage of you, either that or he doesn’t care enough to wait. And the fact that he mentioned pregnancy might mean that he doesn’t care enough to use protection with you. And lastly, having a job and a car isn’t going to be enough to support you. You can be dirt poor and have a car and a job because bills end up taking most of the money. If you don’t feel comfortable doing it then tell him that. Don’t let him convince you to do anything you’re not ready for.

    • Alexis

      hey ashley….i think your way too younq to be thinking or wanting to have sex nd to make matters worse your bf is 19 going on to 20…don’t let him force you into doing something that you truly know you don’t want to do because boys will alwayz tell you they love you jst so that they can get in your pants and after that they will leave you there…..bt ashley it’s what you wanna do and im jst giving you my opinion on it

    • http://Askstudent.com Your mom

      Hey Ashley I’m 13 but that’s not the point not to be rude here but u do no it’s illegal for u to be dating him rite cuz ur a minor

      • Phenyo

        U need 2 focus on school,4gt abt hvng a bf ashley.u dn’t knw wht trouble u r gttng urslf in 2.

    • henry

      yo u shud not hav sex cuz he could go to jail and then afta tht he ant aloud to liv near kids som sex offender tryed to live near me and got back in for it dont ruin his life

  • Sujon i

    Hi i am sujon i love my cousin and she also loves me we did so many kisses but never did more than this . I really wanna marry her but there is a problem and that is our religion does not allow us to marry between cousins at the same time there family is poorer than us and my parents will not receive our relation i am in a very complex situation please give me a solution

    • Emila

      Wait until you’re old enough that you won’t have to have your parents approval. Meanhile just be with her. As long as you both love each other waiting shouldn’t be a problem. Marraige is only being recognized by the state by papers.

  • unknown2

    i need help im — years old and im seeing this girl who is 2 years younger than me is it ok for us to have sex or not we havent ever had sex can somone please help me we really want this

    • Alexis

      It all depends on how old you are. To me a good age to start having sex is around 16-17, dontn worry about pleasruing your partner even if they arre experiencede. If its your 1st time then go slowly no matter if you partneer has had sex once of 15 times, Take it slow and girls go see a doctor just to make sure everything is okay after. USE A CONDOM!!! Always use protecttion. If you are under 14 you shouldnt even be thinking about sex because for your 1st time you arnt missing out on anything. Trust me….

  • Becky

    Okay, so my best friend lives right down the road from me so im at her house all the time. Her older brother and his friends are over all the time. His friend makes it obvious that he likes me and he knows I like him to. I’m not planning on doing anything soon, but this summer we always hang out at the neighborhood pool and I feel like something will happen. I am a virgin but he isnt. I’m also 14 and hes 17. I know it sounds bad, but he really cares about me. (thats what they all say right?) but anyways, im kind of nervous about not knowing what to do… I know that no one knows what to do the first time and blabla but i just dont want to make a fool of myself when hes…. experienced… any tips on how i can impress him, or make the sex like… really good?!?! lol

  • reaper

    im 17 nd im a senior in h.s. i hav a girlfriend and we’ve been together for more then a year. we never had sex once yet but im kind of ok with that. the thing is im a virgin bt shes not, we try to have sex bt for some reason we never could go all the way yet.

  • JakeG

    This thread is a good read! Now at least I sort of know what to do in a few years when I’m ready!
    If anybody wants to talk about anything email me!

    I’m a 14 year old boy, just so you know!

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  • august

    hi… i have got a problem folks plz help me out… i am 23 and my girl is 22 we have had sex 6 – 7 times but after the last time she is telling me she is havin irritation in her private part while pee.. she says that it fells that something is commin out but nothing comes… it feels quite awkward and the feeling is really unbearable… i dont know wat the problem is, can someone plz help me to get it identified… is it a normal thing in case of a virgin….

    • anonymous

      She likely has a UTI which is not that uncommon… have her see a gynecologist. After you first have sex a girl should see one and in her case they will give her some medicine and it will be okay.

  • shoo

    I’m 24 & wit many sex experience but av a girlfriend who’s now 20 & still a vergin.we’ve tried to av sex several time,I mean MANY times but we’ve neva succeded she’s always complaining of so mch pain.I take it so slow & make her so calm & comfortable as possible but she won’t stop complaining of this pain,I don’t know what else 2 do,pls help me out bcos I don’t think this her intense pain is normal

  • Unknown

    I’m 18 and my boyfriend is 20 no here’s the thing I’m a virgin and he’s not we love eachother very much and I want to have sex with him but I get nervous thinking what if I do something wrong can anyone help me?

  • Unknown

    Hi well I’m turning 18 in June I’m with this boy he just turned 20 we are crazy in love and we are engaged now here’s my problem I’m a virgin and hes not. We love eachother and he’s the one I want to give my virginity too. I feel that I’m ready but at the same time I’m nervous. We make out and feel eachother but when we start to go further I get nervous and tell him to stop. What do I do? How can I be more relaxed about it? He’s resepful enough of me to know I’m not ready and he’s not going to push me. Can anyone help?

  • jaierose

    ok i have a problem…. i have been with the same guy for the past five years… i am eighteen, before we got together i lost my virginity, and hw is still a virgin, he comes from a LDS family, and he wants to have sex. the problem is that since it would only be my second time, i don’t want to disappiont him, and ruin our relationship… we want to get married but he wants sex first, and i don’t want it to come before our marraige what can i do to make his first time easier and also not as nerve wrecking? please help me i have been advioding talking about imtamacy with time…. any advice????

  • BGunn

    This helped me a lot my first time a few weeks ago. I’m glad I can help people here :D

  • me

    think we are in the same boat here jake :P

  • me

    I’m pretty much the reverse of what u usually hear I’m a guy and my gf wants to have sex and we do love each other its just I’m kinda shy and a little worried as I’m a virgin and she is not so its kind of worrying if i will be good enough for her as in stamina, size just everything :S

  • Jake

    I need help. I have fallen in love with a girl that I have been friends with since I’ve been 3. We’ve always sorta liked eachother but we just started to date this year. I’m 15 and immma virgin, and she is 15, and she is not a virgin. She lost her virginity to some jerk last year, and she frequently talks about it. Now on valentines day I forgot my condom so all we did was oral sex. She said the next time were alone and prepared we will have sex. Now I’m worried that I won’t be as hood as her ex. Like what if I’m not as good, big, etc. I really need help because I love her so much. I wanna be with her forever, and I’m tired of being compared to him, I REALLY need help and advice. I just am a nervous wreck that I won’t be good enough for the girl i love. Like I need advice on also how to sexually please a women (give her an orgasm) please please please help! I need to make her forget this jerk and focus on our love. Thanks.

    • BGunn

      listen dude, I know the feeling but if she loves you she won’t care. She knows you’re a virgin and that it’s not gonna be amazing but if she really loves you she’ll be patient as you learn :) I was in the same position as you my first time.

    • Cherry

      The same’s with my friend. She dated a jackass who took her virginity (at the same time as with three other girls), and now she’s beginning to date a sweet guy. They’re both 16. And she talks about her ex as a reflection of things she was hurt about… but not as a comparison. Your girl isn’t going to expect much of you since you’re a virgin.. she’ll probably imagine it to be her first time again, but hurting a bit less. If she did it more than once with her ex, you don’t need to worry about being too gentle or asking if she’s okay/if it hurts. But don’t drive into her like a horndog either, Lol. Missionary should work, kiss her while doing it (with a nice, steady rhythm), even kiss down her neck to her chest if you can. You won’t be able to go as for as her tummy during the deed, but you can do that and oral as foreplay. Use your hands to lace between her fingers and hair for intimacy, chest and clit for more sex drive… basically, just don’t go too soft or too hard. Don’t be silent or tense, and keep the eye contact and the blood flowing– you’ll be fine. A night to remember =]

    • shelby

      hey everybody and anybody, i have a few questions about sex…me and my bf are 15 , we had sex this morning, we got to school at 6:50 and went to his house and stayed there till 8:15 but anyways he was a virgin and im not i have had sex once before, but we did it anyways under the covers because we both felt more comfortable that way (: but he tried to “eat me out” but i have never had that done before,will someone pleaseeeeee help me out?? is it pleasurable to him?

      • Sayit

        Sex is even better when he rubs your clitoris while penetrating you.

      • Sunny

        I kno how u feel… Im 15 too and I’m still a virgin but I have been “eaten out” before. Here’s the thing it will fell really good IF and only IF he knows what the hell he’s doing. It one of the best foreplays around and it will feel good before sex. Once again only if he does it right!

    • Megan

      So, imma girl, and i have been dating this one guy for like a year. and to me, i don’t even care. we havent had sex, but i don’t care if hes “big” or “good” because i just love him, and none of that stuff matters. So, if you guys like love each other, i bet you she wont really care that much.

  • carmen

    im 15 and my bf is 18. we have been going out for almost a year now &the sex convo has come up of course…hes obviously not a virgin, but i am.
    i want to have sex, but im afraid of what could go wrong.
    i am also shy which is another reason im having doubts.
    i dont want to talk to my parents about this, i dont feel that they need to know.
    i know they will have a problem with it, eventhough i dont think its such a big deal
    i have realized that only a few of my friends are still virgins, so i dont see the big deal about having sex!
    i was also wondering what the chance is of not getting pregnant with just using condoms, not birth controll or anything else

  • Bankin

    Im 18 n i want 2 hve sex wid my gal but she’s not into men,(she’s lesbian) but i luv her any time i talks about sex,she say i shud 4get .i luv her wat do i do?

  • connor

    I lost my virginity on valentines day this year and it wasnt all i expected it to be. It was too sore for her even tho we had lube and doms and i went really slowly. Does it matter if both of us (me and her) are 15 on how good it will feel or should we just try again with more libe or something? Please reply i need help to make sure me and her stay in a great relationship. We have been going out from the age of 11 and really think we should start enjoying ourselves sexually. Any help/ ideas or tips reply to this. Itll be greatly appreciated :-)

    • BGunn

      I have 2 things to say to you, good on you for making your relationship last that long and 2 you lucky fuck :p all I got was a bj. But honestly, girls are gonna be sore. My girlfriend was sore the firs few times after I fingered her. It’ll get better.

    • cindy

      omg i lost my virginity on valentines too this year!:D
      && it was not wat i expected it to bee…

    • danny

      Well, u can try fingering her lol, untill she gets used to it, and in a couple more times, u can get right to the point, it wount hurt her anymore. any more questions?

      • connor

        Yea i am really happy with the four year relationship with her. Especially because i live in ireland and we live 10 miles apart (around 15km) and thats alot here and its hard to meet with her but we meet every weekend and sometimes during the week too :-) i just love her and hate the fact that shes in a different school to me and some guy said i was lucky to get as far as putting the penis in kus all he got was a bj, but im gona say hes the lucky one, i cant get them because she wears braces so we had to move from hands to sex and yea i got told to finger her more first but i already do quite often and fingers are no problem but unless i want to fist her its not gona loosen enough for my penis. Im not gona boast about it because its stopped me from getting laid by a girl i love so much but its 10” long and 3” wide and she lovesto wank it but just cant take it. Ani ideas from ani1 that can help thiss problem? Because she is really dying to have another try so anyone hu says dont do it im not going to listen because i have my heart set on it, i just want help on how to do it, what psioopositions should we do and that sort of thing :-) any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks :-D

        • Connor

          We tried again using loads of lube and patience and i have to admit that it was the best feeling of my life because she enjoyed it loads and loads. We are going to do it again tomorrow :) and yeah i made her climax three times before i cummed myself because i done alof of research and knew that u have to find the g-spot and use the clitoris too :) she even screamed in ecstacy and just loved it and told all her friends how awesome she thought it was and all if my friends know because she told everyone so my advice to every1 doing it first time is use lube, and be gentle because if they are nervous the vagina inside is reali tense and its not enjoyable for theem so just follow that advice nland do your own thing for the rest, this is a guide not an instruction so hopefuly ya find it in someway helpful :) thanks for reading :D

  • ramesh ke

    i m still virgin but
    i m regular mastarbatng

  • Julia cutie sex

    hey guys i first had sex when i wuz 6 1/2 it felt great. at my house my boy came over and we went under the covers. it hurt the first time but then when i did it again the next week i almot peed all over him [giggle]

  • Chasecoy

    I just had sex for the first time a couple of days ago. I am 15 and my bf is 17. Right after he thrusted in me i instantly started bleeding. And it was a lot. My friends told me they never bled that much. Is this normal? It was a lot of blood and im kinda worried. Please help.


    i have read through what u all say. And my heart pips. Yes, i have put this sexual desire in you for the right time. Remember your Father in Heaven in whatever you do. It is not too late. God the Father loves you personally.

  • anonynous

    Dear Allie,

    I am having some major issues right now. This is my problem. The man that I am in love with has been my best friend for a very long time. About a year and a half ago, he helped me out of an abusive relationship with an ex. He and I were hanging out together and we realized how we truly felt about each other. At least I know that’s how I truly feel about him.

    Anyway, he is married (bad, I know) but he told me that he filed for divorce. I figured that because of how much I felt for him that I could live with it being a big secret until the divorce was final. His wife and him have no children together. I have asked a couple of lawyers how long a divorce takes in MI with no children involved and they all told me 3-6 months max. It’s been a year! Ok anyway, he also told me that he had gotten an apartment at this place called Aspen Lakes, which is the same place he moved into in 2002 when he got out of the Marines and moved out that same year. I have asked him many times if I could come and see him since he always comes to see me but complains about how far my place is. He always says “no, that’s ok.” So we got into an argument about it and I did some spy stuff and called Aspen Lakes and had told them that I was calling to confirm residency for one of their residents. They told me they had no record of him since 2002 when he moved out. I confronted him about it and he told me that because he had a mortgage out in his name, he didn’t qualify so he had to have his sister put it in her name (they don’t even get along!) But he “PAID” her to put it in her name. And the reason he never invites me over there is because it’s empty and he is ashamed of it. I told him I don’t care if there is just a blanket and a deck of cards there, I would still love to see it.

    I find out about four months ago that he is still living with his wife and his reason for that is because he still pays half of the bills there and it isn’t as lonely as his apartment. And then on Facebook today, I noticed one of his comments on his board stating it’s good he gets joy out of watching his children open gifts. He has a daughter from a previous marriage and she has a daughter from a previous relationship but they have none together.

    I just want to know if he is still doing things with his “soon to be ex-wife” or not because if so, I need to protect not only myself but my 3 year old daughter as well. I love him more than I have ever loved any other man and would do ANYTHING for him but I can’t be a secret anymore. My daughter just loves him to death and talks about him all the time. I don’t want her to get hurt. PLEASE if there is anything you can do to help, please let me know.


    It really pains me to say this but it sounds like your man is living another life with his “soon-to-be ex-wife.” He still lives with her and makes comments on Facebook about his “children.” Not “child,” but “children.” You said it yourself, it’s been a year and he still isn’t officially divorced from this woman.

    He’s an excuse-maker and a liar. For every point you bring up about his fishy behavior, he has some excuse to justify it. Don’t fall for it. He’s been continuously lying to you! And you’ve caught him in lies and he just justifies what he’s done. This is a very common sign of cheating. Get out of the relationship now because it’s only going to hurt more the longer you wait.

    Tell him to get back at you when he’s got divorce papers. I know it sucks because you two are best friends but you don’t need a best friend who’s going to constantly lie to you about their life. And if he’s truly the one you were meant to be with, he will show up on your doorstep, sometime in the near future, with divorce papers in hand. But even then, do you really want to be with someone who has lied to you the entire duration of your relationship and has no problem cheating on his wife?


  • mani


  • Scar3d

    I had sex with my bf and we didn’t have protection, but he didn’ erect. I know that i could be pregnant. But its a very low chance, right. Plus i don’t think any fluid was present. But i’m scared and i don’t know what to do.

  • http://www.facebook.com sitakimemz

    i have sex with my girlfriend.. then after that she’s having a nosebleed.. its that ok?

  • rayray


  • http://formspring.me Linda

    i’m 12 & dating a 15 year old guy, we’ve been dating since i was in 6th & he was in 8th, we just turned 10 months 2 days ago, & we’ve been talking about this for a VERYLONG time, i’m scared cause i’m not even sure if i’m completely a virgin anymore, how do i check if i am with out having to see a Doctor? i know he’s not a Virgin so he’s not really scared, he is concerned about the way ima do things, he’s trying to make me feel as comfortable ass possible & we have been talking about what might happen cause he thinks i’m a virgin & i’ve never really had anyone in me , but i know how it feels to feel that feeling , my Boyfriend doesn’t know ALL this & i don’t plan on telling him, but yeah … i really hope Someone can help! ;/

  • Annabella

    Hey guys. So I really like this guy. And I’m 15. He wants to have sex and so do I. I’m ready for it I know I am I even feel it. But here’s the thing. He thinks I’m not a virgin. But I am a virgin. I dont want to tell him because I really like him and want him to be my first. Is there any tips you guys can give me to make it look like I have a clue to what I’m doing?

  • Annabella

    Hey guys.
    So I’m 15. And I really like this guy. And he wants to have sex. I know I’m ready. And I feel ready too. But the problem is I think that he thinks I’m not a virgin. I didnt tell him that I was either. But I figured he would know that. But still, he doesnt think I’m a virgin. I dont want to tell him cuz I want to have sex with him. Any tips on how to make it look like I know what I’m doing? Even if its just a little bit like I do?

  • http://sims3sims.blogspot.com Amber

    Jesus FUCKING Christ.

    At least wait to have sex until you learn how to spell basic words first.

  • Anon

    Hey I’m 13..
    I just want to say thanks to all of you peoples comments and tips I’m not thinking about sex anytime soon but I was still fairly worried and curious about it all. After reading all this I feel like I know so much more and it has made the thaught sex feel a lot more comfortable and I’m not worried abou it :D. So thanks people :) x

  • Vanessa

    I am in love with this boy…and all I think about is having sex with him. I’m begining to hate myself because of it. I know it’s not gunna happen because he is miles away lol. Thing is I’m 17 and I know I’m going to be thinking about sex…but I’ve been this way since the age of 10!!!!!!! People know how peverted I am and they used to joke around saying that I”ll be the first to have sex blah blah blah! I’m so desperate to have sex I’m willing to do anything. I’m 100 % ready to have it. It’s begining to scare me how much I want it lol. WHY??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have so many chances to just do it but I want it to be this specific boy! I want my first time to be with him. OMG!

  • betty

    i lost my virginity when i was 7years old nd i didnt felt any pain nd i didnt see bleed too! so am wonderin am i still a virgin or not am 17 now ! nd i havent had sex since i was 8 :)

    • Whitmarie999

      Hey I’m Whitney I ve Ben having theses strange feelings an want to have sex really bad I privatly masterbate but it never stops it completely is it normal to want to suck a dick at age 13?

  • Salman

    i m 13 and i m having sex right now

    • http://gmail.com boby

      OK I CAN .. CAN I ? ? ?

  • Hai

    Hai, I’m 16
    my boyfriend and I have been together for sbout two years
    and we’re both still virgins. It’s mainly because w’re never
    alone but I’m still a bit nervous. I really like him but I’m worried
    it could possibly ruin what we have right now. I’m afraid of something
    going awkwardly wrong and losing him. Any advice?
    We’re not unexpeirienced but I’m not really sure what
    to expect emotionally, thanks

    • =2010=

      the fact is does he love u

  • …..

    this is quite random but ..what songs would you recommend to listen too?
    as im not really sure what would work?

    • vanluu

      man in the box – alice in chains!!!!

  • Shame on YOU!

    This message is for all the teens who think that by having sex they will prove their worth in society. Here is a reality check. The only reason or one of the very few reasons why you youngsters are having sex is because media (i.e. Hollywood) makes it looks cool for kids to loose their virginity at an early age. It is amazing how much promiscuity is prevalent in this day in age. What people see on TV, Movies, etc people want to emulate them and their actions. The fact is that not all teens have sex. I personally do not condone pre marital relations. To simply put if you are going to pursue sexual activities GET MARRIED. There is nothing wrong with being a virgin. The reason why virginity has been given a negative connotation has in part to do with the culture we reside in and follow.

  • =2010=

    MAN WATS GOIN THESE DAYS anybody know wat happen to maxpower cause she/he was very helpful and i would like to tallk to that person again.

    anyway im 15 now so whoever my age i could help u out cause i had the same problem and kinda still do. so reply back to meee

  • http://www.askstudent.com/ marck

    i want too have sex so bad

  • Lauren

    Well i lost my virginity at the age of 13.
    I wasn’t sure if i was ready to make that big of a step in our relationship but i did. It wasnt as bad as i thought it would be. Yeah it kinda hurt, i mean i havnt done anything like that and to have something like that in me was a big change. I wouldnt change it if i could we both loved it. It lasted about umm 8 minutes maybe. Is it bad that that i was so young when i lost it? But i was ready we were ready, we had pertection, and we are still together and in love. So was it bad that i lost it?

  • Tarik123

    I had sex yesterday.. I am 13 years old right now. It felt great!

    • http://gmail.com boby



  • Haylz

    Heyy!! I’m 14 and I want to have sex, but without protection. Cause I want a baby, reply to me if u wanna do me ;D

    • Teddy Bear

      ur an idiot….y throw ur life away at 14….get help

    • chocalate sex.

      i am 13 i have had sex lots and lots of times it started when i was 10 or 11. i have got pregnat before but i got rid of it. my boy freind is 15. the oldest gut was 19 20 something like that. i have got used to it it is fun now. the last time i had sex was last night. i might be prgnant again becouse the condom broke. i hope he comes again to night for we can do it agin i do not care if he dose not have a condom or whut ever. i just wunt to do it agin so bad. i were realy realy mini tight skirts and very short vest tops.and very high heells. i now whut you kinging slut slag tart. maybe i am but i dont care realy. so guys out there if your reading this. i might break up with my boyfrind soon so if you tell me i will give you my eamail adress and stuff and we can meight up to have sex if that is ok. whrite back to me plece BY THE WAY SEX IS FUN. AND IM 13

      • dany

        lol how did u get rid of getting pregnant???…its not like your just throwing out the trash…

      • BSwane

        hahahahah this is such fake crap, you are so clearly full of bullshit

      • http://gmail.com boby


        i am boby & i am 25 year old i am just find out my real friend …i am working someware & you ? ? ?

    • http://www.google.com kyle

      call me babby iam kyle iam 19 years of age i give u a baby 0712208557

      • Www Tjessica082

        Hey I’m Jessica m 12 and I really want sex I have a 13 year old bf qnd he says he’s ready but how do I kno I am?

  • ravi

    i m still virgin

  • Evan

    Lost mine 2 nights ago, I’m 16. I tried some different positions it was fun! But I had trouble with rhythm and the fact that I was in the back of a car didn’t help.

  • Matt

    I’ve only been with one person before and the first time I thought it was right because she told me she was a virgin too. Later I found out she was lying to help me feel a little better. I got a lot of experience with her overtime.
    Now, I am with someone absolutely amazing, and she is a virgin. I’m not pushing anything because it’s really not necessary for me to do so, but I really want to make sure she her first time is a good one. She’s shy and has no idea concerning sex, so basically it’s all on me to guide her through it. I’m really nervous but really excited for her.

  • elixir

    hey.i ve read so much here am 19 but with no sex experience.nt bcoz am nt willing but coz am always shile when in front of a girl.i ve never in time talked to a girl about love nt to even talk about sex .i knw my case might b different but the guys just have to help me out with a bit of confidence pls

  • Anne

    I’m 15 and I have not had sex

  • susheel

    iam sixty plus unmarried due to reason iam unmarried and also my shy nature ihave sex wiyh my widow bhabhibut whernever i embressed or tried to fuck on touching her boobs icant resist and discharged out sidenow feeling shy i never tried after she married other man now sheis mother of six kids now after when now iam sixty plus iwant sex iextreemly wants whther ican fuck and other problem with me that my penis is very smallnow in comprision before how it is possibleiam writing this i open google young girl meet young first , i found your beautiful siggestion , so itried too write for advice i also want mature woman who taught me at this age can i satisfied lady yoursto learn from u is useful for all

  • Graceee

    So, i’m scared. i really love this guy. like i do . and im 16 we’re not going out. but we fulled around and crap but now we both wanna go the whole way. im really nervous. and im scared if im going to regret it or not. any advice !!?

    • BetHanee

      Hey just wanted to say, God has a WONDERFUL plan for your life, it’s the best possible, don’t miss out on it, He wants to save you for the person of your dreams, I am a virgin because I want to save it for the right guy. You will be glad you wait, and even if you already did it with someone, you can still start now and wait for the right person.

    • Aiva

      Don’t do it!what could be worse than not remembering the whole first time,simply coz u wer too anxious with worry?the right guy will feel ryt,wait 4 him orull hate uaself n feel bitchy!

  • saira

    Watch free mms scandal clips of top bollywood actress. ( bollymmsscandal.blogspot.com )

  • Jeff (or Charles)

    Thanks for posting this! I’m a 17 year old guy who is extremely likely to lose it to his more experienced girlfriend in the next few months or so… This was definitely a big help!=)
    Warmest Regards,
    J.M. / C.A.H.

  • Barker

    i am 15, almost 16 and me and my girlfriend want to have sex, but we are never home alone, we know that if we ask, we won’t be allowed.
    What should we do?

  • Dick

    Hey! When I see a girl my heart wants to have a sexual with her and fucked her but Im just 16 years old If I fuck her will I find problem for next time? Ans me a bout this tanx

  • vikram

    hi i am vikram 32 old, i never had sex in my life, i hav gone 2 massage parlours wher women offered me sex but i did not had it. Bcoz i was feelin guilty 2 hav sex with them. I just want 2 hav with my life partner that is my wife.

  • Amir

    Im 15 years old and im virgin how can Fine a gurl that sex with me?

    • BGunn

      get better grammar…

  • john

    Im 19 and still a virgin, ive never had a GF, im not bad looking its just that im very shy to ask anyone out.. The only experience ive had is an affair i had with a married girl, she is 21 and we only kissed and made out. She says now that she was depressed and thats why she led me on. The wierd thing is that every time we planned on having sex, something went wrong. After i told her i was a virgin she decited to stop our relation. I made the mistake of falling in love with her so now i only see her once a week.. BTW, her husband is a friend of mine..

  • first timer

    I’m 15 and I had sex for the first time yesterday and today I am a little sore but I keep getting the feeling like im going to throw up. I don’t know if this is normal or if something has gone wrong or if its just that im getting sick. Im nervous and don’t know what I should do. Any suggestions?

    • Danni

      My boyfriend and I are years apart, I’m 14
      And he’s 19. We have a very open
      Relationship and talk about school, to the
      First time we have sex. I would talk to your
      Partner And see whathe thinks. Another
      Option is to find a free clinic and ask for
      Some advice! Hood luck honey:)

      • rayray

        thts illegal unless u had a parent concent

    • cindy

      i lost my virginity yesterday too
      & 8 got realy sore & with the feeling of throwing up too:/

  • Trinn

    Hey guys,
    id like to say this. If your underage your free to have sex. Obviously consider the consequences and stuff like that. And im sorry but me and my friends are 15 and tbh i know two of them have had sex and said it was great no crap about cancer or stuff like that just pure love an if your on here to try and pull people away from sex well theyre obviously not gonna listen so just know this. Ifyou love someone that much to have sex then there shouldnt be anything to stop you. Its natural and tbh ive been thinking about doing it with my girlfriend too so i guess theres probably not anything thats gonna stop us so yeah.

    • ken ssembatya

      I think its ok to hve sex when u are stil inder age cos

  • Sailesh

    I want 2 asj dat i wnt to have a grt feeling of sex with a sexy grl.
    My age is 17 yrs
    i got many opportunities to sex
    bt i stop myself

    wt shul i do

    • pratheeksha

      just do it dude even i lost mine i was 18 yrs old its gr8 havin sex especially the vagaina sea its dam fuckiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin man and that boy whom i slept with is my boyfrnd we had a awssome time ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh virjinity hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhbitchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh prostitute bitch and muy periods was awssome hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Sailesh

    I want 2 asj dat i wnt to have a grt feeling of sex with a sexy grl.
    My age is 16 yrs
    i got many opportunities to sex
    bt i stop myself

    wt shul i do

    • shaz

      i also got so many chances to have a sex with beautiful girls but i was stop because if i did then wat about my wife after marrige she cant fully enjoy with me wat do u say

  • kjz

    ok ………. i lost my virginity at the age of 27……………..and i did it with the love of my life………. and i always thought i was born for him … so it was worth giving him all that i had kept preserved till years……………….. so my opinion is do it with the one whom u really love………. save it for ur 1 man………..cuz to me….its nt just physical pleasure………it leads to ur emotional fulfillment as well……….and it enriches ur heart when u feel urself giving……….and trusting him fully that u confine urself entirely to him…………. thats really a heavenly feeling…………..

    i m not married to him ……….. but blv me i never regretted……… cuz i know he deserved it ………. everything i have been having was only for him ……………. sexual pleasure is important but u can “buy” sex……. but emotional fulfillment cant be bought………. but u can achieve it by making right decision with right person…………and it gives ur life a new meaning too

    • http://gmail.com krishna

      i really respect u kjz………… i’m waiting for a woman jus like u
      i too feel virginity is priceless & cant be given to any XYZ guy or girl…. :)

  • Tom Rebetzke

    Hi, im a guy i had sex at a young age at about 13 it was stupid to do it that young but ow well things happen. I have founds this girl i really love and i know she loves me, we both want to have sex and we are both not virgin. ow and im 15 btw and so is she. I think we should have sex but she is a bit nerous, is there any think to calm her down and make it fun for her (:

  • lulu

    i am only 11 and i am not a virgin you people need to man up! sex is awesome just do it already!!

  • Aaron)Smith

    ok like i go out wit a 20 virginand im 19 but its hard…… but thank u alot i think i know where she comein from now cause i planed on gotin marryed and doin the rite thing …….. but like i said its hard not to suck on her boobs… and go down on her and then stop in the middle of it all but really siting down and reading this got me thinkin better so thank u again

  • Jesse

    Man. This is crazy. So, I’m 16. My girlfriend is 14. But her mom is one of those protective women who doesn’t let her leave the house with out knowing that someone is going to be there to supervise at the place she is going. I’m not planning on doing it anytime soon, but within the next year or two would be cool. We joke around about the entire situation all the time. I am definitely ready.

    And to all these assholes calling girls who have had sex, sluts, are fucking idiots. Having sex is perfectly normal. It’s just like masturbation. It is pretty much the most natural thing in the world.

  • jbloverbug411

    okay well I’m only 14 and I’m a freshman in high school and my boyfriend is a junior and we haven’t been dating that long and he wants pics and sex and i mean i know I’m young and all but i kinda want to…..but I’m scared….i need all the help and advice i can get….good idea or bad?? i don’t wanna lose him!! i just don’t want it to hurt and stuff:(

  • Emanuel

    Hey! I am 18 boy, and I’m not a virgin. I regret it as hell. I lost it at my 15 years, and it was an epic fail. I wasn’t ready, and, it didn’t had any good “heating up”. I didn’t reach the 3 minutes, and it ended as fast as that, we chose to stop. Now, I might have a new chance, after these years to have a new “first time” with my current partner, whom is not a virgin, and is 21 ( I know, it’s an odd relationship, but hey, I love her, and did my job to make her love me as well). I have read the article, and I really enjoyed it. I’m going to get a few condoms and wish for the best. I will try to make her have a good time, even if I don’t need to penetrate. I want to start with a good oral for her. I really do want to have my new first time with someone I really LOVE. The days are short before she leaves for at least a month to Connecticut, and I really want to have a great time with her. I’ve been all night looking around the web for tips and the search really did brought a good harvest. I would like to end saying to you people who read this: don’t waste your first time with someone who you don’t appreciate. Don’t have sex with a random boy or girl you know a few months ago. Even more important, don’t have sex with someone who is pushing you to it. Wait for the moment. I will appear on its own. Wait for the time when you two feel ready for it; and, really, doubts will always be there, even in the experienced people. Be sure, if you believe, that love is there, as I consider it the most important, and please, don’t confuse love with holding hands and kissing, as it is much more than that: It is knowing each other, and wanting the BEST for you PARTNER. Well, I guess that’s enough. Bye; and I hope my little paragraph will let you experience a real, and good first time sexual relationship.

