Oral Sex tips for Women, Tips for giving a great head


Male Oral SexScientists call it fellatio. Guys who could give a damn about science call it a blowjob, a hummer, a pearl dive, etc. But no matter what you call it, having your partner go down on you is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

Sometimes, though, there are a few snags.

Unfortunately, Fellatio 101 isn’t standard classroom fare. It’s not even something the mother bird teaches its young. As a public service for anyone who has a few questions about the right techniques, here is a laundry list of tips on what guys look for — and require — in a good blowjob.

1.Don’t try so hard. Last year, my friend “Bridget” asked me why she couldn’t fellate her boyfriend to orgasm. My response? In a perfect world of Playboy and porno flicks, hummers lead to big, healthy orgasms. You know the scene: some tramp uses a pogo-like motion to deep throat her partner, only to be greeted by the requisite money-shot a mere seconds later.


I told Bridget to ignore the pot o’ pearls at the end of the rain-blow. Instead, I asked her to think of the hummer as the perfect pre-game warm-up. Think about it…What better way to prepare for the plunge than with a good wand-wash? Do runners break records without stretching? Do writers hand in first drafts? No. Like a good appetizer, I’ve found that a little sucky-sucky before the supper always makes for a pleasant dining experience.

2. Give yourself a hand. Guys spend years refining their “handy” skills before grabbing their first gobbler. And while the hand is neither moist nor equipped with a tongue, self-help is sometimes very satisfying. Therefore, I suggest women use their hands AND their mouths while orally pleasuring their partner. Ladies, the mouth alone cannot provide the surface penetration needed to excite the penis. Cover the tip with your mouth, making sure to cover your teeth with your lips. Swirl the tongue around the head and shaft. Then grasp your boy’s toy so that your forefinger is touching your lips. Using your mouth and your hands in unison, begin the up and down motion. Glance up and admire his smile.

3. Ignore the “spit versus swallow” argument. Some men SWEAR that sperm swallowing is really a test used to measure the amount of trust a woman has for them. I’ll probably lose my union membership for this, but it really doesn’t matter. If you can cause the eruption, you’re a goddess. Draw the pearly white lava and we will worship your volcanoes to no end.

4. Bring the noise. Since “blowing” never really comes into play with a blowjob (well, for females, really), you’ve probably wondered where the term “hummer” comes from. Well, just like you ladies enjoy some good vibrations, we guys like the 1,200 beats-per-minute action, too. As you’re fellating away, hum a few bars from Warrant’s “Cherry Pie.” Okay, maybe a better song. In any event, vocal vibrations translate well to the penis. If you’re a real sweetheart, though, you’ll hum his favorite tune.

5.Don’t get all Hollywood. You’ve seen Kevin Smith’s “Clerks,” right? You remember the scene where America was introduced to “snowballing,” right? Forget that scene.

Obviously, no two men are alike. Different folks take different strokes — not to mention tongue patterns. If you’re really looking to deliver perfect oral pleasure, ask him to guide you through. It’ll open up your lines of communication, turn the sexual experience into a learning one — and give you an excuse to make some suggestions yourself.

Caution Alert

Just because a woman can’t get pregnant by giving head doesn’t mean oral sex is totally safe sex. Though the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases or HIV is much lower with oral sex than with anal or vaginal sex, there still are risks. To make oral sex as safe as possible, there are a few steps you can take.According to the STD Education Unit of San Francisco Department of Public Health, for maximum protection you should use a non-lubricated latex condoms without spermicide. If you don’t like the taste, try flavored condoms. If you really don’t want to use a condom while performing oral sex on a man, the STD Education Unit suggests a few alternatives.Avoid taking cum in your mouth or leaving it in someone else’s mouth. If you get cum in your mouth, spit it out.Avoid sucking if you have bleeding gums, sores, abscessed teeth, or have just gone to the dentist. These could make it easier for HIV and STDs to enter the body. Wait until they heal.

Do not brush or floss your teeth right before or after having sex. For fresh breath, try chewing gum or rinsing with mouthwash.

Look closely for sores or blisters on the genitals, mouth or lips. If sores or blisters are visible, avoid oral sex. Remember, though, it’s not always possible to see sores or blisters.

Avoid deep throating. This may irritate the lining of the throat, making it easier for HIV and STDs to enter the body.

More tips: Check out handbag.com’s article on guide to oral sex

Image Courtesy: Amazon.com book by Marcy Michaels

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  1. I love giving head there is nothing better than to watch your man in complete heaven as you take him deep in your mouth. I get a buzz from him watching me enjoy it as he enjoys it too!

  2. Soo… that first paragraph seems to differentiate between ‘scientists’ and ‘guys who like blowjobs’. Right. My boyfriend is a scientist, and believe me, he likes blowjobs too 😛

  3. Spit saliva all over his dick and lick.it back.up,hell feel a wetness and pretend u lovesuckong his dick,pretend it tasye good,if he has a small dick,pretemd its big and itll make him feel good

  4. my boyfriend wants my to give him a blow job but he is not quite average what if he doesnt like it i have never done this before :s

  5. I’m only 18. I’m still a virgin. I’m moving in with my boyfriend in 3 weeks… I’ve never gone past making out, and i think i’m ready to have sex. But not right noww. I need to have something to start off with. I was thinking giving head. But do i just ask him if i can blow him????? I don’t know what to doo!

  6. i just read the post on TIPS FOR GIVIN GREAT BLOWJOBS, an no lie I for some reason have recently started TO LOVE GIVIN MY HUSBAND BLOWJOBS! In the 12 years we been married i would do it for him but really could’nt get into it until a few weeeks ago. I dont no wat happened but i enjoy the hell out of it! I like the thought of knowin he is about to cum & I have the control to stop him when i want & then go at it again teasein him and pleaseing him UNTIL I AM SATISFIED & UNTIL I THINK IM READY FOR HIM TO CUM!!!! I also use to hate the thought of him even cumin in my mouth but now Umm…… DAMN IF THAT DONT TRUN ME ON NOW!!! Anywayz like now i am horny as hell jus postin my thoughts. Im 29 yrs old and cant figure out Y now my thoughts and feelings have changed, my wantin to give him head whenever, i mean he has been asleep and down i go on him and y do i stay horny all the time now damn the thought of wat we have done &cud do & wat i wanna do to him makes me instantly start throbbin plz tell me y now? Luvin it!

  7. I have to agree with EYVONNE and say that blowjobs (and girl-head) is a part of making love. In my opinion it should be part of every sex session. As a warm up or on it’s own.

    If you want to read more about how to give good head (this is kind of a short article) there is a great site “blowjobhow” that has a great blowjob guide here – http://www.blowjobhow.com/blowjobguide that really tells you everything you need to know. And it’s all free!!!

  8. Hehe I actually was insecure about my oral sex skills until tonight (considering I was a virgin until a few months ago, and had never done ANYTHING sexual beforehand). My fiance just told me that I’m VERY good at it.

    I usually alternate between jacking, sucking, playing with his balls, and licking. I found that underneath the tip (right below the head) is really sensitive for him, so I like to swirl my tongue around that area. His dick twitches, and he moans. It’s such a turn-on!

  9. Okay so if anyone with GREAT advice is on I need HELP!!! so there is this dude he is a great great friend of mine and he wants to sex me and the feeling is mutual but I’m a panicker and I am trying to wait a little longer to have my first time and I don’t want him to not want me because he waited too long or something so how can I keep the flame going and how can I be ready for him? I know he isnt a virgin but should I have sex with someone else a couple times before him so he can sex the way he wanted or would that be slutty? Please help all advice is welcome. Oh and I’m 15 but turning 16 soon so should I wait until I’m older or what?

  10. this is absolutely shocking .. im 20 .. when i was 15/16 sex wasnt an issue as i wasnt mentally ready or physically! i mean fucking hell this is rediculous! girls at that age duno what they want. im 20 and i still dont know.. wel im in my 3rd yr of college. n it kinda saddens me to think that theirs still *kids* initially saying *i wanna giv a guy a bj.. or sex* i mean at that age thats all boys think of.. wait til their 18+ they are just about ready for a committed relationship.. trust me on this one girls! i been in bad situations… police n that lol… wudnt want to go through it again.. so yeah….
    its absolutely mind boggling

  11. So I need help, I wanna make my guy moan and groan or something. But he doesn’t! He did once when we were dry humping but I want him to when were having sex or when I’m giving him head; were both 14 if age makes a difference? I think he doesn’t moan cause it doesn’t feel good for him??

