Harvard University Offers Free Tuition For Low Income Families


Reinforcing its commitment to opportunity and excellence across the economic spectrum, Harvard announced a significant expansion of its 2004 financial aid initiative for low- and middle-income families. Beginning with the class admitted this week, parents in families with incomes of less than $60,000 will no longer be expected to contribute to the cost of their children attending Harvard. In addition, Harvard will reduce the contributions of families with incomes between $60,000 and $80,000.

The new income thresholds build on the program announced two years ago, which provided that families with incomes below $40,000 would not be expected to contribute to the cost of education, with a reduced contribution for families with incomes between $40,000 and $60,000. (See 2004 release) The number of students enrolled at Harvard from these income brackets increased by 24 percent for the class entering this past fall – the first full year of the program.

“There is no more important mission for Harvard and higher education than promoting equality of opportunity for all,” said President Lawrence H. Summers. “We are fortunate to have significant resources, and there is no better way to use them than to support families seeking to provide the best possible opportunities for their children. These increases in financial aid build on and extend our emphasis on recruiting students from low-income backgrounds, and send a clear signal to middle-class families who have all too often felt that Harvard and other leading universities are out of reach.”

“Since its inception two years ago, the financial aid initiative aimed at families with incomes below $40,000 has had an enormous impact in attracting students of all backgrounds to Harvard’s applicant pool,” said William R. Fitzsimmons, dean of admissions and financial aid. “The message that Harvard is open to all talented students continues to resonate and the momentum the program has created has encouraged students to consider colleges they had never imagined before.”

“Students who have benefited from the financial aid initiative are anxious to give back to the program by working with students who come from similar backgrounds,” Fitzsimmons said. “We hope that as we increase the number of students who benefit from the program, we will inspire students from every economic background to consider the full range of our nation’s colleges and universities.”

To find out more
about Harvard offering free tuition for families making less than 40,000 a year visit Harvard’s financial aid web site at:
http://www.fao.fas.harvard.edu/ or call the school’s financial aid office at (617) 495- 1581. EEO Office, Richmond, VA

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  1. Dear sir /Madam.
    Iam Elijah Riek Ruea from south Sudan holding Bachelor ,s Degree of BSCs in Public and Environmental Health at Upper Nile University 2012. Iam among the lowest income students and with family. I would appreciate if Harvard sponsoring polices would benefit me to pursue my MPH.
    Elijah Riek Ruea
    south Sudan.

  2. Dear Sir/Madam
    i am Mohammedamin  student and i live in Ethiopia and i live with out my family.  I have B.Sc degree in Computer Science from Mekelle University here in Ethipia.

    Due to my family condition i can not do my M.Sc . Sir if you give me scholarship then it become greatful to me
    and my country and you will get a grace from my Allah. I hope to hear nice news from you.

    Thank you for your help[mo430ka@yahoo.com]
    your Mohammedamin from Ethiopia.

  3. i graduate from Haramaya (Alamaya) University By Economics dipartment and I eager to boost up my level to MA but i couldn’t do to finacial problems. so i write with having hop your Respected organizatin to deliver me free scholarship.

  4. I do want to study at Harvard, please help about it. How can i apply for free tuition???????????????????? I would be grateful if you would help me. I do hope you will send me about it!!!!!!!!!!

  5. dear sir
    i am tibetan student and i came in india since 1998 during that time i am almost eight years old . my family are stay inside tibet as famer. recently i pass my high school in tibetan homes school in mussoorie
    but due to my family condition i can not do my bechalor degree . sir if you give me scholarship then it become greatful to me and my country because
    thank you
    your student

  6. I was graduated in haramaya university by field of management so now i want studies my bachelor degree by field of economics,i have poor family that is why i didn`t studies in my country,i hope you will give me scholarship with free tution.

    your regads
    solomon hailu.

  7. I am a diploma student in the Presybeterian University Outspan Medical College in Kenya i would like a scholarship in Pharmaceutical Technology please tell me about the procedures.

  8. Respected sir,
    I m nepalese student just passed class 12 in science. I have keen interest to study bachelor in engineering but due to my financial problem i cant afford for it. From my early age, i studied stayiny in hostel. So, plz hrlp me sir to study engineering. Hoping a lot.