  • http://www.aol.com Brandon

    Hello guys im a 13 year old boy and i was wondering if i could get a girl preg. with 3 or 4 white spurts in her pussy….. and waz wondering if a 4 inch dick1 would hurt a 14 year old girl some one plz help me we are gonnafuck in 2 days at my house

  • http://blog.ovi.com him

    in my opinion one must follow its country cultures and morals becoz it lead to integrity of soceity which ultimately lead to development of country.
    If ur culture allows to have premarital sex u can go with that.
    Do sex before marriage to ur partner on which u trust,that doesnt hurt ur faith,and who will be the ultimate men/women u r looking for.
    Generally in western culture(devolped and rich countries) people often have sex before marriage with their partner.they dont think whether he/she is one i am looking for in my life which result in unwanted,teenage pregnancy and multiple marriage in life which affect their offspring which they do the same when become young and higher no of divorces and these young offspring when not getting proper parent love do crime in the soceity becoz they dont know about human culture and their values
    So too much openess about sex should be avoided.
    As a contrast, in eastern culure people do sex after marriage,value their culture and hence less multiple marriages and divorce.
    Crime is also there in the soceity becoz of illetracy,lack of knowledge,poverty,corruption,etc.
    2)if ur culture dont allow then do not do sex before marriage.try to follow ur culture otherwise it will not be good for the soceity.
    In the end my point is that keep pace with the modern world but at the same time value ur culture and believe in god also.
    Nothing is greater than being virgin for he/she u likes and who admires u and remain with u in all grudges,pain for the entire life.

  • christynbaby!

    this is soooooo sad! i am 16 (just turned it in december) & me & my.. boy toy (lol) have been together on & off since July of 2009. we are currently not together but we’re committed to each other because we have both decided that my first time would be him & he would not have sex with anybody else but me from now on (he has had many sexual partners), but to hear about twelve year old talking about how they had sex or really want to. come on. that’s ridiculous. just wait. it’s not that hard! i did it because i am so in love with this boy that I couldn’t give it to somebody else & be okay with it. & I want my first time to be special, so I’m waiting until we’re stable. we are going to have sex in february/march of 2013 because i’ll be 18 (an ADULT) & he’ll be 19 (also an ADULT) & I’ll be a senior & him, a college freshman. we will have also been together nearly 4 years & i can only imagine how much our love will have grown & how beautiful it will be when we finally make love & we blossom into an even deeper love, together. so, CHILDREN, keep it in your pants & cross your legs or become another statistic. smh.

  • DJ

    Ok, im 14 and i masturbate alot…and i recently hit puberty so i start cumming…but it doesnt seem like very much at all..its like 3 drops..is that normal?

    • DJ

      BTW im a boy

      • http://www.yahoo.com Brandon

        Yes that is so normal danny this means u havent hit full puberty yet like im 12 bout to be 13 and have 4 or 5 white spurts some people get bigger be4 others

  • I really don’t wanna say…Haha

    Okay, so I’m 15 and a virgin. My boyfriend is 16 and wants to have sex TOMORROW. I’m really nervous and I don’t know if I’ll do it right…I really, really like him. Like…Love him actually, and I do want to have sex with him, and I know how to be safe about it, but I’m not sure if he’ll fit. I don’t have a clue how big he is, and I have never done anything except for kissing. Please. I need advice and answers. I don’t want anyone to tell me I’m too young or to wait til I’m married, or anything…I just need answers ASAP.

    Ps. He has experience, and I know for a fact I’ll be insecure and too shy to tell him if something is wrong…

  • Elly

    Okay, so, I just lost my virginity this past Tuesday. I’m 18 and, I’ve dated my boyfriend for a little over year before I decided I was emotionally ready to have sex with him. A lot of women or, girls, say that they bleed and whatnot but, I didn’t. Only because I ride horses and it’s common to have your hymen broken from that. A huge fear of mine was that he’d be too big because I’m really tight and that it would hurt. But, it didn’t. I’m sooo glad I waited until now to do it. It was a long wait but, it was worth it.

  • anonymous

    America doesn’t have a culture and therefore having sex is something that every teen feels pressure to do before they get married, on the other hand if you have experience with a culture and rituals from a another country like in the middle East you will not have sex untill marriage because purity is very important and if you dont wait till marriage then sex you have before will just be fucking, not romantic, and certainly not pure. Waiting till marriage shows that you really love that person, because honestly no 16 year old will be in love when having sex or giving up their virginity. Sex is suppose to be something to define the love between you and your partner whether its your first or not.

  • Ky Dy

    Oh my god! everything i read is so true! i had my first time today at dawn, it was really fun but a little bit awkward cause my man has some serious …*cough*… and it was difficult for hi to enter, haha at least had a good time! but all I can say and advise to all those little ladies out there (im 18) is just to wait for the right time, (i did(proud of it(no regrets))) don´t do it with any guy that you don´t like, and take so much care otherwise it will be an awful experience instead of nice one!

  • Aristeo

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    Gotti my mentor so don’t go there wit me

  • sexyboy

    fuck me if u can
    only for old man having above 65year

  • Anny

    I’m 18 and I’m still a virgin. There’s been two guys who wanted to have sex with me but I said no. Plus they weren’t even my boyfriends! One of them was my friend but after a while he told me he was just kidding & tht be kinda weird since we known each other our whole lives. So that was a good thing. The other one was actually my ex, he kept insistin and beggin me to do it with him. Honestly I did want too cus I still love him a lot and I thought he wanted me back so I eventually said yes! But in the I didn’t have sex with him and now tht I think about it I’m glad I didn’t cus he just wasn’t the guy I would want to lose my virginity with. & to be honest I haven’t had a lot of boyfriends. Only two and not bcus guys don’t ask me out. They do but I just dnt wanna waste time on guys who juss want to have fun. I’m waiting for the right one and it doesn’t matter how long I have to wait.

  • anon


    • AngelicEmerald

      Okay, here’s the deal. I’ve been reading these posts for the past few months and they’re starting to really piss me off. I want you all to get the right image of me before I speak. I’m a 20 year old female who is still a virgin with no real interest in losing it anytime soon.

      My point here is that you all need to lay the hell off. Start using your damn brains. Yes, there are teens who have sex at the ages of 12 and 13 but do you want to know who’s fault that really is? Their parents. Not in a bad way, mind you, but if their parents had explained to them to real downfalls of sex in a serious manner from when they were younger, this kind of thing wouldn’t be such a big problem. My parents NEVER talked about sex. I NEVER got ‘the talk’ and I’m doing great. If you’re older and have kids, I’d say to shut the hell up and start blaming your own generation. It may not have been you but it was sure some others in your era.

  • anonymous


  • Haley

    so im 15 years old, and im with this guys and we havent done much yet. he wants to have sex and im not sure if im ready or not.. but i think i might be. i know to use a condom.. but im worried he doesnt know what to do because i dont know his sexual past. the thing im most concerned about is what to do. i know how to start of from reading above, but i get sick to my stomach thinking about what position you do.. im terrified to mess up and id love some help, thanks(:

    • anonymous

      Haley, you’re best to not have sex at such a young age. It’s not a responsible thing to do and not a very lady like thing to do. The best thing to do is to save such a pure an innocent thing like sex for someone you’re truly in love with and want to marry. If not, some where down the line, someone will make a mistake, you’ll end up pregnant and you will either hate the man for whatever reason(s), he’ll hate you, he’ll run away scared or you will both be forced to marry each other not really in love with each other but more like “in lust with each other”. Take care of having premarital sex, it ruins lives more then it “feels good for the moment”.

      • Haley

        thank you for the advice, ill really think about it now.

  • Ayomide

    Hi guyz, pls i need ur help. I am 18 years and a male frm Lagos, Nigeria, I dn’t have a girlfriend to have sex with and it’s hurting my feelings. Anytime i’m erect, I always do it with my hand and I wanna try it with a pussy. Can you pls link me with a girl in my area so we can get along. Thanks. N.B: (My penis is huge and you will enjoy it). Any girl interested should call me on 2348067954623.

  • Daniel

    Right well, Im a virgin and im 15 (almost 16) and so is my girlfriend, we both want to have sex but we have few problems… one of them is that my girlfriend is worried what to expect and two is that we have no place to do it. Basically i am asking for suggestions of places… Would it be wrong to tell my mum that i wanted her to go out for a little while? I have no idea on how im going to find a place to do it… Would appreciate some help ;)

    • anonymous

      Please read what I wrote to Haley a few posts down.

      • anonymous

        Just apply the logic I gave her with the reverse of sexes. Instead of him, replace with her.

  • bill

    how do u get it in i used lubricant but we still couldnt get it to work

  • Mee!

    Hey People..Im 17, and still a virgin…Im not scared of having sex or smfn..I just dont know hwat will happen..Will I start bleeding if he uts his penis right inside of me, or will I start bleeding later….I know my bf expects frm me to hav sex soon, so I just need help with this..:S Help me!

  • Aathi

    Hey. . .what r al d benifitz n disadvantages of makin handjob twice a day:-p

  • Jahnae

    Im 15 and STILL A VIRGIN! but i want to have sex so bad but im scared. I have PLENTY of times to have sex but I dont know what to do and i don’t want to make a fool of myself. Can somebody please help me and tell me what you think I should do.

    • Jahnee

      Hello jahnee, i think you will need some1 like me coz i’m lonely and i’m experienced so it can’t hurt you. Please call me if u are interested 2348067954623. We can even start dating if you don’t mind.

  • http://www.Naijaloaded.com Daz me

    I need a virgin(girl)…so we could have a nice time together, coz am a virgin too…

  • Kaileen

    So I am 19 and still a virgin. I have never had a boyfriend and now the guys at college with me (especially the ones that I like and like me) are experienced and I’m not. I want to not worry about having sex for the first time anymore. I kind of just want to ask one of my guy friends (the one I have in mind is attracted to me, as I to him, but we would never date) to have sex. I trust him and know him really well and I just want to get this out of the way. Is that a bad idea? What should I do?

  • poppp

    i need help me and my boyfriend are both 14 we feel ready to have ex as we have been toghether for 2 years he has had sex befor i havent i dont no if it will hurt should i shower after ? i have spoke to him about it but should i ask him to go softly a 1st as i might hurt me how long will it ast shouldi give him heaad befor should i kiss him when we are hain sex HELP ME PLEASE

  • anonymous

    I had sex for the first time today, im 19. We didnt use a condom which i regret, he didnt cum inside me though, is there a chance i could be pregnant though?

    • Dany

      Well, truth is, you should have used a condom, even if the guy didnt cum inside you, there is still a chanse you would get pregnant. Shure the chanses arent as big as if he would have cum inside you, but there is still a chanse, otherwize, there wouldnt be that much need for condoms to have sex.

  • maria

    oh my god i am 10 yrs old and i fucking rub my pussy when my parents are out and i am alone and i always love the way it feels and one time since i have stairs i was fucking my pussy on the pole and oh my god and by the way my pussy looks so good right now

    • Dany

      your getting me hoooott..!!!….haha

    • Dalton

      Im 12 and that just gave me a major bonner!

  • http://lalala@yahoo.com denanish

    IT FEELS so goood . i just had sex ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck

  • hamza

    hi everybody i m a male of 21..i wana enjoy the fucking life plz help me ths is for all the girls:(

  • bethany

    i’m 14 & a girl two hours ago i had sex with my boyfriend he is 16, we had no problem getting it in but it was hurting bad he asked me but i told him no cuz i didnt want him to stop so in the end it started to get really nice we couldnt stop doing it guess how long we was having sex for a hour n a half :L i know anywaywell we couldnt stop doin it like it was so nice we done it in his bedroom in a single bed i know crazy in it :L well anyway his mam was down stair she could hear his bed going banging against the wall his mother thought he fell or sumthing :Lx she came rushing up stair and crush in to his bedroom & catched us :L:L:/ she told im to get of so he did she pull me up and said who r u n ?? i said bethany i am ur sons girlfriend she said to me how old r u i said 14 y , u should be havin sex at the age of 14 my son is 16 he alritee but not u i was so unhappy like my boyfriend came home with me and way bbecause his mother n father throw him out , i know sad in’it LOL

  • kody

    Im 18 and still a virgin im not going to lie i do want to have sex in a bad way but im just wating for the right person although im not ready to be a father yet so i will wear a condom another thing im pretty big almost 8 inches but would viagra help with me lasting longer when its the right time when i do make love i dont want to dissapoint her any advice would be greatly apprecaited my email is


  • Dalton

    All of you all seem to up-tight about givine eachother orgasms and what not. At 17 (almost 18), I am a virgin. I have a beautiful girlfriend who is also a virgin. We’ve never had any experience, so we both know it’ll be a lillt akward for the first time. Probably the first couple times. Weather your not a virgin or you are you should know that your first time isn’t gonna be all fireworks and what not. It’s most likely going to be akward, scary, and confusing. If you don’t know that, then your probably not ready to be sharing yourself with someone.

  • Therisa Tyrer

    I’m 16 and i’m still a virgin but i’m considering havin sex now to my boyfreind *i’ve benn with him for 3 years* and because my hormones r going wild, whenever we *get in the mood* i tell him to stop not because i dont want to do it but because i know the curcomstanses and i dont agree on abortion, som1 reply cos i dont know wot to doo :( xxxx

    • http://www.Naijaloaded.Com Daz me

      Am 17 dont have a girl friend…Sooo sad. I would be lovely to my girl but no one to love. Can somebody here help me out, am getting sick! :(

    • Aristeo

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  • http://www.orkut.com mushtaq

    if you sex with a 16 year old girl than does any problem occur in her periods

  • im him

    hi im a boy and a virgin and i want to give my girl,also a virgin, an orgasm the first time. does oral sex aka cunnilingus work on unpenetrated virgin girls? plz help i want to give her a night to remember.

  • im him

    hey im a boy and a virgin and i want to give my girl, also a virgin, an orgasm the first time round. does oral sex work on virgin girls who have not been penetrated? i know i probably couldnt give her one when im inside her but maybe i could with my tongue. plz help i want to make it a night to remember.

  • Angel

    okay so i how someone replys to this fast. i am 14 years old and have had sex but its been a while so i am a really tight still. on the other hand my boyfriend is super HUGE! so i think its going to hurt really bad. any one have any tips?

  • Bri

    Im a virgin. I dont want to use a condom the 1st time because it will feel different. Is it safe to take the “back up” pill the day after intercourse if you are on birth control?

    • jolie

      hi Bri
      i think a condom is better cuz i guess u don’t want to contract an STD. anyway,i think u shldn’t rush. u’re still young

  • Bri

    Hi, I’m 14 years old and my boyfriend is 15. I’m a virgin but he has experience. We are planning to have sex for the first time in January, when we have off from school for regents week. I don’t want to use a condom my 1st time because i know it will feel different. I want to use birth control. Is it safe to use the “back up” pill while on birth control as a double pre-caution? And what is it like the first time from a teen’s point of view please

    • trigun

      hey bri i dont know if u have checked this but if u buy the right condom u wont knw the difference i have experience and have done it with both on and off .If u truly feel passionate for your lover then it wont matter u will enjoy the experience take it slow and enjoy eachother

  • April

    jesus christ! all you people calling 16 year olds sluts, you need to shut up to be honest. it’s legal at 16, from the age of 16 it’s your choice whether you want to have sex or not. i agree that before 16 you shouldn’t have sex, but if you’re legal and with someone you really care about then there’s nothing wrong with it.

    • Anonymous

      Actually, according to federal state laws in th united states, 18 is the legal age to have sex. Not 16 unless you have parental consent. Don’t believe me? Look it up!

      • Jack

        Actually, State laws trump Federal laws in most cases… (this is one of those cases lol)

        Federal statutes on this type of thing are back-ups in case the individual state does not have a law, or if the person commits another crime (like robbing a bank while having sex with a 16 year old girl… robbing a bank is a federal crime so then the federal court could also enforce the under 18 law whereas if they didn’t have that, they could only charge them on the bank law… )

      • Ashley

        Actually, that is not true everywhere. Like for instance, I live in Florida, and a 16 year old can date and have sex with someone up to 24 years old. You don’t have to be 18… Don’t believe me? Look it up! =)

      • Soph

        Does that still make a 16 year old a slut? Even if it is illegal who gives a fuck? When its right…its right.

        • michelle

          u r rigth,me and my boyfriend will be do it for the frist time,and im 14,we r doing on my brithday,i will be 15 and he and me read this thing and he dosent want to embarass himself by missing up and i just dont want to get prego,we got condoms but i think its not enough!

  • c.birdy

    okay im 12 i am not a virgin so sadd but i do regret i was 2 young i had sex with 1 boy he was 13 it didnt really hurt like i felt it nd this 2 all the girls jus wait 2 your ready but it might feel fuckin alsome but jus wait

  • helpful hint :)

    Ok so ima try to help answer some of yur questions. first of all for any girl thats a virgin: if yu know yur goin to have sex make sure yur wearing a pad because once yu finish having sex he has broken yur hymen (popped yur cherry) so yur going to bleed. i cant tell yu how much cuz every girl is different. secondly yu will most likely feel alittle bit of pain (try biting or scratching him it helps relieve sum pain, but not too hard lol). biggest factor make sure yur comfortable nd relaxed bcuz if yur not his penis is not going to go in. another thing is yu shuld make sure yur wet enough itll make it so much easier for him to go in. let him kno its yur first time so he knows not to go in too deep or be too rough with yu. after the first couple of strokes prolly bout 6, yu wont feel any pain. thats wen yu start to enjoy it all ;)…well all i can say now is good luck nd plz use a condom yu wouldnt want an std or a baby. if yu have anymore questions feel free to ask :)

    • siveoner

      I tried to have sex with my 16 year old girlfriend last night…well it didn’t go ass planed…it didn’t go at all…at first i was so nervous that it took me 2 minutes to put the condom on..and i still dont know if i did it right :P ….she was on top and we couldn’t…well it took me kinda 5 minutes to penetrate and I was asking her if she was in pain..she told me that she was but only a little…so the thing kept going on for 30 seconds and it still didn’t work,so i told her to go on top and we where so nervous that i didn’t even want to tell her to sight right ( right means the way they do it in porn movies :P ) and so we changed back again…well at that point something started to happen and everything was good i suppose..but after a while she told me she was in pain and i told her it was only natural but i would stop if she wanted….so i did…EPIC FAIL…but she want us to try again this saturaday… at least i will know what not to do :p …and we will both feel more comfortable

    • Skitts

      I have a question, I am not 19. I am not a virgin I lost my virginity at 18. Well i recently had Sex. The guy i had it was larger then my previous partners. We had many complications. The first time i was on top it was rather well it a sit stance. The second, we did many different positions to spice it up. The second time was painful i couldn’t enjoy it at ALL. I didn’t want him to stop I wanted to satisfy him. It felt he was hit a wall or something he was like jamming it in I had mentioned it hurt he apologized. But all of the positions we performed hurt bad. He claims he didn’t even have it all in???? I’m think how did you not have it all in and still hurted. Then the condom came off inside me??? he put it back on it did it again? I think it was too lubricated. I just couldn’t enjoy myself at all. Now, I am hurting. I feel bad though because I wasn’t able to enjoy it and I think he knew it because after-wards he said I wanted to stop in the middle of it, I said no its fine. I kinda feel awkward talking to him now. Any advice or answers?

    • im her

      hi im 15 and still a virgin and i want to have sex with my bf but i’m afraid and embarressed that i’m gonna do something wrong like make funny noises when i moan or something, idk what to do, i dont want to be a virgin anymore i just want to have perfect sex without any screwups can someone HELP. not sure what to do.?

  • Anomyniousilly Bobble

    Yeah so literally just had sex for the first time at 19 with my second ex. Was really worried that I didn’t last long. I wasn’t 100% turned on (tired, taken by surprise and very nervous), but we still fucked and I came. it didn’t feel very long at all, but when she told me when we started the whole process and when we finished an hour or more had gone by so im trying to put it in the ball park of 5-10 min…? not sure, but it felt that way i guess. She said she’s dtf this winter, im just worried performance wise about this first time.. Am I worried over nothing, that it is normal to c** pretty fast the first time?

  • Maria

    Okay I’m 15 and iM a virgin!!. And I’m so happy I am. Girls over here talking about how they lost it at 13 damn!. I don’t know. Maybe just masturbate til your ready. In sex aid class they said practice moaning so when you have sex. Maybe try moaning and mentally you’ll feel good and get alot of juice down there. The only reason I’m a virgin is because my mom raised me better than that. And I could never go and do something bad cus I know I’ll regret it later. My friend is 16 and she’s a mom of a 2 month old. You think I want that as a future? Nah Uh. So girls that are younger or the same age please think about it….like come on now… Now a days every teenager wants to be grown already. And now everyone thinks girls are sluts and this and that if u Seen how I look you’ll think I’m not a virgin and that’s what I hate but as long as I know what I am it’s no worries. Ima just wait til I’m atleast 17 18 or out of school. No nigga is that important anyway right(: just masturbate it’s healthy anyway. Oh by the way happy THANKSGiVING!!.

    • JUST ME


      • jolie

        i like your principle.. keep it up. i’m 22 and in my final year at the university..still a virgin

        • Jake12345

          Ok in response to the 22 year old virgin u can act like ur abstaining but if you’ve gone through College then u r an ugly sack of shit and to the person who says there is less crime in eastern culture because people abstain u r sounding like a retard the middle east is in the EAST key word in middle east being east and they have that abstain till marriage culture but whats going on there suicide bombings and a war don’t act all cool u virgin fags

          • Annie20

            Jake12345, I don’t know what the hell you’re problem is? You have no idea what you’re talking about if you think the only reason someone would be a virgin at 22 is because they are ugly. Personally I am not a virgin, but I know lots of beautiful girls in college with me who you’d be surprised were virgins. And I’m betting good money you an ugly sack of shit virgin yourself. Second I do agree that saying because the Middle East has a different view on sex means there is less crime. Opinion of sex before marriage has no baring on crime rates, plus the Middle East has very high crime rates. But that way you went about that, calling them “fags” makes you sound more like a fucking imbecile than a person with a strong argument. So next time before you shit on your keyboard and call it a coercive response, use the minuscule capabilities of your brain and come up with something intelligent to say.

    • Briana

      I’m 18 and still a virgin. I’m dating the most amazing guy in the world. He’s not a virgin but he proposed that we wait until marriage. Which I think sounds like an amazing idea. Doing it the traditional way because once you lose your virginity, it’s no longer there. So stay strong, I promise you it’s totally worth it.

      • anonymous

        Listen to Briana, she speaks words of wisdom. Wait until you are engaged or married. You are better off.

        Not knowing your child is having sex at 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 is just out right crappy parenting.

        • cassy

          u cant just say thats crappy parenting because kids just might b alittle too afraid to tell their parents because of fear of what they might say i mean look at it in your perspective. would you tell your mom who trust you so much with everything and that you can talk to that you haveing sex because she might feel like she didnt do a good job as a mother.

    • Kinaco

      Thank you so much! I am so glad I read this, you just stopped me from doing something I really wouldve regreted later on, like you said 13 and having sex is just plain stupid when you thnk about it, but I need to find a way to break it to him that i want to wait withought hurting his feelings….

  • Sweet-T.i

    i tired to have sex with my girlfriend today she is a virgin but it was totally diffidence to do coz there was no way for me to enter, it was sealed and she was crying over it so i stop coz i don’t want to hurt her. but she is now thinking that i don’t love her anymore so she is forcing me to do it, but am afraid that she might get hurt coz my dick is very big to be sincere is there a way for to dis virgin her without her getting hurt plz help coz am confuse
    your advice will be helpful to me so much.

    • Megan

      Dear Sweet-T.i,
      My advice to you about “de-virgining” your girlfriend in a less painful manner is to finger her first. Start with one finger and it should losen up some more where you can put two in and if you want you can gradually get to three. After fingering her I’m sure it’d be a lot easier on her. I hope my advice helps you and others with this difficulty! (:
      <3 Megan <3

      • lesley

        uhm i have been with my botfriend for a while and i really like him i actually think i love him. i know he loves me. we keep joking around about having sex but we havent had the actual talk. its a little embarasing. im a virgin but he isint. he actually has had alot of experience. i wanna give it a try and have sex but im sorta scared. i have read alot and i now a girl is supose to bleed the first time. he ofiously knows that. my first question is when the girl starts to bleed is it noticeable…….i also now that it hurts the first time………so my second question how long does it hurt for and after he ( d virginizes you) does it stop to hurt or does it continue to hurt. i really wanna have sex with him but im just a little concerned……..plz plz plz respond ur advice and answers could really help…

      • lesley

        uhm i have been with my botfriend for a while and i really like him i actually think i love him. i know he loves me. we keep joking around about having sex but we havent had the actual talk. its a little embarasing. im a virgin but he isint. he actually has had alot of experience. i wanna give it a try and have sex but im sorta scared. i have read alot and i now a girl is supose to bleed the first time. he ofiously knows that. my first question is when the girl starts to bleed is it noticeable…….i also now that it hurts the first time………so my second question how long does it hurt for and after he ( d virginizes you) does it stop to hurt or does it stop to hurt.y third question is after the first tie does teh second time hurt or no. i wanna have sex with my boyfriend cuz i think it might be time but im really concerned..please please please respond ur comments,advice,answers anything can really help.

    • karen

      Then u should tell her to understand cuz she probably going to a hard time

      • anonymous

        A few things, don’t have sex underage, not a responsible thing to do. Even as an adult, it’s best kept for true love because if you were to… you know… cum inside her, heck… even accidentally let it drip down there, she could get pregnant. It’s not worth the trouble.

    • http://www.google.com aman

      hey dude dont be afraid of doing sex bcoz i am also facing the same problem aa .ask ur grl frd not to cry a lot when having sex for the first time.and by the way my dear friend how old u and ur girl are. at the last cams

    • http://www.askstudent.com dark tent

      start small with ur fingers and move up

  • tom padel

    What about man on man acton?

    • anonymous

      WRONG just as woman on woman action is WRONG.

      And I’m not even religious and I believe that.

      • non-named

        Um, homosexuality is most certainly not wrong. I should know considering I am a homosexual. It is a perfectly natural thing.

        • anonymous

          Homosexuality is plain wrong. Not touting you. THINK! Genetics, whats the major purpose of sex and sexuality……. reproduction… – come on guys, lets just deal with facts… let pleasure come after. Sex is primarily for reproduction. Now where is it that Male Humans give birth to offspring. Nowhere!

          In short… Homosexuality is a choice outside of the “natural purpose and direction and communication of sex.” It is “not the natural direction of sexuality.” Fact!

          That your gay doesn’t make you less human. But it presents morals that are not accepted in society as a whole, and more relevant and importantly in nature.

    • AngelicEmerald

      Okay, first of all, it’s only wrong because society says it is. Think of it this way; what if, since the beginning of time, homosexuality was natural? I bet you never thought of it that way.

      I’m not saying I agree or disagree with it, but I’ve never had a problem with it. You are who you are. Don’t people say that God makes people any way he wants. So people who live on one side are natural.

  • Paul

    Me and my girlfriend tried doing it twice yesterday…We failed…. As i said we TRIED twice. Me penis wouldn’t fit in her vagina (finally proved to myself i do have a big dick…) But yeah… Does anyone have any recommendations? Should we use lube or something? Someone help. Thanks.

  • Alex12

    If you really want to learn how to have sex, go to Howtohavesexlikeamaster.com It is a wonderful guide that explains every detail.

  • Nat E

    Nice website, though i must disagree with Mysterious Dr. X and newlyweds. people used to have sex at age 12. So 13 or 14 is not that much different. as for their parents disagreeing i cannot imagine them not. Again thank you for the website, very interesting.

  • VirginGuyNeedsSex

    I looking for someone to have sex n am a guy 14 yrs old n am still virgin

  • SamAssFucker

    I can satisfy ur desire cause i like to have anal sex too

  • JammyGirl

    Hii im 14 , me n my boyfriend have been goin out for 1 year ‘ andd the other night he was talkin to me about sex and that he thinks we shud do it were both virgins andd he wants me to be his first and i want him to be my first but im scaredd i dont no if i can do it at such a young age we will do it safe and romantic and all that lot , i love himm soo muchh and its my birthday soon and thats wen he wants to do it cuz ill be 15 ‘ WHAT SHUD I DOO !!!!!!!! Xx

  • Lala

    What the fuck with girls losing it at age 16 and 17? sluts. you would know what to do if you were older, whores.

  • sajawal

    hi dear ! i am nice and cute boy . any bady nice and cute girl excapet my frendship plz contac me my e-mail id haqsajawal@ymail .com and my cel # +923452498252 . ok tc by by .

  • vaginalicker

    i like eating pussy

    • what to do?

      ok….so I’m 18yrs. old and still a virgin…i have my bf and he is experience…and he turns meee on with the things he says…but i’m really scared because his dick is s0 big and idk if it gonna hurt…so i do it and get it over with or wait?

  • http://howtohavesexlikeamaster.com Alexander

    If you want to know the steps to great sex or just what to do to please her, look at howtohavesexlikeamaster.com

  • Mark

    Okay, im 15, I know im ready for sex and so is my girlfriend, we talk about it often, i have a 6 and a half inch penis but what im worried about is my testicle, my left is 4 inches in diameter but my right is 1/3 the size, will my girlfriend be creeped out by this? i want to tell her of this growth but its kind of hard to bring up in conversation, also im a virgin with no sexual experience.

    Thank You,

  • changedhermind

    hey, i’m 15 and i’ve been with my boyfriend for a long time now and i really love him. i was considering having sex with him because i wanted to experience the intimacy and closeness with him. now i have realised that i definitely want to wait until i’m 16 or older to have sex or i will really regret it after reading your comments, so thankyou everyone for putting me down the right path. i realised that i can be intimate with him in other ways than having sex.

  • lill

    I am 17 and me and my bf have been going out for 6 years now and we’ve known each other since we were 5 yrs. old. We recently have had sex for the first time now. Through the years we have talked about it and even tried, but things didn’t really seem to work out right. So when we finally had sex for about 10-20 minutes with the lights off. I enjoyed it! Afterwards I really didn’t know what to say but i told him I had fun! We showered together and cuddled in his room .

  • MaggytheVamp

    Ok do my bf and I have been talking about having sex for a while. We rarely see each other but we remain loyal to each other. It’s both of our first time and he said he wanted to make it perfect. I thought this was really sweet but when I found out that it was before a play rehearsal in a COMUNITY building/school building I was like wow. His friends have a record about when they first have sex and he’s just a few months below that record. He’s trying to rush us having sex and I wanted to mention that I don’t like being used. I do want to have sex with him but not when he’s using me

  • David

    how do i know if im ready to have sex, when me and my gf kiss, after a little wile we tend to go a little more than that, and i think that bit more is sex, but we never actually get there. I dont know why, and when the time is coming i kinda get scared lol…i feel like im ready, but when time comes i cant make up my mind lol….so what do you recomend?
    PS: In 16

    • danielle

      i think you should wait and stay with what you’re doing for now. it seems like you want to but are a bit unsure about it, maybe talk to your partner about it. you’ll know when you’re ready because you won’t have these doubts in your mind.

  • danielle

    I’m 17 and i lost my virginity to my current boyfriend, i only waited two months of being with him and i know some people will judge me for that but i had liked him for over a year before we got together and i know he liked me too. Also, i had a friend that was with a guy for a year befoe having sex, a week after he dumped her. so i think if a guy (or girl!) is going to use you, they will do it anyway. Just make sure you have sex when YOU want to and feel ready to, not them!anyway, i don’t regret my choice because i know we both love eachother. but i’m going to give you guys some tips about what to expect because sometimes it’s better to hear it from someone your age and who knows where you’re coming from.

    firstly, it’s NOT like in the movies where everything is perfect, but thats okay. we were both virgins so we just went with it, and even if you’re partner isn’t a virgin, i’m sure they’ll be thrilled that your giving them such a privelege that they won’t mind! if you’re really unsure, maybe you aren’t ready for sex yet.

    The first time did hurt a bit for me, but it’s different for everyone. foreplay helps alot, the wetter you are the easier it is to have sex, and it’s less painful. but i don’t know anyone who has been in so much pain that they never wanted to do it again, so don’t worry, it’s not that bad!

    The one point that i really want to make is please make sure you are doing it for you and not for your partner! make sure you actually like or love this person, because that is what makes it special. that is what sets ‘making love’ apart from just having sex. During it, i felt so connected to my boyfriend and just felt so in love, it was a really great feeling. i feel so much closer to him now, which is a great thing!

    lastly make sure you use protection, if you can have birth control and a condom that is ideal, especially if you’re parnter isn’t a virgin, but never have unprotected sex unless you want a baby or an std, basically just go with your instincts, trust me there’s nothing you can really do wrong if you take it slow, and if anything does get akward, you and your partner will probably laugh about it later! all in all, it’s an amazing experience to have with someone you love.

    oh and if you get grossed out by any of this, or feel embarrassed to bring it up with your partner, you are NOT ready for sex!

  • http://www.twitter.com/itszjessi JessUhKah

    Quick Q: Ladies: what size was the first guy you had sex with?