  12. what are some other personal techniques yal have come in counter with?? I’m just lookin to be more creative with my men, and i have covered all these ones and would like to try more.

  13. what are some other personal techniques yal have come in counter with?? I’m just lookin to be more creative with my men, andi have covered all these ones and would like to try more.

  14. Keeping in the same topic, why is it getting blow jobs 3-5 times a week while you are dating turns into no blowjobs (or begging for bj’s – could be a new reality show) after you are married?

    I feel this would be a good topic for discussion, also good grounds for a quick divorce. Or at least being understanding of the person no longer recieving the benefits to get them elsewhere without penalty. Hey if you no longer wish to give them I’m sure one can find someone else to provide the pleasure. Seems fair to me.

  15. So me && this guy have been dating for almost 2 years. havn’t went further than a kiss. I have had oral sex before but that was a couple years ago && not with him. I love this guy to death. Would do anything for him. I just wanna go all the way. but i am terrified. not to actually have sex, but to get pregnant. condoms arn’t 100%. what do i do? :\

    • Go ahead and fuck….. Two years and only a kiss you stingy bitch??? Look, johnnies, most of the time, are alright… Something like 96-97% safe. But if you’re paranoid, or plainly too much of a pussy, i’d consider taking the pill and using a johnny aswell. That way you’re like 99.999999% protected.

      But take this advice, just go down with the pill, it makes you’re life a whole lot better sexually and no faffing around with shit pieces of latex all the while (it ruins the mood and lifes too short for shit like that).

  16. i have a problem my boyfriend loves getting blow jobs and i love giving it to him, but i love getting oral sex too and he wont do it he says he just doesnt like doing it, its gross to him…..but i really want him to do it. any ideas?

    • thats not fair! make sure you’re clean (don’t use soap, only water) and then get him really horny (you know how to do it!) and then whisper in his ear that you want some 69. that way, the more he pleasures you, the more you’ll pleasure him, so he’ll wanna do it. and then eventually he will want to go down on you after he gets used to it

  17. All of you who are saying it ok for kids 16 and under to have sex are ridiculous you kno they are to young and still babies they should not be worried about sex but about getting and education they just are not mature enough at that age

    • I agree with lachelle I lost my virginity very young and drove my mother insane, I lost interest for school and now u am checking into sex and drug rehab. ; ¿Sound funn. ?
      Hell no.

  18. i’m 15 and will be a virgin till i marry. cause i live in india.
    i really wanna fuck somebody. but there is no girl i know.

    i study in a boys school so i can only bang on the teachers.

    help me!

  19. Think what you want , but i am an older guy and i lover younger girls . I always have have wanted a teen gf for a long time , i want to be her everything and i want to buy her anything she wants . don’t get me wrong i love sex very much but i want to lover her most of all . girls if your into older guys please post a reply, don’t think that your to young if your a teen 13-18 please post how you feel about loving an older guy

    • you seriously need to leave young girls alone. a 13 year old is still a baby and that is effing gross. and you need to watch what you say because you could get in serious trouble dude.

    • Definately what Darlene said. I have dealt my fare share with pediphiles so, anyone who is looking and posting on this site who isn’t of legal age to consent to sex (18) girls and boys both, please dont post on here. These are sensitive topics that you should talk to someone trustworthy about. Like, its kinda weird, but I learned pretty much everything I know about oral and vaginal sex from my mom and aunts. Boys, talk to uncles and older cousins or something if you can’t talk to your Dad about it. Seriously, I totally understand how weird it was but four years ago I was one of you on one of these sites and I put myself into a horrific situation of sexual abuse that was physically and emotional scarring. So, If you have questions like these, talk to someone in your family and if you can’t talk to a doctor, teacher, even a spiritual advisor. Please, please! don’t fall into the trap of these sickos. Its not worth it.

  20. Think what you want , but i am an older guy and i lover younger girls . I always have have wanted a teen gf for a long time , i want to be her everything and i want to buy her anything she wants . don’t get me wrong i love sex very much but i want to lover her most of all . girls if your into older guys please post a reply, don’t think that your to young if your a teen 13-18 please post how you feel about loving an older guy .

    • It depends how old your talking about..? Im 15 and like 20-27 year old guys are good. Ive been with an older guy but i usually go for younger ones… Lol

      • haha im not looking for anyone (found my older guy) but i can get why u want a teenn. im 12 my guy is 18. like you said thinkkk what you want.

  21. Hi im 13 and i have this big urge to have oral and intrercouarse seex with my friend. He is 15 when im 13. What should i do? I want to give him a blowjob. :0

      • Honey your only 13, and while most girls around you have talked about doing it or have already done it, that doesnt mean you have to. A 15 year old boy will say things to get you to believe he truely cares for you. Stay young while you can, youll thank your self when you get older. AND stay away from creepers that post random things like EMAIL ME sometime….BADJON101 and TWOBAD2LONG just means a OLD MAN that does nasty things to good girls that dont know any better! @ BADJON101 your lucky no1 know who you are, if i did id beat ur ass for everyone you sick ass basterd!!!! You should be locked up in a prison somewhere!!!!!!!!

  22. WAU i will try this with my bf to see if i’m better hihi

    5.Don’t get all Hollywood. You’ve seen Kevin Smith’s “Clerks,” right? You remember the scene where America was introduced to “snowballing,” right? Forget that scene.
    Yeah! so stupid…

  23. Hey guys,
    I have a problem my bf likes oral sex But I cant do it. I don’t like smell and taste. I tried several times going down kissing and stop….. ! I m really confused most of the girls and guys like it ! Maybe something is wrong with me ? please give some recommendations

    • Start admiring your guy and his sexual organ …
      Licking sexual organ adds pleasure to your feelings…
      One day do if without showing your hard feelings,
      See tha way your guy enjoys, next day you will ask for it….

  24. So me and this guy have been hooking up for quite sometime now…and I must say oral sex iz amazinggg
    Nw we’ve been thinking to take things further not sex though just anal sex
    I’ve heard many people say that u can get pregnant from oral is that true?
    And second what position is the best position while having anal sex?
    Plus can a girl lose her virginity my fingering?
    And do u have to use a condom? cuz I’ve done it many times just without a condom he always has a condom on him I just prefer to swallow plus I’m usually too horny that I don’t want him to stop everything just to put it on so I usually tell him fuck it and we continue without it
    Any advice or comments on the things I’ve mentioned??

  25. I honestly think oral sex plays a major role in the “love making” between two ppl. It’s the thing that kind of ties you both closer to each other, Just that bond of becoming one together (by the mouth) it’s just so amazing! That is all…………

  26. “usually put a dog chain around her neck (she loves it) and get her to suck me. sometimes she even takes phone calls from her dad asking when he will be home while i have her on teh floor giving head. she usually swallows as she is japanese and used to sushi.” -gervasio Bicherratio

    I did the same with my chinese gf. We knew what they want, superior white penis and superior seeds!

    • your mother needs to whoop your ass, ground you, and then explain how serious sex is, now stop reading shit like this and go to school!!!!!

    • … you’re 10 years old… do you even know what sex is? or are you just some pervert on the internet looking for little boys to molest?
      either way… you’re either an immature little kid trying to be cool but failing at it… or a petafile…
      its your pick!

  27. You can easily learn how to become great at giving your man head – just like a pro.

    As long as you’re willing to put some practice into it, it’s not that hard. You need to maintain eye contact, not just to be more attractive but also to see reactions you are making in your man. Look for feedback, see how he reacts to certain things.

    Most guys like the same stuff, but there are some differences too – generally once you get good at it you can give any guy a great blow job.There are some simple things that work and some that don’t. It’s very important that you realize that oral sex is more mental than physical. You need to capture his emotions and senses.

    Focus on triggering his senses. Have a nice smell, put on some nice music, create a seductive atmosphere. Guys love it when you act naughty and a bit “slutty” while giving him head. You can find more useful tips at http://www.jacksblowjoblessons.com/

  28. Okay. Well…myoyfriend and I are going to try the whole finger and hand job thing and I have never giving anyone a hand job. Or been fingered. But Iws just wondering if there was any “special” thing I should do? If so, please tell me. Thanks.