  9. i am from a low income in cameroon and would like to seek for free tuition fee in Harvard university for bachelors degree in engineering so sir i will be wait for reply in this moth

  10. i am from a low income in cameroon and would like to seek for free tuition fee in Harvard university for bachelors degree in medicine.God bless

  11. Dear Sir/Madam I am from a low income family from Ethiopia and I would like to seek for a free tuition in Harvard University in a Master’s of Applied chemistry(Physical,Analytic,Organic,Inorganic,Nicular, etc Chemistry) . Thank You!

  12. Dear sir/ma, I am from a low income family from Nigeria and would like to seek for a free tuition in Harvard University in BS.c in Human Resource Management. I will be very grateful if my short note is favourably considered.

  13. hi i m imran from pakistan.i want to read more.but here our govt don’t give us any kind of suport thet we are go another country for study.basicaly i m poor.so please send me detail how i study free in harvar university.
    thanks sir

  14. i have a bsc degree in applied chemistry and want to continue my msc degree related with chemistryfield

  15. i want to get admission into harvard university. n i dont know how to go about it. please send me details on step and procedures to take

  16. The truth is am from Africa and am financiary weak and i need to continue sturdies at Harvad university.GOD BLESS YOU

  17. My parent have a great dream about me that i will study in Harvard University, but they have no convenient money to send me there for becoming a graduate and my parents often cry in case of there disappointed support for me and once they tried to commit suicide but some neighbor saw it and they rescued my parents. i don’t know what should i do but i also suffering from it. Now i want to a gigantic help to honorable VC of Harvard University to give me chance for admitting into there as i will implement my parent’s dream. Dear honorable VC sir please, please , please give me a chance to admit into Harvard University. (i have written this comment with crying and desire). Thanks to all of Harvard University)

  18. sir, i belong to nepal and i m very poor student completed my bechlor degree. I want to get free admision to harvard univ in mca-master of computer application plz help me sir i want to do some thing new..

  19. please i am a ghanaian who wants to study IT, please i want to apply for the scholarship. please help me.

  20. Dear/sir
    i’m solomon beyen from ethiopia and also i’m graduate from addisabeba university by mathematics/physics.i have no any supporing and low-income family,so pls i request harvard university to give free scholarship to lean msc degree by mathematics or physics subjebt.pls help me?

  21. Am a from a low income family, a graduate from the university of Uyo, Nigeria (B.Eng Mech Engr), I want to undertake a masters Degree course in Harvard university, what next?

  22. Hi
    Am a graduate from the university of Calabar where i studied medical Laboratory science, I want to undertake a masters Degree course in Harvard university, how do go about it

  23. i am a software engineer and want to take admission in IT programme of harvard university correspondence course.
    please contact me at

  24. I want to get admission in harvard university for MBA. What is the eligibility criteria and is it possible to get exemption in fees. I am a Bsc graduate from India.

  25. I’m ogundare taiwo, a nigerian, pls sir i’m willing study civil and structural engineering in your school, i have 8 distinctions in my final year(senior school certificate examination),i got admitted last year but i couldn’t pay up my school bills due to my family low income, i will be grateful if you can assist me to realise and achieve my great potentials and dreams.thanks and God bless u.

  26. Hello fellow citizens. My name am Gertrudes de Paula. I needs help for I am lookings for degree in at Heverds law school. I study sweaters in Brazil and work in transition lens. Please help me send money to 234 Joes bonifacio rodes Sao Paulo Brasil. Thank for assistance and victory for brasil in mathematical chess!!

  27. i am a Nigerian undergoing a national diploma program in petroleum engineering.i love your school and your free tuition program.pls i would luv to get information on how i can apply

  28. Good day.please am a Nigerian and seriously seekin admission into your university.am an o’level holder and want to study pharmacy by all means with all determination and intrest.please kindly assist and help me.thanks in anticipation.

  29. Good day.please am from Nigerian and seriously seekin admission into your university.am an o’level holder and want to study pharmacy by al means with all determination and intrest.please kindly assist and help me.thanks in anticipation.

  30. my name is Birhanu recently graduated and have BA IN BUSINESS MANAGEMENT and now i am eager to have MBA .i appreciate if you could help me.