    My bf was 11inches. LMFAO my friends still call me crazyyyyyyyy! It hurt and I bled some but it was an overall lovely experince. LOL

  • http://www.twitter.com/itszjessi JessUhKah

    heres my thoughts. I mean to offend no one and I’m nost forcing my words on any of you. This is not mental rape XD


    I think you SHOULD wait till marriage. But I understand that’s hard and can even make you go “Why wait that long?” Well marriage is a beautiful thing. To give such a precious gift (your virginity) to the person you just committed spending the rest of your life with is too sweet. Too lovely. I’ll admit I did not wait till marriage BUT that leads me to the second part of what I wanted to say….

    You’d do better waiting until you’re older. I don’t like the idea of people under 18 having sex but 16 is a lot better of an age than 12 O_O
    I really like that I didnt have sex until 18.
    I like that I waited until I fell in love with the guy.
    I like that I knew him for 2+ years before we even had oral sex.

    What I dont like is that:
    -we only used a condom ONCE
    Why? Because I can’t get pregnant and he didnt have any STDs but I still wish we had been as safe as we could’ve
    -I got lots of UTI’s from frequent sex and not immediately peeing after I was done

    My main message is wait. If not than please BE SAFE! It really is better with someone you care about and they care about you. I still wish I was a virgin sometimes but I’m happy I lost it to the one guy I fell in total LOVE with.

    I’m not saying you’re bad kids because your hormones make it difficult to do what’s best sometimes. Never let anyone tell you you’re horrible for something you couldn’t totally control. Some of us have issues with sex. We were raped. Forced to do it. Or maybe television magazines and radio sations got you hooked onto the whole “sex isnt a big deal” thing. Let me tell you: It is. Sex is a very big deal. STDs and pregnancy can change your whole life. You’re never ready for a disease and at a young age you’re not really ready for a baby.

    Wait till you are older. Wait for love. Wait for the right time and right place.


  • Drew

    Uh, that could be a problem.

  • Sara babie

    Me nd my bf has been dateing 4 like a few months.He invited me over to hav a drink.And yes i meen alchol. I was so drunk and i think im pregnant!!!!!!!! Any help???

  • Ashlee

    First time sex hurts really bad! Just cause were not used to have things stuck up in us. You know? After u do it more its less painfull. Just watch out for STDs and bein ”Prego” lol. Other wise hav lots of fun ;)

  • kieran

    thanks for this!

    i feel more sure of what to do now!


  • emily =p

    If ur younger than 15 (like me) just wait untill ur married or find that person. Or you’ll FUCK ur life up! And yes im a virgin :)! I hav a bf an if he ever asked to hav sex id break up. For u peeps over 18, shut the fuck up! Who cares if were on here. An nobody cares about u havein 3 sums and 69s!!!! haha xD You anit nothin but, whores! And im hott, i just hav since. So get off hers u horney basterds! :p lol.

  • emily =p

    First of all im 14 years old, and dont worry i havent has sex yet. Im just on here cause im concerned? I belive you shuld be married or with someone u love. So for all you whiny assholes who wat to hav sex OH WELL!! Dont be a whiny lil bitch, fuckin WAIT! Thankyouz! :)

  • Mike

    Do guys have to pull their foreskin before penetration or it happens automatically while entering?

    • allyXx

      Eww, yall are nasty lil basterds! lol.

    • Lela

      Girls dont worry sex is so much fun! The first time hurts an its werid, but get use to it. I’m 19 years old, an a former model.Ive had sex maybe 20 or more times. ; ) It feels sooooo good! Just use protection.
      P.s any hot 18 an over guys out there? Im a tan blonde beauty!

    • SceneQueen15

      I just wanted to say that if ur younger than 15 why r u thinkin about sex??? Im 17 years old nd i hav had sex lots!! :))) I lost it at 16. At least i waited rite?

    • Kayyllaa =D

      Hello im Kayla, a 19 year old. And TRUST me u dnt wanna have sex if ur really young! I lost it at 16 and got KNOCKED UP! I hav a two year old, Byrice. But, his asshole of a father LEFT! The guys will leave u! All they want is SEX!!! And even if u use s condom its gonna happen. WAIT!!!

    • Emileh =P

      First of all, anyone younger than 18 (Like me) shuld not hav sex at all! A few of my friends r like “Omg, ive had sex im so old now” Honestly they need 2 shut the fuck up! Cuz im pretty sure 99% of them are virgins. Its called peer pressure. Just cuz u have had sex does’nt make u old or uh-mazin! It makes u a whore! Or for guys a dumbass. And by the way rumors go around fast. If ur young than wait! Many of bad things can happen!! Like bein PREGO or havin a STD. Hopefully u lil nasty freaks will wait. And why are there fuckin 13 year olds talkin bout how they’ve had sex and bla bla bla… when their lying! haha get a LIFE! Your fake storys our gettin old.
      : ) -Emily- ( :

    • PUSSY


  • His vampire

    Ok im 17 gonna be 18 soon, and lately when im with my BF the urge fuels up, but i’m scared. I’m still a virgin and i’ve been dating the guy since i was about 14 and he was 15, im mainly scared of the pain, and just the thought. And he may be 18 now but he lives with his grandparents who are kinda strict it seems so………any advice?

  • Georgia

    I am going to have sex with my boyfriend soon we attemped it the other but couldnt get his penis in. Does anyone have any tips on how to get it in?

    • LeeLu33

      Dude imma chika and i just lost mine last night, it fucking hurt!!!! i was really relaxed and everything! we used a condom and lube n shit but omfg it hurt sooooo bad! (note: he was rather large and i am REALLY tight) but once it was in it didnt hurt much. And i orgasmed so i think this site is shit and to it i say FUCK YOU!

    • tam tamer

      if you’ve been with him awhile, youve done a lot – maybe he eats ya – let him do it so you cum a few times – this will loosen & relax you a lot – lube or spit helps too – get it in, even if only the head – ok if it doesnt go all in the 1st time – name of the game is to go only as far & fast as you allow, without pain – i’ve experienced 7 cherries in over a year and ALWAYS get them cumming a lot & relaxed before even trying to get it in -

  • Georgia

    I might have sex with my boyfriend soon, we attemped the other day and we couldn’t get it in. Does anyone have tips on how to get the penis in?

  • Zee

    Hi I m 13 never had sex but my bf’s friend is askin me 2 have sex wit him and i m not ready need help or just contact me on my email: zee_waz@yahoo.com or my phone line +2340831130942 please contact be4 it is too late.

  • Cynthia

    well, i was more scared of giving and recieving oral sex than actually having sex and i had sex before i gave or recieved oral sex! it wasn’t a big deal for me losing my virginity, just happened really.

  • Trina1991

    My first time was when I was 13. I was drunk and had just met the guy – he was 17. I had no idea that was going to happen!
    It was painful as I was too dry and he wasn’t very patient. I got ripped so there was blood the next day and pain when peeing that lasted a day or two. That put me off sex and it was over a year until I slept with someone else. This time was uncomfortable but not painful. Foreplay or lube is key! Take your time and don’t feel bad if you need to tell him to stop. Sex Will get better with practice and is always better with someone you care about! Oh and in a comfortable environment! Good luck to all in this nervewracking time!

  • Brittany

    My boyfriend and I are 15 he’s a bit older by a month but we’ve been dating now for 4 years with no problems and he is very protective of me anyways a couple of nights ago we decided mayb we should try sex but It turned out we both kind of rejected that and stuff but some nights he’ll come up to me and grab me and be all sweet while talking in my ears and then sometimes we get intmate one night I tried to have sex with him but he felt akward and tried to avoid it but he went anyways we had a blast at it and I’m happy but I can’t shake the feeling that he’s not ready or anything from the looks and sound and stuff from him it seems he’s nearly done with puberty or is done with it
    by this attitude I’m very confused by him but I love him he’s reall sweet and charming and sexy

  • http://www.yogeshojha_81@ahoo.co.in yogesh

    This is Yogesh from Delhi i want to learn with u i don’t have have girl friends but i am virgin so how can i sex with the girl…..can u tell me please.

    Your Friends

  • http://www.seekgod.com Blessing

    Is it advisible to beg a guy after when he dump you b/c of you are a virgin and refuse sex?

  • http://www.seekgod.com Blessing

    I am a 24yrs old virgin, my b/f have been disturbing me to have sex with him, but am much afraid b/c diesease or pregnant, so we cut off the relationship, but i love the more i can do without him what should i do please help me b/4 it worst on me.

  • Jakob

    Woah there, cowboy. You’re 13. Us adults have all been-there-done-that and we know that 99.9% of you haven’t even been “down there” yet. Save yourself the embarrassment,kiddo and stop talking about your sex life. Stick with your wet dreams. Think about a 5 year old smoking a cigarette and attempting to share stories about the girl he boinked the other night. This is how ridiculous you sound to us. To sum it up – please shut the hell up about that 42 incher you claim to hide in your skin- tight jeans. You don’t see respected adults walking around bragging about their sex life do you? No. Leave sex to the grown ups, kiddos. Condoms don’t come in size “my balls haven’t even dropped”. Trust me, you’ll be embarrassed later. We arent taking you seriously.

  • http://www.askstudent.com/tips/having-sex-for-the-first-time-heres-what-to-expect/#comment-81236 asia-marie

    ok well im only 13 and my boyfrend is a bit older but we rely dnt care but ohh my goodness we have been thinking of having sex for a while and i think we mite do it relly soon n im rely scared lol ! cas his dickk is big ! lol n i feel like its not gunna go in wat shud i do !?

    • Briana

      In all honesty, you shouldn’t do it especially at your age. If you’re scared, you’re not ready to have sex with him. Especially, if you’re the kind of girl who wants to have sex with someone she’ll be with years to come. 13 isn’t the time to do it. D: But that’s just my advice. It’s going to hurt, because you’re young and he’s well endowed. Make sure you have birth control too, because you can never be to safe. I’m eighteen and still a virgin for good reasons. I was too scared to have sex but I’m with somebody I really want to give it to. So, if you’re younger. . . Take your time. Make sure you’re with this person for a very long time and make sure they’re in love with you. You don’t want to make the biggest mistake in your life. You know? Best wishes.

    • Leotorpedo

      Well I’m 13 nearly and I’ve been in a some serious realtiomships and is in one now for 3 years
      but you really shouldn’t have sex now I’m pretty sure if you do have a bf that’s a little older than you can’t go into cvs and go bye condoms it’s impossible now kissing or hugging is fine with me and my girl but we haven’t became sexually active I’d advise you or anyone if you are 15 and under do not have sex

  • kamille

    it feelso good to have sex it`s nice so nice ah ah ah ah ah baby nice.

  • danielle

    I have had sex with my boyfriend many times, but every time it is always agony getting it in me and when we are having sex, I always feel relaxed and comfortable around him but I still have not once enjoyed it, what’s wrong with me? please reply x

    • Brittany

      Well let’s see if u don’t enjoy sex u may not feel lik errr a spark between u and him I’m 17 and I hav the most amazing bf and I love him alot but I’ve been down this road my ex and I had sex lik 2 times both times I didn’t enjoy because he had no feeling to it so I left and found someone better and I enjoy having sex With him it’s so amazing and he’s so nice he checks on jus to make sure I’m fine I love him!

      • eduardo

        ok can i practise on u to see if your good plz here is my number if u wanna call me so u could tell me bye the phone 323 399 51 32 ok

  • Matttttt11

    okay, im confussed.
    I have had sex with alot of girls, and each time i lasted about 20 – 40 mins each time depending.
    But i now have settled down with a girl and i only last about 1 minute. this is really strange as every other girl i lasted longer on, i’ve tried not thinking about it, but i dont know. However the first time i had sex with her i lasted 15 minutes but i tried a differnt posistion and lasted little time?
    anyone got any idea why, btw im 16.

    • ali

      hello my name is ali and im a pharmacist
      here is the thing..what you have is a condition called” premature ejaculation”.alot of guys your age and older have this condition.its not like a disease or something but its more like a psychological thing.if you have already tried not to think about it with no positive results,i would reccommed one of the following:
      try to use condom in case u werent.it did work for some guys or
      try to masturbate 1 hour before having sex with your girlfriend,usually the second time lasts longer but i wouldnt recommend for older guys..or
      try to desensitize your penis by using something like lidocaine cream.
      there are other ways but they rx …but i hope one of the above help you
      good luck

  • Smithy

    I’m 15 were planning on having sex and I was really curious does it hurt for the man ? Dw all you adults , she’s on the pill and we’ve got condoms , but is there any method to make sex “easier” like so we aren’t so worried/scared?

    • Cody

      X PILLS!!!! =D

  • speak ur mind

    this helps a whole lot, my gf is a virgin and i want her first time to be less painful as possible. we tried other times but the pain was too much for her. this really helps

  • The double wow man

    wow ! this will help me so much thanks i didnt know some of these stuff this will totally help me with my girlfriend!

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  • ajibola

    I feels like having sex but there’s no female, what do i do?

    • lolbot

      FIND ONE! LOL…….make a gf idk… go to a hooker…, but it be best with someone u love

  • Jackson

    thanks for this great advice. will be having the big night with my girlfriend soon, this helps alot.

  • yo mama

    ok now im scared


      WHY Are You Scared ? Its Just FUCKING ! Like It HERTS REAL BADDD The First TIme , But Keeeep Doing It & OMG Thaaat Shieeeeet FEELS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD !
      Uhhh Uhhh Uhhh Orgasums Are My BESTFRIENDS ! Lmfao(x iLOVE My BoyFriend & His Dick Is SO BIGG ! Like 8 Inches NO LIE .
      Dont Be Scared , Your Gonna HAve TO Lose It Soooner Or Later

  • ?????

    hey im 14 and im a virgin and i dont no if my bf is or not he says hes not so i kinda believe him weve been dating for 4 months now and wen i met him once i kinda had sex but not really it hurt a lot so i had him stop and so he did i need help cus i want my first time to be great advice please it would really help

  • Vanessa

    I am 23 and i am still a virgin, i have tried several times with two different men, but they never succeed, i always fight back because i am scared of the pain it may cause.
    what advice would you give me?

  • Maxwell

    im a 16 year old guy and have had sex plenty of times, i lost my virginity at 15 but over the past year i have been very sexually active and have sex very often. I currently have a girlfriend who is also 16 and she was a virgin i remember her first time with me, she was very very nervous as she knew i was experienced and wasnt sure if she would satisfy me well enough as other women have done so in the past, but i told her not to worry and to calm down and to just take my lead, she listened and she did quite well actually :) so girls please dont be nervous trust me us guys for the first time are just as nervous especially about our penis size and how long we would last i remember my first time i could not stop worrying if i would last long enough to satisfy her, but in the end she didnt mine, so guys dont be nervous either whether it be a one off thing or with your partner :)

    A quick note to the girls:
    Ladies of noticed and heard stories about girls who loose their virginity to a particular guy and they seem somewhat afterward much more emotionally attached to the guy, so its best if you not do it with a stranger or one off thing, and wait for a boyfriend it will be much better for your mental state in the long run, AND MAKE SURE HE DESERVES TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU IF HE DOESNT TREAT YOU GOOD NO SEX FOR HIM!! :)

  • Secret

    Sex, love, intimacy, communication, Talk to me experienced sex do’ers. I need advice.

  • Austin

    im 15, and thinking about just getting it over with because of the constant curiosity. im a dude, but my only problem is im reading and seeing that most girls this age dont enjoy sex because there body hasnt fully developed. I also dont want to create a bad memory for me, and the parter. Ive also read you know size matters, and you know like if your penis is to big it will hurt her, and if your penis is to small shell just give you a look and turn back around. i dont think i have a small penis because i cant wear skinnie jeans without a huge bulge showing, unlike most of the even bigger people at my school. I think alot of people asume im small because im really skinnie but that doesnt seem to be the case. i dont know, just confused right now. Its like sex seems like a horrible idea but the curiosity is going to over come me so i might as well prepare, take tips, and make it a relaxing experience for the partner, and tips to make it a good one to.

  • Me

    Thanks I’ll use this when I get laid for the first time Thursday yerboy :D

  • Ethical Virgin

    I finger myself, and hump pillows, but how do I make my orgasms last longer?? any suggestions, do i have to be fitter or something??

  • Tay

    Hi, I’m 14. I’m still a virgin.. I think. I just watch sex videos and I get wet in my underwear really bad. I’m a girl and I like to watch lesbian sex videos. I’m scared did I lose my virginity?

  • Alley

    My boyfriend and i are in “love” but its a complicated matter and he askd me if he could “pop my cherry” i dnt know what to do or what to tell him.

  • jj_luv3

    Also what can I safely insert into my vagina to have an orgasm? I wanna have sex, but I wanna at least know what the orgasms could feel like so im not overwhelmed when my future bf and I have sex. So what should I use?? Somebody help!!

  • jj_luv3

    Also what can I safely insert into my vagina to have an orgasm? I wanna have sex, but I wanna at least know what the orgasms could feel like so im not overwhelmed when my future bf and I have sex.

  • jj_luv3

    Im a 16 yr old girl and I’ve just started masturbating. So far all I’ve done is fingering and humped pillows. The first time I masturbated I was humping my pillow. It was my first orgasm; it felt sooo good. I was moaning and gasping, however it lasted only about 30 seconds. I’ve tried masturbating again to have another orgasm, but nothings worked. What should I do? Im torn between humping something hard or fingering again… but fingering hasn’t worked yet. And how do I make my orgasms longer and stronger?

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    Hi, it may sound funny dat at 26,a guy like me havnt had sex. i had this frend 23,who she tells me she has a special gift for me and wants to giv it to me alone. i do feel like havin sex wit her when around her but my christian faith wont just let me be. i do feel her special gift is her virginity but i dont feel prepared. my frends do make fun of me stil bein a virgin. i do prefer masturbation to havin sex. i feel more safer and fear i may get her pregnant or contact disease or somthing. pls som1 help me

  • McKenzii

    im so confussed on wat to do. a guy i know wants to have sex with me and i have all these thoughts and worries go threw my head. he’s just a year older and he’s not a virgin but i am. i’m just worried and scared and dont know what i should do.

  • http://www.nightsex.com Rohit Patil

    good for experiance

  • Jordan

    Thanks for the info. I’ve had sex before, but not with a virgin. I was just a little curious as to what would probably happen later this weekend :) lol. But this was very helpful so thank you.

  • Fai FairuBie

    Im 16..i start making sex on last 6 months ago which is on march..i make sex with my own big brother, aged 29..i cried coz it was very painful..he also said 2 me, “i love u”..he kissed my lips n all of my naked body..it’s so embarassing..we make sex till nw without any innocence feeling..

  • Alok

    Something new which tablet should be given for her first pain

  • somebody

    I had sex with ma girlfriend last night …… bt we did not take any protection …… i’m 19 nd she is 17 ….. we felt very happy cz its our first time …… but after having sex, she is feeling some pain there ….. is it a problem ….???? and will she get pregnent ??? i’m worried about her ….

  • not_exactly…

    Um….. some spotting? I lost my virginity at age 20, and there was SOO much blood it soaked through the comforter, blankets, and both sheets. It was up and down my legs, on his back, up his arms, on the wall, on the pillows…. Yea spotting… I bled for 3 days straight! My boyfriend was so worried he couldn’t even finish lol, and looked at me like he had just killed me!

    …Good times :)

  • aaron

    Dudes if you don’t want it to hurt for her warm her up with your fingers and then take it slow, got that ? okay then

  • LittlemissLea

    I had sex yesterday night..

    twas amazing.. But no protection. :/ Im 15 and worried..

  • Tish

    Im a 15 year old girl who might be loosing her virginity somtime this week. To a REALLY experienced guy. And im scared that hes not gonna .. be pleasured, cause im not skinny.. im kinda chubby and really insucre about my body.
    Also, a huge rumor got out last year and he thinks im NOT a virgin. when i am.
    And im not sure if i should tell him, or just go with it…
    Im just worried that if i go with it, that he’ll figure it out …
    And That If i do tell him and he tells everybody .. it was all i lie, imma loose alot of friends DX


  • http://facebook.com/RobynClive Robyn Cee in the mix

    when i first had sex, i did everything wrong. and when i say i did everything wrong i mean EVERYTHING. i thought u kept your clothes on and just lay on top of each other and wiggled about. i was shocked to find out what really happened and i will never do it again cos i cried like a baby cos it was sore

  • Vijay

    Hello, I am 28 year old. I had a lot sex before but i cant forget one i had. My partner and i have fight once for a little miss understanding. She start to pack her bag and about too move from my apartment. but i stopped her and caught in my arm and started to lick her ears and then to her lips. She also caught me tight and supporting me in a while we were naked. i suck and lick nipples and then i came down to her pussy. i started to lick her pussy… believe me it was so interesting that i couldn’t stop me for 10 minutes. she pushed me down and started to suck my penis very badly… wow .. asesome and jump over me and put the penis in her pussy and then start to beat up highly for 35 minutes.
    That day i realised that pussy can be so much testy and we both recieved multiple orgasm…
    Unfortunataly, i lost my partner in an accident.

  • helena

    hey, im 16 and half, im not a virgin i had sex with my ex boyfriend he was my first, im now in a new relationship, and i relised what a mistake i made by having sex with my ex, i now realise it was only sex he wanted, he didnt respect me or anything, we were together about 6months before i had sex with him, any way i am in a new relationship, and the guy im with is amazing he treats me like his princess, he is genuine, and he loves me for who i am, he is always telling to everyone that he loves me and that hes not intrested in anyother girl but me. and ect… we have only been together for about a month and a half, but i know that hes not the type of guy to leave, or hes not after sex. the thing is i said to myself before i got into this relationship that i want to wait a bit before i have sex becasue i dont want anyone to judge me, and i didnt want to get hurt again, however i am realy attracted to him and realy want to have sex with him. what do u think i should do? do you think a month and a half is too soon? i feel ready, and realy do want to have sex with him, but im thinking that i should wait, and not just put my self out ther. by the way i am in cyprus, a greek island, so i am not like the english girls who are little slags, and my boyfriend is a cypriot.

  • tattu

    i never had sex before… until i met him when i was 23.. we were just friends for past few months…but i knew we both were intrested in each other.. once all our friends had a late night party..when i we actuallly met each other alone… he took me to his room showed all his belongings and asked me to wait until he changes and come… he came out with a white shirt which was unbuttoned. this day i could remember even today…he sat beside me..touched my hands and slowly whispering in my ears. he kissed my ears.. and slowly touched me all over.. he kissing all over my neck then coming down he slowly removed my 1st 3 buttons and touchd my breast… i couldnt stop him as i was enjoying too…he pushed me on the bed slowly removed my shirt and then by bra… he moved his fingers on my cheast and then licked it slowly and in between caught it with his teeth. playing with my nipples he kissed me all over… wowwwwwwwww wondeful feeling then to my stomach and then to my pussy…he came over me and soon both were naked… he rolled his fingures over my pussy again and again and when i caught him tight and kept his pennis on my pussy.. i rubbed it for more than 15mins and was lot in that feling… wow…does sex has such great feeling…. and soon both were furious … i held him tight and asked him to suck my breast again and so did i… i moved over him… kissed him all over his body and all that naughty we could be… i moved again and agian on top of him and directed my nipples into his mouth.. when he sucked and bites in between and his pennis in my hole… i could leave the world for that….

  • http://www.google.com ‘Ruby Dçosta

    Heyyaaaaa…………m juz 17….n my bf demands fr sexxxx……..bt m nt ready fr it nw…..sumtymzzz i feel as if i need it at diz moment toooo……dunno wat to dooooo…..he needz it badlyyyy…..he loves me a lot…..he thinks m a virgin..bttt m nt!!!!!!!!!!! he’l ditch me if he getz to know abt disss…..i love him a lot n dont wanna lose a guy lyk him……..sumbdy tel me….wat shud i doooo

  • Sam

    You dont have to have sex to experience love or to taste all aspects of life. Guys can say, feel anything to make you think that sex is a must….Get married after you know the person very well, share him your love, and make love forever and let it be SPECIAL FOR BOTH OF YOU…

    Goodluck with your judgement!


  • Lizzy

    I also have not had sex before and it’s not like no one has ever wanted to sleep with me – it’s the opposite! But I’ve always refused because I don’t want to sleep with just some guy, you know, someone I don’t even like. At the same time I want to lose my virginity, FINALLY!

    So there’s a guy who likes me, and I like him too. The problem is we’ve known each other for only a month, but I have the feeling that he’s the one I want have sex with.
    My question is: how do I tell him I’m virgin without making him go like: “wow, She doesn’t want to sleep with someone random, but we’ve just met and she wants to sleep with me! That doesn’t make any sence!!!”

  • kenzie kat

    I was wondering if someone could clear something up for me. I am a 25 year old woman and just recently lost my virginity to a great Guy, possibly THE Guy. I bled a lot afterwards and we tried again this week but it hurt again and i started bleeding again. I have a normal pap smear, so I was wondering if it is normal to bleed a bit the first few times if things are tight? Any insight would be awesome!


    • Sophie

      I’m 16 and recently lot my virginity to my boyfriend. We were both virgins, and after my first time, i bled, just like you. We tried it again the next day, and i bled again. A couple of weeks later, we had sex again at my house.. i bled again. And then, the next morning, i bled again. Yes, its frustrating, but know your not alone. I feel sorry for him that its happening, cause it must be horrible. I told him that and he said it wasnt my fault, its not like i can control it. My boyfriend is particulary big, so i think it may be that, and the fact we may not have used enough lube (well, we only used natural) that caused the bleeding. Maybe we didnt take it slow enough too. I feel very comfortable around him, so im not that upset about it. Next time, im going to change a few things – going slowerr and investing in some lubrication. If this does not help, and i bleed again, i may phone up my doctor and ask him about it, then if he suggests, go to the doctors with my boyfriend and talk it all out and see if i can get any information that might help. I wouldnt worry too much about it, just know that your noth the only one, and there are people that can help.

      Good luck, Sophie :)

  • http://Howtohavesexlikeamaster.com Ali B.

    I read the book. It is a wonderful guide of what to do.

  • Lin

    If u can try my solution, or talk about this in a more personal 1to1 way, i can give u some good tips. Just get in touch. Good luck. A big hug for u.

  • Lizzy

    I’m 18 and still virgin. There’s a boy who’s 19 and lives on the other side of Europe but we see each other very often while travelling. Next time I see him is after two weeks. Then we will probably have sex. The thing is, I am a bit nervous whether I will perform well. He is a professional dancer, has a fantastic body and will surely be very creative in bed. I don’t think I will be confident enough (as I’m good at sport but a terrible dancer) so he would enjoy being with me, and that’s what I want mostly – him to have a great time while with me!
    Also I’m not sure whether he’s the right one to have sex with, I mean we’ll be together for 10 days now but maybe I will see him next during December.

    Anybody ever been through something like this or if you have any idea about what I should do – please write!

  • Paul

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  • Ladiidee

    Hey people!

    Im 20, bout to turn 21 in a few months and im still a virgin, Im not waiting for marriage or anything i just wanted to do it with the right dude with whom I felt comfortable with. And now I finally wanna do it with my ex boyfriend he keeps on askin me out again but i wanna hold off till he really shows me hes serious bout treatin me diff this time…so after we get bak togetha i wanna do it…i jus wana take this time to prepare for it…i kno to b safe and all that so condoms is a must but i wantd to take birth control pills too…the only thing is i dont know where to get it from without my mom knowing bout it…shes very overprotective and told me if im thnkn bout havin sex to tell her ahead of time so she cud get me some but i just wanna do it on my own ya know…im smart enuff to know bout protection just wanna do this without her help…so plz if anyone cud help me that wud b great (:

    • Ladiidee

      btw im a girl (: lol

  • Tyler

    Hi I’m 17 and plan on having sex for the first time. I’m only nervous about one thing and that’s my penis size. My penis is a little bit smaller than average and I was wondering if I should be worried what my partner (also a virgin) will think?

    Any thoughts or suggestions appreciated, thanks.

  • mandii

    well im 15&my bf is 17 &we are both ready to have sex but the thing is he’s experience likk with girls bodies but he is still a virgin&im worried if myy bodyy isnt good enough for him &im worried about the pain cuz i never had sex before…i trust him&everything but im worried that things will change after we have sex ….i asked him if he wants to have sex ..he saidd yes i said how come he said cuz everyone else is doin it so why nott….but he also said he trustes me soo much to lose his virginty to cuz he can never find a girl that hasnt lost her virginty…i dont know what to do ..someone help plzz

  • nice n safe

    listen i was very nervous for my first time me n my best friend and i was talking about cuz we were both scared but we both wanted to test so we did it didnt last long and now we both arein relationships and were all happy were are all good friends

  • 222222222222

    look im 18 and i have a girl friend who wants me to have sex with her but im scared of hurting her what should i do please reply

    • 222222222222

      continue… she keeps telling me shes ready for it and i feel i am but i now scene that she doesnt feel ready and my penis is quite large how can i have sex without hurting her .

  • Marcus

    I’m Black and I have a very large penis. How do I fit it in her without causing her pain?

    • Shabbs

      just go slow and care bout her feelings everyonce and a while ask her if she is ok and if it hurts or not, just take it slow and gentle dont go to quick or hard other wise she WILL feel pain

  • Rizzie89

    well, im 21 and still a virgin .. n my boyfriend goes on about having sex every single day..
    n i cant still be sure that im ready for it.. wat bieng nothing hundred percent safe n all…
    n even if it were, im not sure bout havin it just yet.. dunt know im mad or wat but it doesnt feel right untill im married to him coz we are engaged.. its been three years since our relationship n hes just run out of patience.. he loves me aLOT but i know he has needs.. thatd demand fulfilling if i dun agree.. at one side em afraid of wat he’ll do n other side wen i think about im only a student yet.. n wat’ll happen if i do get pregnant… em simply terrified by the name of abortions….
    somebody please help me.. advice me….. tell me wat to do.. or if i ought to justt … do it..
    how should i just calm myself down for the sex…

    please smbody help me…

    • kat

      i’m 21 and a virgin too. take it from me if it doesn’t feel right till you are married to him then wait untill then. He’s lasted this long and respected your decision so far, he should continue to do so. Ultimately it is your decision and he’s just going to have to accept it whatever you decide. Personally I haven’t decided yet and my boyfriend understands and respects that. so should yours respect you.

    • d

      My advice to ü is this. If ür already engaged and convinced that this is the man for you, then move the wedding up. Ü seem to have only one real hurdle-the guilt of doing it before the wedding night. So don’t. Just move the wedding up or go to a registry and then have your actual wedding later. There’s nothing wrong with sex but if ü have to deal with guilt afterwards, it will take all the fun out of it. Hope this helps.

    • Lin

      I got an online lover to have cyber sex as many of my friends do, even havin regular sex with their bfs. In that way, they dont feel cheatin on him.
      And besides that, in my particular case, i fuck with another gal (id feel cheatin on him if it was a guy).
      Now, my hot dates with him are schedule only after i have sex with my gf, so ill know i wont give up to him. If its an unplanned date, like when he carries me home daily, then i call her in a hurry to cum with her.
      Now, he wants to marry me, so i let him cum over my boobs and I hand job him, but now he cant fuck others gals. This week, after we had our marriage date for the next month, i started tobdo a blow job but without swallowin (that will be when hell my husband as well as sex even anal one, as we agree).
      But i wont leave her, and were gonna stay for real for first time before my weddin day, on the next week and if all works well as i has been always btw us, well be regular lovers.
      As u see, at least for me this solution, has worked amazinly well and i am a lot happier with her in my life besides him. And thanks to her, i manage to make him love and desire so much to ask me to be his wife.

    • A. Beela

      I am really happy to hear that you are still virgin and you kept yourself away from that. You should not give it up to any man. Wait till you marry him, that is the best thing to do for yourself and for him as well. Human being has been honoured with his mind to think and to keep the state of lust is not stronger than him/her. That is the lesson you are giving to all people reading your message. You are one of the most clean girls I admire.
      Proud of you

    • m

      do not do it. I didn’t. so just email me. ok. you do not have to yet. wait. I did. you have. keep waiting. why not. you can only give this once.

    • Jennifer

      Trust me… you do not want to rush into sex because your virginity is something you cannot get back. I know you know that but really think about it. My best friend dated a guy for 6 months and he pressured her and pressured her and she finally gave in knowing she wasnt ready and she regretted it so very much. She cried for a couple of weeks and stayed with me for most of those days so her parents wouldn’t want to know why she was so upset. We were only 16 at the time and now at 24 she told me just a few months ago she still regrets that she didn’t wait until she was ready because her first time was an awful experience. Now my story is a little worse.. I was 15 when I went to a community lock in. I walked out to a friends car by myself at 3 am (not smart but I was young and stupid) and found myself getting attacked by a guy I went to school with. He raped me and it was awful, as if being raped isn’t horrible enough, I was a virgin and he took something from me that I can never have back. When I was 17 I started dating a guy and fell head over heels and shared my story with him and when we were ready he really went all out to make the night very special. Bought me flowers, wrote me a letter telling me how much he loved me and how he wanted me to be sure I was ready and that he would wait forever if he had to. He was very patient and passionate and it was a wonderful experience. A night I will never forget for sure. That is the kind of night you want, not a night that you regret and still think about how bad it was almost a decade later. Only you know if you are ready and if you arent, any man who loves you will understand and if he doesnt understand then he is not worth it. In addition if that does not solve your problem perhaps you could do “other things” besides sex to keep him satisfied until you are ready. Good luck!