    • for everyone wanting to know if they are doing it right or how to do anything …….WATCH A PORNO…everything you need to or want to know .

      • a porno will NOT get you what you need. all there is to pornography is the simplest, most boring techniques and fake moans. give your guy head a few times and once he gets used to it try some things and ask him if he likes it and if he has any suggestions. ohh and its reaaaaally hot when you ask him if he likes it while you’re doing it. make sure to act like you enjoy it too or else he won’t get into it!

        • by the way, guys are most sensitive at the head, so dont put too much pressure on it. if you dont have any lube, use saliva. two hot tips: when youre giving a hand job, apply more pressure right below the head (make your grip a little tighter up top) but keep the grip regular at the rest of the shaft. then, using both hands (make sure they are wet) rotate them in opposite directions on the shaft, still kinda moving up and down. i call it the corkscrew, and my boyfriend really loves it. dont do it too hard though!

  29. i love oriental girls giving head on me. Its like east meets west seeing those slanty eyed dolls be so submissive my girlfriend is a japanese girl 23 and looks like a porcelein doll. I love watching her swirl her tongue on my cock. she has strict parents and works in an investment bank while im unemployed. but she loves to stop off at my house on the way home from work.i usually make her take off her expensive clothes except for her high heels and get her to go down on her knees while i stand fully clothed. I usually put a dog chain around her neck (she loves it) and get her to suck me. sometimes she even takes phone calls from her dad asking when he will be home while i have her on teh floor giving head. she usually swallows as she is japanese and used to sushi

  30. I am so anxious to have sex but scared too what if i dont come to the guys/girls standards or i am not goood enough ?HELPP

    • well your first time might suck, just saying and if they know your a virgin, they wont expect to much. i just had lost it 2 days ago and it was shitty, but it gets better. trust me. the guy wont care that you arent good in bed because you arent supposed to be yet

        • Seriously how you gonna run your mouth like that,? she was just trying to help. get your panniies outta your ass. && buy some class,
          To Douche Bag
          From Cinderella

    • well, the first time hurts for sure. but the pain only lasted about 30 seconds for me. it only hurts until your hymen is completely torn. there should be a little but of blood but not very much. If you let him know you’re a virgin… he will most likely go slow &&& softly (if he’s a gentlemen haha). but it doesnt feel “pleasureful” for the girl the first time because the feeling is shocking. it feels like the skin around your vagina is also being pushed in. i just lost mine a little over a month ago. &&& i dont think your partner will think any less of you for not getting really into it your first time 😉
      just remember use a condom &&& the pill. lube helps ALOT!!!!
      p.s….. it doesnt feel good until like the 4th or 5th time you do it.

      • I guess I’m weird, because I very much enjoyed my first time. It was a LOT better than I expected, and I actually orgasmed. It did hurt a little at first, but the pleasure definitely outweighed any of the pain. My fiance was really considerate about it. He was gentle during sex, and fingered me beforehand so that I wasn’t so shocked by the size of his penis. Interestingly enough, though, his penis didn’t break my hymen. He fingered me again after sex, and that’s what broke it. He was a lot less gentle then, though.

  31. hey guys, ive been dating my boyfriend for almost a year and we have done everything except for sex. because of this were very comfortable with eachother and im used to that whole messy ending and what not. weve been talking about having sex really soon, and ive heard a ton of myths and rumors that are really turning me off and getting me worried. so i guess my question is what is the real deal? what should i expect and what are some good tips to please my guy? im afraid the condom is gonna break and im not on birth control, and im nervous about alot more going wrong. ahh help please

    • hey erm im 15 and i have had unprotected sex once and protected sex three times , to a reply about the whole scared to have sex thing there is nothing to worry about! the first time is shit and normallly the boy won’t cum cause well it’s shit and i just took the morning after pilll 12 hours later… after that it’s amazing 2nd time wasn’t to bad (better) 3rd time he only lasted 12 minutes then he was finished and 4th time we were having sex for 5 minutes then we stoppped i gave him head and then we carried on and he cummed! like straight after i would say 2 minutes? and i tell you what sex is AMAZING. i think they should make it legal at 14 i just couldn’t wait , but make sure it’s with someone you love cause once you have lost your virginity to someone you just can’t let them go your in love with them and me and my boyfriend are in love with each other it’s amazing.

      • “once you have lost your virginity to someone you just can’t let them go your in love with them”
        … I lost my virginity on a drunken one night stand a few years ago. I haven’t seen him since, and am definitely not in love with the guy. However, I sure am in love with my long-term boyfriend.


    • ok…to the first comment posted….its wonderful that you enjoy giving head. It’s wonderful that you enjoy giving head in different places. it’s not so wonderful that you give head while YOU’RE driving. are you stupid or just have no respect for other peoples well-being? you’re taking a risk with other peoples lives that doesnt have an outcome worth the risk. how sexy would it be if your dumb*ss caused an accident? Brilliant thinking woman….absolutely brilliant….

      • how is giving head while driving possibe? well, thats how i learnt 2 drive. i was scared id get distracted and crash the car, so mah boyfreind took me to an empty carpark and … distracted me. we were both blonde. if i can figure stuff like that out, im sure the rest of the population can too.

  33. tomorrow is my birthday, and my boy friend keeps talking about me giving him head (which i have never done before) and i’m pretty sure things are going to lead in that direction. he just got a new car, and i was wondering if giving him head in a car is a good/bad thing?
    also, reading all the other comments have helped me tremendously, but i’m still a little nervous.
    any help? i’m mostly just worried about what it’s going to be like afterwards, and if i do something wrong.

    Carly. 😀

  34. I want to give my boyfriend head but there are a couple of problems. One, I have REALLY REALLY REALLY strong gag reflexes and I’m terrified of throwing up on him. and two, I have insanely sharp fangs and I’m really scared of catching them on him because they would cut him. I don’t know what to do!

  35. Hey i have a friend who didn’t at first like to get head so i said i would try it on him. He really enjoy it but the thing was it’s so different from now then it was when i was first giving it to him because i didn’t have a tongue ring at the time. For all those that don’t have one get it please it will drive your spouse crazy i change mines each time i give him oral sex like this one i have it has a dick on the top of it cool……I know but it’s like i be trying to deep throat but cant stop gaging any tips anyone :)

  36. When i give head a guy really likes when i suck on his tip really hard then play around with it my tongue but i wanna find out new tricks so next time i give head i keep them wanting more….which i do now not sayin i don’t….but it really turns me on when so when were about to have sex im already ready to go so yea…and compliments help out too that makes you want to do better or something new the next time.

  37. Hi I am a meal and I have a question to you ladies and I hope someone can give me the right answer
    I know my girl for over 5 years now and she love sucking and licking me, she started swallow my cum and I never force her to do that, she done it her self, but I think she hate the lumpy cum coming out of me, I asked her why ??? She said she never experience that with the 7 x boyfriend and I am the only guy have do it. She still wallow my cum and I know she like it but I don’t know why sometimes she complain abut the lumpy bits

  38. hey annie,

    most prostitutes get the money from the guy before they do anything for him. almost everyone uses a condom. they like to get it over with as fast as possible. sometimes he’ll pull his dick out, and sometimes she’ll do it for him….that part doesn’t matter. they women just need the money so they don’t waist time getting to know the guy. they usually go somewhere where they know the chances of getting caught are slim.

  39. so my boyfriend and i have had sex a few times before but now I want to give him bj now that he says he’s comfortable with oral sex. but the problem is, i’m totally lost. i read the article but i’m still lost. i don’t know how to start. and he also takes a REALLY REALLY REALLY long time to cum and i’m not sure how to help it along. HELP!

  40. hi i am 21 years old and still have my v-card. theres this guy who wants to have sex with me but i know he is really experienced and i am afraid i wont do somethin right. i am a little embarrassed to be asking this question so dont laugh… i know that he wants me to give him a bj and i really dont know how to do that… yeah i read the article but i but think its the sex itself that is scaring me. i think its the guy and wut he thinks. i want to get it over with but then im afraid he will not like it help!