  31. hii……i m studyng in india…i wanted to do an online course frm harvard university….for free….i fall in to low income group…plz let me know if it is possible and hw

  32. i want tyo know the criteria and necessary protocols required for me to be able to secure an admission from nigeria. please , this information should include both examinations and travelling formalities. thanks



  35. Am martha wahome a Kenyan and have always dreamt of being a student in this University though ma dream fade due financial constraints in my family…i would be gland to acquire my LAW degree from there if only i could get a route through…

  36. My name is Mickenson Exantus I wanna know what to do to have a scholarship to the university but Im haitian after the earthquake the economic situation of the contry is so hard ijust want your help i count on your understanding.and i know God will never stop blesing you for that.thank

  37. Hello wonderfull citizens, my name is bashir from an average nigerian family. I’ll by early 2011 hold an N.C.E in physics/mathematics education…But am so so eager to do my B.sc studies in your university. Can sombody please help me with a scholarship offer.Thanks

  38. Sir,my name is paul john from Nigeria i just concluded my secondary school i am an orphan seeking for scholarship to study at harvard university.I will be ever grateful if i am assisted.My email is pauljohnaladi@yahoo.com and my number is +2348037334585 thanks and God bless.

  39. I am Ethiopian from very low income family ,I have very good GPA & want to get admitted in your university for MBA, please help me. my educational background Bsc in applied chemistry in 2004/5 & 2nd year Business administration night school student in one of the government univesity.

  40. Dear/Sir
    When every I hear/read about HAWAR UNIVERSITY, i skrach my head ? Please accept me for my
    Masters at LAW Please! I’m from Ethiopia.
    You promise me
    I THank you,
    KIndly your respose Very soon.

  41. Pls, i am from Nigeria and i fall under the low income families pls tell me how i can pursue my bs.c programm in your school for free.

  42. I am an undergraduate and fall within the low income families. How can i get admitted to Harvard with no tuition fee. Thank you

  43. sir/mam ,i did my graduation in civil enggineering… how to get dis opportunities ..and whats the eligibility criteria for getting ” free studing in harvard university”..

  44. please kindly tell me how to apply for scholarship because am eager to be a student of your school though i am a mature student but still need to have a claim of your university .
    i have b.sc in economics but i want to have another bsc from your university before i proceed for my master .am from Nigeria thanks for u your understanding while anticipating to hear from you soon.

    • Even though I have great eager and interest , I am not able to learn with my own expence.So . I need your help how I can achiev my MSC from your universiy . Thanks inadvance.

  45. Iam from ethiopia I am graguate in business management BA degree I want to continue MBA in your university how I can get this oportunity

  46. I just got to know about it, I think it will be of great help for us that really need it

    I will be graduating by December 2010 from Obafemi Awolowo University ( Quantity Surveying Department) and I am planning to take up master programme in either project management or facility management in Havard because I want to have a higher quality education, to meet brilliant minds there and most of all, to learn many things that would help me especially those who will need my service in the near future, But am the one sponsoring myself.

    Am very happy to hear that Harvard University is helping those talented students to have an oppurtunity to study there.

    Please how do I apply and what are the process(es) involved

    Keep it up.

  47. I am in such for school. i have just got my required WASSCE and would want to study Mass Communication in your school. but i don’t have the means for the financial responsibilities. kindly help me.

  48. please help me to join haward university for Masters program. I realy apprciate this university at the me time i am highly in need for further studies. help me other facilities, how can iaffor it. thank you.

  49. i am arasomwan smart osazuwa from Nigeria,i graduated from akanu ibiam federal polytechnic,unwana,afikpo,ebonyi state.I read quantity surveying,and i am currently serving(National Youth Service Corp).i will like to further my education in your school after my service,which is ending by June,9 2010.
    I want to categorically say,thanks for the good work the school authority is doing.

  50. Hi There and Harvard Community,

    My name is Azwan Asyraf Mohd Iskandar from Malaysia and recently completed my Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia or SPM (Malaysian Certificate of Education) with 10 A’s and 1B. I would be very glad if there is any offer from Harvard or organizations to sponsor my study up to PhD and become a scholar at Harvard or serving any institutions recommended by Harvard administration. Both my parents are graduates but their income doubt me since it’s enough to care for other six children. Malaysia are all-time expensive nowadays. I am willing to be under “Reserve Lists” or “Appeal-case Lists” to get fully-funded scholarships and placement at Harvard in Medical Studies or Engineering Degree.

    I am willing to be interviewed at the nearby U.S Embassy in Kuala Lumpur at any stipulated time and convenience.