    • sam

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    • yasar

      dear now u leave ur boyfreind immediatly otherwise u got big problem because it is not good u sex daily if both partner is ready for fuck the ok other wise he is using you

  • coral

    What are some ways to calm yourself down before having sex? I’m a virgin and I get overly nervous thinking about sex, but I want to prepare myself for what could quite possibly be a year down the road. I’m not into foreplay or music during sexual interactions. Is there anything I can do?

    • Forrest

      to coral i dont know and i’m not sure i have the same prob as you so all i can say is just figure it all out

  • Kal

    My boyfriend won’t have sex with Me. He is experanced but says he won’t do it. We have been going out for a year. How do I convince him i’m ready

    • Gina

      okay so hes had it; but just not with you?… well heres some resons;
      1. he thinks your special & wnats to wait for you.
      2.he obviously isnt using you for sex, so thats good.
      3.DONT TAKE IT THE WRONG WAY. but he just might not wnat to have sex with you,

      im not sure, but talk to him and get comfortable about the subject.

    • thischick

      so me and my boyfriend have been going out for like 4 months and i wnat to give him somthing like a hand or blowjob, but i dont know how. and he treats me like a PRINCESS. what do i do or .. how do i? i love him we’ve been threw alot and i wnat to do this with him but im just scared of him not likeing it or whatever.


  • griffin

    all this made sence this made the night go very smouthly with my girl

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    With the help of some pink latex gloves

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      if you looking fo sex try it wilth yoself its much more painful im doing it know uh uh uh uh keep the rythm babe

      • micheal

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  • Her

    I got drunk, met a friend of a friend, spoke during the week, met up again, got drunk with friends and such guy, got with him, crashed on another friends floor -still drunk- two other people were also alseep in the room, got carried away in the moment.

    And we both lost our virginities with two other people in the room.

    Have drunk sex.

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    • Waterfall17

      -_- Commit this to your memory: URUSAI.
      Nobody needs to see your advertisement for this website 5,000 times. And I know that it probably seems as though I have way too much time on my hands to keep telling you to STOP SPAMMING…oh well :sigh:

      I really just wish that you would understand that learning how to have sex isn’t going to solve all your sexually-related problems/questions. Anyone could tell you that.

  • Armando


    My name is Armando. I’m 13 and i feel pretty stupid about sex. I had this one girlfriend about 3 months ago and she was the best i’ve ever had. We only made out and stuff once. But i guess you could say i got to 2nd base. But i feel stupid becuase we talked about sex once or twice. And it was wierd and sorta’ awkward. This guide really helped me out though. I talked to my sister and she said she has had sex before. She said you don’t know what to expect. My point is…should i have sex if i know i’m ready and i’m only 13? Oh yeah and i have a 6 inch penis and i think its too small. I’m really nervous, and i’m sick of jerking and wanna’ try something new with somebody i love.

  • shaina

    i had sex wid a frend who loves me a lot .n even i like him, but i ahve a boyfriend n am crazy bout him……………i had kinda sex wid my boyfrnd a year ago….my vagina was not dat wide as it is now………….will my boyfrend come to know?? are der ani other ways to hide d truth from him??

  • Alexi

    Hey Im Alexi and I’m 13, same age as my boyfriend.we are both virgins and we have been together for six months.We want to have sex.He dosent seem to be nervous (Im guessing its kinda a guy thing not to show the girl u are?) but i am nervous!Im nervous about the risk of me becoming pregnant,nervous if the condom breaks,and spillage. He kisses me and touches me,so I’m not afraid of that. Some comments say like “Its Always good” or somthing like that.And I really want to experince it.
    One day me , my boy friend, and his young uncle were talking and hanging out and his uncle said “hey if you dont have a condom u can always use a balloon!” he made that as a joke but he also made it serious. After that we all kinda laughed about it and then forgot about it.

    The the day after he called and it started out as a normal convo and then he said “Hey Baby, I have to tell you something, I dont have the condoms anymore.I was thinking if we should use the balloon!”

    That made me worried, should I still have sex with him if he uses a balloon (is it a idea) or should I wait untill he get condoms??? Someone,anyone, please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Waterfall17

      Um…I personally think that idea is really stupid. Like seriously.

      If you aren’t ready to be sexually intimate with your boyfriend, don’t be. There is no rush. And if he suddenly, as boys sometimes do (although I can’t be entirely biased; I’m sure some girls are like this too), stops liking you because you don’t want to do those kinds of things with him, all the better for you. If a man is going to be in your life as a partner, you want him to love you for you, not for the things you would do sexually with him, you know?

      Anyway, I wouldn’t advise the whole balloon thing for a few reasons: 1) it could be very painful. Depends on the comparison; some condoms are lubricated and so they obviously wouldn’t be as painful because there’d be less friction. 2) It could break. Not that a condom couldn’t, but I would think…and hope…that a condom would be less likely to break. 3) K, I dunno how legitimate this reason is, but it’s so unromantic! Shouldn’t the first time be something special…? I suppose that was a matter of personal discretion, sorry ^_^’

      Overall, I would say no to that idea.

  • Alexi

    Hey I’m alexi and me and my boyfriend want to have sex.we have been going out for sixth months and we have decided we will.Im really excited,but then again I’m nervous.We are 13,and both virgins. My boyfriend really dosent seem to be nervous (I guess its a guy thing?) and he dosent know I am. I mean I’m used to him kissing me and touching me but I’m worried about me having the risk to becoming pegnant,or if the condom breaks,or spillage! He promised me that he will be careful but at the same time still have fun, which I’m happy about!We both know bout sex and what it is.
    one day me my boyfriend, and his rly young uncle were talking and having a good time,his uncle was making a joke but being serious at the same time “Hey,if you dont have a condom you could always use a balloon!” we all smiled for awhile.But the next day he called me and said he didn’t have any protection for when we have sex and that he considering to use a balloon!!!!!!!! That kinda made me nervous . Should I still have sex or just wait till he can get some?Please HELP ME!!!!!

  • Jason

    Hi. I’m 14 and I’ve been dating my girlfriend for 4 months now and I want to talk to her about sex. No, I don’t want to have it but I want to make it clear between me and her that if anything does happen that we are ready. I feel nervous about asking her though. What if she gives me a weird look or says something else? Could anyone help on telling me how to ask her? Thank you.


  • http://www.askstudent.com sausychick

    Hey Im 13 and even I know you kids like around my age and younger (i still don’t get that) who are having sex are making a mistake. I mean, damn, there are so many smarter things we could be doing with our lives right now. And for those around my age (yeah, even you sixteen yr olds too) the urge to have sex is only as powerful as you allow it to get. Sheesh you guys act like you have a little brain down in your genitals that’s telling you to have sex. IT’S YOUR OWN MIND PEOPLE, CONTROL IT. Damn, there are so many other things to think about!! (frm a youth –AlvieXD)

  • http://www.askstudent.com jide

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  • Mervyn

    Hi, i m 21 yr male. I have no sex yet.bt i have strong desire 2 do this. Bt lack of opportunity. I can go prostitute centre.but i thnk this is nt right. So i do handsex regularly since last 8 yrs to fulfil my desire. M afraid, is this going 2 affect when i do sex after my marige,(probably after next 6 years) .plz help me what is the right age to do this? Wl b thankful 2 u.

  • Innocentme

    Hey yall i have a question to ask. Is it normal to be a virgin when you are 21 years old female because i have a boyfriend that is 27 years old and anytime i come over to his house his always pressuring and begging me for sex and i have told him countless time that i am not ready to have sex with him and also i am waiting to get married first before doing it. When i told him that i am not ready, i think he gets mad about it but he wont show that his angry about it. Guys please help me what should i do. My reason of not having sex with him is that i am afraid of getting pregnant and i really dont trust birth control or condom because they are not 100% reliable. I feel like if he cant respect my wishes, then we have to break up and go our separate ways.

    P.S. He is already have two kids from his ex-girlfriend

    • Waterfall17

      That is not abnormal. Just because the media shoves having sex and being sexually active down people’s throats doesn’t mean that is really what everyone–or anyone–should be doing. We aren’t a bunch of mindless zombies…we can decide for ourselves if we want to be sexually involved or not. If we choose not, there is nothing wrong with it–which I can’t say for the former.

      As for your boyfriend…if he can’t respect your wishes, I would advise that you leave him. Ask yourself this question: does he love me for me, or does he love me for sex? If it’s the latter, are you satisfied with that?

      I’m sorry to say this, too, love, because I know that it can be very painful to face. But I would rather you be pained slightly and be safe than you be burned and sorry.

      If he left his ex-girlfriend, what makes you think he won’t leave you too? It is very possible. Not even two of his own flesh and blood could keep him. Guard your heart.

  • pretty pinky

    ayeee how old are you?

  • pretty pinky

    hey vijay how old are u??????????????? can i be your frend???

  • nickiCarmen

    hey nickiCarmen back i was wonderin is it healthy or even possible to hav your virginity until u r in your twenties??? i mean the urge to have sex after a while will become to overwhelming rite?????
    ………………………thinkin bout it …………………….

  • Niko

    Wen I had sex with my partner as soon as i put my dick in her vagina poured out a lot of blood I panicked took her to the hospital but she died I’m really sad but I want to know what just happend was it disease or what?

  • Chili

    The best way to have sex for the first time is to wait until you get married. It may sound old-fashioned, but as someone who regularly counsels students, I can tell you that early sex for most people sucks after the “magic” wears off (usually the next week).

    This article is not accurate as it gives the impression that having sex at a young age and unmarried is easy and no big deal. It is awkward, and without intimacy, leaves most people feeling empty as soon as the afterglow wears off.

    Unfortunately, I didn’t wait to have sex until marriage and I regret … it was one of the worse decisions of my life. Don’t believe the hype. Be an adult. Wait for the commitment first.

  • nickiCarmen

    hi im 15 years old a virgin and i have been thinkin about havin sex ALOT lately and it always seem to be cutting in to practicaly everything i do is that normal?
    and well from wat ive read it seems like i shouldnt hav nything to worry about rite
    but since im a christian they say we r suppose to wait but dear sweet god it gets so hard as the generartions get sexier and sexier

  • http://Howtohavesexlikeamaster.com Alexander

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  • vani10

    Hi, I’m a 16 year old girl and i have had a boyfriend for about 4 months. I’m not ready to have sex yet and im not nervous at all, but my main concern is that i’m self concious about down there and havent let him touch me like that yet because i dont know how he will react to any smell or apperence there is. What should I do?

    • Vijay

      Hello Vani!
      If you also willing to have sex than that is no matter to think about smell or like that because there is nothing matter in sex.

      be positive and go ahead.

    • rahul

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    • Waterfall17

      If you aren’t ready, don’t do it.

      Also, there is much more to a relationship than sexual touch.

  • Margarita

    Hey Vijay…
    I can be ur friend!!!!

    • Vijay

      Hi Margarita!
      Sure…. You are my friend now.
      Here is my personal id coollovenews@yahoo.com
      Have a very good time.

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    • Waterfall17

      Hontou desu ka :twitch:

      You’ve got to be kidding me. So what you’re saying is that if a guy has all the right moves/techniques in bed any girl would be in love with him? How degrading, that humanity should face such a fate.

      For the woman–speaking for myself as a woman, I know that I am not about to love a man because he knows how to do things in bed. Sadly, I’ve already experienced that. And so what? That is a superficial, puddle-deep reason for loving someone.

      For the man–what kind of man who is actually a MAN would want a woman to love him solely because he’s knowledgeable about how to “have sex like a master”? I would argue that such a man has short-changed himself.

      Stop spamming like Chris. And if you are the same person as Chris with a different name, you need to “get a life”–as in, find something worthwhile to do with your time, and ours.

  • Vijay

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    Everyone wills to go 20 to 60 min. through sex for orgasm. and offcourse any one can, it is not hard. There are many way to heal your organs and one of it is Nature cure and touch therapy.
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  • The Mysterious Dr. X

    You are way too young. Way too young. Waaaaaaay too young. Wait another five years or so. Just go and lead it well enough alone. Can’t handle the pressure? What pressure…you’re 12. Go play Halo for a few years or whatever children do these days. You are a CHILD! No sex for you!

  • http://sonadowlover96.deviantart.com A ****** named Phunie

    Uhh..Hi, I’m 14, and was just curious of the whole “first time” thing, and what to expect and whatnot. No I wasn’t curious because I’m thinking of having sex anytime soon, and no, not because sex is (And I quote immature teenagers) “EEEWWW SO GROSS~!!!” Because it’s a beautiful and completely natural thing (To idiotic teens: YA HEAR THAT~?!?!) I have to admit I’m pretty immature myself, but I’m serious about these things. So no, I don’t want to have sex, even with protection, one, because I’m not ready, and two, because guys suck (No offense, because I’m talking about the 14 year olds that are running around today) Seriously…all you have to say is ‘penis’ and they’ll start giggling like little bastards XD. So, thanks for the info, it really helped my curiousity <3

  • http://sonadowlover96.deviantart.com Phunie~!

    Uhh..Hi, I’m 14, and was just curious of the whole “first time” thing, and what to expect and whatnot. No I wasn’t curious because I’m thinking of having sex anytime soon, and no, not because sex is (And I quote immature teenagers) “EEEWWW SO GROSS~!!!” Because it’s a beautiful and completely natural thing (To idiotic teens: YA HEAR THAT~?!?!) I have to admit I’m pretty immature myself, but I’m serious about these things. So no, I don’t want to have sex, even with protection, one, because I’m not ready, and two, because guys suck (No offense, because I’m talking about the 14 year olds that are running around today) Seriously…all you have to say is ‘penis’ and they’ll start giggling like little bastards XD. So, thanks for the info, it really helped my curiousity <3

  • http://sonadowlover96.deviantart.com Phunie

    Uhh…yeah, I’m 14, and I was just a little curious about the whole “first time” Like what to expect and whatnot. No I do not plan on having sex so soon, not because of the fact that it’s (and I quote immature little kids) “EEEEWWW That’s soo GROSS~!!!!” But because of the fact, that, one, I’m not ready and two, I don’t need to be involved with guys. Because, they suck (No offense) I mean, the immature 14 year olds XD. Sooo, thanks for the info. It really helped my curiousity. <3

  • Keira

    Ummm… I’v seen so many young kids such as… 12? … 11??…. um.. what the hell are you KIDS thinking?? … do you boys/girls know that sex is illegal for under 16….. Silly silly little children…There are reasons why the law made that law, Because Sex may be pleasurable… wonderful, emotional etc.. But it can be very dangerous! and kids under 16 are still growing up! Still going through alot of changes in their body….

    Kids under 16 that already gave way themselfs to a much older person, are very stupid and should be ashamed of themselfs.

  • ZedH

    Hi im 17 and still am a virgin.. Iv been with my boyfriend for a few months and were in love .. He wants to have sex but i know hes experienced and iv also said i wont break
    my virginity untill i get married but for some reason i really want to have sex with my bf .. Any tips or can someone help me becoz i have no clue what to expect and whats gonna happen and whats the best contraception
    thank you

    • Waterfall17

      Hrm. Well…I think it would be best to stick to your word and wait until marriage. You may feel as though you want to now, but you may come to regret it later. Just fyi. I know–I’ve been there.

      Also, just because you feel as though you want to (which may be for a number of different reasons), that doesn’t mean that 1) you should, or 2) you need to. Just things to keep in mind.

      Lastly, if you want to know more about contraception, I would advise doing some light research. Planned Parenthood or whatever probably has a website (wow, sorry, that’s so uninformative of me. O_O I apologize…) that you could check out. You could also do a blackle (google, about 1,000X better ^_^ energy saving) search if you wanted to know more about specific brands.

      You probably already know this, but basics: there are male and female (which disturbs me o_O) condoms and birth control pills. Of course there are others…but those are kind of permanent so I figured it’d be pointless to tell you about those.

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    • Rizz

      stop advertising forgodsake chriss!! if yo’d told one time id have thot its just you helping, but goddamn evry two posts later you put on the site name like your the agent of this site!

      • Waterfall17

        Yes, -_- PLEASE take a hint. For the…I lost count of the amount of times I’ve asked you to stop being ridiculous.

  • kiki

    hi im14 and im still a virgin but have been thinking abt sex and have been abstinant i think tht yes its young to be having sex at 12 and everything but i believe its there choice but if you r going to have sex b safe and use a condom bcuz u dont want to get pregnant or have ur partner become pregnant and read abt it apparently if theres foreplay and ur relaxed and trust the person it makes it less painful for you girls out there and if u think ur ready go for it but be safe and read on it….. be safe rather than sorry….. think abt who u wanna have sex with ur first time and make sure u wont regret it later im saying this bcuz i believe everyone who gets on this site should know this and ik if i have sex ill b safe abt it

  • http://Howtohavesexlikeamaster.com Chris

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  • Rons

    How can i have my first sex? idon’t know how…..please help me as beginner

  • JessUhKah

    Well, a girl in China had a baby at 8 years old. No, she was not raped. You know how in their traditions they pick who you’ll marry early on. So her and her 9 year old boyfriend had a very tiny yet healthy baby boy.

    A young womans cycle can’t start young as 7 years old now. We need to have the talk with our kids pretty early these days. I’m sadden that 16 and Pregnant might end up being 12 and Pregnant =(

    • JessUhKah

      my bad CAN* start as young as 7 years old!

      7 is becoming a very common age for it now! These girls will have the breast and thighs of a grown woman in the 7th grade! =/

  • teansi

    it came out in the news a few years back in my country that an 11 year old girl gave birth to a baby.
    i knw this is possible -the conditions are just that the girl had started her cycle, right? -i thought it was amazing she did so. Just felt like sharing this.

    No, i dont know what her family did with the baby or what happened next.
    She’s 11, & she gave birth to a baby.
    End of story.

  • lozziep

    I’m 12 and my boyfriend is 16, we had sex last night. It was
    my first time but not his, :) it was amazing! don’t worry about it, as he slowly puts his dick in don’t get scared because then it will start to hurt but just work and
    make sure you make noises and scream his name so he knows he is doing well! x x

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  • rain

    hey um im a 12 year old girl and my boyfriend is 17 (i know it sounds bad but i starated my period at age 8 and i look like im 16 cuz im tall and hav huge boobs) well we had sex for the first time about a week ago and so we into his room and just sorta loosened up by makin out and fingerin and stuff and that helped alot. it didnt hurt at all and now weve been doin it wheneva we can and its like nothin now so any onw whose nervous trust me its not that bad in fact its amazin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Waterfall17

      …It’s comments like this that make me so angry that I need to apologize beforehand lest I say something out of line and dishonor Christ.

      *deep breath* K, let’s just get at least this ONE THING (well, ok, two) solidified in the hearts of youth in this ridiculously apathetic culture: sex is more than just atoms, protons, and electrons coming together (or however you would like to phrase it). It is not solely physical. The implications of this are very simple: there are potentially repercussions (negative) in the emotional, psychological, and spiritual realms. This is not to say that nothing good can come of sex! There are many good and wonderful things about sex and the things that inevitably come along with it. But there is a keyword here that should never be forgotten. CONTEXT. In the right context, it truly is wonderful. In the wrong context, regardless of how it ‘feels’, it is not wonderful. It is defiled.

      You think that everything pertaining to sex is just butterflies and flowers because it’s wonderful physically, and maybe it is also–seemingly–wonderful emotionally and psychologically for you. You can’t even begin to understand the devastation that you are contributing to with what you’re saying…and I don’t blame you because you don’t know any differently. Such thinking is literally impossible for you if you are not in Christ. If you are, it’s between you and Him.

      For those whom such thinking is possible–in Christ alone–we can’t help but to reach out to you because we love you. We care!! I would not still be posting messages here if I did not care about each and every one of you.

      Your value demands that you hold yourself in higher regard. Consider that there is more to sex than physical sentiment–a.k.a. lust or pleasure. You bring dishonor to yourself.

      • Crystal Rivas-Ruiz


        • Waterfall17

          Who’s business is it then? Is it yours? And what, exactly, are you doing to benefit her?

          Sorry, love, but I’m not standing down. Jesus Christ is Lord.

          It IS His business. Regardless of whether or not you agree, approve, or disapprove, reality does not change. It will change if you say, “I don’t like you” and it will not change if you say, “Go away.” It is what it is, and your near-non-existent authority holds no sway over it.

          Christ has everything to do with it. He has everything to do with you. Just because you refuse to accept Him for who He is–that He loves you and knows everything about you to the core of your being–doesn’t mean He isn’t there.

          Ignorance is not always bliss.

      • http://www.askstudent.com/tips/having-sex-for-the-first-time-heres-what-to-expect/?replytocom=80702#respondhttp:// Anna

        ummm and WHO asked about CHRIST???
        what the fuck???
        and thank you rain, u made me feel much more comfortable <3

        • Waterfall17

          Sadly, nobody did. We tend to forget about the One who actually matters. He’s the One that cares for you. If it weren’t for Him, I wouldn’t care about you at all. But because He created you, because He has the greatest affection for you, I care. He loves you the most…and He is the One who deserves your love and respect most as your King. I know that you don’t understand. And maybe right now, you don’t want to understand. I tell you truly, though, that life is meaningless without Him. I came to realize this more when I got to know Him.

          The other point:
          I apologize deeply that I don’t really care about your comfort. If your well-being, joy, and true freedom is to be sacrificed for your comfort…I would rather die than have such a fate overtake you. You are more precious than gold, than all the diamonds–all the jewels–in the entire world! You are so precious that Jesus Christ died and rose again for your sake. He wasn’t guilty, yet they crucified Him–the worst form of punishment known to the Romans.

          I think that your first time should be something more equivalent to the value you have as a human being…not just some hook up that continues on for lust instead of love.

          • Colbs

            Too bad you believe in a false god.

  • kjhemps

    hi im still a virgin and my girlfriend touched my c*ck i dont dont know what to do plzz help me

    • Waterfall17

      If you aren’t ready for her to do that, or you aren’t comfortable with her touching you, don’t let her. Simple as that. It’s your body, and it’s your life.

      I understand that you probably don’t want to offend her. If this is the case, be tactful. You don’t have to be a jerk about telling her what’s off-limits. If she can’t understand, try to help her understand. If she refuses to accept your sentiments (after some time, at least), consider it an indication of how she really feels about you as a person.

  • EmiLLia

    Hey All..Im 17, still a virgin…I’m not afraid of the hurt or somthing like that..I feel that Im reday for sex..But The only part where im scared is the pregnancy…My bf is experienced, and i really do trust him alot, but still having tht huge tought above my head..BABIES BEFORE REAL LIFE…i wanna have kids, in some time, but not till U have a real life, and something to offer..I dont believe im gonna get pregnant the first time, but i ca never know..:S help me out!

    • Mary

      Hey, don’t worry! If you get your partner or yourself, since you’re of legal driving age, you can always drive to the nearest planned parenthood center and not only get some just in case condoms for probably free, but also “the day after” pill. It works withing 72 hours of having sex. It keeps you from getting pregnant. Hope I helped ;) and good luck!

    • Waterfall17

      …Why don’t you just wait? I mean, it’s not going anywhere, right? I think that it is much more fulfilling to be able to be sexually intimate and not have to worry about getting pregnant because you’re married, have a job, etc. I dunno. Makes more sense…

  • sajawal

    hi i am male 22 i am like female and i am looking cute female frend who is except my frendship plz contact me ************** nice frend ***

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    • Waterfall17

      Stop spamming.

      Btw, what you are posting doesn’t even make sense. Is this website going to be able to teach me how to enjoy intimacy with my partner (hypothetically speaking, of course…because I don’t have one)? Or perhaps it would be able to compensate for the experience of learning together with someone else?

      …Didn’t I already reply to you about this? Take a hint and stop referring people to a website as though it is the end-all for everything regarding a sexual relationship.

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  • Charlie

    i had sex for the first time last night and it was a huge huge regret i am fifteen and i got wasted and blacked out and i had sex with a 29 yr old without using protection HELP

    • emily

      Ok first go to ur mom/dad or an adult you trust. Tell them u got wated then blacked out make sure you tell them lovingly , then tell them u had sexual intercourse. Im sure they won’t yell ok but if they do tell them ur deeply sorry and regret everything u did that nite then. Tell them u didn’t use protection then tell them u would feel comfurtable talking 2 the docter tell ur doc. Wat happend he will see if ur pregnat. I hope this helps and I am sorry u didn’t use protection =(

  • http://Howtohavesexlikeamaster.com Christopher

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  • Charles

    My name is Charles and I am currently 46 years old.
    I’m still a virgin, but at least I am pure.
    I have trouble meeting girls, what is wrong with me?!
    Ever since I was about 35, I have been having weird thoughts about men.
    The closest to sexual intercourse I have ever experienced was when my boyfriend fingered me up my butthole.
    Is it abnormal to make animal noises while taking it up the butt?
    Oh, and I also have been wanting to go to jail so I can ‘accidently’ drop the soap.
    Should an old timer like me have these kinds of crazy fantasies?
    Please help me out. I want to experience heterosexual sex.

    • Jason

      I think it is highly normal mate.
      Dont worry about it :)

  • nervous middle school

    ummm im 11 and blllaaaagghhhh!!

    • Jared

      My Name is Jared… I’m a Virgin but been have telling my girlfriend i’m not. I’m a little Worried about what she’ll think when i “Whip it out”. I don’t know if she knows about Male Virgins “easily Getting Hard”. Every time i even HUG her i get hard.. I’m 14, forgot to mention that. I just turned 14 in May… My partner is 12 going on 13 (I know -__- i met her on an online game called Runescape, I quit that game though) and she knows little about sex (i hope). The most she knows (to my knowledge) is that she knows about “BONERS!”. What is something i can do when being intimate with her that’ll prevent me from finishing up in 1-3 minutes?? I don’t want to prove to her i AM a virgin, I mean, i know its wrong to lie, but i already have one.. When i finish, she’ll probably ask.. “That’s it?” I’ll say, “(place name here)….. You’re the Best I’ve ever had..” And if i’m lucky she’ll believe it, and i’ll dedicate the song “Best I Ever Had” by Drake. Neither of us are fans of rap or hip hop or anything… Just Metal and Screamo :| ……. Wow, I just wrote a Novel -.- (sorrrryyyyyyy ^^)

      • John

        To I’m 14 my girlfriends 13 and we make out sometimes but never really talked about sex and by the way i played runescape I quit wen I was 12 oh and about the sex thing I don’t kno way to do I wanna talk about it with her

      • Waterfall17

        There are ways to be intimate with someone that aren’t sexual. I would advise that you invest more time in areas of emotional, mental, and spiritual (not to compartmentalize, because realistically they all belong together and function together as one whole)…before investing in the physical–meaning sexual.

        A relationship does not consist only of sex/sexual intimacy. This thing is, in a way, like a bonus. I mean, think about it. Do you love someone because there is great sex? Hopefully not. You love that person for who he/she is–the way that person always makes you smile, or laugh…or even cry…someone you can have a decent conversation with.

        If you want to illustrate that you love someone, and desire to be more intimate with that person, I would suggest that you become more intimate with their soul. Get to know their deepest fears, hopes, delights. It means that much more–especially to a girl–when you care enough to want to know these things instead of desiring to have sex with her. Please don’t take this the wrong way; you may care about her deeply, but you may also be assuming that she wants to do something like that with you when she really doesn’t. In other words, your assuming too much (I may be guilty of the same. But still).

        On the one hand, it is good to encourage her by saying that you think she’s beautiful. Affirm her–within reason. But I really think she would appreciate you growing in intimacy with her on an emotional/mental/spiritual level as opposed to a physical (meaning sexual, not referring to hugs. If that is too tempting for you, though, you would do well to restrain yourself for both your sakes) level.

        Hope that helps. Sorry I also wrote a novel.

        • Waterfall17

          *you’re. Sorry, I just really hate that when it’s the wrong spelling for the context. -_-

      • Anonymous

        Well, not sure if I’m responding to the question I was trying to, but either way…
        13 is too young to be having sex, and seeing someone for 3 months is not long enough to wait (especially at that age). I’m 18 and have been dating the same guy for 3 years…and we are STILL waiting. It’s not that we don’t love or trust each other, but there is more to a relationship than sex. You all should be enjoying kissing and things of that nature…slow it down! Once it’s gone, you can never get it back. Enjoy being 13…you have plenty of time to have sex later.

    • lisa fant

      If you don’t want to know about how to have sex i wouldn’t have advised you to read this. For people who want to have sex or learn how to have sex only.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……………..:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) having sex isnt all that bad actually yeah the first time you feel like you are stupid cause you dont know how but truth is,nobody does their first time and having sex isnt bad if God didn’t want man and women having sex he wouldn’t have put man and women both on this earth together…………………………………………………………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Waterfall17

        Thanks for informing those who couldn’t figure that out from the url, the article, or the context of the comments…

        Anyway, I just wanted to respond to what you’d said about sex not being bad and how God wouldn’t have put man and woman on the earth if He didn’t intend/want it to happen (sorry for the really rough paraphrase ^_^’)…

        I’m not going to get technical, because that’s not practical, although I will briefly note that your argument is illogical, love. Sorry. Still, there is some merit to what you’ve said (and I can understand where you’re coming from). I agree that sex in and of itself is not inherently a bad thing. In fact, it is one of the most intimate expressions of love that can be had between a man and a woman, and it is also, in a sense, one of the closest reflections of the unity of God that we can see on earth, because the two become one flesh. It is a very very very good thing.

        However…! CONTEXT. It is beautiful and pleasing and good in the right context. When it is not in the right context, it is pretty much the equivalent–or worse–of slapping God in the face. It is defiling what was meant to be sacred, valuable, precious. People have been given free will (within “limits”; that is, God is still just and there is still punishment for sin here on earth and afterward. He doesn’t just sit in heaven and watch the world go round…), and so the choice to degrade what was meant to be beautiful can still be–and is–made.

    • Bob

      Hi im a 14 yer old boy im prity good loking but girls just dont wont to do eny thing at my age and im prity sik of jerking of how do i get girls to do stuf?

      • Waterfall17

        I have some heartfelt advice that I’d like to give you:

        1) Have you ever thought that maybe the reason why girls aren’t interested in you is because you are only looking for sex? (Maybe you aren’t…but you really come off like that…)

        2) Girls aren’t your personal sex toys. Girls are human beings with feelings, minds, and wills. SO…don’t treat them like sex toys. Treat them like human beings.

        3) You don’t need to have sex. You also don’t need to jerk off. Choose life instead of destruction.

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  • http://Askstudent.com Tom

    My girlfriend and have tried to have sex b4 but I put the condom on and tried to stick it in and it was either to tight or I was to big I need help. Plz

  • blue girl

    i had sex it didnt hurt me at all but it wont be the same for all girls and my bf is well heheh i wont say :)

  • james

    im 16 years old , my gf and i want to have sex but dont know where because both of are home’s are always full of people so can somone plz tell me where a good place to go plz plz

  • james

    im 16 years old , my gf and i want to have sex but dont know where because both of are home’s are always full of people so can somone plz tell me where a good place to go plz

    • Sonnie :]

      hi james. um a good place would either b at a park like in the woods or sumthin or a friends house that they will let you.Or you can sneak your gurl in and go to the bathroom n have sex in tha shower.that would be your best bet;

  • http://howtohavesexlikeamaster.com Christopher

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  • idntkno

    im bout to be 13 andd thiss boii askedd mehh if i want to havee sex withh him … andd im wonderinqq should i or not ????…andd ppll tell me thatss alll heee wantss fromm me bhudd i realllyy dontt knooww !!! … andd alsooo im hiss familyyy theyy havee sexx anddd leave a qirllll anddd weeee qoo outtt bhudddddd i jussss dontttt knowww !!! ..,,,,,, andd heee saiddd he lovesss me anddd want mee to havee hiss babyyy anddd bhudd stilll i dont knowww if i shoullldddd???? annndddd noobodyy knooo except mehh himmm anddd myyy best friendddddd …. alsooo heee aaa virqinnn too !!! bhudd i think he isss differentt!!!! frommmm hisss brotherrr thattt haveee sexxx withhhh a qirllll anddd leave herrrr!!!!

    • Waterfall17

      I have one thing that I want to make absolutely sure you understand right now: HE IS A LIAR. Guys will say just about anything–yes, anything–to get sex (Sorry for the guys that aren’t like that. You are a rarity). He does not love you. He says that he does (I assume, hopefully he says that if he’s saying that he wants to have your baby)…but that really mean he does. He just knows that you would want to hear him say that before you give yourself away to him.