    • Well, don’t be afraid! I’m 21 years old as well and I started having an active sex life the very same day I turned 18. I remember I was panicking when I first so my boyfriend nude, didn’t really know what to do with “it”, but I decided to go ahead and just use my logical thinking, hehe, I asked myself “If I were a guy, what would I want to feel?” And I started from there; to give him a good bj, start by masturbate him slowly (moisture your hand if you feel you need it) and when you are ready, put it in your mouth and do the same movement you are doing with your hand, don’t stop the hand though! Do it at the same time, twisting a bit the hand, to move in circles; bite the tip very gentle, take your tongue for a walk over his entire penis; shake it with your hand and make it rest in your mouth… Anyway, be creative, just imagine you had one of those!! And when he comes, it will all be worth it, nothing better than a man’s face when he’s coming.

      I hope i helped a bit!! Let me know how it went. 😛

  41. A tip for women: Sometimes as a special treat for your guy, let him ejaculate on your face. It is a HUGE turn-on, trust me! If you DO let him do this, don’t get all drama and “wierded out”. Just act like you are totally turned on by this. I GUARANTEE, anything you want from your guy, you’ll get it.

  42. I want to know how a prostitute does oral sex in a car. How long does it really take? Aren’t prostitutes trying to get it over with quickly and move on to the next man. Isn’t it all about speed and money. From the time prostitute gets in mans car and actually starts to do it, how long does it take? Also when the prostitute gets in car and they go wherever to park and do it, what happens first? Does prostitute take total control and take mans penis out and do what first? I must know all of this from how the man gets her, to her getting in car, then when does he pay her and how much. Does she just spit out window or in a napkin or what? Does she clean her mouth and hands before another man and where does she do it if she’s on the street? Does she carry water or mouth wash or what. I need to know everything . Do they talk to each other or just hurry and get it done so she can move on to next man. Isn’t it all about money? Do they kiss,oh God, I hope not. Please , I must know all. If there is a prostitute out there , please write me and tell me blow by blow. No pun intended. Thanking you A.H.

  43. Damn near every time I read an article like this I come across the same thing, no teeth. I think that’s really a matter of what the guy enjoys and what he’s comfortable with. My fiance LOVES it when I use my teeth while sucking him off. Nothing too crazy, mind you.. I just barely graze them along his shaft here and there and it drives him wild. Sometimes, if I’ve really got him going, he’ll ask me to bite down gently. Found that one out by accident, actually. But, like I said, it’s a matter of opinion and what he’s comfortable with. Don’t just go biting on the thing, it’s not a chew toy.

    He also really enjoys it when I use my mouth and hand at the same time, both in the same rythym. Sometimes, when my neck gets a little tired, I’ll switch to just my hand and give my neck a break while we kiss. He likes that a lot, too. I’ve found that the more spit, the better. Any guy I’ve ever given a blowjob to really liked a lot of spit when my hand (or hands) was involved. And moaning, OMG, my man reeeeeally loves that. The vibrations are wonderful for him and he’s told me the sound of my moans when blowing him really turns him on. I’ve also found that eye contact does wonders, for both you and the guy.

    As far as swallowing goes, I like it. At least, now I do. I wasn’t into it so much before I got with my fiancee.. but with him, it’s incredible. When it comes down to the choice, do what you feel the most comfortable with. If you don’t want it in your mouth, finish the job with your hand. If you don’t mind having cum in your mouth, but you don’t want to swallow it, let the cum drip out of your mouth and onto his penis and swirl it around with your tongue and/or hand right there at the end. For some reason, any guy I’ve ever done this with told me it drove them wild, especially with my fiancee. I guess guys just really like it when they see their dick and/or cum in your mouth. But, most importantly, don’t let them force you into swallowing if you don’t want to. Like the article says, if you can get the job done, they’ll love you for it whether you swallow or not.

  44. i was terrified the first time i gave my boyfriend a bj because he had never had one before and i had never given one before but i quickly learned how to drive him wild… practice makes perfect but there are a few things that absolutly drives him wild:

    rub the tip of his penis on the roof of your mouth lightly, the ridges will drive him wild
    also …tease him! kiss his thighs and the area around his penis very lightly and just breath the hot breath will turn him on… ; )
    also…i have a very sensitive gag reflex so when i need a break… i lick his balls and gently suck them or lick the area right under them
    if you arent sure what speed to go at grab his hand and put it on your head or around your hair and guide his a few times to let him know you want him to push your head down… and if he gets too carried away just stop and laugh it off

    most importantly… confidence is important… dont be embarrased to do this even if he watches you. Alot of men say the it is a turn on to see themselfs being pleasured …
    once you get skilled enough try with no hands… put your hands on his hips and go to work
    he will absolutly love it

  45. I Love sucking dick! Omg! It soooo turns me on. It turns me on even more for a guy to moan , it lets me know im doing a good job. Mmmm… If you are into your man then you want that cum and it tastes good! A nice big cock swirl your tongue around the head while jerkin him off. Massage under his balls! Omg!

  46. Hi i have give my bf blowjobs but everytime he comes is because he helps me i mean i get tired y mouth hurts because i have to put it on the O position, so he always usually says like let me do it so that i can come faster, and it frustrates me cause i want to make him come by myself and i cant see to find the way, someone please help me :(.

    • Getting tired or worn out while giving a blowjob is a common thing, it happens. Don’t feel bad, or get upset. And don’t go into it thinking, “Omg, what’s the point? I’m just gonna get worn out and he’ll finish himself.” – That’s a big no no. You’re not going to have any fun that way, it just won’t work. Make sure you’re absolutely comfortable. Get in a position that will work for YOU. He’s gotta be comfortable as well, but you’re the one doing the work here. If you’re kneeling down in front of your man, in between his legs, try using a pillow or something else soft to cushion your knees. If he’s laying down, have him prop himself up a little, it helps. Personally, when I do it, I have my man sit in a chair and I kneel in front of him. Use both your mouth and hand while you’re working on your man’s penis!! If your neck starts to give out on you during, try switching to just your hand. Kiss him while you’re doing this, or maybe show his balls a little love with your mouth. The same thing goes for when your mouth gets tired of making that ‘O’ shape, switch to your hand, give your mouth a little break. It really does help, I promise! And the next time you go to give him a blowjob, don’t let him help. He may just want to get off really quick, but he’ll enjoy it even more when you’re the one who gets him to cum, and so will you. You’ll feel better about yourself and your ability to please your man. He’ll find out that it was worth the wait, trust me.

      Practice makes perfect! The more you do it, the better you’ll get. You’ll eventually learn what he likes and doesn’t like. And after you’ve done it for a while, you won’t get as tired.

      Hope this helps!!

  47. Hi i have give my bf blowjobs but everytime he comes is because he helps me i mean i get tired y mouth hurts because i have to put it on the O position, so he always usually says like let me do it so that i can come faster, and it frustrates me cause i want to make him come by myself and i cant see to find the way, someone please help me! :(

  48. Hi i have give my bf blowjobs but everytime he comes is because he helps me i mean i get tired y mouth hurts because i have to put it on the O position, so he always usually says like let me do it so that i can come faster, and it frustrates me cause i want to make him come by myself and i cant see to find the way, someone please help me :(

  49. ORAL / BONDAGE : For a very exciting variation to oral sex, get your man to lay on his back, pull up his feet and grab hold of hold his heels from the inside. Then very firmly tie his wrists to his ankles and then under his feet so the rope wont slip up his legs. He will then be spread and helpless very simply and effectively with just two pieces of soft rope. Now you have him at your mercy. His penis, testicles and anus are wide open and very vulnerable indeed. He will be instantly erect !!!! You can now tie his cock and balls in bondage style as well. This will make him very hard indeed. Now men secretly like anal stimulation. With a well lubricated second finger you can drive him wild by gently and slowly sticking it all the way up his rectum and feeling hig prostate glan and massaging it. This is called his “walnut” or G spot. You will soon see his cock begin to freely dribble pre-cum juice. When he is used to that you can try other objects of you choice like dildos, vibrators, carrots, cucumbers and so on. Dont leave his cock bound too long at one time. You can change it. You can enjoy sucking his cock as you try all these variations. Many men fantasize about being bound and tormented sexually. You can stop just short of him ejaculating over and over to keep your control and the tension exciting for him. You are in control now woman so enjoy it !!!! He is your naked male sex slave. It is very exciting indeed and he will love you intensely for being so horny and creative. Dont be shy. Enjoy it. Use a lot of jel up his anus and on bigger objects up his arsehole. It is amazing how big an object he will begin to take and enjoy. My man once took a cucumber 20 centimetres up his cute little arse and moaned all the way. There are a lot of interesting erotic (and cruel, if you like)shaped anal dildoes in sex shops. Some are a row of balls, others ribs and others bumps. The row of balls “pop in and out” as each one goes in and out of his arsehole. They start small and get bigger !!! Watch his face as you do this. It is an very erotic sight for sore eyes. A further turn on is to tease the hole at the end of his cock. That is very erotic but be gentle. You can actually slide a soft tube down his cock but it can make him sore when he urinates for a few days after. Have fun girls.