    Your kind attention and consideration are highly appreciated.

    Thank you.

    Your sincerely,

    Azwan Asyraf Mohd Iskandar

  51. Am a graduate of economics and education,i wish to do my master in havard university but i dont have enough resources,i dont know may be i could have schorlarship access in havard institution,probably havard university could be co-ordinating any international schorlaship examination.if i can have access to any schorlarship i wont mind am a Nigerian. Am so desperate about it, i will be waiting for response through my mail. THANKS.

  52. We are seeking post graduate scholarship to Harvard University that we would like to member of it’s followers and leaders of tommorow.
    we are in Hargeisa Somaliland/Somalia ,brothers and in poor family ,country.
    so we are going to develop in our country ,continent ,world.

    we are very happy to apply our expectation since our childhood.
    thank you we wish you well.

  53. I am in here applying your institution to prepare my master scholarship in development studies with specialization in economy development.
    I wish you bed of roses and to accept my appliation.

  54. I am looking for master study scholaship in technology studies with specialisation in Data base management,i am highly eager to member of your insitution.
    I hope my application will meet your consideration.

    thank youin advance

  55. I am a Hong Kong Form 5 student ( Grade 12 ) . And I want to know ( UK )A level/ GCE exam, The Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE), and community school in the US, which one is the best way to apply to Harvard University?

  56. Kindly Finnish me detail on admission procedure for an international student(nigerian) seeking admission into under graduate Programme of havard university. Propose course of study is accounting/finance.
    Looking forward to reading from you on the above subject matter.
    Your faithfully
    Kayode Ebenezer.

  57. am young young boy of 18years of age have completed my secondary school education at iponri estate senior high school surulere where i sat and wrote my senior certificate examination and passed successfully, sir i have been loooking for an opportunity to schol in havard university infact i was very grateful to discover that this is the right time of scholling their i would very happy if my humle application received a favourable consideration

  58. I am a student of East West University in Bangladesh.I want to take my MBA degree from your University.How can I do that?

  59. Hi everybody!! Now i know i am not the only one with a problem like mine. I’ve never made any trips back to Africa since past 3 years i left my country.I have a valid A – DIRECT AIRSIDE TRANSIT VISA from United Kingdom to my country issued in New York but no money for plane ticket. I have a plan to go to my country to submit my old passport and get a new passport even to visit my Dad and my family members and come back. I pray to God that there is someone out there that will be able to help me, please contact me (prof4real2005 AT yahoo DOT com)to take my information that you can use to buy me a plane ticket. THANKS. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS. prof4real2005@yahoo.com

  60. hello everyone who is dreaming to be admitted in Harvard University, I’ve been in IFO refugee Camp since 1992, i sat for KCSE and scored A plain in 2007. 2007 was my last time to see a door of classroom and books for studies,because we have lost our father in somali and spend the most of our time in that camp but registered a school in Garissa for my primary certificate and for secondary certificate in nairobi.
    we were 5 children and a single mother but now we are only two in number we don’t know where our mum and two of our brothers are and our elder sister eloped with a man. we are alone, i have good prestigious result but is for nothing because my dream was to join the politics around the world and help to contribute to the stability of my lonely lost mother-land,unfortunatelly i’m after daily food with my younger brother who never step the door of a classroom.
    the begining of this year i received offers from the millitias who were fighting in somalia and promised me huge payments but for one condition either to slaughter one of their hostages whoever or to suicide bombings,after declining their offer they called me murtad (who left his religion) and vowed to deal with me according to their law, I’m asking is their a door or a hint to make my dreams to come back and make it reality and i don’t know how.
    Now i’m in the middle of insecurity,poverty and hunger how can i be helped to achieve my dreams
    thank you,
    m.farah ahmed,
    IFO Refugee camp ,

    • Moha pls dont loose hope continue working harder keeping one thing in mind that the best will happen,preserve your DREAMS at the bottom of your heart and wait very patiently for it to fructify,even if no one is there wi th you God is always there please remember one thimg in mind that victory is decided at the end the wins and looses in between are of very less importance.BELIVE IN YOURSELF, BELIEVE IN YOUR DREAM.

  61. Number 1 for all of you claiming to be strait “A” students, you might want to check your spelling and grammer usage prior to asking for entrace. This makes one question the difficulty of your school and the validity of your claim.