      You should not do anything with this boy. Note that I said boy. He is not ready for a serious relationship…never mind a baby! You would be the one having to endure the grueling pregnancy, birth, and the sleepless nights. And then there are the potential complications at every corner. And then your young age, which would make everything about 10X more difficult than it already is to begin with.

      This boy would literally rip your heart out and shred it to pieces if you let him–and not care at all. Don’t let him! Don’t let him sweet-talk you into doing whatever he wants. Tell him no. If he persists, repeat yourself very very clearly. If he continues, punch him. Do what it takes (within limits, of course.) to get him off your back.

      He may be attractive, but there is plenty of time to be worried about things like that later, with a man who actually gives you the respect you deserve instead of treating you like a urinal for semen. Sorry for the grotesque imagery, but I would rather you be disgusted and take my advice than think ‘she has no idea what she’s talking about’ and not take my advice.

      I think I’ve pretty much seen/heard it all. Hopefully by now I know a superficial, hormone-driven guy when I see one.

  • idntkno

    im bout to turn 13 in october and this boy asked me to have sex and he’s and virgin so he takes mine and i take his but that all he wants me for isz to have sex??????..im still wonderin should or not??????..and in his family the boy get a girl and have sex and leave but i really think he isz different!!..and plus he is so sexii and i think i should cuz out of all the girls he asked mehh that must mean something??

  • habitsgirl***

    i’m a tiny girl and my boyfriend is VERY “large”. will it hurt me to have sex with a “larger” person??? pease reply ASAP!!!

    • Sonnie :]

      um noo.if ure a virgin its gunna hurt for like 3 minutes cause hes breakin your wall.Size to me i didnt feel a diffrence frm a small dude or a large it felt tha same,hope this helps.

  • laura

    im 14 & i ost my v on holiday, it really hurt thoo is that normall?

  • Louise

    hey im 14 and my boyfriend is 18 me and him had sex almost 3 weeks ago n i lost it to him and i got my friend wen we were having sex is it normal to get it wen u r having sex ?? But the next day i wasnt feelin well like i had stomach aches n bad pains all in my stomahce n all of course i had it but im still getting the pains in my stomach is it noraml to keep having them every night n every day ?? if its’nt please let me now ASAP !!

  • http://twitter.com zara

    hey i’am 20 my professors asked me for a hardcore sex there two professors i said ok but then striaght away they riped my shirt and said your boobs are the sexiest and said they’ll give me a
    good grade really quickily they shock my boobs and virgina sudenly the dean cames i said would you like some ass and porns or boobs the dean was naked so i had a good time .
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    leboses are alowed as well so girls can as well every one can and sexy old men can as well sexy boobtys i’am one of them i’am despret

    • Waterfall17

      Be grateful that I got to you before Dylan.

      Please don’t ever come on this site again to post something that’s 1) completely irrelevant and useless to everyone involved, 2) utterly disgusting, and 3) just plain stupid….three accurate descriptions of your post.

      This is an informational article with follow-up discussion for first times, not some porn hook-up palooza. Honestly >.<…

  • james

    im 16 years old , my gf and i want to have sex but dont know where because both of are home’s are always full of people so can somone plz tell me where a good place to go plz

  • http://www.facebook.com Hephe

    @ littlemisstemptress. Why are you happy ‘cos You loose ur Virginity.When you loose your virginity,you don’t know you’ve lost Your PRIDE as a lady.sit back and think about your life.search me on facebook for more detail “Okunade I fedayo”

  • tt :]

    heyy people im only 11 yea i know veryy young but is it okayy young people like meh should think bout sex an all dat stuff???i mean i have this crush an i could imagine us having sex an we know eachother well…so yea ..pcee

    • Waterfall17

      Um…no. That is a terrible idea. Just because you could imagine having sex with someone doesn’t mean that you should. Hello, morality??? It’s not answering you back.

      Seriously, though, you are only 11. What happened to childhood?! So many in your generation (I’m 20, btw) are eager to “grow up” without realizing all of the responsibility that comes with it! Enjoy not having to pay bills, buy groceries, work all day, etc. while you still can!

      (I have more to say than just this, but I’ll let this soak in before I say anything else.)

    • Sonnie :]

      Okay tt, you are only 11 years old..dreamin bout sex.it really dont matter if yu no the dude for a long time ..you got a life ahead of you.but im gunna b real right now..ure 11 havin sex alredy when yu grow up im almost scared for yu that ur gunna end up on the corners or getin raped or even bein ah prositute..Theyy will take advantage of you.Trust me.&& im only 14 ive had sex 4 times && my besti had sex wen she was 11 and now she is 17 and got raped 5 times and now pretty much erbodys B****.
      Wait till ure older to think & have sex.THx

  • Kiley

    Sex came rather easy to my friend and I. Our first time was fun, no big deal, and way more than I expected! Follow these simple steps and be ready. Females prepare yourself with a vibrator of sorts. Males prep yourself by cupping your hands and pretending it’s a vagina. Practice, practice, practice hehe. :)

    • Waterfall17

      …I think that’s disgusting. Just sayin’.

      Practice is not the only thing that’s important. People worry way too much about technique when it’s only 1/4 of the whole. What about intimacy? As in, real intimacy that goes deeper than just the skin? What about enjoying your partner and giving yourself up for enjoyment (please understand that I don’t just mean physically -_-), learning along the way with each other?

      Making something into a science when it is an art has disastrous consequences, such as the loss of value. Sex is more than reproduction. Sex is more than a ‘set of techniques used to give/get pleasure.’

      Although techniques can be nice, and they aren’t a bad thing in and of themselves, they aren’t everything. Practice isn’t everything…especially in consideration of all the factors involved in becoming one with someone else.

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  • dutchwinger

    wow, to my surprise this actually worked. I lost it yesterday and i have a lot to thank this webpage. I only wish i could’ve read it before in like 2 months so i would’ve lost it younger but who cares. the foreplay helped so much. i appreciate it so much, and we lasted looong and the smell of sex is a wonder but then we showered together. i fucking love this page

  • boxesuponboxes

    i recently slept with my boyfriend and now i regret it… ugh i feel horrible

  • boxesuponboxes

    umm hey, me and my boyfriend (both 18) just slept together a couple of days ago, we were in his car. the first time he asked me if i wanted to we were 3 months together and i told him no… now 4 months later we were making out again but i mentioned it. idk why, i really love him and i know he loves me and adores me! well he didn’t really take it slow at all and it hurt like hell, excuse my language, and the whole time i just wanted to get away because it hurt so much… the condom broke then too… the time after was great though, we were just cuddling and watching the stars.. but now i’m regretting the whole thing.. think it was to soon and think we both were too insensitive… i don’t know what to do…

  • http://www.askstudent.com/tips/having-sex-for-the-first-time-heres-what-to-expect Anthony

    Hi im a 14 year old freshman and i have been asked about 5 times to have sex and turned them all down due to the fact that im scared of just losing it to some random girl not being able to get it in and if my penis just isnt big enough. Ive been around with oral sex but never actualy inserting it in side and its weird to talk about it ive seen pornos they always make it seem so easy. This helped me im not sure if im ready yet but i will defenitly take this adivice in to perspective if u can help me at all can u please contact me at abab9000@hotmail.com it would realy help thanks for reading.

  • Dean

    For probably 90%of you girls, once your so-called boy friend has conquered his quest to have sex with you ,he will drop you for someone else .I’m afraid some of you will take his threat of leaving you seriously if you don’t give in..If he has any respect for you when you say “no” ,then sex is the only thing he wants from you.You would not believe some of the stories guys tell their friends after getting what they want.If you yourself enjoy having sex no matter with who and how many then feel free to do what you want to do.


    your a whore

    • Amanda

      Liking sex is only natural, being a “whore” is something that we humans made up.

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  • Mark_Twombley

    Guys and Girls, it is perfectly natural for you to feel urges to have sex and do sexual things! It is due to the effect of unbalanced hormones in your body. But look, people will put you under peer pressure. You need to be able to have your mind set on saying no. It is so simple, i promise you, I to have been offered sex. But i can promise you it’s not worth it. If you are thinking about having sex, think about these questions.
    A) Is it worth it?
    B)Is this person the one?
    C)Will they stay with me after sex?
    D)Are they using me?
    E)Do I even have a condom?

    And now questions i have to offer you from me.
    A) If you say no when they ask and they keep asking, do they really respect you?
    B) Why are you having sex?
    C)What is wrong with being abstinent?

    I personally am aming for the abstinent angle. I believe in it because i can lose it to someone I know I love. I won’t have to “rush” into marriage because of my partner getting pregnant. 95% of marriages today have failed because they didn’t get married for love, they got married because of a pregnancy or some other out of the blue reasons.

    Being abstinent is honestly one of the best choices of my life. And even if you don’t believe in a religion of any sort. Why not just wait to have sex. If you look at the posts, most of these KIDS are between 14-15. That is terrible!

    I am 16 going 17, abstinent, and the only virgin in my family. And the people my brother and sister don’t even date or talk to the people they lost it to. So I am proud to say, I have saved it and i still have it to this very day. :)

    Finally, IF after all I have said you decide to have sex, please use a condom, do not rely on your partner to bring one, you need to be responsible. It will pay off because you won’t have to worry about wether or not your partner brought one. If anyone has any questions, you can email me at:


    I can answer any questions you need answered. :)

    Have a nice life everyone, and please, be safe and use a rubber, or wait. :)

  • Ebbie

    Well I am only 14 &&’ i been with my boyfriend who is 15 ’bout 2 months he had sex already ! He wants me to have sex &&’ i want to have sex. But I heard after he had sex with gurls he dumps them. I am scared if i have sex with him he might dumps me!I dnt knoe wat to do?

  • Hephe

    all of you here are not yet married and you’re all talking abt sex.plz and plz girlz dont play wt ur destiny.if U are not into it,hold urslf,it’s a matter of time.God is not in support of having sex b4 marriage.U can add me on Facebook for more counsel{Ifedayo Okunade}

    • http://www.facebook.com Hephee

      @ littlemisstemptress. Why are you happy ‘cos You loose ur Virginity.When you loose your virginity,you don’t know you’ve lost Your PRIDE as a lady.sit back and think about your life.on F’book add me Okunde Ifedayo

  • tinaa

    okay, so i lost my virginity to this boy I ‘have a thing with’ which kinda bothers me, but its whatever. and anyways, before we had actual sex, he fingered me, and I don’t finger myself, so I was realllly tight. and when he went in, I didn’t hurt. a little uncomfortable when he got deep, but nothing horrible. and he wouldn’t really let me see his penis, so I can’t say if it was big or not, but when we were having sex, I don’t remember feeling much. I was faking moans, do you think he knew that? but another question, later that day I went pee, and I started to wipe then a lot of milky colour cum or discharge like stuff came out, and I’m wondering if thats all mine, and the condom didn’t break? I’ve had this kind of stuff after I’ve masturbated before, but not as much or thick. would his cum, come back out if it did go in? I’m NERVOUS! aand I can’t really ask him cause they’d be awkwaard. thanks (: <3

  • jane

    hey my names jane, i havent had sex yet and i feel like im ready, i like this guy name jake and he asked me to have sex with him like 17 times already, he has a girlfriend tho. he fingerd me one in school and every time i see him or think about him i feel like i want 2 have sex with him, is it normal 2 have this feeling in my vagina? should i have sex with him? plzzz help

    • dAdDy SYEdd

      Ohh WERdd dhas how it iss , Aiii ii would never fuk wif a qurl older den me 3 years younqer den mee.And whoo fuks a unknown qirl when they qot a qurl already ? And no yu shudnt fuk him cus its not worth it he’s just trying to use you :/

  • ;)

    hi im 15 virgin and my gf is the same. We been dating a little over a year and r wanting to have sex but are never alone long enough to do it. Does anybody have any good ideas where we could go? Thanks

  • someone.

    i’ve been talking with my boyfriend about having sex, but i’m a virgin & so is he. i’m not very comfortable with my body, but i really do love him. i hthink were ready for it, but i’m scared one of us will mess up in the middle of it. i’m not sure it’ll be good, because he might not know what to do, or i might not know either. i honestly want to, but i’m not sure when or where. help?

  • Jack Black

    LOL… 15 year old skanks all desperate for sex.

  • Isabella

    Hey I’m Isabella and me and my bf want to have sex I’m going to be 15 in a week and he just turn 19 he has sex before but not me and I want him to be my frist but he’s scared bec I’m to young and he is BIG so it mite hurt me he want to and me too I just don’t know if we would do it or not

    • Jen

      i think thats a bad idea. i don’t know. maybe he’s different but normally when a 19 year old is dating a15 year old it means that either he can’t get a girl his age b/c something’s wrong, or that he gets off on having a younger girlfriend b/c they put him on a pedestal. be careful.

  • jordan


    Im 17 and im getting really close to a girl. I would really like to get with her but i know some of her past and i know that she is sexually experienced. She believes i am aswell and i dont want to get with her and her think im incompitent or rubbish because she thinks im not a virgin. What do i do? Im worried if i tell her she wont like me anymore :/

  • katyz

    so, im 15 year old and i lost my virginity 2 weeks ago to my ex-boyfriend. we split up about 3 months ago but started meeting again. we were alone one day in the house so began to get close, and it lead to sex. it was my first time, but not his. i was nervous but wanted to get it over with because i had pressure from my peers. it wasnt sore, but it was unconfortable for the first 5 or so minutes. it lasted about 40 minutes. i didnt bleed atall afterwards, and i didnt feel much sensitivity afterwards. are there any tips for girl-on-top? because i found this hard and felt embarassed


    I followed this and had sex
    oh it was nice BTW i am a girl and i had an orgasm
    I had it twie in that week
    My friends wont belive it but i did

  • Billy

    Hi im 12 and what is this?

  • Kiki

    I’m almost 20 and i’m a virgin. I’ve been with my boyfriend for over 2 years now. I’m ready to have sex but he haven’t make any move at all.

    We fourplayed millions of times but i’m getting bored of the same things.

    I don’t know what to do!! How can I tell him that i want to do it?

    • Valt’

      Maybe just…try to talk to him about sex ? See what he thinks of it, watch if he seems defiant when talking about it or if he seems relaxed…
      Maybe he’s scared he’s going to make you go away if he talks about sex… Sometimes guys are just as anxious as girls are :) If that’s the case, try to show him that you feel ready for it, that you’re not scared or anything.

  • mary

    hi im mary , 16 yrs old.. i had my first sex, last december .. and my second, third and fourth was on january this year .. does this mean that i will have cancer? cz they say that if you have sex at an early age … you will have a cancer .. pls someone answer this question .. thanks

    • Jen

      haha no, you’re not going ot get cancer from having sex at an early age.

  • New

    hy girls im massari from toronto 16 years old, i want a girl’friend i have lots of female classmatez thy have more than 1 bf’s so i dont need like des girls gf. if anyone wantz first we need to speack if u like me and i like u2 then we will be gf, bf ;) add me or mail me prem-fashion@live.com peace ;)

  • hemant

    hy frnd my g.frnd is not ready to sex with me
    nd dont do it without her permission tell me wt can i do my email add is hemantkmr.758@gmail.com

  • sonnies

    HI.well me and my boyfriend had sex couple days ago.i was a virrgin and he wasnt.(im 14).it didnt hurt.we used protection .well the next day my vaginal hurt i could barley touch it.and i was havin a weird stomach pain as a minor cramp. i dont start my period untill like a week or two.okay.and today i felt BETTER but now white gooey stuff is cumin out.and its in my panties.iv always had this crap cumin out but not this much.is everything normal wiff me.lol.Answerss plzz

    • kate

      i havnt had sex before so i dont no bout the stuff coming out but if it has always happened, it seems like thrush,its very commen in girls and men and dont think it can do any harm but i hurd if you have it, its very painful hvaing sex. and its uncomfortable somtimes like sitting down and stuff dont no if thats any help to you! xx

    • mary

      hai sonnies! uh i think its just normal .. when i had my first sex before i experienced that too.. the gooey stuff in the panties and your menstration will stop temporarily, at about 2 months i think .. it will soon be normal .. but if ever you wont have your mens for the third month, better have prgnncy test ..

      • sonnies

        well the day after i had sex i came down with a cold. and i still have it do you think its from that? cause it dont hurt no more no stomach ache nuffing jus gota cold.lol

    • Jen

      It could just be a yeast infection or something like that, which is pretty normal to get after your first time having sex since your vagina is not used to that kind of intrusion. You can get a self-test kit at Walgreens to see if you have a yeast infection or something like that.

      • sonnies

        well the day after i had sex i came down with a cold.Do yu think it was because i was cuming down with a cold cause i dont have no more stomach pains or nuthin jus a cold.?

        • Jen

          maybe. if you’re concerned you should see a dr. but you’re probably fine

          • sonnies

            you think im good? im not to concerned anymore thx alot .:)

  • IDontWannaSayMyName

    hey, im 14, and i want to have sex with my partner. he equally wants to have sex. it is both of our first times, and i am very nervous, as i am very self conscious about my body. what should i do about hair and things?
    please write back somebody?

  • giggles(;


    ehm, me & my boyfriend have been talking about having sex.. i want to & i really love him but i’m very nervous because it’s my first time (it’s also his) & i am very insecure about my body.. i’ve been told there’s nothing wrong with my body but i still feel very insecure.. i’m also worried that he doesn’t find me as attractive as he thought i was & doesn’t get an errection..
    i’m not sure how to stop feeling insecure & it’s making more & more nervous..
    any advice??


    i’m 15 & he’s 14 btws.. but we’re in the same classes in school & that..(i)

    • -shona

      i am also worried about this with my boyfriend.. whom i am also 15 & he is 14.. but i was also thinking about this one.. about him not being attracted to me & not being able to get an errection..
      can someone please help??..

  • giggles(;


    ehm, me & my boyfriend have been talking about having sex.. i want to & i really love him but i’m very nervous because it’s my first time (it’s also his) & i am very insecure about my body.. i’ve been told there’s nothing wrong with my body but i still feel very insecure.. i’m also worried that he doesn’t find me as attractive as he thought i was..
    i’m not sure how to stop feeling insecure & it’s making more & more nervous..
    any advice??


    i’m 15 & he’s 14 btws.. but we’re in the same classes in school & that..(i)

    • Cazz

      Hey if your having doubts dont go there! If he is not into your body then he shouldnt have a right to touch it. The week before i had my first i got a letter from my boyfriend with the most incredible poem and that made my mind up that he was the one but i didnt freak out and plan exactly when it would happen. Have some condoms ready and if it feels right and you have no doubts go for it, if you doubt then dont do it. And about body issues.. if its the right person you wont think about it. I am a bit pudgy in areas and that affects my confidence sometimes but when i’m in his arms / jumper i feel like the hottest thing alive (he had a skinny pretty girlfriend before me.) and even knowing about his other relationship didnt affect me because he picked me. Please be smart and wait. I’m 18 and i felt lost waiting but god it was worth it!

  • sonnies

    hi.im 14 my boyfriend is 15.hes not a virgin but i am.:.well so i snuck him in to my room last night while my parents were sleeping.he was cuddlin with me we started kissing and then he started taking my clothes off i was like ok.so we had sex.it felt great it didnt hurt.we used protection,so it was sex for like 10 minutees then i took a break then 20 minutes and it goes on .well anyway today wen i woke up i felt kinda like i wanted to vomit.or jes havin pains like a minor cramp or sumthin.i dont start my period untill like a week or two.if anybody can tell me if its normal to feel like crampish??please i would love to know.pleaseee.asap

    • francy(:xx

      hiya, i have had sex with my partner before… i know this is a personal question but d’you know if the condom broke? because your symptoms sound a lot like a friend of mines who had sex & the condom broke.. & she is now 4 month pregnant :| it was her first time</3.
      i would recommend to go to a doctor & speak to your boyfriend<3..
      i hope for the best your not, because your very young & sound like a lovely girl!!

      all the best,

      • sonnies

        well.the stomach ache has went away.n we had to use 2 condoms cuss the 1st one after awhile the tip was messed up.do u think i am.cuss the stomach ache has went away i think it mighter ben sumthing i ate.

        • francy(:xx

          i think you should take a pregnancy test to be safe<3.
          i'm not sure, but i'd take a test to be safe.

          francy(: xx

          • sonnies

            wwell i asked my friend if she had these problems when she had sex fer tha 1st time she had tha stomach ache too,and she said its too early to have syptoms to possible pregnacy.cuss me and my bf had sex on friday.and its only been a couple days.n the stomach ache has went away.

          • sonnies

            Did i mention im sick now wiff like a cold.i think my stomache ache was from cumin down being sick.

        • giggles(;


          ehm, me & my boyfriend have been talking about having sex.. i want to & i really love him but i’m very nervous because it’s my first time (it’s also his) & i am very insecure about my body.. i’ve been told there’s nothing wrong with my body but i still feel very insecure.. i’m also worried that he doesn’t find me as attractive as he thought i was..
          i’m not sure how to stop feeling insecure & it’s making more & more nervous..
          any advice??


          • kate

            i think you need to talk to your bf before doing anything and see how he feels about you!! because how much you say you love him you could still regret it later on, im sure there is nothing wrong with your body every girl is a bit inscure about there body i am to but if your bf loves you then it shouldnt matter to him or you, but i think you just need to see bout he feels about you and having sex if its first time for both!
            :) xx

        • giggles(;

          sorry i didn’t mean to sedn that to you.. i accidently pressed on the reply thingy<3.

        • asdf

          don’t use two condoms simultaneously, the friction can cause them both to break

        • Jeremy

          Do NOT double up. It causes friction and will tear

    • Shanta

      My friend told me that she felt like she was having cramps the 1st time she had sex, so that could just be what it was. Also some people have an allergy to latex. I thought about a sperm allergy (which does exist) but you said you guys used protection. My brother’s old girlfriend has a latex allergy. There are condoms not made of latex like a brand called Skyns or Skynns. There are also sheep skin condoms, but they have pores and sperm and seep through them. I would look into another type of condom material, because it could have been a reaction to the latex.

  • KYjelley

    i want to have sex. im 18 female virgin.
    but i don’t want to either because im scared more about potentially getting hurt.
    or being punished by god.

    • Amy

      Then don’t. Simple as that.
      You won’t be PUNISHED by God for sex, but if you’re scared and generally not ready, then why force yourself to be? Being a virgin isn’t a bad thing.

  • kate

    hi, i am 16 and been with my 17year old boyfriend for a few mouths now. we have done mostly everything insep sex! we have gone to the point of having sex but the pain was horrilbe and had to stop. he has had sex before but i havnt and i want to but am scared. i dont want the pain people have spoke about and i sound silly but am scared if somthing bad happen’s! but my fears cant hold me back forever, they are just always in my mind. i just dont no how to become them. any advice?


    • vicky

      hi…. I always follow newtons 3rd law……….
      its vey helpfull….. i think you guys no abt that….

      • kate

        i dont understand this! :/ hehe

        • kate

          yeah i agree. And i will defintly remember what you said when its time! hehe thank youu very much :)

        • aneesaj

          :) well i just had sex a while ago..it hurts so much..but you should not be comfortable doing wit the man you don’t love and does not love you..is it normal by the way to bleed after sex?

    • alalalddff

      dont be afraid take it slow. it does hurt but the after feeling is amazing just consintrate on something other than sex while having sex :)

      • Cazz

        Look the pain can hurt like a bitch, my BF is rather larger than previous partners and doing other stuff with them didnt really prepare me.. HE was my first and it took me 2 hours to talk away my nervousness. The trick here is talk to your BF / GF, if they are a virgin they are just as flipped out as you and if they have experience then they are terrified you will flip out. My BF was as slow and gentle as possible and it was a little akward ‘getting In’ but he talked me through it and he had a good laugh about me swearing at him… Be open about everything your feeling and dont be afraid to laugh or flinch.. It may have hurt for me and there was a lot more blood than it appears everyone else gets, but i would never think about not doing it. If its the right person have fun.. (sex is not serious, its hilariously funny in my opinion)

  • saffry

    hi im 14 and so is my boyfreind, im a virgin but he isnt, last night we where at his house and fooling around then one thing led to another. we had been planning on having sex but i didnt think it would be last night…im still a virgin, my boyfreind has had sex once before and when he tried to put it in i kind of tensed up and then relaxed again but he still couldnt get it in is there something wrong with me?


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  • heregoesnothing

    I had sex for the first time a few nights ago. Not gonna lie, hurt like hell, btw I’m female. I kinda feel stupid since I don’t really no anything about sex, but me & my boyfriend had talked about it a few times before. Gotta admit he scared me with the whole bleeding thing that would happen, that was a bit awkward.. I just felt bad because it wasn’t enjoyable. He’s asking when we’re gonna try again, but honestly I ain’t looking forward to it since it hurt like a b*tch the first time, he tells me I should masturbate so it wouldn’t hurt anymore.. but I don’t think it’s very classy and I’m not really into that. Any suggestions besides just sucking it up and just taking the pain? lol.

    ~Feels good to get this off my chest.

  • jessica

    i am 15 my boyfriend is 16 almost 17. hes not a virgin but i am we have been trying to have sex but hes too big and it wont go in. what do we do? he also said he doesnt want to use a condom and that he will pull out before he cums and THEN put the condom on. is this bad? and after having sex am i suppose to go on birth control ? HELP PLEASE. !!!!

  • mary grace

    i am 15 years old and my boyfriend is 16 hes not a virgin but i am. we tried to have sex but it wouldnt go in cuz im too tight. am i not ready for this? or what? i keep holding back cuz of hearing im going to bleed and its really painful. any advice to how to help me ease the pain? or any encouragements that will help me? also he said he wants to not use a condom but will put a condom when hes going to cum. i dont know much about sex but once i have sex do i have to go on birth control or anything?

  • http://serenadante.xanga.com/ Serena Dante

    To all of you children under the age of 18 asking whether you should be having sex or not, check out this site: http://serenadante.xanga.com/730728138/to-sex-or-not-to-sex—that-is-the-question/

  • http://serenadante.xanga.com/ Serena Dante

    To all of you children under the age of 18 asking whether you should be having sex or not, check out this site: http://serenadante.xanga.com/730728138/to-sex-or-not-to-sex—that-is-the-question/

  • Austin

    hello my name is austin.

    i am 17 years old and am going out with a 14 year old, who has had sex once before and i am still a virgin. im really in love with her but feel she is to young for sex, and im unsure if i am ready, but she has kindof been giving me hints that she wants to do it but i dont know what to do, i am not exactly the “biggest” and feel kind of nervous about all of it. what should i do

    • nufarau

      don’t do it…she is too young…your relationship may fall apart if you do it.

  • Denae

    im 16 and had sex for my first time last night. my boyfriend is 19 and he wasnt a virgin but he was really gentle and slow but i bleed some too. and it was unprotected for the most part. but now my lower belly is hurting and i dont understand why?

  • sophie

    i have just recently started going out with an 17 year old, and i am only 14. i told my mum but she doesnt really approve. when ever i say am going out to meet him she will be like i will take you to meet him and all that, she is so controlling! but am going to his house tomorrow and am not sure whats gunna happene, i dont want to have sex at this age, but am worried he might finish with me because am not gunna give him what he wants, sex?!

    • stephanie

      hi sophie..i am stephanie and i am 16 ..at first i want to tell you that your mom is worried about it for the same reason you do..she thinks that a boy at 17 wants to have sex not to fall in love and most of the times that’s true..you are only 14 and it’s risky to go at your boyfriend’s house..i don’t know him but the first thing i’d do if i were you is to speak to him and tell what i want and what i do not want..just tell him what you feel , do something with him but do not have sex..i think that you will regret it and that’s awful you won’t forgieve yourself after this!! so try to be honest with him and make him understand what you exactly want!!! :) :D do not let him to think that you are going to have sex..!

  • sarish

    hii i am in search of a female partner who could satisfy my urge of sex.I am residing in (UP) lucknow india.

  • Moniiee

    Hi im 16, and my boyfriend is 19. Im a virg and he isnt. im planning on losing it to him but i heard from my friend that when your tight, it hurts like hell. im a bit worried, i know i should do alot of foreplay but will that actually help? i mean i know he knows what hes doing but i wanna just make sure..

  • Krystal

    Ok so I’m 17, and have been talking to my mom about birth control more so often lately I want to try and get the nuvaring, have any of you tried this and have feedback on it. I’m a virgin and finally feel ready tostart having sex, who with I haven’t decided yet it’ll go to someone I care about with it being my first time. I know it’s going to hurt some and you bleed afterwards but what are some other sideaffects if any? Thanks so much :)

  • Sameera

    I am getng married after 2 months n really scared 4 my first night cos i dont know wat to do.So i told my fiance tat we ll do sex after a week time but he s not wilng for it. Pls help

    • Krystal

      Ok so u love the guy enough to get married, and I take it your still a virgin. I understand your completely nervous, I would be too, but if you rly wanna try and go for it just stay calm and start off rly slow. Just kiss at first then slowly makeout, play a little, but make sure that he’s getting it to where your enjoying yourself so if you two decided to go all the way and have sex, it won’t hurt as bad, and don’t worry if he takes his time goes slow it won’t be as bad as you think. Best of luck!

  • JessUhKah


    This is a Q for all the girls: How big was the guy you first had sex with?

    Now I’m no perv and I’m not trying to be nasty. I just wonder was it natural that I took 11+ inches the first time and then repeatedly that day? Most girls I talk to can’t go past 8inches so I feel somewhat…hmm…strange? And I feel that ppl might think I’m some whore because of it but fact of the matter is I JUST started having sex. I only had sex with ONE person and still having sex with that person now.

    I’m just randomly thinking though…

    • Krystal

      your not a whore, the guy I’m dating now is 10 and a half inches and we’re both considering having sex, it would be my first time, it doesn’t make you a whore that your first and still is was a gifted sized guy.

  • G.K.

    Thank you so much for your column! I originally lost my virginity, or should I say, found my sexuality at age 15 with another virgin. We actually had a full maybe 12 hour day of inter-meshed play and intercourse. The funny thing is that what I remember the most was her smiling with me and we holding each other in between our fits of passion. Here now 15 years later, I’ve found myself with a 27 year old woman whom I am completely in love with. This is most certainly the girl I am going to marry. She is everything I’ve wanted in a woman, but she is a virgin. I found it odd that this would concern me as it did, however, I find I care about her so very much that I really want to make her first time something extremely special for her. After 15 years of experience I can certainly satisfy a female on a first encounter, however most everyone near my age that I’ve been with is as experienced as myself. After considering exactly how to treat her on our big night I realized that actually I had become completely nervous to engage in intercourse as usual. Would I be too rough and hurt her, or too gentle to excite her? Give over to passion, or hold back to romance at times. Thank you for settling my fears in this regard and reinforcing my original thoughts. She is a very unique person and I will certainly satisfy her tastes to her liking after reading your article. We will enjoy a very blissful night in the very near future. Thank you! ;)

    – G.K.

  • alice

    hi my name in alice and im 14 years old and i really want to have sex
    i dont know why and im virgin
    i just keep dreaming about having sex with a boy and almost everynight i get orgasm and want to have sex im i having problems?????
    sometimes i masturbate with my pillow and it really really feels good ……………im i having a problem?

    • sarish

      if u are interested i could satisfy u .my no. is +919208609126 from india

    • jesse

      Listen there. A word for what you are experiencing its called being horny and I’m sure that you could do one of two things 1. Find a guy just to satisfy you. 2. Find a guy you really like and have sex with him and again and again forever and ever if you need any help either hands on or just want advice text me or email me at 2036857443 or j.cornelson@yahoo.com btw I’m 14 as well

  • Hannah

    i am a 17 year old girl and my bf is 18 and we had been talking about sex for a long time and im so scared wat do i do cause he is so huge

  • Ian

    I’m 15 and my gf is 14 I’ve been dating for awhile and she wants to wait a while before
    Having sex and I can understand that but when she is ready I’m kinds afraid is she to young?
    And BTW I’ve made her have an orgasum is that ok for a girl at that age?

    • Jamie

      hey ian, im 14 too and my bf is 16. i want to wait a while for sex also and he;s fne with that and well, 14 i think is an ok age tbh, just make sure she’s ready and not pressured into it. and yeah, he’s made me orgasm alot too…. its completely normal. :L good luck. :) x

  • Ian

    Hi jess

    I’m 15 and my gf is 14 I’ve been dating for awhile and she wants to wait a while before
    Having sex and I can understand that but when she is ready I’m kinds afraid is she to young?
    And BTW I’ve made her have an orgasum is that ok for a girl at that age?