  50. Well i have been in a relationship with my bf for 2 yrs. and i gave him oral sex for the first time and right in the middle of it he fell asleep, so im pissed of because i know i have damn good oral skills and i never had this problem in past relationships, so me being pissed off i told him i would never give him head anymore, so im wondering if you could give me some tips or should i not try anymore!

  51. Hi ladies, sorry to intrude. Just thought you might not mind me throwing in my 2 cents for whatever it’s worth. I could go into great lengthy detail about how to give the perfect blowjob, but instead I’ll just say that if you man likes sex, as long as you open your mouth wide enough, you shouldn’t have to curl your lips to cover your teeth. It’s actually better if you don’t, but we do like to feel your lips on our cocks. It does make a difference. We like to think of a blowjob as a very serious and tense situation, so laughing and giggling causes us to go soft, moaning as if you’re enjoying it will get us hard though. Make sure you’ve got a hold of it while you’re sucking, this helps to excite us as well. I didn’t read all of your comments but I loved most of the ones I did read. Damn, I wouldn’t mind meeting up with some of you.

  52. hey emma there is nothing wrong with loving cum but making a guy bleed usually wouldn’t go over well. so if u just remember to cover your top teeth with your top lip and your bottom teeth with your tongue you should be fine it’s the trick pornstars use! but make sure you still use your tongue twirl it around and move it from side to side it will drive him crazy good luck honey!

  53. personally i crave how man taste especiallly their cum. i went nuts on a man once and actually made him bleed a bit, but we’re still together, i think im going a bit overboard but i cant seem to stop, i just love how he taste can anyone help me

  54. hello, i am not really experienced and i wont to do more to m boyfriend cos it always seams to be me who gets it all. i am really scard but i dont no why, even just a hand job. can people give me tips for giving a blowjob please ?
    thanks x

  55. well i read what every one had to say and alot is true, but if u dont like to swallow than dont , just let it drip out of your month dont worrie he wont even see it , as long as he is happy keep going , and yes keep going til u see is is all done dont stop, let him tell u he is done u will see a very happy man . and deep troating ohh i cant never could tried alot no matter what i cant hats off to those who can and to those who cant just us your hands ladys it feels just as good .it is all in what u and him want just try it u will love it i swear by it.:)

  56. well i read what every one had to say and alot is true, but if u dont like to swallow than dont , just let it drip out of your month dont worrie he wont even see it , as long as he is happy keep going , and yes keep ging til u see is is all done dont stop, let him tell u he is done u will see a very happy man . and deep troating ohh i cant never could tried alot no matter what i cant hats off to those who can and to those who cant just us your hands ladys it feels just as good .it is all in what u and him want just try it u will love it i swear by it.:)

  57. Um I personally like swallowing the guys cum….I mean it depends on how it taste…majority of guys nut is salty um ive actually tasted a lot of diffrent types…some are very salty and some are juss a little salty….I prefer the less salty ones but hey I can’t complain I’ll do it regardless…if I’m really into it I will keep going untill they nut atleast 2 times….my friends tell me they dnt like doiing…people tell me they onlii do it because it makes the male happy…but I don’t just do it for him I myself enjoy doing it and I don’t even need 4play if I give a guy head because it makes me “ready” just by pleasing him..but all the girls who say that its nasty idk that’s their opinion but i mean it doesn’t taste “good” per say…it has a unique taste I guess :)

  58. K, I’ma jump in on this topic. I’m not going to give the REAL secret, because I’ve never in my life heard of anyone doing what I do and it came naturally so…I’ma keep that one. But I WILL give some other information.
    First off, all sex is mental. What turns you on is the same as turns him on: THEY WANT TO BE WANTED. So, that’s the first thing. If you’re going to give a blow job and don’t particularily like it (as I don’t) then why do it? Because THEY like it and YOU want to turn them on. It’s a power thing. I suck dick because I like to give the kind of pleasure that is all-consuming. Also, when it comes to sex, I am VERY sensual and it’s hard for ME to make the rhythms and positions and stuff. I pretty much just lose my mind and hold on. Which again, I’ve never gotten any complaints, lol. But, knowing this I like to do my duty and blow his “mind” every so often.
    I don’t make oral sex a regular thing. Maybe one out of every 5 encounters I’ll suck it. Maybe 3 times a year I’ll get it off. Could I make him cum every time from oral? Yes, but it takes a long time and the fun goes out of it for me by then. I tear up and gag a lot, and while I deal with these things and just relax and do what I gotta do, once your body starts to REJECT the penis, it doesn’t get better. LOL, so I keep every experience perfectly lovely for him, quality over quantity.
    K, so get your head in gear, Next:
    Lubrication. Spit. Big, goopy goobers are best.
    Then just go to. However you want. Usually you start off with long tongue strokes and short bobs…then you settle in for the swallowing…just open your mouth and go all the way down until your face is nestled in his pubic hair….slide up and as you do so lay your tongue flat and drag it along the length of the shaft. Continue in this fashion and turn your head this way and that to get a sprialing motion.
    EVERYONE says NO TEETH! Every man fears this…but in my experience, during that sprial motion thing, your incisors are likely to brush him. I have found that just as I was on the verge of taking my mouth off to apologize at that point (I felt it and heard him gasp) often the man will say, “GOD what WAS that? That felt SOOOO GOOD, mmmmmm.” And things of that nature.
    Apparently a little teeth at the right time is a good thing, and what they don’t know won’t hurt them. 😉
    Hands…yeah they make the job easier, if you are unwilling/unable or just tired of consuming the whole thing with your mouth. A man will PREFER at all times that you never use a hand, BUT only if you can cover enough ground, tight and warmly, with your mouth and tongue. Most women can’t/don’t do this and thus the hand action is thrown in.
    At some point you need a break and this is when you can focus on spots like the balls or the head or a side…and you need to use your hand to keep the stimulation going while you’re taking the breather…this is a good time to speak to him as well.
    It’s not always a good idea to get him off orally, as these are the strongest of orgasms and they usually can’t fuck afterwards. I like to use oral for a while, work him up reaaaallly well, as well as myself and then they’re begging for you to let them inside. :)
    If, however, you want to bring him to completion in your mouth, you’ll have to be willing to keep up a pace and NOT take a breather for a while. Just the basic long stroke/bob with tongue action, as long as it’s tight and wet and twirly…whatever pace you set should get him off, you just need to keep it constant. When he is getting ready to cum put your index and middle finger on his taint (That’s the skin between the asshole and the nutsack (or vagina on a woman) )and press moderately hard! He will come like NEVER before.
    Now there are a decent amount of men out there, believe it or not, who will refuse your offer of oral sex. Why? They say they can’t cum that way and for one reason or another they are uncomfortable about even just enjoying the feeling without cuming. The fact is THEY CAN and I’ve made several of them do so, much to their surprise. :) However you can’t force it. Just, keep offering it, or go there while making love. Don’t focus on “making him cum” let him know you just want to enjoy the experience of his member in your mouth…once you get him inside go to work.
    The secret I mentioned, that I’ve never heard ANYONE use…I’ll give you a hint. Do the unexpected. When you’re bobbing and weaving…throw in the complete OPPOSITE of what you’d think.
    Another hint: it’s called a BLOW-Job, not a suck job.
    Enjoy the silken splendour of the male member and know that so long as you’re a true woman, who is self-respecting…giving him your best in this way on YOUR terms will impress him despite himself. And just think, it’s something his mother could NEVER do for him! lol

    • I love suckn dick, I went into a party once Nd
      Blew off 5 guys in one night; good dick suckn
      Comes over time & ask him wat he wants more
      Of, like if he wants yu to go deeper, get wetter
      Or watev. But I ALWAYS get my pussy ate by
      Whoever dick I sucked..