  • Taylor

    Heyy my names Taylor and I’m 16 and still a virgin. So there’s this girl that likes me and wanta to have sex and well so do I but I’m worried cause I don’t know really what to do and she’s not a virgin. And I don’t know what she’ll think if I tell her I’m a virgin. Any advice???

  • Taylor

    Heyy guys my names Taylor and I’m 16 years old and still a virgin, but there’s this girl that likes me and wants to have sex with me, but she’s not a virgin. Well I want to also but I’m not really sure what I’m doing and I’m worried about what she’ll say if she know I’m a virgin. Any advice anyone??

  • BJP23

    is 18 and above a good age to start, will it hurt even more, i really want to have my first time with my highschool sweetheart, is that a good thing, cuz im one of those girls whose not afraid of anything, im basically a bad ass virgin :)

  • jessica

    hi I’m Jessica I’m 16 years old and my guy friend I’ve known for a while is into me and wants to have sex, his going to be 19 soon and he is really experienced and thinks that I’ve already lost my virginity to my previous boyfriend, but I’m still a virgin and i want to have sex and know I’m ready i just don’t want to look like a idiot in front of him and not know what to do since his so much more experienced then me, should i anyways? anyone please respond, thanks!

    • Serena

      no. I dont think that you should do it just casually just because you want to have sex. Wait for the right guy because that will make all the fumbling around and awkward moments that comes with the first time all that more precious and funnier. Especially at your age. I think that you can wait a few more years. Im 22 and just had sex for the first time with my boyfriend who is experienced. He respects me more for it and helps me out and is teaching me on what to do now. If this guy already thinks that your experienced then he’s just going to go for it and your not ready yet for that. Its not like the movies, its not just gonna happen on the first time and be amazing. Its gonna hurt and be uncomfortable and awkard for you, and your not going to like it. You want a guy who will be patient and understanding with you, and knows that its your first time, so that you guys can work on making it enjoyable for the both of you. If you really want to have sex with this guy then i suggest that you let him know that your a virgin.

  • jess

    hi I’m jessica I’m 16 and my guy friend for a while know likes me and wants to have sex his going to be 19, and his reallllllly expirenced and thinks that I’ve already lost my virginity, I really want to have sex and I know I’m ready I just don’t want to look like a idiot for not knowing what to do since his so expienced.. should I still do it?

  • Sam

    okay. so like my boyfriend and i just had sex a couple nights ago and it was both of our first times. of course it hurt but then after like the morning after; i had noticed some bleeding. Is that normal?

    • stephanie

      of course it’s normal..don’t worry!!! it was your first time that’s way you were bleeding the morning after :)

      • stephanie


  • Jessica

    I am 15 and my partner is 16, I lost my virginity a few months back, I didn’t bleed and it hurt a little bit, I would say I have done it about 20 times since, I still did it sore everytime, still haven’t bled & never enjoy it, what’s wrong with me:(? Please reply!!!X

  • Jessica

    I am 15 and my partner is 16, I lost my virginity a few months back, I didn’t bleed and it hurt a little bit, I would say I have done it about 20 times since, I still did it sore everytime, still haven’t bled & never enjoy it, what’s wrong with me:(? Please reply!!!

    • stephanie

      don’t worry..i don’t think you have a problem..nothing is wrong with..relax !! perhaps, you are an exseption..i mean that lots of girls don’t bleed…on the other hand the pain is normal you know..if your partner don’t go slow but quick and hard..tell him to be more carefull!! just to be sure go to see a doctor if that’s be continued..!!

  • Jessica

    I am 15 and my partner is 16, I lost my virginity a few months back, I didn’t bleed and it hurt a little bit, I would say I have done it about 20 times since, I still did it sore everytime, still haven’t bled & never enjoy it, what’s wrong with me:(?

  • stefanie

    hi..i want your opinion..i am 16..i’ve decided to have sex with my boyfriend..the problem is that i am scared..i do not know what to expect and i don’t know how is gonna end(i mean if hi will like it or not)i am a virgin and i have no experience when it terms to sex..he told me that he have done it once before with an experienced girl, so i am afraid that he doesn’y know how to handle the situation with a virgin like me..the other problem is my parents..i don’t want to let them know about my decision..please help me i am so confused..i don’t know what to do!!! my decision is a big mistake?

    • nufarau

      I think you should think carefully about this decision. sex at this early time isn’t that great and it may ruin your relationship altogether. if he truly loves you, he can wait. otherwise, don’t just have sex to have sex. guys will appreciate you more if you are still pure.

  • Brushawn

    I mean…am I the only male thats 22 years old & happen to be still a virgin ?

    • jack

      I’m 24 and a virgin! Me and my girlfriend are going to wait until we get married. You’re not the only one.

    • fabine

      I’m also 22 and still a virgin…girls can’t believe that!! I feel intriguing and special because of that!

  • Ester

    Hi I’m 18 and I’ve been having a bit of trouble having sex with my 18 year old boyfriend. We are both virgins. We have tried at least 3 times and have been unsuccessful. We don’t know what is wrong. He can’t find where to put his penis in or maybe I’m too tight and he won’t fit in. Please someone help us. We have been together for 10 months and love each other to bits.

  • moni

    If a female virgin was sleeping and she had a weird dream when someone was penetrating her, and she woke up and didn’t have any bleeding or tenderness but did in her dream, is it possible for a man to penetrate a virgin while she is asleep and her not notice or wake up or have no side effects like bleeding or tenderness?

    • Krystal

      it was most likely just a dream if you didn’t have any side affects when you woke up

  • LucyDoo

    Hey, I am 17 in about a week, and i haven’t had sex yet! My friends have all had sex, and normally talk about it. I just feel really awkward about it coz i haven’t done it yet. I’m a girl, so to me this is a big deal, i’m also not comfortable with my body, which is stupid! No guy has ever seen me naked, or even partly naked! I don’t know what to do, i want to wait for someone special, but i’m picked on a lot for still being a virgin! Is this bad?

    • SAM

      Hun don’t worry about that i’ll be 19 and im still a virgin and my guy friends always call me a SUPER SAINT cause of it but it feels good to know im not as easy as most girls my age you should be proud!

    • Serena

      you shouldnt be worried at all or embaressed about still being a virgin, especially at your age. If anything that’s something thats really special and guys will love you more for it. Take it from me, I’m 22 and was still a virgin till last week. I had never done anything with any other guy before just like you, and my boyfriend loves that about me. He really respects me and he’s told me that he loves that about me. He thinks its really precious and special, especially since now he gets to be the one to teach me on what to do ;) lol. So you shouldnt be ashamed, you should be proud that your waiting :)

    • fabine

      I’m 22 and still haven’t done it, despite numerous possibilities….I pride myself in that…I feel like I have something special that many don’t at my age..I know others who feel miserable because they did it at a young age….so, don’t think that what your friend call the “norm” is as good as they tell you…you will be more respected by decent guys (indecent ones too) if you remain special…once you do it once, it’s done…you cannot return back your young years of innocence…you may lose self-esteem…so, just enjoy being like that…many people who jump into it have very unfortunate relationships….

  • Lovedoodles1

    Hello I am 16 and I had sex my first time when I was 12 … I was with my sister at a party and this hot guy was about 15 and we started talking then he tookme upstairs I didn’t know why … But when I got in the room we started making out … It was nice untill he put his hands down my pants …… I didn’t know what to do I was scaried … He told mw to relax …. All my friends where older then me and I wanted to know what it felt like…. So I let him take my pants of ……… We play around for a few mins until it happened …… It was really big and when we had the condom on it hurt cause I wasn’t feeling it you know ……… During that I didn’t want to touch him I was afraid to say anything cause it hurt :( but after he acted like nothing happend…and now he has 3 kids and a wife … Tonight I’m planning on doing it with my 17 year old bf

  • ummm

    i am a 16 year old girl. i want to wait until i am 18, 19, or maybe marriage, but i feel i guess “sexual” or i don’t know but i want to have sex and i do not know if i can wait…

    • culdude

      I had an opportunity to do it last night…however, even before we started making out, I told her that we can do everything BUT sex…if you are firm enough and tell your partner about that beforehand, it should work…also, after you lose innocence, you may lose self-esteem…loving someone is much greater than having sex…I’ve heard girls who are in their mid-twenties tell me that if they could start again, they would prefer to be married and raising children than having wasted their young age partying and having sex outside a committed married relationship….so, it’s your choice….if you want less temptation, be careful what you watch and who you hang out with…

  • Tyler

    im 14 and my gf is 15 and we are talking about this and readiness and i think that there isnt a total time to be ready that the time will just come but she thinks that we both have to be 100% ready and im just confused and im glad to hear that her “rip” is only gonna hurt for a little bit but could someone please clear that up as to which is right?

  • Brittany

    Heyy I’m brittany… umm I’m turning 15 in likee 3 monthz & myy boyfriend iz turning 16. He reallyy wantz to have sex and haz alreadyy seen me naked and I’ve seen him naked but we’ve nvr rlyy done it, just carressed & stuff. I’m kinda readyy to have sex but than again I’m not cuz I’m scared. He said he’s rly in love w/ me but isn’t pushing me. He said he can wait. But idkk cuz we’re going to different schoolz…
    we’re both virgins I’m just afraid something will go wrong and ppl are alwayz @ myy house and alwayz @ hiz house. Anyy advice.? PLEASEEEEE.!
    And I’m a Christian so I wanna wait til marriage but ii don’t know if ii can…

    • culdude

      I don’t think you should do it…sex is something reserved for a committed relationship…otherwise, you will be disappointed and will not regard this as something special…

    • culdude

      I really think you are too early for that…enjoy innocent love longer…you will always be able to do this later…it will not run away….plus, your consciousness should feel wrong doing it if you are a Christian..I’m 22 and have had plenty opportunities to have sex with girls, but I refused them all….I am not against sex at all…i’m just against this act at this early age….if you truly love each other, you can wait because love is enduring, while sex may ruin it for you, as you might both be disappointed with it…plus, you are going to be a more special girl and will have more respect from guys if you abstain from such things this early….hope you make a good decision….best to you…

      • Swindonia

        I totally agree with you. You should NEVER rush love. Take it slow and enjoy the innocent little things like falling asleep on each other and cuddling before you start ploughing. I’m 16 and still a virgin but I have a girl I like and we’ve liked each other for 4 years and we’re enjoying our relationship to the maximum. My advice. Take it slow. Also when you know each other better yopu’ll know what she’ll like and build respect.

  • http://www.ask.com ashley higgens

    I am 14 turning 15, I just had sex for my first time last nightt.
    It didn’t hurtt bur just a teeny bitt’ , I didn’t bleed at all and I still haven’t. But I’m discharging alott, and it kinda itchess from when he went in because he’s too biggo’ for my little body, but it felt great.it also had no smell, whatsoever but it only lasted for about 2 minutes.
    I’m just confused as ro why I didn’t bleed, and I am having discharge that looks like come.?!
    Please help! (:

  • http://www.ask.com ashley higgens

    I am 14 turning 15, I just had sex for my first time last nightt.
    It didn’t hurtt bur just a teeny bitt’ , I didn’t bleed at all and I still haven’t. But I’m discharging alott, and it kinda itchess from when he went in because he’s too biggo’ for my little body, but it felt great.
    I’m just confused as ro why I didn’t bleed, and I am having discharge that looks like come.?!
    Please help! (:

  • Nervous Newlywed

    Me and my husband have been married for a week and we have not had sex yet. However on the first night he inserted his finger. I didn’t feel scared… i felt nervous as this was the first time he would be touching me. Anyway i was fine while we kissed and prepared ourselves but as soon as he inserted his finger there was a small amount of pain and I became so stiff I just couldn’t get myself to relax. I have no clue about how to become relaxed and the discomfort was causing my body to go into automatic defence mode. My husband did not go any further and well like the gentleman he is he began apologizing but i felt very bad because of my reaction. Could someone please give me some advice on what to do?

    Many thanks.

    Nervous Newlywed

    • confused

      If you need help relaxing just think of your hubby and how much you love him and think of breathing and just go with it. If you think too much then you’ll tense up and not be able to relax as you said.

      • lolita14

        I think you should consider a visit to your doctor and ask if that stiffness is normal… if it’s not due to anything serious you can try some nice music to help you relax before
        hope i helped!!! = )

    • oldhat

      I had this problem for a long time, too. It’s your bodies reaction to being ‘invaded’. My GYN gave me the best piece of advice ever which was actually several things. 1. Lube. It just makes everything easier. 2. Don’t rush for penile penetration. That won’t help. 3. This is the key- once he has a finger in, just have him leave it there. keep kissing or doing other things. When he senses you relax a little, he should push gently down towards your backside. This will make the muscles relax and get your body used to it. You can keep doing this until it feels more natural less nervous. Then with more fingers until you are ready for actual penetration. There are times, soooo many encounters later that my husband still needs to use the finger push method before he can penetrate. It’s not that uncommon, and it’s not your fault or anything you can control. No one ever talks about it though.

    • Rina

      The response above me is great. Another thing that helps is to have him focus on rubbing your clitorus until you become more relaxed and aroused. If you want to do oral sex, that’s also an option. If he can get you to have an orgasm, it’ll relax your body a great deal, stretch out your vagina, and actually make it much easier to penetrate. I would say try to enjoy the caressing, rubbing, kissing, and whatever else you can get into and don’t focus on getting to sex. This will help you get into the mood and have an orgasm, which in turn will make getting to sex much simpler. If you know how to get yourself to orgasm, I would even suggest showing him, and instructing him. Show him by doing it yourself and then move his hands along with yours to demonstrate. If you do not know how to get yourself to orgasm, I would suggest getting to know your body better. Use your hands and a mirror to explore and get comfortable. The more comfortable you are, the more relaxes you’ll be, and the more likely you’ll be able to enjoy yourself. Good luck and don’t worry about it!

  • mian

    i am looking a female for any relation if u intrested plz just sms me r call me 0334 6519338(IF u not mond plz reply me)

    • Tarena

      I’am 15 and my partner is 17, he wants to have sex and i want to have sex but, my mom won’t let me go anywhere after school. I’m really in love with him!! He keeps suggesting we should have sex in his parents car but, i don’t think that is romantic and compterable! But, good news he is coming over tonight for something and he thinks tonight is the right night to do it but, my mom would probably keep checking on us. I’m really scared i told him no not tonight and he said he is going to push me to do it anyway! I don’t know what to do! Should i break up with him and not have sex with him or should i have sex with him and love him forever and ever!!

      • Nervous Newlywed

        Don’t u think u have a say in this? I think that he should respect ur decision as you are his partner. =}

        • http://Fudge.com Sierra

          Hi I’m 12 but I’ll be 13 in 2 moths an I had sex with my boyfriend who is 17 and he was really big and it really hurt I was crying and I’m bleeding still he said that I’ll be fine in a few weeks but all these other sites say that it should only be bleeding for a few days. He wants to have sex with me agian he said but I don’t think he cares about me but I love him sooooo much! So I wanna know if I should be bleeding this long an if you think I should have sex with him agian if I’m still bleeding and what if I say no to sex? What if he leaves me!? I love him but I don’t know.

          • chelseaS

            soryy but what the hell is wrong with girls these days?
            sex at 12 years old are you insane, and your bf is 17, honey this was rape…
            yes rape by law, you should defenaitly not have sex with him again!!
            you should brake up with him becasue obivously hes too old for you and only wants one thing from you, and your too young ant to immature to relise this!! but serioulsy how dumb can you get,… this boy is a total dick for doing this and your a silly little girl, your far too young to know what love is!!

      • afr333

        Don’t do it. If you say you’re not ready, and he is going to try to force you to do it anyway, that is a very bad sign. You should probably not even be dating a guy like this. Definitely don’t have sex with him.

      • http://www.glitterdollz.at.tt anastasia

        You should definately break up with him because he’s 17 and your 15 turns out after having sex with you which is the only reason why he loves you he’s gona move on to another girl that’s his age.

      • austin

        i think you should stay with him but wait to have sex with him till you find the right place and the right moment…………….

    • Savannah

      hi , im 14 &’ iwould likee ta know if i should suck his dick 1st or suck whilee we doinqq da dam thinqq

  • justin984848

    im almost 15 and my ex wants to have sex all the sudden and im jus not sure if my dick is small cuz i dont no the average lol but im about 6 inches is this average size

    • Reagan

      Really U measured ur dick?

    • Krystal

      the averagae male penis size is 5.5inches

  • #hornyashell

    hey me and my boyfriend are 16, we are both virgins but im celibate and i want him to b my first for several diff. reasons and because im simply horny as hell, i need sum advice becus im a lil scared

    • confused

      I’m 15 and so is my boyfriend. We are both virgins and I told him a few minutes ago I wanted to talk about the big IT. I’m a little nervous and I don’t want to push anything on him. Should I still talk to him?

  • angila

    hey im angila:
    i had king of sex wen i was 13 years old but i wasnt bleeding to i still virgin?
    im 18yreas old now. plz help me with that

    • Tj

      13? are you serious?

      • min

        im 14 and my boy friend whants do it im not shure what should i do??

        • Suzanne

          i know exactly how you feel i’m 14 too and my bf isn’t a virgin anymore and wants to have sex with me, i dont know what to do either ..

          • Igsia

            If Yuur Not Suure Abbt Havinnq Sex , Then Dont Do it . Yuur Virginity Is EveryThinq . So dont let it Go If Yuur Not Readdy . Especially At 14 . Yur Waaay To Younnq . Wait Until Youu Get Into Hiqh School , AT LEASST . If Yuur BoyFriennd Is Willinq To Wait , Then Yu Kno Hes Worth Losinq It To (: Just Dnt Make Stupid Choices Cuuz Yu Feel Under Pressure Or Cuuz Yur Freindds Are Doinq It . Be uur Own Person <3 .

  • shannon

    hello, im shannon and yet having sex tommorow ha , im worried the fact hes older and its really big, im really small, my friend has had sex before and was bleeding for a week! im going on holiday soon and dont want to be bleeding as i cant go in the pool ! help me !!

    • Reagan

      Then don’t have sex tell Ur boyfriend that u don’t want to have sex right know because u are having to go to a pool and u don’t want people to see u bleed!

    • genesis

      How much more older is he , than you

      • lisa

        hi how old are u i am 19-23 cool

  • bongani

    hey.Im 16 years,jst need an advise.my g’f nd I ar virgins.nd she’s ready to have sex wit me,well Im nt sure dat im ready.Its jst dat I dnt wanna make a mistake nd make her fall pregnant coz I dnt knw hw to use a condom correctly.I jst dnt knw wat to do.cn someone help me

    • Ashton

      Hi, watch this video to help you out… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izVeeG5nBp8

      Hope this helps you out!

      • Kevin

        Um, if you are 13 and too tight, then you probably aren’t emotionally or physically developed enough to go through with this. This is an act of true love and something that should be cherished rather than tossed around for physical pleasure

        • JG

          I disagree with the fact that sex has to be based on love and emotion. It can be used as a pleasurable experience rather than emotional one, once you mature and realize that you’re not going to marry that person just because you had sex with them. Sex is a healthy release. Not for anyone 13 or 15 but someday.

          Also, learn how to spell sexual acts and descriptions right before you do them. If you don’t know how to spell them right, you probably don’t know anything about them; and if you don’t know anything about them, you probably shouldn’t be doing it.

  • Jess

    Ok, Me and my bf had sex about 2 weeks ago and I was a virgin. He was rough but i wasn’t in any pain, I was just bleeding. We have had sex 3 times since then and I keep bleeding every time he enters me, but not pain while we have sex. My bf is really big and he is long. Is it normal to keep bleeding every time he enters me?

  • Jess

    Ok, I’m 15 and my bf is 17 and we had sex about 2 weeks ago. He had no problem go in but he was going deep, hard and fast. I was still a virgin and I knew i was going to bleed, and he’s large so it hurt a little. we did foreplay before and i was bleeding then too. We have done it about 3 times sense and i still bleed every time,but not after, and there’s no pain. Is this normal?

    • Brad

      Hey Jess.
      Yeah im 15 and i had sex with my 15yo girl friend acouple weeks ago and we have also done it acouple times since then and she still bleeds…but not much. So im assuming its normal for everyone or maybe just when your not 100% developed or someshit. idk. haha.
      dont go rushing to the doctors. read acouple more reviews or something and talk to other chicks who have had sex.

    • Brett`

      Hey jess,
      All of th girls that i call friends that have talked to me about there sex life have never once had a problem with bleeding when there boyfriend is large. It would probably be best if you go get checked out by a doctor because something could really be wrong with your vaginal all and it could get infected.

    • Rina

      It’s not a big deal. If the bleeding is light and there is no pain then you’re probably just going a bit rough. I’d give it a few more times and see how it goes. Also make sure you have plenty of foreplay and that if it feels a bit dry to use some lube. All of that may help. If you continue to bleed and it never gets better then I would suggest going to a doctor.

  • Jess

    Ok, I’m 15 and my bf is 17 and we had sex about 2 weeks ago. He had no problem go in but he was going deep, hard and fast. I was still a virgin and I knew i was going to bleed, and he’s large so it hurt a little. we did foreplay before and i was bleeding then too. We have done it about 3 times sense and i still bleed every time, but there’s no pain. Is this normal?

  • http://slightlyeccentric.tumblr.com Danica Oh

    my boyfriend and I just had sex for the first time and indeed as what your article says he did come out early (we didnt use a condom). He said when he felt it was ready to come out he already pulled it out but my concern is that em I gonna be pregnant that easily? Because Im quite scared and I don’t 100% believe in him…

  • Worried

    I finally found that “right guy”. We’ve been going out for a little under a month now, and we’ve already talked about sex, and our likes, dislikes ect. It would be the first time for both of us. I’ve dated a couple guys before him, but I’m his first true girlfriend. We’ve already talked about the future, our views on having children ect. But I’m worried. About sex and everything else. We only kissed once, because I dont want to rush him, he never kissed a girl before. Last night i admit to him, i felt like I did something wrong, and thats why he wont kiss me. He said that he is still nervous about being in a relationship and hes the one whos scared of messing up. We talked about sex, and he promised that on my birthday we would try. thats 2 and a half months away, penty of time. I’m just worried about how it would feel and things like that.. Does anyone have an advice for me?
    Thanks <3

  • mdowntwo

    theres this guy i met who’s pretty much perfect for me, like we’re into all the same stuff and want the same things in life, but the only problem is that he lives across the country and doesn’t want a long distance relationship. i met him while he was visiting my town and now he’s home, but we’ve kept in touch. he said that he’ll come back for me. i’m a virgin, but he is really experienced. is it wrong that i’m probably going to lose it to him when he visits?

  • Jay Domhan

    My girlfriend and I have been dating 7 months now and we’ve felt we are ready. We’re both 16 and are each others “firsts”. We’ve tried a couple times but it has not been working. The problem is that it hurts her too much and it doesn’t seem like I’m able to..well..get it all the way in..Another thing is that shes never used tampons because she said it just felt weird to have them go inside. I want this to work for us because it’s something we both want and I love her more than anything..any help/advice?

  • Nicole k

    I’m 16 and I’m thinking about having sex for the first time, I was wondering if condoms are really good or not. Will it really protect me from getting pregnat? As well as protect from STDs and such…

  • beth

    I’m 14, 15 in one month and I’ve been with my boyfriend for a month now. I’ve liked him since October and he’s leaving to another state at the end of august and I want to have sex with him. Only problem is that I’m sort of nervous because my boobs are tiny, and instead of having fun, i’m worried that he’ll not enjoy it because of my size?

    • Max Power

      Please tell me, why do you want to have sex? It may sound like a stupid question, but have a think about it, and then please answer it for me.

  • Brian

    while having sexual intercoures is it recommended to use another condom after “coming” so the condom wont get too full and eventually burst?

  • Brian

    Ok im pretty sure this site is for educational purposes on have sex for the first time,not for finding someone to have it with.i suggest taking your innapropriate questions eslewhere.

  • Dee

    i’m 13 and my bf’s 14. we’ve been dating for a couple months now, and we’re ready to have sex for the first time. we’re both virgins. i didn’t know if i was ready or not, but now i know i am. i know that 13 is a young age to be having sex but i’m really mature. i know that it’s real becaus he said that he’s fine if i wanted to wait. also, he’s not pressuring me into it or anything like that..
    any advice?? thanks =]

    • Max Power

      My advice is to think about the consequences of your actions.

      Your body is designed to get pregnant by having sex. That’s what sex is there for. We have things like condoms and other forms of contraception to try and remove that consequence, so people can have sex without worrying about it. If no form of contraception existed, and the only sex you could have was unprotected sex, would you have it at your age of 13? If your answer is no, why does that change when you remove the consequence of pregnancy? What makes it okay to have sex at 13 when the consequence of pregnancy is gone? Think about that for awhile before you answer.

      I want to point out though that you can never remove the consequence of pregnancy. It doesn’t matter what form of contraception you use, be it condoms or the pill, you can always get pregnant. No form of contraception is foolproof. Condoms are only 98% effective at the most, and only when they’re used perfectly. So statistically, if you have sex 50 times, one of those times will be as if you’re not using a condom at all. You have no idea when that time will be. For all you know it could be during the first time you have sex. Is that a risk worth taking? I’ve heard of many people who have used condoms perfectly and still ended up getting pregnant. Don’t try and think that it won’t happen to you, because every 13 year old who’s gotten pregnant has thought the exact same thing.

      If you did get pregnant, how would you deal with that? Would your boyfriend stick around? Would you be able to handle carrying a baby for nine months and then give birth? Could you then spend the next 20 years of your life taking care of it? How would you continue with school? How would you afford food to feed it? Could you get a job? If your boyfriend did stick around, could he drop out of school and get a job? Where would your baby live? Could you buy a house for it? How would you take it to the doctors? As a 13 year old you can’t even drive.

      The truth is that the only 100% effective way to prevent pregnancy is to not have sex. It’s as simple as that. It’s not such a crazy idea either. I’ve been with my girlfriend for 10 years, since we were 15 years old. We’ve never had sex. We want to wait until we’re married. The love we have for each other is completely unconditional. We don’t need sex to have an amazing relationship, and neither do you. I know what it’s like abstaining from sex. It’s not easy. Your hormones are screaming for sex. You need to do your best to ignore them though and think with your brain.

      I’m not trying to convince you to wait until marriage as well. I’m realistic; I know that most people don’t believe in doing that. I do think you should wait until you are much older though. 13 is very young. Despite what you may think, you are still a child, and yet you want to engage in a very adult activity.

      The things I’ve mentioned are the very real consequences of the actions you want to take. I know you may not like it, but that’s the reality of the situation. You can either choose to listen to it, or ignore it and go on living naively. But if you do get pregnant one day, you can’t say that you weren’t warned. I’m not saying this to be annoying; I’m saying it because I don’t want you to make a mistake that you’ll regret. I may not know you, but I do want the very best for you.

  • John

    I am a 32yr virgin has anybody got any tips for my first time hopeing to have sex tonight so any tips will help.

  • vigrx plus

    Could you please provide more details/info on this topic? regards

  • littlemisstemptress

    Ps: I’m also really tight down there, I think it’s due to being a virgin and muscle tension…what could I do to ‘loosen up’ before I have sex for the first time without too much pain or discomfort?

  • littlemisstemptress

    I am concidering seeing someone who is not a virgin and I am, but I feel ready to do the deed lol. I am turning 18 in December. Of course I intend to wait until the moment is right, but I am a little scared…my last encounter with a male (sexually) didn’t turn out so well. Is there anything I can do to calm myself so that when the time is right, we can just relax (namely, me) and have fun with it? Suggestions would be nice :)

  • Sweet&Stylish

    Hey!im an indian muslim and i am 19. . . . My problem is luv failure. . . .i want my luv bak. . .my bf is a playbak singer. . .nw he’s ther in a reality show. .v broke up last year. . .i want him and i wana hav sex wid him. . .i am a virgin. . . .

  • Emili

    Wow, this is exactly what i was looking for! This really helped me with a lot of my questions. Thanks! :)

  • keeley

    I’m in a new relationship with a guy who i truly adore. Im a virgin and not experiment much in the past. However we both have got very close me doing things to him where i get very nervious about. we havent had sex yet and the one thing thats doing my heading is that i can’t get an orgasm. Ive tried playing with myself using dildos and still nothing. Ive read up pages of how to do it and still nothing. Im so mad about it. is their something wrong with me or am i doing it wrong. From keeley


    MY NAMES CHRIS I’M 16 AND GANNA TURN 17 IN DEC 3 I haven’t had sex yet but I think I’m ready but I don’t know how 2 start it I have a girl friend we been talkin about it and she said thts she is not ready n that what sux well I WANNA LOOSE MY VIRGINITY EMAIL ME IF U WANT 2 FUCK LOL I LIVE IN DENVER CO

    • Max Power

      So are you thinking of cheating on your girlfriend because she won’t have sex with you? Or are you going to end things with her first?

      She’s told you that she’s not ready for sex. How come you don’t care about how she feels about that? You obviously care greatly about what you want, but do you care at all about what she wants?

      Let me ask you, why are you with her? Why do you want her to be your girlfriend? Do you love her? If you do, do you care about her happiness at all?

      I know you want sex, but what’s more important to you? Sex? Or your girlfriend? Can you not be a man and use a little bit or self control to resist the urge to have sex?

      • Argelio

        Thats was honestly well said, i know im late on this but i was just reading. Obiously, he doesn’t care about his gf, or her feelings. He lacks the maturity of waiting for his gf or even having any feelings for her. I’m ashamed of this guy. No offence.

  • Danii young

    I’m 15 me and my boyfriend have been together for 1 year and 9 months. Both of us want to take it further but the thing is that we havn’t gone further than kissing/ getting off and shit. But we both really love eachother bur we badly see each other out side of school we would like to do more together we both want to have sex but we are both worried about it seeing as it is both if our first times. I would like to do more with him like foreplay and that but u don’t know if he wants to or if he just wants to have sex. I am very shy to new things and get nervious easily. I don’t know what to do any more I am too shy or like worried to talk to him about it please help I have no idea what to do if I should do anything about it at all but I do want to do more with him coz tbh we have been together ages and we both want to do moe together. HELP please
    thanks much appreciated,

    Danii xXx

    • Max Power

      If you’re so worried about it, just don’t have sex. No one’s forcing you to. There’s no rush. If he loves you he won’t care if you don’t have sex. He should only be concerned about your happiness.

      It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together, you don’t ever have to have sex if you don’t want to. It won’t affect how much you love each other, or your ability to show that.

      Just realise that there shouldn’t be any pressure to do it. If you’re worried or nervous, then don’t do it. Stay a virgin for as long as you want.

    • chrissy

      Danii young. Being worried about your first time shouldn’t stop you from doing it. I used to be very hy to lead and try new things, but if you both want to move forward in sexual activity, and you know your boyfriend wants to too, I suggest you make the first move. The guys who I make the first move with or lead are more turned on tha I thought they’d be. You should deffinitley talk to him about going further with foreplay, THEN move on to sex, because like the article said, foreplay is huge in your first time and it helps it go along better. Don’t necessarily plan out sex just let it happen, when the times right you’ll know, but do talk to him and let him know your ready to atleast move forward. Just make sure your prepared and be safe.

  • solomon

    my name is solomoni rely like to have sex but i don’t have a partner am looking for one if possible my number +2347057670286

  • Elizabeth

    I read the article and it made me more relaxed i appreciate it…
    The only thing i was considered about was the pain… i’ve done alot of foreplay with guys so i’m not tight but im not that loose. Will it hurt bad, and how long does the pain last?

  • Mr.fox

    Hey i m 26years male.bt stil vargin.i just do masturbating.dnt hav gf to make sex.who is interested on me?

    • Max Power

      You do realise that girls don’t exist just for you to have sex with right?

  • alana

    im 14 and i feel i’m with the guy i want to have my first time with and we know eachother pretty well, we talk about what it might be like for our first time but im really not sure, we’ve done everything but had sex and im worried about the pain, i haven’t actually let him ‘finger me’ but he’s felt me up, i dont feel like there’s any pleasure in penertration, is it different with a dick? he’s 15 and he’s also a virgin, he says he’ll wait till im ready and i trust him so dont give me any lectures about that



  • Ryan

    Hey my name is Ryan I’m 15 and I just had sex. We did everything had a condom and everything now you get in the moment and you take off clothes and have sex. I did it because I wanted to. All my other friends did it. That was me 12 months ago. Always check on the condom myn broke and now I have a baby boy named bentley and my girlfriend Sarah have a baby in high school so just be carefull.

  • luis sanchez

    Hey.I hade my first time with my gurlfriend but she hade sex before me.it was my first time.and when we were doind it .well I was trying but I couldn’t.I was trying for a lil while.but I just couldn’t so we stop and I was realy emberes.and she say it was ok.I sayd sorry and she say to don’t be.and now I wana try it again.but I don’t know what to say to her.what should I say??any help!? Advices


      don’t border yourself so much. an opportunity will come again if you are patient, except if you don’t love each other that’s when the romantic attraction will be absent but if you truly love each other surely an opportunity will come

  • Renee

    Ok so me n my friend are talking about having sex right? Well I want to but I dont..and I like him n he likes me. Neither of us have had sex b4 n he doesnt seem as nervous as I do. We have talked about it for days and I still dont know. Any help on what I should do? Oh hes almost 18 n im 15.


      just keep patient dear SEX, comes naturally. it’s a natural emotion. it just occur between lovers without planning for it.

  • first-timer

    ok im 17 a virgin, been seeing this guy and im not really that experienced with oral and everything else but do feel ready to have sex with him, he’s v. tall and has a big penis,
    i have condoms anyway and im thinking of going on the pill too.
    ive spoken to my friends about their experiences and they had to stop because it was really painful, but then others said it weren’t that bad
    i just think its gonna be uncomfortable for me because i dont know what im doin,
    should he be on top or me??

    would appreciate a reply

  • It’s meee xoxo

    I’m 14 and I just had sex for the first time last night. It did hurt at first and I made him stop multiple times but we did it for about an hour and in the end it didn’t hurt. Ladies just make sure your man listens to you when you’re ready and that he tries to make you as comfortable as possible.

  • LauraD

    I’m thinking about having sex with this kid. We almost did last night but he didn’t have a condom. I’m a little nervous, and there’s a few things I’m not clear with. Since it would be my first time will I bleed while were having sex or what? He is experianced in the sex department, so will us think that I’m bad at it(he knows I’m a virgin).

  • Joanne

    am 17 and a virgin and i wanna have sex but am to shy to do it. but i feel ready . any tips :)

  • Moss

    There is this issue thats been there with me and my gf. She is my first one. The thing is, whenever we try to have sex… i am not able to penetrate her. She tends to tighten up and she says that she has this ‘getting teared up’ feeling. We do plenty of foreplay, getting excited and moist is not a problem…but ironically the penetration is… I need help and urgent


      it’s normal

  • Elise

    hey i am still a virgin and the only thing thats stopping me having sex is my body

    • Moss

      Do explain….!!

  • Galby

    I’m Galby I’m a girl and 15 I’m a virgin and I need advice on something if I like a guy and he likes me back but he left to Canada and he said that he is going to come back and have sex with me and I’m still thinking about that and I don’t know what to do

    • an.jell@yahoo

      call me for the prblm +9779808240130


      GALBY, i dont think its a good idea to have sex with him simply because he want to. try to make him happy but never let your self have sex with him except you are sure of it

  • Mitchelle

    i never had Sex Before Tell 15 :) it Only Lasted 4 mins :( My Friend was saying Did it Hurt i Said i don’t know . i wanna know does it hurt when having first sex??
    Ouuh Yeah im 15 :P


      for the gals yeah, but for the guys nope

  • ashely-woohoo

    i might sound silly…but whats th best way not to get pregnant?? if a condom or pill may not be 100% safe lol

  • ashely-woohoo

    so..im like ready to do it,but i have a question! whats the best way not to get pregnant ?? ..if condoms or pills arent sure

    • Waterfall17

      K, on the blunt streak for today, sorry, but if you don’t know what the best way not to get pregnant is, you are clearly not ready to engage in sexual activity. That is only one of the many basic physical things one should know before they do.

      I will tell you what the best way not to get pregnant is. It’s this amazing thing that is almost never brought up in society…because we prefer murder (a.k.a. abortion), condoms, and the ever-promoted-despite-its-crappy-side-effects birth control pill. Oh, and of course that emergency morning after pill “just in case.” The best way to not get pregnant is *drumroll please*…. ABSTINENCE O_O!!!

      Another thing: Why are you only concerned about getting pregnant? There are other things to be concerned about too.

      And between condoms and birth control…and morning after (all of which are inferior to the only 100% surefire way to NOT get pregnant….and avoid other consequences of having sex too early/when not ready), each has pros and cons. Condoms can break. Condoms are uncomfortable (well, for some. Maybe some don’t really care.), and condoms cost money. Why spend money on something you really don’t need to buy O_o? Birth control has side-effects. Varying side effects -_- . There are potentially dangers to taking the pills (which I can’t really elaborate on because I don’t want to mislead you into thinking I have researched it thoroughly enough to tell you exactly what they are. I haven’t, and I don’t have time to because I am working and taking college courses. I will eventually get to it, though). I personally don’t think it’s more or less effective than a condom. And…it costs money. Why spend money on something you really don’t need O_o??

      And again, there are other things you need to be concerned about besides just getting pregnant. Maybe you should give it a little more thought before diving in head first in the shallow end of the pool.

      • Joe

        Waterfall… SHUT UP!!!! :O

        • Waterfall17

          If you have an argument that’ll shut me up, I will consider it. Without a good reason for telling me to shut up, though, I’m not going to. Sorry if that offends your ego.

      • Max Power

        Totally agree Waterfall.

        It’s simple isn’t it; if you don’t want to get pregnant, don’t have sex.

    • ashely-woohoo

      so th answer is ABSTINENCE haha.?.lol..im only concerned about getting pregnant because i know we’re both healthy and he’s th one =]if we start thinking about all th problems that can come up ,we’ll all die virgins and th world WILL END .i dont say u dont have to be safe,but i know im not ” clearly not ready” like u said .
      and thanks for ur answer

      • Waterfall17

        I’m not really sure if your thank you was sarcastic or not, but you’re welcome at any rate regardless :)

        Honestly I am really relieved that the question you asked was not what I thought (it was a bit ambiguous, and I took one direction that it could’ve been). But the fact still remains. If you don’t want to get pregnant, and you want to be 100% sure that you won’t get pregnant, abstinence really is the only answer. Nothing else is 100%. Obvious, but almost never mentioned–which I’m sure you have already noted. Your surprise at my response only further demonstrates the shock people get when people actually mention it. It’s like it’s taboo or something…

        Anyway, I do still think that you aren’t ready if you aren’t married. There are lots of different directions to go with this, but one of the main ones is this: commitment. If you are both truly committed to one another, why don’t you just get married? I’m not saying this just because I am concerned about how it looks on the outside. In a way that is important, but that isn’t what I mean. It isn’t the ring that makes the relationship; the ring is merely a symbol of the relationship, which is in the hearts.

        And just out of curiosity, why are you not interested in children if he really is the one that you want to spend the rest of your life with? Age concerns…? You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to, just trying to get a better grasp on your situation.

        • ashely-woohoo

          its not the age,and id love having a baby with him.. but i dont want to get pregnant every time we have sex..? lol anyway ,i think i got th answer for my question .

  • Exson

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  • cherry

    i had sex with my boyfriend valentines day, i was 15 and a half, he was much older, we had been together for quiet a while, now still together and strong as ever… but i would just like to say that yes you should loose it to someone special, but you have to be mature enough to know what your doing your body has to be mature as wel, i am very mature for my age and have been through so much in my life, i knew what i was doing and i didnt feel pressured by my bf, it was all my own choice, but i am very glad a gave it to someone who cares about me, makes me smile, and is also my best friend, i do not conciser this love for i am too young to know what love is, but if you ask me i think it was my own choice to do what i did, and i wouldn’t take it back, it was one of the nicest nights i have experienced…….and i would like to say that max powers is a very kind man, but also is DYLAN, he cuts more to the point, you should both be admired!
    and for any 12-13 year old who wants to have sex, your f***ng stupid, sorry but thats how i feel about it!!

  • DAAA

    alright so me and my girl have been having sex for some time now, and i still feel that im not satisfying her enough, she says she enjoys it, but theres always that small amount of doubt! so far ive been relying on foreplay and hitting the right spot in her vagina(g spot) to get her “off” but soon it wont be enough, and so i was wondering how do i get my dick to grow? at the most its 6.5….. sad i know….. im ashamed. so i wanna grow just for her!!! any tips?

    • Dylan

      ugh…good god.just….you..just…you fucking prick.
      What is the mother fucking name of this goddamn article? HAVING SEX FOR THE FIRST TIME? You fucking moron. Don’t comment unless you have useful information or havent done it yet. We all know you can’t provide a shits worth of good information so fuck off. 6.5 inches is not bad by the way, its not sad, i’m only 6, they make extenders and shit too you know. So, go spend 30 bucks and have yourself a fucking party and stop commenting on this page, its not the “IVE ALREADY HAD SEX AND FEEL TOO SMALL” Article.

  • help

    So Im about to have sex with this guy whos done it before plenty of times but this would be my first. He knows because we talk openly about it and nothing really is held back. However, Im a little concerned cuz he told me that I would be on top, but I dont know what Im doing. I just dont want my first time to be horrible and I dont want him not to enjoy also. Any help?

    • http://guyinism.com DirkJohanson

      If you’re cute and your pussy doesn’t smell bad, it doesn’t really matter much how good you are in bed. Don’t worry about how good you are at sex.

  • paige

    being naked in a boys house boobs hanging you sit down in the bed when his dick hits ur boobs and he says take off ur panties and sex begins if u want to have sex with me give me a comment or visit my myspace

    • Joanne

      I wanna have sex with you !!!

  • Isabella

    Hi my boyfriend and I were yesterday in his house and were really hot and everything and he fingered me with my underwair on but he was naked and some of the pre-cum went to my leg and when he was fingering me it was hurting when he was doing it to hard but when I got back home I didn’t feel so well I felt like thoring up but I did what could it be
    plz me help Isabella


      dont worry, it’s normal. it may hurt because you hav’ent done it before but everything will be ok isabella

    • DAAA

      dont worry about it, your just sore since you were probably not ready for that experience

  • Anonymous Guy

    I just lost mine tonight, a lot of the stuff here is BS in my opinion. Penetration was easy, if you spend enough time on foreplay/seduction you won’t have any trouble , you just slide in with little to no effort. Rhythm is not that big a deal, it’s extremely easy. I’m not even that big, I’m at max 6.5 inches and she had an orgasm. Mind you it wasn’t her first time but regardless. The only trouble I had was the fact that she just lay there like a starfish and did nothing and her getting on top was so useless because she did nothing. One more thing, it’s bullshit that most first times only last a few minutes because we were at it for about an hour.

    • Max Power

      You’re full of it. I don’t believe any of that.

      I don’t doubt that if she’s turned on and relaxed enough it’ll be easier to go in. That is true.

      I highly doubt that you made her orgasm though. Are you sure she didn’t fake it? Most girls can’t orgasm through sexual penetration alone. You’re trying to say that that’s what happened, and during your first time having sex as well? I highly doubt that.

      I also highly doubt that you were at it for an hour during your first time.

      Why bother coming in here and making up such garbage?

      • Dylan

        For once in my life -deep breath- i agree with Max Power. Why come up with such shit? i mean, whomever believes that is stupid. Really? anyone with an IQ over 50 knows that everything you just said is bullshit. And 6.5 inches? right right. People can really fucking play big online.

        • Max Power

          *High-five* Dylan.

  • almostready

    Me and my boyfriend are both thinking we’re ready to have sex, and we’re both virgins. We decided to experiment before hand. I’m 13 and he’s 14, and I was planning on waiting until at least high school. He told me he was in love with me, but we’ve only been dating for a little over a week now. We were going to wait until we’ve been dating for a month. Is this a good idea? Or should we wait for a little longer? PLEASE HELP!!!

    • Max Power

      There are two things here that really set the alarm bells ringing. The first thing is that you’re very young, and the second thing is that you’ve only been going out for a week.

      You have your whole life to have sex. Why rush into it so early. Take your time. You’re very young. You need to think about the consequences as well. It doesn’t matter if you use a condom, you can still get pregnant. Condoms are only 98% effective is used perfectly. So statistically speaking, it’ll be as if you’re not using one for one out of every 50 times you have sex. That’s a pretty big risk if you ask me. At your age could you handle being pregnant for nine months and then giving birth? Could you then take care of your child for the next 20 or so years? Where would it live? How would you get money to feed it? Would you even be able to drive it to the doctors? You’re playing with fire here. Is it worth taking the risk?

      Also, you’ve only been together for a week. If you have sex now how do you know if he loves you for who you are or just for your body? A nice guy will happily be with you without sex, and because of that he’ll learn to love you for who you are.

      • Dylan

        ^^^ blah blah truly love you yeahyeah alright. Here’s a little non sugar coated bullshit paragraph type thingy.
        First of all, way too young. You’re not mature enough to realize the symbolism of sex and, well how love applies….anyway….don’t do it. lol
        If he’s telling you he’s in love with you after just a week, red flag, he’s just wanting to take your v i r g i n i t y. With an i not e. For your best interest, don’t do it. Atleast wait until you’re 17 or 18.

        • Max Power

          Dylan, how on earth is what I said sugar-coated? I said exactly what I thought and nothing else. The fact that I wrote it a little more delicately than what you wrote doesn’t make it sugar coated, it just means it’s more likely to be listened to.

          Also, the fact that this guy is saying that he loves her after only a week doesn’t necessarily mean he just wants to have sex with her. Sure, what you said is very possible, but it’s also possible that he’s just being naive and has no idea what love is. There is a huge difference between being in love with someone, and actually loving that person. Without more information we can’t know whether or not he just wants sex, or if he’s just being naive.

          • drewdizzle

            i believe he ment the boyfriend was trying to sugar coat the way of talking as in ‘ i love you’ ?
            so he can get in her pants


      yeah i think max power is right. you only know him for a week and i dont think it’s a good idea to start talking of sex at this time, what if after having sex with him he ran away? well as for me i think you should keep on dating each other for now

  • HD

    Okay my gf wants me to rake her verginity were both virgins and I’m kind of scared were both in love and I don’t want to ruin this for us what should I do should I ask her if she’s ready please experienced people I need help

    • Max Power

      Have a big talk to her about it. Ask her if she’s ready, talk about protection etc.

      An important question you need to ask yourself though is; am I ready? It sounds to me like you’re not. There’s nothing wrong with that at all so don’t worry. If you’re not ready, explain to your girlfriend how much you love her and how attracted you are to her, but that you’re just not ready for sex yet. Make sure to explain that it’s nothing to do with her, that it’s just how you feel about sex.

  • Max Power

    It should hurt you less if you wait until you’re older. When you’re 15 you’re still growing, even down there. You’ll still be growing even when you’re 18. If you wait until you’re older it should hurt less, but you might still experience some pain. It depends on a lot of other things too. Some girls are just smaller down there anyway, some girls aren’t turned on enough when having sex, or aren’t relaxed enough.

    Waiting until you’re older will help avoid pain, but it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be pain free.

  • Max Power

    Did you know that no form of contraception is fool proof? Condoms, for example, are only 98% effective. So statistically, it’ll be as if you’re not using one at all one out of every 50 times you have sex. That puts you at risk of getting pregnant. Getting pregnant is supposed to be something great. Having a child should be a happy experience, but only when you’re capable of looking after it. Would it be a good thing to get pregnant at 14? Do you want to be pregnant for nine months, give birth, and then have a baby to take care of when you’re only 14? Where would it live? How would you find the money to buy it food? Are you even able to drive a car? How would you take it to the doctors? You would need to look after that child for the next 20 years. It’s easy to think that it won’t happen to you, but every 14 year old who’s gotten pregnant would have thought the exact same thing.

    So is 14 too young to have sex? Well ask yourself, is it too young to have a baby?

    I know it’s a pain in the butt but that’s the reality of the situation. I know you probably have a huge urge to have sex. We all do. Our hormones scream for it, especially at your age. What we need to do though is control those urges. Use some self control to resist the temptation. It’s not always easy, but you should try your best.

  • starryeyed

    My bf and i were making out in a lake heated by an electric plant…we were both wearing swimsuits…he came in the water, we were about 6 to 12 inches apart at the time…we have neevr had sex or touched or seen each others genatils…is there any chance i could be pregnant?

    • Max Power

      It’s incredibly unlikely that you’re pregnant. It’s not worth worrying about.

  • starryeyed

    My bf and i were making out in a lake, we both had on swim suits…it was a heated lake too…he came in the water, we were prolly about 6 inches to a foot apart…we have never had sex or touched each other or anything…is there any chance i could be pregnant?



  • Jess

    ATroubledTeen: another thing, its fantastic that ur both virgins. U couldn’t suck too much with the eagerness you have and you both not being that experinced in the first place. I sorta envy you (= I wish I had my first with a first timer. It seems more exciting that way

    hope I helped

  • Jess

    ATroubledTeen: I was just like ur gf lol! The thing that got me more open and loosened up was 1. being older and more mature and ready for sex itself and any consequences that came and 2. the fact that he LOVED me

    If she feels shes ready and that you love her that is when she’ll be all for you. You can wish all you want that she just take her clothes off and pounce on you but trust me, this coming from someone that WAS her, it will NOT happen until shes ready. If you poke at her too much about it and her cause her to feel bad and like shes not being a good girlfriend she’ll then want to do it just to be doing it for you and that’s going to lead to devesation and a break up. I know time takes patience but that’s not a lot to pay is it? Loosing the girl you really like and might even come to love is a much bigger cost.

    • ATroubledTeen

      Well I don’t want to have sex right now… I mean I do but I dont. You know how tat goes…. I just wish she’d be more relaxed is all. Thanks for the advice.

      • Dylan

        Um there are non latex condoms out there….and….all that..-stare-. Even the pill is not 100% sure on not getting her pregnant. But why wait? What’s the fuckin wait for? Just tell her that you’d like her to be more relaxed in a…..relaxed tone, and maybe she’ll understand. Anyway, check on non latex condoms and all that….

        • Max Power

          You can’t just tell someone to be more relaxed and expect them to be. It’s not a matter of her understanding what he wants, it’s about how she feels when she’s around him. She can’t help not being relaxed. She’ll only become more relaxed around him with time as she becomes more comfortable with him.

          Why wait for sex? Some people just aren’t ready for it, and some people have beliefs about when they should have it. I know you might not understand that, and that’s fine. You need to at least understand that other people think differently about it though and there’s nothing wrong with that either.

          ATroubledTeen, if you feel like waiting, then I say wait. Don’t rush into it if you don’t feel ready.

          • Dylan

            Ugh. How about not talk to me directly anymore asshole? I just want to help other people and not argue over what you think and what i think.

        • Waterfall17

          …2 things. One: Dylan, how was that advice helpful? I mean seriously, what kind of advice is “why wait?”

          Now I’m not saying that you are necessarily trying to portray a high level of chauvinism (or however you spell it, which I don’t actually know. And…I don’t care right at the moment). I’m just saying that this is one way you could look at the comment you made. Point being: why does such an important, intimate bonding–or what was originally intended to be so–need to be up to one person in the “relationship?” It’s a relationship. That should imply that both people involved have some say. No offense, but if she isn’t ready, she’s not ready. Any man that forces her before she’s ready–either by manipulating her emotionally, blackmailing her, threatening her, whatever–clearly does not deserve her. He does not love her. He lusts for her. So why wait? Well if I was with a man like that–oh wait, “forgot” I used to be…and was raped–I would probably want to wait too.

          Besides that, some people actually want to enjoy the innocence that was once called childhood.

          2: why is MaxPower the one who merited the title of “asshole?” Your own words are a snare to you sometimes.

          As a side note: why is using a condom or taking a pill the only okay to having sex??? So illogical and insensitive, this idea….

          • Joanne

            Dylan is so right , why the fuck wait , once it’s over with , you’ll say to yourself ” what the fuck was i nervous about i should of done it ages ago ” trust me ,,, eveyone should be out doing it . get in there ha

        • Joanne

          I agree why the fuk wait ha just get in there i say heheh

          • Waterfall17

            I know this is about a century late…I missed it. My b.

            But yeah, if you had actually read my post you would’ve found out that while I was engaged to this person and intended to marry him I didn’t want to be sexually active with him until after we were married. I’d been waiting for the right person 20 years. A few more months was not going to kill me. I mean don’t get me wrong–it wasn’t like it wasn’t tempting sometimes. Overall, though, I didn’t want to. He pressured me into losing my virginity before I wanted to, and the last time I saw him he raped me.

            Why wait? I could’ve saved myself a whole lot of agony if I had not consented (I was pressured the first time, but it was still consensual. Sadly -_-)

          • Max Power

            That sounds terrible Waterfall. That guy sounds like a total scumbag. Sure, you may have agreed to have sex with him, but from the sound of it, he would have known darn well that you didn’t want it. A decent guy wouldn’t have taken advantage of you. A good guy would have seen the fact that you didn’t want it as a reason not to have sex.

            Although you may have said yes, he would have been well aware of the pressure he was putting on you, so in my eyes it’s his fault entirely. It hardly sounds consensual to me.

          • Meg

            Its different for a guy because he doesnt feel the pain and if the girl isnt relaxed then telling her to be relaxed will not help… if she isnt ready you need to respect that and wait. You cant just think about yourself in these situations.

        • katlyn

          everyone loves yu and yur sex dnt work

  • http://www.askstudent.com Isabelle-rose Marton

    Well i am interested to find out i have not have sex before haven’t had a boyfriend before
    And i’m almost 16 at the end of this year is that bad? I want to have sex i have been to partys and done things.
    I just want to know that i will be ready do you have to give the guy head or hand before you have sex ?
    I guess the reason i never said yes to guys because im scared for a relationship and scared i guess because when i was younger i was wrapped by my uncle and it has been hard.
    Really hard to cope with and stuff so please help me . And do guys like it better if you shave all your pubic hair off or just a little so your not a hairy ?

    • ATroubledTeen

      Well, it’s your choice. I’ve never done too much but I know how guys my age think…. you don’t have to give a gu a bj, you can, but you don’t have to. Most guys prefer a girl to be shaved completely, but some are okay if you just shave most of it. If you
      re not ready for a relationship I’d say don’t have sex, don’t give head, don’t engage in something sexual. This stuff goes along with someone you like, not just because your body says yes. Girls who end up having sex with people because they like sex and not the person aren’t really respected. I know a guy who used to be an aeithiest and had sex with many women. All the girls that let him have his way with him even though they weren’t dating, he had no respect for them. He thought of them as nothing more than toys because they so willingly let themselves be used that way. The choice is really up to you, but sex is a big thing. Don’t just go to a party and find some guy you don’t really know, if you’re going to do it, find a person you like at least and want to do it with. If you’re not ready for a relationship I would say you’re probably not ready for all the things that go with sex. I want to do it with my girlfriend but I don’t think either one of us are ready for it.

    • Max Power

      I’m so sorry to hear about your rape. That is awful. It’s totally understandable that it’s still affecting you now. You shouldn’t feel bad that it’s still affecting you though. Even if you weren’t raped it would be perfectly understandable why you feel this way about sex.

      There aren’t any rules for sex. There’s nothing saying you have to do this or that or that it has to be done a certain way. There’s no rule saying that you should or should not shave. (It doesn’t actually matter if you shave or not. Some guys like it, others don’t. A guy who loves you though wouldn’t care at all.) There’s no rule saying you have to have done it by a certain age either. You should just do what ever you feel comfortable with.

      I know what it’s like being your age. There is a lot of pressure to fit in and be like everyone else. You know what I’ve learnt since I left high school that I wish I’d known back then? That it doesn’t matter what everyone else is doing. It doesn’t matter what’s “normal” or what other people think you should be doing. All that matters is what you believe and what you feel comfortable with. I know it’s not easy to start thinking that way, but you should try your best to. Free yourself from all of the conformities that are tugging at you. All that matters is how you feel, nothing else.

      There is nothing wrong with being your age and never having a boyfriend. I was your age when I got my first girlfriend (who I’m still with now nine years later), and looking back now, we were really young! If you don’t feel ready for a relationship, then don’t force yourself into one. Just do what ever you feel comfortable with.

      Why do you want to have sex? Is there some guy who you really love and are really attracted to? Or is it just because everyone else is doing it? As I was saying, it doesn’t matter what everyone else is doing. Do what ever you think is right. You want to know something else; I can guarantee you that a lot of people your age at your school have never had sex either. I can also guarantee you that a lot of the people who say they’ve had sex actually never have, and they only say they have because they feel the same way as you. Don’t ever have sex because of what other people think, you’ll regret it if you do. Only ever have sex because you feel like it.

      You’re worrying about being 15 and having never had sex. I’m 25 and I’ve never had sex. My girlfriend and I want to wait until we’re married. So don’t worry about your age, my girlfriend and I have got 10 years on you! Lol. We know that we might not be normal being this old and still being virgins, but you know what? We don’t care what everyone else is doing. We don’t care that we’re not normal. What we care about is our own beliefs. It doesn’t matter to us what everyone else is doing.

      Don’t worry about sex. It doesn’t matter at all. What does matter is love. One day when you feel ready for a relationship, you’ll fall in love with a guy, and when ever you’re ready for it you’ll have sex. It won’t be something you’ll have to force yourself to do. It’ll just happen by itself. You won’t have to worry about what to do because it’ll all just happen, and you’ll have a guy who loves you to go through it with you.

      It sounds to me as if your rape is really affecting you and bringing you down. It sounds so hard for you and I feel so sorry for you. Have you ever talked to anyone about it? Is there someone you can talk to about it now? Have you ever received counselling for it? We’re not exactly professionals in here but if you need someone to talk to about it or to vent to we’d be happy to listen in here.

  • inlovebutscared

    I’m 13 and I’m planning to wait for a while. I haven’t talked too much to my partner about timing. But we talk about before, during, and after. I just need some tips badly. How long after your period should you wait? How will you know your pregnant if your period is already kinda irregular and you cant get to the tests? I can’t let my parents find out, so this is hard. Help?

    • Max Power

      I understand how much you want sex. We all feel like that. Look at all of the concerns with sex that you’re brought up though. There’s no way to avoid those things if you have sex. As frustrating as it might be, the only way to eliminate those worries is to not have sex. Why not try waiting until you don’t have to worry about those things before you have sex. If you wait until you’re older then you won’t have to worry about your parents finding out, and if you get pregnant, you’ll be in a much better position to deal with it.

      At such a young age, why worry about those things? You have your entire life to have sex, why rush into it?

      How long after your period should you wait to have sex? Well your period isn’t actually your most fertile time. Your period is when your uterus lining and egg are being removed from your body. Your most fertile time is the time before your period, when the egg is making its way from your ovaries to your uterus. That’s when you’re said to be ovulating. That’s the time when you’re most likely going to get pregnant. The problem is though that sperm can actually stay alive inside you for quite awhile, so even if you have sex way before you ovulate, the sperm might still be there when you do ovulate.

      How will you know if you’re pregnant? Well a lot of women get morning sickness. It’s not always in the morning as the name suggests, but they start feeling nauseous quite often. Not all women get that though. Other signs are that your period stops, you get weird food cravings, you get a large stomach, and the biggest sign is when you go into labour nine months later. There are rare cases though where women don’t get any of those signs. For some reason they keep getting their period, their stomach doesn’t get noticeably bigger, and any other things like cravings are ignored. I’ve heard of women only finding out they’re pregnant when they start getting what they think are bad stomach cramps and then push out a baby. So I’m sorry but the only way that you can know for sure if you’re pregnant is to take a test or go to a doctor.

      Why bother with all that worry though? You wouldn’t need to worry at all if you resisted your urges and waited until you were older for sex.

  • natalie(:

    okay, i am 13. my boyfriend asked me if i wanted to have sex with him. and i mean i am considering it, but i dont know yet. he said all he wants to do is make me happy. i am just afraid that if i have sex with him he wont have the same feelings for me anymore. i realllly do love him. any advice?

    • Max Power

      If you don’t feel ready for sex, then don’t have it. It’s as simple as that. You have all the time in the world to do it, there’s no rush. I know that you might have a huge urge to have it, but those are just hormones. You need to ignore them and think for yourself. That applies to your boyfriend as well.

      You need to realise that you don’t need to have sex to love someone, or to show someone your love for them. A lot of people make that mistake. My girlfriend and I are 25. We’ve been together since we were 15 and we’ve never had sex since we want to wait until marriage. There is no way that we need sex to love each other or to show that love. In fact, because of the love I have for her, I would happily never have sex with her ever if that’s what she wanted. All I want is for her to be happy.

      You said that all your boyfriend wants is for you to be happy. If that’s true, then he would have no problem if you told him that you’re not ready for sex. If all he cares about is your happiness, then he would happily never have sex with you if that’s what you wanted.

      If he means what he says, then you have nothing to worry about. Tell him that you’re not ready for sex and he should be fine with it.

      It’ll be good for him; it’ll allow him to learn to love you for who you are, not for what you can give him in bed.

  • ATroubledTeen

    I’m 15 and I finally got my first real girlfriend. Yea yea poke and make fun of me for being a little late to the race. Well Im dating a 16 year old, (she’s only 4 months older) and I really like her. I want to wait ’till marriage but at the same time she has a lovely body and she’s just so pretty and all that… we’re both virgins and there is a slight problem. She’s allergic to polyester and other things like condoms so we definently can’t use those, so we’d have to use the pill. I’m not sure how effective that would be and all that and shes definently not the type that would let you…well, release it on her, so that’s another complication…

    She’s also worried that it would hurt, and I’m worried that I’d suck in bed. If I can’t please her then I’d rather not even do it…. She’s also really shy…I like that but it also means she’s not open to things like that. She’s really not even fond of kissing, I can handle that I guess but still. She likes me a lot too, but I wish she’s like being a little more open to things sometimes. I don’t want her to be a whore, but she just freaks out at a lot of things. I wish she’d be more relaxed around me, is there any way I could make her feel more comfortable? I don’t neccisarily want advice on how to make her want me, I just want to know how to make her feel special without trying too hard or doing something she wouldn’t like right now….

    • Max Power

      You seem like a great guy. You sound like you need a bit of guidance, but it sounds like you’re willing to listen to the type of advice you need to hear.

      I don’t think you’re late to the race at all by getting your first girlfriend at 15. I was 15 when I met my first girlfriend and we’ve been together for nine years now. I’ll admit that at the time I felt like I was late starting as well since all my friends starting getting girlfriends years before me, but looking back now, my girlfriend and I were actually really young. It doesn’t feel like it at the time, but you’ll probably look back and think the same.

      If you want to wait until marriage for sex, you should do it. It’s not surprising that you think your girlfriend has a nice body and it pretty, but that’s not a reason to have sex. The urge you feel to have sex is your hormones. We all feel that urge. What you need to do though is try and ignore them and think about it with your brain. If you feel like you want to wait until marriage, then use some self control to resist the urge to have sex.

      I know it’s not easy. My girlfriend and I also want to wait until marriage for sex. We strongly believe in that though so we’re able to fight the temptation. Like you, I think my girlfriend is incredibly beautiful and hot, so it’s not easy fighting the temptation.

      Your girlfriend being allergic to the material condoms are made of is another reason to hold off from sex. Condoms are only 98% effective if used perfectly. The pill however, is even less effective. By using only the pill, your chance of getting her pregnant is higher than I’m sure you’d be comfortable with. Using the “pull-out” technique is even riskier.

      With you worrying about sucking in bed, I’m sorry to say than when ever you decide to have sex, you’re going to suck. We all suck at first. It’s something that you learn about and get better at with practice though. It doesn’t matter if you suck at first though if you and your girlfriend love each other. It’s something that you’ll both be experiencing for the first time together, so you’ll both be learning together. It’s not something to be embarrassed about as long as you’re willing to try and improve.

      With wanting her to be more relaxed around you, give her some time. Don’t force anything on her, and don’t pressure her. Just go at her pace and do what ever she’s comfortable with. If you push things on her, it’ll have the opposite affect to what you want. And anyway, your number one concern should be her happiness. If she’d prefer not to do certain things, then don’t push them. Instead be happy that she’s happy not doing them. Give her some time though and she’ll become more relaxed around you and more comfortable around you.

      I’m impressed that you said that you want her to feel special. It shows that you really do care about her and want her to know what she means to you. Most guys don’t care about that sort of thing which annoys me.

      If you want her to feel special, do things for her that show that you’re thinking about her. They could be simple things like sending her an email or forwarding something to her that you thought she’d like. It shows that you saw something that made you think about her. If she actually does like what you sent her, it shows that you’ve taken an interest in learning about her. Those are just tiny things though. You could also buy her flowers, or even pick some flowers. Picked flowers might not be as nice as bought ones, but what makes them better is that you actually went to some effort to find flowers she would like and to pick them for her. Not long ago I saw my girlfriend’s favourite flower in my garden, so I picked it and gave it to her when I next saw her. It was just a small thing but she loved it.