    • &I’m fckn pissed how yu left this long
      Ass paragraph like yu were writing a
      Harry potter book & everything yu sed
      Was irrelevent n/e ways

      • Hannah, You sound just like the ignorant slut you obviously are. Everything Feisty wrote was completely relevant, useful, well written information. She’s obviously a clever, strong, confident woman. You, on the other hand, cannot even spell and write only semi-literately, and have probably never read one of those Harry Potter books you mentioned. Quit trolling.


  60. Hey FreakyChick(:

    uhmm. the time it takes to make a guy cum vairys on different things like, how long its been since he has came, how turned on he is, how well your doing, focus, just alot of things. Its pretty hard to say since i dont know the situation, but i do have some tips, they suit me nd my partner alot, but they might not be your thing tho. Lots of kissing required, gently guide your fingertips all over his body, but dont touch his genetle region! kiss all up kiss arms, his neck and shoulders( i like to GENTLY bit his neck muscles on his shoulder)kiss down his chest and tummy kiss up his ribs his theighs EVERYWERE:) Than tease him lick up the shaft and massarge his testicles ETC, than go as far as you can down on his dick, but dont touch it with your mouth than place your mouth on it and sucks and lick all the ay up. Thats how i usualy get started when i give head. BUT i never have any problem he is always hard when i want to ive him something or want to get something like just a kiss sets him off, its cute accualy :)

    Hope that helped !!

    Amber (:


  62. i started off not knowing what wuz doing but i wuz wit my first love and he wuz more expirenced than i wuz and he turned me into a tru freak so now im a pro.if u have problems wit gag reflax u should try looking at a sex novelty store for a lil mint called oral sex mint it numbs da back of your throat and helps u completely satisfy yo man.tip for ladies who are not sure about blowjobs remeber:what u want do another woman will.

  63. when doing 69, it is better for him if you’re on top…atleast it is for me. you have more control over how fast or slow he wants it…and it’s easier to swallow if you’re on top!

  64. hey blahh! make sure you have a glass of water near by so that u have a lot of spit, lick your hand a couple of times so that it is nice and wet and start to jerk him then when it seems like there is enough lubrication put it in your mouth with your lips covering your teeth and put it as far in as you can and bob your head up and down so it goes in and out. you can stick your tongue out as welland move it side to side just try you will get the hang of it

  65. my bf asked me for a bj recently but i have NO experience .. wat was good tho was the fact that hed asked me if i would do certain things for him before i did it , like swallowing and such. i havent given him one yet cos theres stll some things i dont get.
    he needs 2 be wet, right? so how do u start it off?
    would it be ok 2 just gather up a loada spit & let it dribble down him while i suck off his end?

    help me !!

  66. Hello (:

    Ive been wit my boyfriend for nealry a year now and have in the last 6 months or so stopped giving him head well stopped him from going in my mouth and i hated the taste of his cum in my mouth buh he loved me enuf to not care. Buh reading this has made me realize that ive been soo selfish coz he always goes down on me n loves me no matter what and him living wit me and sleeping in my bed hasnt made it much easyer on him lol. buh anyways i just wannah say thanks for some of your comments they have made me realize that it dont matter the taste or anything coz i love him and i do love giving him pleasure. so yer, im gonnah give it to him tonight and let him go in my mouth and keep going till he says stop lol i love him very very muchh. =]

    Thanks guys(:

  67. hii, i was wondering if anyone has any advice for me,
    ive given my bf blowjobs a few times now, and he has never cum, and when we do that stuff, its all quiet, not awkward though. i just want something to spice it up a bit really. we are also planning on having sex for the first time real soon :)

  68. I also enjoy pleasing my man and watching him moan and cleanch. Mmm. I love the way he feels in my mouth.
    And one thing I like to do if we’re having sex with me on top is reaching back to stroke the area under his balls omg he lovesss it, Makes him go crazy every time!

  69. Hey, if you’re worried about how it tastes, just make sure you have enough spit in your mouth, and take it like a shot. Just let it slide down, and like someone said previously: don’t breathe through your nose.
    Personally, I love the way my man tastes, and I have always swallowed. I am of the opinion that us ladies cannot truly expect a man to go down on us (where they don’t have the option of spitting!) if we are not willing to do the same in return. Swallowing and all.
    If you’re with a guy that you trust, and someone that you really care about, you’re not going to worry about the taste, but rather how much pleasure they are getting out of it.
    If nothing else, fellatio is a GREAT way to start up his engine before sex. Especially if you 69.

  70. Teeth and fruit
    ya i do understand what you mean when you say your boyfriend likes just a little teeth because sometimes when i’m going at it down there one of my back teeth will graze his penis and it makes him moan. but ealier i was saying it as a general guide line for beginners no teeth at all is safer than hurting him . some guys are very sensitive to teeth and some girls have sharper teeth than others so don’t give him any teeth unless he asks for it or reacts very well to a tooth slip up. but different people like different things when it comes to sex so never be afaid to experiment

    also that pineapple juice thing i had heard forever and thought it was kinda silly but i recently have become very ill and started eating a lot of fruit and veg and since my boyfriend lives with me natually he eats the fruit because it is there and it really is true fruit makes cum sweeter one time he came in my mouth and it was so sweet i was like please give me more:D and i already loved the taste of his cum before!!

  71. StArLeTTe, my boyfriend also likes it when i suck hard and fast and i love to suck his cock just the way he likes but i have been giving head for quite a few years now and was luckily for my bf i was born with like no gag reflex. so if you would like to learn just start off at a speed you are comfortable with and gradually get faster and harder. but of course you must remember that every good blow job involves your hands so try jerking him with a very wet and slippery hand basically the same way he jerks himself (so quick your hand is a blur basically) while doing this at the same time suck his cock as fast or as slow as you would like! just watch you don’t hit yourself in the mouth lol!:)

  72. i too love sucking cock but sometimes it can be down right FOUL!! this one time i sucked this guys cock all i could smell was urine, poo, stale cum and ball sweat! this bloke had not obviously had a shower for a few days & farting while i was down there had me close to gaging!! what made it worse was that his cock destinctively bent to the right & was thicker than it was long… he’s pubic hair had out grown his penis! he also had only one ball so there was a hell of alot of skin! he pulled me by the hair & began to “skull fuck” me (as he called it). unfortunately he squirted a big load in my mouth and told me to swallow it or else… it tasted like oysters that had gone off!! it grossed me out for ages and i sweared id never suck another cock again. but now i have a man thats has good hygene & a big nice looking dick and i ABSOULTUELY LOVE IT! I also like it when he cums all over my face and in my hair!! :)

  73. I do swallow and I am convinced I am the only girl that actually loves the way my man’s cum tastes. I can never seem to get enough of him. I really expected to see at least one girl here that said they truly like it. I find it far from gross, I even enjoy giving head more than receiving! Wow, I really want to do it to him now! Oh and just a tip, he really likes it when I rub the area between his ass and balls 😉

    • Hey, what’s the best way to practice being able to go down farther on him? My boyfriend and I have a long distance relationship and I really want to get all the practice in, that I can for when he sees me next time. Can you practice on fruit or what???

    • I love the taste of cum too. and i also hate recieving but love to give and i’m always looking for new ways to spice things up with my man and i. but i totally agree with u on the taste thing. its like dessert :o)

  74. lololol i guessss.
    i just think i wont be good enough n shizzzzz
    when im with him n that i really wanna do stuff, but my nerves just kick in lol garrrrr.
    like yday he fingered me but i felt nervous and didnt want to do anything backk..even though id done it before
    the thing is i dont remember what exactly happened that nightt

    thanks for your help n that :]


  75. Whoa!

    Secret, if you feel like you’ve got to be drunk to do stuff with a guy just to ease the nerves or even use that as an excuse. then you clearly arent ready yet.

    I thought being drunk the first time i did stuff with someone was the way to go aswell, cuz i felt like i wouldnt be able to get my confidence up enough. I was wrong. You will find someone that you really like n will be able to leave the alcohol behind n just focus on him, trust me. it really is much better when you can remember everything.

    just dont do anything unless your comfortable with it first.

    Im in an exellent relationship now. And we’ve never once done anything to each other drunk, cuz we know it will be sloppy, messy and embarressing.

    just think before you act next time hunni.


    here if you need me xox

  76. heyyyyy carter :]

    erm from what i can remember it wasnt to bad LOL
    it was at a house party and i was very drunkk

    it was weird lolol
    i started off like giving him a hand job then i sucked for a lil bit lol

    i really wanna do it again..but i feel like i gotta be drunk to do anything..ease the nervess and its an excuse if you did anything really bad lol

    what yous think?


  77. Leilani, not only pinapple juice but most sweet fruits will make his cum less bitter, even sweeter. I too, used to not like to swallow, but once i found out about this, no prob. I’ve also heard that if he stays away from certain foods, like meats, it will make it less bitter. I’ve gotten past the taste now, so it doesnt bother me any more, and its made it that much more enjoyable. I love giving my bf head as much as he likes getting it.

  78. Leilani, pineapple juice makes cum sweeter, less bitter & salty and overall nicer tasting….this of course is what i’ve been told! :O

  79. Wait… Bout one of the commets earlier… Wat does pinneaple juice have to do with it? Ps just because some guys dont like teeth, it doesnt mean that all guys dnt lke teeth. My boyfriend flat out asked me to use a little more teeth afte i accidentaly did. Now that doesnt mean to bite, just graze his shaft a lil while bobbing up and down. Dont use too much teeth though

  80. heyyy
    im 14
    my bf’s 16
    and i really wanna have sex with him
    but i just cant work out whether im ready or not :/
    ages of anyone elses first time?

    im kind of the same as secret uo there ^^ lol

  81. Hey V , dont feel like you have to impress him jst because hes done it all. if he really loves you he wont mind waiting, but if hes pressuring you, then hes only after one thing n you should cut him loose!!

    When the time comes to picking a Handjob or a blowjob, you cant have other people tell you which ones best. you’ll know when the time comes which one feels right for you.

    I was lucky enough to not bleed during my first time i had sex, n havent bled since, ive spoken to alot of woman who’ve had the same. So dont get worried that it will happen, and if it does, dont worry about it!! if he knows your a V then this wouldnt be a surprise to him, and if he has a problem with it, just turn around and say,” this is something that happens to everyone, you cant blame me for something that i cant help happening” im sure he’ll understand if you put it like that.

    Just make sure he’s gentle when you guys first have sex, n when you feel like theres no pain anymore, then tell him. n gradually get faster. But please, let him no if hes going to rough for you and it still hurts, dont put yourself in harm just because he wants to be pleased, he’ll like the fact that your being open n honest with him.

    need any other advise, just write bk

    here for you if ya need me. xoxoxoxoxox

  82. I have never given head or even a hand job. my guy has done it all so i feel like i have to impress him. should i skip straight to BJ or like hand job …….. idk do guys find it gross when the “cherry” pops. Im not sure what to do but i WANT to do something!!!!! help!!!!

  83. you forgot to mention licking/sucking the balls. ive found that each guy has a certain ball thats more sensitive, and taking the entire nut in your mouth and gently sucking will invoke involuntary shakes in the guy youre blowing. for my guy its his left ball.

  84. I Love giving my man head…and he loves it to lol

    lay him on the bed so hes completely relaxed and then lick and kiss up his cock. give his balls a soft gentle grope at the same time, then move your tongue so up from his balls to his head. (do it so gently that its hardly touching his skin and it will get his nerves on red alert) put your hand around the bottom of his dick, get enough mouisture in your mouth first, the wetter the better! just like us girls 😉 hehe and begin sliding up and down, start to humm and when you know he likes it, make it vibrate abit more 😛

    i cant get enough of his reactions, i love being in control on his orgasm, and i love the vocal reaction, you know your doing a good job when someone downstairs tells him to shh 😛 hehe

    love ya’ll xoxox Tap Back

  85. just suck baby… thats all. yeh and some tongue action never goes astray…. enthusiasm is the key!! ; )
    having said that i think blokes have a duty to themselves and their partner that they have good hygeine eg. shower, drink abit of pineapple juice, even manicure pubic region etc It is also important for guys to make their cock appealing…. tease,, get your girl horny & in the mood and never expect her to swallow it!! sex is only fun when both people are enjoying it! : )

  86. good tips..
    but i need more lol
    im 14 and my boyfriend is 16
    and experienced
    and i want to give him the best bj ever
    he keeps giving me tips
    ‘its steak and blowjob day on the 14th march’
    i do l♥ve him
    got any suggestions for my first time?

  87. this did help me a little
    but there was one thing that wasn’t mentioned
    my guy like it when i give him a bj from his pov
    because, you know how guys touch themselves, they are stroking from that angle, so it increases more pleasure for them
    so instead of being able to look at him, he is the one who is going to be looking at the back of your head while you go up and down. try it, it makes him go crazy, seriously

  88. hey everyone!

    i love giving my boyfriend blowjobs.but he always likes to be stubborn about EVERYTHING,and he tries not to cum just to see how long it will take him!does and one have any REALLY good advice on how i could overtake his will power and make him just even when he is trying not to!!!!!i just need some really good creative tips and techniques.if you have any advice please tell me!!!!

  89. hey rodney,

    i know where you’re coming from….most guys love getting their cock sucked no matter what…especially in the car…i love blowing someone while he’s driving down the road!

  90. There may be some value in these instructions, but I would venture to say the absolute worse blowjob I ever got was magnificent.

  91. I have always swallowed, for me it would actually be kinda gross to hold the cum in my mouth and then spit it out. If you can manage to deep throat which is usually just mind over matter and relaxing your throat, you really don’t have to taste the cum at all. My favourite thing to do when im sucking my boyfriend’s cock is to mix it up, never start the same way and keep him guessing. Of course there are certain techniques that I always use to get him off such as jerking him off with his head in my mouth and moving my mouth up and down with my tongue running slowly side to side along the base of his dick head. Another favourite is to jerk him off while I suck on his balls and hum or moan and then run my tongue from the bottom of his balls all the way up to the head of his penis (*making sure to pay special attention to where his balls meet the base of his penis and that sweet spot at the base of the head)<<you can do this slowly once or twice and quickly 3 or 4 times. Last but not least put that whole thing in your mouth and keeping your teeth covered. There are three golden rules for giving a mind blowing bj 1) NO TEETH, ANYWHERE, EVER! 2) use lots of spit or lube the more the better! 3) keep jerking him, keep him stimulated, a blowjob without any hands is not as good as one with them! I really do love everything about giving head, the look on his face, the thought that i’m making his cock rock hard and the satisfying moans… and thats the key, you have to love it or at least really love your man enough to learn to love it. Happy Humping!!

  92. I was curious if anyone could give me tips on how to give oral/handjobs to a non-circumcised penis. My previous boyfriend was circumcised and I could make him cum in only a few minutes…I knew how to do anything and everything he liked. Now, the things that felt good for my ex do not feel as good to this new guy (non-circumcised). It is amazing the difference in sensitivity… he is so sensitive!! I’m having to learn new techniques all over again 😉 I appreciate any tips you can give.

  93. Listen boys and girls. I’ve been studying to be a sex therpaist since the eigth grade. Its all preference. Never let anyone make you do anything you don’t want to most importantly. However girls if u won’t give him oral sex don’t expect him to return the favor-or to stick around very long. I feel nothing about sex is embarassing or disguisting and is all perfectly natural. I think when people feel that way it reflects immaturity. You should try everything atleast three times. The first time you’re trying to figure things out. The second time you’re working out bugs. And the third time you can relax and be in complete bliss.
    As for the swallowing thing, its an aquired taste.