      So that brings me onto my next point. Making an effort. It’s easy enough to do a little thing like sending an email or picking a flower, or buying flowers, but if you really want your girlfriend to feel special, put some effort into doing something for her. It’ll mean a lot that you spent that time doing something for her. That’s why picking flowers is sometimes better than buying them. While buying flowers is nice, it takes minimal effort. You walk into a store, pick out a nice arrangement and pay for them. If you pick them yourself though, even though they might not be as nice, it’s the time you spend picking them and thinking about your girlfriend that matters. But as I said, picking flowers is just a small thing. Go for something bigger. Plan out a nice date for her. Try taking her on a picnic. Take some time to prepare it though, since it’s the time you spend doing that which matters. Make sure you have something nice to sit on, and maybe an umbrella for shade. Buy some nice food. Get lots of things she would like; fruit, chocolate, potato chips, whatever. Make some nice food for the two of you too. It could be something simple like sandwiches, or you could cook something up. Maybe make some soup and keep it in a thermos. Get something nice to drink as well. The important thing is spending time planning something she’s going to like.

      The other thing that you need to do to make her feel special is to simply tell her how special she is. Tell her how you feel about her. Tell her how beautiful you think she is, and about everything you love about her. I think the best person to explain this is Billy Joel with his song “Tell her About it” I’ll give you the lyrics here, but listen to the song as well, because I think for some reason it has a bigger impact. Look it up on YouTube or something.

      Remember that these are all just ideas to get you thinking. Use these examples to think of things yourself.

      Billy Joel – Tell her About it

      Listen boy, I don’t want to see you let a good thing slip away
      You know I don’t like watching anybody make the same mistakes I made
      She’s a real nice girl and she’s always there for you
      But a nice girl wouldn’t tell you what you should do

      Listen boy, I’m sure that you think you got it all under control
      You don’t want somebody telling you the way to stay in someone’s soul
      You’re a big boy now and you’ll never let her go
      But that’s just the kind of thing she ought to know

      Tell her about it
      Tell her everything you feel
      Give her every reason to accept that you’re for real
      Tell her about it
      Tell her all your crazy dreams
      Let her know you need her
      Let her know how much she means

      Listen boy, it’s not automatically a certain guarantee
      To insure yourself you’ve got to provide communication constantly

      When you love someone you’re always insecure
      And there’s only one good way to reassure

      Tell her about it
      Let her know how much you care
      When she can’t be with you tell her you wish you were there
      Tell her about it
      Every day before you leave
      Pay her some attention
      Give her something to believe

      Cause now and then she’ll get to worrying
      Just because you haven’t spoken for so long
      And though you may not have done anything
      Will that be a consolation when she’s gone

      Listen boy, it’s good information from a man who’s made mistakes
      Just a word or two that she gets from you could be the difference that it makes
      She’s a trusting soul, she’s put her trust in you
      But a girl like that won’t tell you what you should do

      Tell her about it
      Tell her everything you feel
      Give her every reason to accept that you’re for real
      Tell her about it
      Tell her all your crazy dreams
      Let her know you need her
      Let her know how much she means

      Tell her about it
      Tell her how you feel right now
      Tell her about it
      The girl don’t want to wait too long
      You got to tell her about it
      Tell her now and you won’t go wrong
      You got to tell her about it
      Before it gets too late
      You got to tell her about it
      You know the girl don’t want to wait – you got to
      Tell her about it

  • Babygirl

    I’m 15 n I’m planning 2 have sex with my 16 year old bf n I telly luv n Kare for him but am telly nervous wut can I do to calm myself n will stores let teens my age buy condoms
    This article was very helpful btw

    • Max Power

      Well what you need to ask yourself is, are you actually ready to have sex? I know your hormones are probably screaming for it. You need to do your best to ignore them though. Think about it with your brain, do you feel ready to have it? You don’t have to do it. It certainly doesn’t mean that you care about your boyfriend any less. If you don’t feel ready then don’t do it. If your boyfriend cares about you he’ll understand.

      I’ve been with my girlfriend for nine years and we’ve never had sex since we want to wait until we’re married. That doesn’t stop me from showing my girlfriend exactly how much I love her though. You don’t need sex to do that.

  • Babygirl

    I’m 15 n I’m planning 2 have sex with my 16 year old bf n I telly luv n Kare for him but am telly nervous wut can I do to calm myself n will stores let teens my age buy condoms

  • fumphy

    i am 15 years old. my and my bf have talked about sex. hes 18 and im 15. i know hes above 18 and he said we will wait till im 18. he have sex alot of time and he has a big uuhh thing. i want to know if we do stay together till then and we have sex, is it going to hurt me? like if he starts goong to fast and if he push it in to hard? i really want to know now so i can know to do already. please help and dont be mean to me

  • brittany

    is having sex at 14 to young if the girl is ready.

  • mellissa

    im having sex for the first time in im scared what mate happen but i love my bf in that y im doing it but i dont want to do it….what sould i do

    • Max Power

      Just because you love your boyfriend doesn’t mean you need to have sex. You can love him just as much, and show just as much love without sex. If you don’t feel like you’re ready for sex then don’t do it. Wait until you do feel ready. There shouldn’t be any rush. You have your entire life to do it; you might as well wait until you’re comfortable with it.

      A lot of people are in very loving and happy relationships without having sex. My girlfriend and I have been together for nine years and we’ve never had sex since we want to wait until marriage. We have absolutely no trouble showing our love to each other.

      If you don’t feel ready then tell your boyfriend that you want to wait. If he loves you as well then he should understand and be fine with it.

  • Amanda

    First of all, I think you teenagers gotta calm your hormones down. Imagine this, you wake up one morning excited because today is the night you will be losing your virginity. The boy comes, fucks you and leaves. Two weeks later you find out your pregnant or your girlfriend is pregnant (if you’re a boy reading this). What do you do? I know, you dont want to stay home taking care of the outcome of that night while your friends are out enjoying a normal teenage life. Also, sometimes the person you’re gonna have sex with might say, “oh, I’m great at it and very experienced” but once you have sex with them you learn they don’t know crap. You’re gonna regreat it for the rest of your life and even if no one knows about it, it will always be taunting you forever. In other words, dont screw up your life because you wanna have sex. btw, I’m 13 and I’m a virgin and I’m not gonna be the dumb one to mess up my life with sumthing like this. Think twice, choose wise.

    • Max Power

      It’s good to see at least one 13 year old with her head screwed on. Good for you Amanda! I totally agree with you.

      • Amanda

        thanks…im just speaking my mind…this generation is really messed up, no comments.

  • HD

    Okay look I am soon going to date this girl and we have hooked up before but nothing to do with our “lower parts” have happened I mean were both virgins and we are both 16 we have talked about going straight to sex but were not sure I mean I need someone with a serious answer to reply should I go straight to sex with her or take it slow. if I should have sex what tips would you recommend? We both agreed we want to loose our virginity to each other also if that means anything? Well thanks!

  • Tasha

    Im gonna be having sex for the first time soon. and im freaking out. im scared i’ll do everything wrong and ruin it. DX

  • Crissy

    Everyone, I am 27 now, I lost my virginity when I was 15. And I regret it to this day. So ladies, please try to keep it until marriage, I know it will be hard with peer pressure and all that, but you’ll have a lot more self respect for it down the road.

  • I love you

    Okay I have a big clit and I’m scared to have sex I’m 14 and I’m really really scared! what do i do?

  • ChickenFeet

    Hey all you whores out there. Post on my shit if your lookin to get railed. Unlike little dick MikeyBoy, I got a big johnson and im ready to get down. Tons of experience, no stds, i have a landing strip if you like that. Im 11 years old but i got a vainy dick like some of those porno dudes. Dont post on this if you sweat during sex. That shit is gross.

    • Max Power

      Is this a joke? Get lost you little creep!

  • http://howtohavesexlikeamaster.com Christopher

    Obviously, the act of sex is the most physically intimate act that two people can share. Especially in the beginning, some people are nervous, hesitant, or simply not really certain about what to do. The most intelligent thing that a person can do is learn about the act of sex, how a man and a woman’s bodies function, and what works best for excellent sex. Very few people are ever given this information. Everyone should find good articles or books that do offer the necessary knowledge. The problem is that we are never taught about the subject, and not many good sources of detailed information exist. One great place to find detailed information is the website, Howtohavesexlikeamaster.com.

  • Kyrstin

    I need some advice, if that is what you would like to call it? I am 20 years old, and so is my boyfriend. We have known eachother for 5 years. Dated for 4 years on and off. When we met, both of us were virgins. I had sex with a guy who I thought was going to be there forever. BIG MISTAKE. I should have known better I was only 16 of course i wasnt thinking straight. I then started dating my boyfriend now after this. He broke up with me right before my 17th birthday because I went back to my previous boyfriend who took my virginity while still with my boyfriend now! Well after he broke up with me I no longer seen this other guy. long story made shorter… high school drama… well now that i am older and have learned that cheating to get things is not cool… he has taken me back. I finally gained his trust back, but he is still a virgin. I know he wants to do things but i think he is just really scared to thinking that he is going to mess something up. I keep reassuring him that he doesnt have to… but i think that he is thinking that he has to do this to keep me. I am soooo willing to wait for him. i really love him I do… It would be totally awesome if he would do things… but i dont want to pressure him anymore than he already feels. I guess my questioning advice would be how do i make him feel comfortable to do something or to not worry about it yet. idk… he is soooo confusing with this whole topic… ADVICE PLEASE.

  • Loo Loo

    I am one of the many girls who “didn’t think it would happen to them.” I got pregnant as a teenager and it has completely turned my life in a different direction. Not that I do not love my daughter with all my heart, but I know that I have made plently of mistakes in raising her bacause I was so young when I had her. By the way, ladies, the father is a bum. Many guys will say anything to “tap that.” As much as you want to believe that the love of your life means every thing he says to you, sometimes you just need to take a step back and think. If he really loves you, he can wait until you are ready. All these young girls who are already planning to have sex at a young age are breaking my heart. I will pray that you all make the right choices. Please wait until you know in your heart that you are ready. Best of luck to you all!

  • drew

    i am 14 and so is my gf and we are having sex for the first time tomarrow and i am not scared but i am nervous any comments

  • drew

    i am 14 and so is my gf and we are having sex for the first time tomarrow and i am not scared but i am nervous

  • Joe

    I’m going to have sex with an experienced woman (I’m 14 and she’s 16) any tips and can you tell me what to expect?

  • http://howtohavesexlikeamaster.com BEST SOLUTION

    When it comes to having sex, the absolute best thing to do is learn as much as possible. Obviously, it the absolute highest level of physical intimacy that one can share. It might be surprising to you how much men and women can learn about each other’s bodies and how they can be made to react. By obtaining knowledge concerning the act of sex, you can avoid fear and discomfort. Moreover, you can learn to enjoy the extreme pleasure of intimacy and develop a much stronger bond in a relationship. Several good articles and books exist to assist in the learning process. One excellent example can be found at Howtomakelovetoawoman.com. It gives a complete and very detailed description of everything one needs to know about this subject.

  • Angel

    funication is a sin against GOd. beware from it or you will die… and go to hell fire…

  • stephanie

    hey, i realy need advice, like my bf and i are ready to have sex but he says hes large and i dont know what to do, so i need some advice please, thanks ^-^

  • Pillz here

    Im 13 yesterday I had sex and she is my gf and for my age I’m pretty big. After 30 minutes she told me to stop cause she said it hurt but after 5 after we just layed there I asked her if it hurts she said no.

  • tonie

    is wrong to havsex at 13 with a 17 year old girl

  • L.G

    hey im 17 yr old boy n jus started having sex with my gf known her for long time n when we were ready we doen it bt felt crappy as i couldnt ger into te rythm at all any advice on how i could improve on tha fast asap thanks everyone

  • johnny

    hi im going to have sex for the first time,
    and i would like to know where are you suppost to ejaculate?
    inside the girl? (with a condom on) or what?

    • Dylan

      *Raises eyebrow* Um, chances are if you don’t know that, you should be nowhere near a female. If you have a condom on you can ejaculate in the condom inside her. Just to be extra safe you could pull out, but it feels better if you stay in. Then come out, take it off, and throw the condom away.

  • Alexandra

    Great article. Thanks for posting.

    I have become a google guru. I’m 17 and proud of being a virgin. I wouldn’t have been able to handle it earlier–but most importantly, I’m glad I’m waiting for the right guy. Well…I’ve agreed to marry the guy. :)

    End of January = my big day.
    This article, as stated previously, is not for hookups or tips on the female orgasm. There are definitely other articles which describe how to do these things.

  • Jess

    I dnt think ppl r really reading the article. I see Q’s asked tht the article itself answered, smh. I also don’t think this was made for hook-ups and cyber booty calls. =/

    Wht bothers me most is tht theres middle schoolers on here wanting sex advice. I dnt think u should be getting into something serious as sex if U cnt even drive yet or work 8hours a day.

  • Elizabeth

    I’ve had sex twice. The first time it hurt like hell and bled a lot. The second time was better, and it felt good, but not REALLY good like it should. Does anyone know how many times it takes before you can really experience the sensations of sex? And are there any tips to make it feel super good and bring about a female orgasm? Thanks. :)

    • Dylan

      Well, no one really knows how many time it takes, it just gets better and better each time so i’ve heard.
      About the female orgasm, about 95% of orgasms are caused by clitoral stimulation. The other 5 vaginal. What i’m saying is, chances are, you are not gonna have a big orgasm by just having sex. Just tell your boyfriend where your clitoris is. By stimulating it, he can “get you off” So just tell him to take one or two of his fingers and go inside you, and rub under the pelvic bone, shouldnt be too far. He’ll find it, you’ll feel it, he’ll have to stimulate it some but that will hell highten your sexual pleasure. Hope everything goes well.

  • too-young-?

    IM 13. My bf wants me to have sex with him. i want to. he says hes had sex 2 times before, he doesnt know im a virgin. i really want him 2 be my first tho… i need advice. BIG TIME!!

  • craig

    well to start of with i had sex at the age of 14 and by god i was crap. the person i was with was very experince and knew what she was doing as i was just a navours wreak. dont get me wrong i love it but was a bit a shamed that i was so crap didnt last look neither. after that she left me for some one else which really got me down. after a couple of months i was back on the road again and got a bit more experiance behind me and started to really enjoy sex but at the same time returning it. at the age of 19 i found the most amazin girl she was perfect and the only worry was that i she wouldnt enjoy it. after been with her 2 weeks we i decided to make a special night for her flowers caddles films ect (p.s she had still nt had sex before) so as the night went on we started with simple 4r play. i then got really worried as i like this girl so much and wnt it to be special for her and didnt hurt her . As we got started it was a bit difficult to break her in but being very slow and very soft i finally got there. after that everything become so nautrul and i had to take the lead as she was very unsure of anything. p.s people how say they bleed loads are lieing to you a few small drops was all and ya she had a bit of pain but within 2 days she was fine and starting to enjoy sex as much as i was.
    my advice would be not to think to much just have a clear head bit of conferdents and show that u dnt just wnt to get ur leg over and that you do love her. work a treat

  • Giirly_101

    i have been with thiis boy for a year ndd we have tlked about sex ndd ii have thought about it nnd he saiid he wldnt make me do iit iif ii diidnt wanna doo iit bt ii really wanna have sex with hiim. ii use dildos and other sex toys to make my pu*** wider ndd iim very deep b im still afraid of iit hurtiing (im a virgiin)…..ndd mii friieend iis haviing a party tomorrow nddd ii wanna have sex wiif mii boyfriend bt iim scared ..help ASAP (im 14)

  • Jake

    im 12 and about to have sex tommorow with a 16 yr old shes really experienced and i told her id done it before what do i do?!!? ive been reading this and it says taht virgin guys dont last long what do i do!?!?! plz help

    • Max Power

      Jake, what are you doing? You’re only 12. I know you probably feel old enough to have sex, but you’re still a child. This 16 year old girl you’re with should know much better than to have sex with a 12 year old.

      Why have sex so young? Why not wait until you’re older? What’s the rush? You have your entire life to have sex, so don’t rush into it.

      Have you ever considered the consequences of having sex? What if you get this girl pregnant? It doesn’t matter if you use a condom; there is still a chance she’ll get pregnant. Do you want to be a dad at 12 years old? Don’t think it won’t happen to you because as I said to someone just before, every kid who gets pregnant (or gets a girl pregnant) would have thought it wouldn’t happen to them as well. Why take the risk?

      • Jake

        why so young max power? cuz chances r im gonna die when im like 30 from smoking so much weed and drinking to much hard liquor so i wanna make sure i get everything in

        • Dylan

          First of all, Max Power, I apoligize for my previous comment, and all the name calling, we disagree and agree on stuff I suppose. Anyhow Jake, seriously, grow up, you are only twelve you can wait until you are mature. There are plenty of tonka toys you could be playing with.

          • Max Power

            That’s okay Dylan. Don’t worry about it. It’s already forgotten.

            It seems like we both agree that Jake here sounds like a real winner… Lol.

            Jake, I hope as you grow up you realise what a mistake it is to live your life in the way you described.

      • =2010=


  • http://www.generalhealthtopics.com jessi

    Definitely this is helpful for the newbie, great work..

  • http://www.generalhealthtopics.com jessi

    Definitely this is helpful for newbie.

  • Katie

    I’m 13 and this boy asked me to hav sex. I am very willing, but I need adult advice… He said he’d use a condom, and that we’d both be safe. He’s 13 as well.
    What should I do?

    • haley

      i know exactly how u feel if u get an answer i want to know to im in the same problem…. im 13 also … but yeah really need adult advise too

    • Dylan

      This is to the both of you Haley and Katie. Do NOT, and I repeat, do NOT have sex with your boyfriend. I know he has probably pulled the I love you and I want to be with you for the rest of my life stuff, blah, anyway, don’t. I feel you both being 13, are not mature enough to have sex. Theres a reason for that 18 being legal stuff. If you have sex now, you are going to regret. Because he’s just gonna walk out the door the minute you say something he doesn’t like, or you won’t put out. Trust me, it’s better to wait atleast until your 17, that way you know you have your priorities straight. If he is still with you in 4 years, then that is a little more assurance that you both are mature, and he actually loves you. Tell him no, he will understand. And if he doesn’t and walks away from you, then you know that you would have made a big mistake. Please for your own good, don’t do it.

      • Max Power

        Great advice Dylan! I totally agree!

        I just want to add another point, and will probably sound like a broken record, but girls, think about the consequences of sex. Even if you use a condom you can get pregnant. They aren’t fully effective. Could you handle that as 13 year olds? Carrying a baby for nine months, giving birth, and then taking care of it for the next 20 or so years? How would you feed it? Where would it live? How would you take it to the doctors etc? And don’t think that it won’t happen to you, because every 13 year old who’s gotten pregnant will have thought it wouldn’t happen to them as well.

        Any guy who cares about you will happily wait for sex. If he won’t, then you’re better off without him because a guy like that doesn’t care about you at all no matter what they try and tell you.

      • Waterfall17

        Alright, Dylan…you earned some respect points here. That is a great answer, seriously. I’m proud (not that you actually care or anything. I just though I’d put it out there that I appreciate your contribution).

        Btw, the reason why I probably sound so much like Max Power is because we have similar bents as intellectual types who care about people and want to share our experiences with them. We want to help others make the best possible decisions as much as we’re able. We’re not trying to be jerk faces. Sorry if that’s the impression that you get ^_^’.

        I can’t stop the passion that I have to help people and lend wisdom with discernment…and I am not about to apologize for that. If you dislike me it’s a bummer because I would appreciate your friendship. But if that isn’t possible I can accept it and move on. Freedom of speech is applicable to both friends and “enemies” alike, as much as this might annoy us.

    • Melanie Taylor

      Yeah if u were a lil slut u would grow the fuck up kid !!

      • hardcore

        Your being a real bitch you know that. Although i agree with the slut comment, I mean 13 is kinda young for sex, but seeking advice is something you should consider

  • M.N.

    i m virgin and my grlfrnd too..i m 21 and she is 22..
    wen i ask her for sex she refuses bcause of risk of pregnancy and vaginal infections…
    i kno that we can avoid pregnency by use of condom but we cant rely on it completely..
    so please help me….
    she tels me dat if something goes wrong during penetration then their are chances of infection, is it true??

    • Dylan

      God, you fucking morons in this town.
      Anyway, for starters, if you can’t spell or type out a whole sentence, you should not be having sex you idiot. Use a condom, simple as that, if you’re worried about her getting pregnant or whatever, get the extra protection condom, or put two on. As far as the deseases go, a condom is supposed to prevent that stuff, so even if you are concerned with that, USE TWO. Simple Simple Simple

      • Kery

        Using 2 increases friction so the condoms are more likely to split…
        Use a durex extra safe condom, theyre slightly thicker + then just put her on the pill, simple (:

      • Waterfall17

        First off, I think some just need to relax. So people can’t spell or finish their sentences. Pet peeve of mine–yeah. But commenting like that about it is simply not appropriate…and it doesn’t do anything to solve the “other person’s” problem. It’s not that big of a deal ^_^’

        Now to answering the actual concerns: 1) Disease. The likelihood of either of you actually having an STI (yes, STI, not STD. They thought saying disease was offensive so they changed it to infection. :roll: ) is slim to none if neither of you have ever been sexually active. It would be wise to go for a check up at any rate, though. This is just to make sure and also because you should take care of your body. For all your girlfriend knows, she could have cervical cancer or something. Uh, not to make you panic, sorry, that was just an example of what could creep up.

        2) Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT use 2 condoms. That is stupid (no offense Dylan, it’s just that sometimes the truth hurts). That won’t be more effective–even though it may seem logical at first–because as Kery mentioned that makes them more likely to break. If that’s something you’re trying to avoid, you don’t want to use 2. Plus, it’s awkward. I realize that pretty much everyone is a fan of protected sex (mostly so they can be irresponsible, depending on the age group /sub-cultural group -_-), but I can say that I am not. Now I am not advising that you should have unprotected sex. If you’re going to choose this path it is better to have at least some semblance of responsibility than none. Still, comfort should be in your mind at some point if you claim to love this person…which means that you would consider how distasteful sex with a condom is for some.

        Lastly I would like to comment about “putting her on the pill.” What is that? I mean, seriously, what is that? Do females look like dogs to you? That would be the day that any man “put me on the pill.” We’re not sex toys/objects. We’re human beings who would like to be given at least a little respect.

        A word of advice: don’t ever, ever, EVER say anything like that–or anything to imply that–to a female who you’re interested in, regardless of whether it’s friendship or partnership. It’s an easy way to lose her…because she’ll realize what a loser you are. (Unless she’s an idiot, of course, in which case I would probably say ‘to each his own.’)

        • Dylan

          -clap- Yay waterfall you can talk..blahblah. I said or the extra protection comment dumbass just a suggestion on the 2. Kery since when did you become a scientist?
          Waterfall, since when did you become the next Max Power? follow in his footsteps, stop commenting. What I said the first time allowed no cause to reply again with the same mind dulling, boring , bullshit.

          • Max Power

            Hey Dylan. Before I say anything, please don’t run away and hide from everything I say like you’ve done with so many of my other comments to you. Try reading what I have to say this time. I haven’t stopped commenting by the way. I’ve just been very busy lately.

            I just thought I would point this out. Dylan, you said this:

            “…if you can’t spell or type out a whole sentence, you should not be having sex you idiot.”

            And then later in the very same post said this:

            “As far as the deseases go, a condom is supposed to prevent that stuff”

            Don’t you mean diseases? I wouldn’t be so petty to point out someone’s spelling mistakes but I thought your hypocrisy was worth pointing out since you were such a jerk to this guy. People in glass houses…

            In defence of Waterfall17, Dylan, you did in fact suggest using two condoms. And in defence of Kery, do you actually know them? For all you know they could in fact be a scientist! There’s nothing wrong with admitting you’re wrong Dylan. Doing so is admirable. You look like an idiot if you behave the way you did about it though. If you believe you’re right, then state why you think that is. Don’t resort to childish name calling.

            Dylan also said:

            “Waterfall, since when did you become the next Max Power? follow in his footsteps, stop commenting.”

            If Waterfall17 wants to offer helpful advice they have every right to. I think it’s great that they’re taking the time to help people in here. Why is it bad if the advice is similar to mine? Because you, one person, disagrees with it? Why should Waterfall17 and I stop commenting just because you don’t agree with us? I could just as easily suggest that you stop commenting.

            You seem like a very angry boy Dylan. Why? What causes you to act so nasty to people in here? You’re horrible to anyone who you think doesn’t know as much as you, and get angry at anyone who disagrees with you. Well at least those people aren’t jerks. I would much rather be a stupid, dull, boring prude than a jerk. If someone doesn’t know something, then kindly give them advice about it. There’s no need to tell them how stupid they are etc. What does that achieve? And do you think they’ll even listen to you with that attitude? I have no problem with you posting in here, even though I disagree with a lot of what you say. What I do have a problem with is your nasty attitude. Stop being such an absolute jerk.

          • Kerry

            Oh just bless… this is the internet, dont start arguements over it!
            + I wasnt insulting, just pointing out the obvious, because someone may read what you put + believe you
            CHEER UP!! (:

        • Kerry

          In my defense over the pill thing it wasnt meat to be taken quite so badly as you obviously took it. I’m just saying the pill is an extra precaution you can take, I truly did not think anyone could be so sensitive over that, especially when Im a girl myself!!!
          Jeez, you people need to lighten up here!!

          • Waterfall17

            Sorry if it seems like I was attacking you. That honestly was not my intention. I have to admit that the way you phrased your comment made me angry, though…as you could clearly tell.

            Honestly, I understand why you don’t want to argue/don’t want other people to argue. Especially if the argument seems petty. But you know, there are some things worth fighting for, and I think that the subject of the pill and the previous post about ‘blessing’ make the cut. I admit that I sometimes don’t pick my battles so well. Still, I am extremely passionate about this subject…and pretty much anything related to the loss of beauty and the degradation/dehumanization of humanity. (..ok, I’m passionate about pretty much everything I take any interest in… ^_^’)

            I am not about to let it go because you are worth fighting for. Humanity is worth fighting for. I am not about to stand by and watch the people that I love suffer needlessly…and especially not because of a lack of seriousness. Someone must take these things seriously because it’s significance and value will be lost if everyone throws up their hands and says ‘it’s all good.’

            Not saying that’s what you’re doing; just making a point. It’s an understatement to say that I am unwilling to bless/condone some of the statements that I have read on this site. So I apologize, but I honestly just can’t “bless” what is evil (morally/ethically unacceptable).

          • Max Power

            I agree with you Waterfall on the pill comment. I believe Kerry when she says that she didn’t mean it in the way that it sounded, but I know a lot of guys who do make comments like that all the time. They talk about girls as if they’re objects, not people. As if their girlfriend or wife is their possession to do as they want with. They drive me nuts!

          • Kerry

            I am a girl myself + no, I wouldnt find it offensive myself because its from another girl. Yet again guys, sorry if I got you angry… :\

    • Max Power

      I totally agree with what Waterfall17 said.

      I just want to add a couple more things. Everyone’s been talking about contraception and avoiding pregnancy etc. No one’s mentioned the most affective way of avoiding pregnancy and STI’s; don’t have sex. Simple isn’t it? Condoms are only 98% effective if used perfectly and the pill is even worse. Those are some pretty risky contraceptives.

      Not having sex isn’t as bad as people will have you believe. It’s not bad at all in fact. I’ve been with my girlfriend for 9 years and we’ve never had sex since we want to wait until marriage. I don’t expect you to wait until marriage as well (although I would encourage it) but try waiting until you’re older and ready to deal with the consequences of sex, like pregnancy. All it takes is some self control. And trust me; you’ll learn to love your girlfriend for who she is, and not for what she can give you in bed.

      A point that everyone has missed so far as well is the fact that she doesn’t actually want to have sex. M.N, you need to respect that. Do you love her? If you do you’ll want her to be happy at any cost, even if that means no sex for you. Not having sex at the moment is what she wants, so go with it. What do you care about more, her happiness or sex? If sex is more important to you then you might as well end it with her and go find a prostitute. She doesn’t want sex, so don’t keep asking her for it.

      • Dylan

        Nice Max Power, you fuckhead.
        First of all don’t call me “boy”
        Everyone has a typo every once in a while you prick. I’m talking about the little stupid idiots that spell about every word wrong and don’t wanna spell out a whole word.
        If you will even fucking pay attention to my fucking replys to some people, you’ll see I don’t sugar coat shit like your faggot ass does. I present GOOD information straight up, not in a basket with a teddy bear, because some of you fuckers are stupid.
        Pull your head out of waterfalls ass for a moment. I don’t think I know everything, YOU DO.
        You constantly fucking think that you know every right think just because you have your precious virginity. Atleast you do know how to talk, just think about the correct words next time pretty boy :-).
        You can provide more information about what to expect when you have sex for the first time then a bike rider with no legs can about cycling.
        What’s the title of this? Um “Having Sex For The First Time, Here’s What To Expect.” IE you know diddly squat about having sex for the first time.

        • Waterfall17

          I honestly don’t need to say anything here…but I figure for the less intellectually inclined it might be of value. Your speech condemns you, not the comments made by other people. We just point out the condemning parts and encourage you to broaden your horizons a bit.

          Max Power has a lot of good things to contribute to this discussion despite his lack of “experience”. No offense, but I would be willing to take his advice over some 13/14/17 year old who had plenty of experience. Wisdom does not always come with experience.

          Your bias is preventing you from accepting the things which he has to contribute. When you read something you don’t like, or that seemingly puts you down (even if it really isn’t insulting you in any way) you automatically close yourself off. Not saying that you care necessarily (I mean I don’t really know anything about you other than the clues to your personality/mental processes that you’ve left here on this site with your posts), but you will never be able to expand your thinking and become better in critical processing and/or creative thinking if you refuse to at least consider new ideas. Even if these ideas are stupid or insulting, a mature thinker will process such ideas with due consideration in the hopes of finding new insights. If nothing else, insight can potentially gained about where another person is coming from. Take it or leave it, but I’m telling the truth when I say it’s valuable stuff.

          There is a name for this…I forgot what it is, sadly…but it has to do with being unable to accept pieces apart from the whole. In this context that means essentially that you are not willing to accept anything that Max Power says simply because it’s him. Any ideas of his that are of merit you discard automatically….for the most part. This might not be true in every case.

          One other thing I will mention: you constantly use straw man arguments. Anyone who knows anything about philosophy would be able to spot this very quickly. Note that I am not saying that your posts are useless or unintelligent…because I don’t think that they are. I just recognize that that the majority of the time you target the poster rather than the post.

          You do have one thing in this area going for you, though, that tons of other people don’t: I’ve never recalled you writing that you were open minded. At this point in time making such a statement would not be to your advantage.

          • Max Power

            Thanks for your comment Waterfall. I really appreciate it. What you said about Dylan is very true. He does constantly close himself off to what I say. A page or so back he refused to read what I had to say to him about things like love and porn. He actually said that he wasn’t going to read them. It was bizarre. If he ever does read what I say, he resorts to strawman arguments, as you said.

            What I’m interested in though is why he’s such an angry person.

        • Max Power

          Haha, Dylan you crack me up. You’re so easy to wind up. Don’t you realise that your angry nasty posts make you look like an idiot? No one will take you seriously if you behave like that. If you disagree with something I’ve said, talk about it in a calm and rational manner; don’t go berserk.

          I thought “boy” was an appropriate word for you. You’re constantly demonstrating childish behaviour with your angry nasty posts. “Boy” is quite fitting.

          I know everyone makes a typo every now and then. I don’t actually care that you made a typo. I make them too. We all do, none of us are perfect, and that’s my point. Don’t judge someone for something you’re guilty of as well. It’s hypocrisy at its worst. The only reason I made a point of it was because you were being such a jerk about it. To be honest, it annoys me when people have bad spelling, grammar, punctuation etc too. That doesn’t give me the right to treat them like garbage though does it?

          Dylan, I have no problem with not sugar coating things. I think you have a different idea of what that means though. It doesn’t mean verbally abusing people and calling them names. It means telling things how they are. I think you’ll find that I often don’t sugar coat things as well. The difference is that I try to be nice while doing it, or at least just talk in a “matter of fact” kind of way. One of your major problems is that you have no respect for anyone.

          I never said that you think you know everything. When did I say that? I certainly don’t think I know everything either! My thoughts and beliefs are constantly evolving as I learn more and more.

          I don’t think I know what’s right because I’m a virgin. I think that’s useful to back up my points and to illustrate them, but that’s all. I believe I have something to offer because I love an amazing girl truly with all my heart. Since 99% of the issues in here are somehow connected to love, I think I have a lot to contribute. I know what love is and I want everyone else to experience it as well.

          Yes, you’re right; I have no experience with the physical act of sex. While I can’t offer much advice on the mechanics of sex, I am not ignorant about it. I do have knowledge on it. Regardless of that though, I believe my amazing girlfriend has helped me to understand girls a lot better than most guys, and since a girl’s brain is her main “sex organ”, I believe that gives me creditability. Also, all things come back to love which, as I said, I believe I have a lot to offer on. So using your analogy, to you someone who’s never ridden a bike can’t gi