    Any one needs nemore adive get at me on my myspace


  94. Mmm, I love giving head. I’ll start by kissing his mouth and working my way down. That look on his face when you are kissing the inside of his thighs makes me quivery. He likes me to start out slow. I press long wet kisses against the head, shaft, and scrotum. I pause just before taking him into my mouth and smile. I pull him into my mouth, my hands at his thighs, and suck very gently. Then, I’ll lick and tap my tongue against the head. I’ll take his member into my hands while I am sucking and twist them in different directions, not hard! I’ll continue bobbing up and down and making sure the head of his penis is either sliding against my tongue or roof of my mouth. I’ll let out a small soft hum and work that into a larger one. While still stimulating him with my hand, I’ll pull his scrotum into my mouth. Remember if he hasn’t shaved, you need to cover the area in spit. It hurts if you pull on his little hairs. Just pool some spit in your mouth and cover him. Not all men like this, but for the ones that do… Oh boy! Suck on him very slightly and pull at the same time. My current boyfriend loves t when I’ll tease him to the point that he is almost ready to cum and then cool him down and start over. Some guys hate this, so ask first. If you have heard men getting ready to cum before, you’ll know when he is at the brink. My current man makes this pretty easy; he is very vocal and will usually tell me what he wants. This is great and I suggest you get that kind of communication from him. When he is getting ready to cum, don’t take a long time, continue sucking on him, hard, and stimulating him with your hand. I personally don’t mind when he cums in my mouth, he tastes very sweet and a little salty. Continue pulling and licking for awhile after. He is even more sensitive right now. After you hear his moans and breathing quiet a little, look up at him and lick your lips slowly and say, “Mmmm, you taste so good! You make me so hot!” It works for me.

  95. when my girl sucks my dick it feels so damn good and it specially feels good when we in the 69and, the good thing bout getting head is that you can do it almost any where.

  96. I always said I would neva suck a guys dick because its “nasty” but now that I’m in the relationship I’m in, I think oral sex plays a big roll in the sex life. My boyfriend likes it messy and loves when I “slobb” all over it. Using your hand really does make it better for him, especially when your just sucking the tip!!

  97. I love my gal suckin my cock before sex it turns me on so much an i love it wen she just pulls it out an starts sukin it an it really nice wen i come an she swallows it. but seroius lads if u have neva been sucked off trust me u need to be couse it is great fun an also turns ur gal on anyways catch u all l8ers jezzie

  98. I’m confused … of this HIV … this is going to be the first time for me and my girl.. if we play oral.. will we get this HIV originated .please help me out folks..

  99. all you hoes nasty,just kidding i love swallowing,and letting it run out my mouth and down my neck while giving him a fast blow job while cum is all over his dick and my face!! i like it messy!!!!!!!

  100. i love giving head. swallowing makes it 10 times better for the guy. there is nothing to clean up, and they don’t have to worry about not cumming in your mouth. they can just relax and enjoy. if you don’t like the taste, you can use some flavored lube, or eat some toothpaste before you start.
    giving head really turns me on too. i start to get wet while i’m sucking a guy off. the trick to giving a great blowjob is to not concentrate on one part of the cock. vary speed, switch hands, use alot of tongue and always play with his balls at some point.

  101. i really want to give my bf a bj but it seems like maybe my mouth might be too small. is it possible for your mouth to not be big enough to give someone a bj without your teeth getting in the way? and also, i read on this article thing that you should cover your mouth with your teeth. how exactly do u do that??

  102. oral sex is like presents at christmas….u give a little n recieve a little. i go down on my girl whenever she asks…even if she got her period. most guys would say thats nasty and yes it is really gross. but i dont mind for her she enjoys it very much. same with her going down on me. she doesnt like the taste of cum or swallowing but that doesnt stop her. if you want it you got to be willing to give it.

  103. just so you all know i was once very much against giving head altogether -in fact i would gag thinking about it-but once i got into the relationship that im in now i have grown to like it as much as he does- funny how things work- i knew nothing about it until him though so its ok to be freaked out by it but once you see how much he enjoys it- it will feel like an accomplishment! for starters my guy likes it when i suck just on the end for a bit and rub his “head” against the roof of my mouth- as they said guys love when you actually swallow-it grossed me out to at one time- i accidently swallowed one time and he was so utterly suprised and happy that i didnt mind it at all- you dont have to do it alllll the time just susprise him every once in awhile- if you dont like that let him “go” on your chest men think this is sexy-

    if you really want to go out on a limb my boyfriend likes to lay over me when i give him oral so its more like sex for him– i know but we have been together for a lonnnnng time!

    best of luck!

  104. yes definitely lick the balls i love to give my man unlimited brains(head) he loves it when i give it to him wireless and deep throat it and hum a lil. and most of all when it goes down just lick that lil spot right under the balls that will really drive him crazy.

  105. by all means girls giving a blowjob can be enjoyable just enjoy it let him watch you tease him and yes play with his balls swallow open ya throat and enjoy keep practicing you will grow to love it and yes after he cums and ya swallow by all means keep ya mouth on it or ya lips let him feel thejoy

  106. wow. Butch, you’re a loser and WISH someone would give you a blow job. Keep jerking off to your mags.
    I gotta say, the thought of sucking a guy off used to really gross me out besides I have the worst gag reflex of anyone. But if you’re in a great relationship its great. I’ve learned a lot by just going for it and actually have COME to love it as much as him. You can get over the gagging and the hand trick does work great. I love to send him a text about how I can’t wait to suck him off. I can get home hours later and he’s still hard.`I love it and I love watching him lovin it. Anyway, it’s about wanting to pleasure the other person and if you truly want to then there are no limitations. As far as swallowing the cum, don’t breathe through your nose if you don’t want to taste it and just let it go down. Enjoy your sex people before you get too old to enjoy it!! PS yes ladies do play with the balls as well. I was shocked to his reaction the first time I tried it. I usually go down chest, down side, lick inside thighs, lick on the balls and then on to the grand finale. Also, the more worked up you get him before the quicker it goes for the days when you aren’t really in the mood. :)

  107. I don’t want to swallow either, i’m not going to lie. I don’t even like the taste of pre cum. I don’t mind going down on him as soon as he gets out of the shower b/c it smells fresh…..and fyi guys, try sucking on a 6 inch pulsating penis as it squirts hot sour juice down your throught WITHOUT gagging….it just sucks.
    date a porn star if you’re into that….not a real, refined woman

  108. The action of swallowing is irrelevant. The guy doesn’t care if you swallow. What the guy cares about is you finishing so he can finish. Just like a girl doesn’t want a guy who is going down on her to stop and do nothing or run away the second she comes the guy doesn’t either. If you don’t swallow then it means you have (generally) pulled off and run to spit or just stopped working the guy. If you swallow, your mouth is not full of crap and you can keep working on the guy till he is finished.

    Tip: If you don’t want to swallow then let the cum run out of your mouth or whatever while you are still giving the guy a blowjob. Even if you keep a cup or napkin next to you spit in/on it quickly (keep masturbating him with you hands while you do) and go back to the guy and keep working him. The blowjob shouldn’t stop the second he cums it should stop about 15-40secs after he does. It allows for the guy to FEEL like he has cum to a completion. That is an important feeling to a man. If a guy doesn’t get this completion feeling then the guy can be left feeling frustrated.

  109. “Swallow. If that’s just too gross to do without vomiting, let us finish then spit.”

    Stop watching so much porn. I don’t wanna swallow. I don’t wanna take anything of that load in my mouth so I ain’t gonna do that.

  110. From the perspective of a circumcised male these tips are misdirection. For better results..

    1) Pay Attention! The key to great sex for men and women is to be aware of ones partner and respond to their reactions. So long as your partner isn’t overly shy, or dead, they will let you know what works and what doesn’t through increased breathing, movement, and vocalization. (Watch out for bucking if ya got a gag reflex. Boys need to be trained to be considerate with that instinct.)

    2) For the love of god forget the silly tongue-around-the-tip trick. This is one of those bits of bad information reprinted over and over again in Cosmo that no one bothered to get a guys opinion on. It’s great for foreplay. Once past that and on to serious stimulation, going back to the licking the tip like a lollipop brings us back to square one. Yes the tip is a bit more sensitive, but guys need stimulation over the entire thing to get off.

    3) Again.. Guys need stimulation over the entire thing to get off. This is why deep throat feels so good for us. Can’t shake off that gag reflex? (It can be worked through with practice by the way.) That’s fine. Just throw some hand action into the mix. Work however far is comfortable with the mouth. Use your hand to work the rest. Is almost as good, and has the added benefit of some added protection from thrusting.

    4) Swallow. If that’s just too gross to do without vomiting, let us finish then spit. Another of those keys to great sex is to be open to and enjoy every aspect of it. That includes juices involved. I once dated a girl who cut me a deal. So long as she could kiss me afterward, she wouldn’t raise a fuss wherever I finished. Seemed a fair trade to me.

    5) Mind the balls! Cup them, play with them, stick out your tongue while you deep throat. The extra sensation makes a huge difference. =)

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