  62. i am 18 yrs old somalli citizen, i am freshman in university of hargeisa
    i respectly request to get scholarship at havard university to study economic and get econnomic masterate of havard university, although is hard , i wish my dreams become true to help my poor people and country.

  63. Dear Sir/Madam
    I am Habte Mengistu from one of the developing country Ethiopia, and I am 23 years old. I have first degree in Architectural Design Technology from Adama University, Ethiopia. Now I am working in Arba Minch University, Ethiopia as technical assistant III. After my first degree to continue education is difficult because of my family back ground and current salary in Ethiopia. But I am so interested to study in Harvard University its my favorite in the whole word due to its ranking publicity and the education influence towards the community. I am humbly requesting for a chance to sponsor me in my university education. I am so interested in Building Technology and I need your help to my Msc. Thanks for your consideration.
    Yours faithfully,
    Habte Mengistu.

  64. i live in Ghana and would like to continue my education.Finanacially i am not all that equiped.i wanted to do the online programe .But my worry is the cost involve in my accommodation and the expense.Iwould be much pleased if ang support can be granted to.i completed high school in 2004.I have gathered some money that can help me pay for the tuition. pls kindly help me.thank you.

  65. im a kenyan and finished my hihg school in2008 with good grades. i dream of becoming a medical student in the prestigeous Harvard university how can i apply?

    • Harvard University Offers Free Tuition For Low Income Families … This is a mind blowing life time offer especailly for poor and middle incom families in developing countries. I would like to know if programme ios still available and whether West Africa is a catchment sub-region. I would also like to know the available post graduate programmes in law and legal studies to enable me to make up my mind.


  66. I am a 200 level undergradute diploma student of National open university of Nigeria and would like to study (PUBLIC HEALTH) at the prestigeous Havard University. I am a local farmer in my community.

  67. Please inform the low tution fee dental Colleges in usa for resident student.
    I like to do 4 year dental course .DDS.

  68. Thank you for giving a voice and allowing us to explore the many options that Havard university has to offer. I believe every dream requires one to step up, for, if not it will just be another tidal wave. I always had a deep interest in business and that made me go to cooking school with the expectation of being an enterpreneur in the baking indurstry. Soon i realised that it takes more than a whisk and eggs to make it happen. Thats why am wondering whether Havard business school would offer me skills and knowledge to make this present dream sensible in an a more co-operate and sustainable sense. I have been trying to raise funds with this little income to go back to school, but it is still not enough. I am 24 years old kenyan lady and very interested in free tuition schedule offered by the university. I attained a B-(minus) grade in my o levels. I still believe theirs still hope for me. All the great men on earth started somewhere. Maybe havard is that foot step to fearlessly change my country, Africa, and the whole of the world from these present bad realities that we’re living in right now. I hope you will consider me for the free tuition in Havard business school.

  69. I’m 20 years old,end of this year I will complete my Gymnasium.
    I’m very happy because Harvard give me chances and other low income
    people to change our lifes. As marthin luther said ** I have a dream** Everyone have a dream and Harvard giving us a big push to our dream

  70. i want to say a big thank you to Harvard University for giving such a wonderful opportunity for low income students to go to school. i am studying psychology in Nigeria and i hope to go for my M.sc in industrial psychology in Harvard University through you free education program. please keep me inform about new development

  71. I am a Nigerian, with OND in Banking & Finance and i want to study the same course in your Institution.I like Harvard University to sponsor me please. God blese you.

  72. i really do not know how i will really be the day i will be considered by my university of havard nice time bye

  73. winy for sure iam politely requesting for that chance .you know iam a person who is so hopeful and a strong believer i know with God nothing is impossible one time one day i will be among the graduates of my favorite university on this planet earth. i really feel havard university.

  74. iam always dreaming of that golden chance to study in such a multi recognized university please offer me that chance.

  75. Hey,congrats!concider having ur 1st degree here…its highly recommended. can 1 b called to med with 47cluster points?kwani uv bn called t wat cos? well,if i get info i’l pas it 2 u.al the best in ur endeavors.

  76. I am a kenyan citizen aged 21 years who completed high school in 2007 and obtained a mean grade of A plain. can you kindly assist me with information on how i can get a full scholarship at harvard to study medicine which is my dream career that will enable me realise my objective of conquering death. thanks in advance.

  77. Havard University managment iam really in need of your assistence iam really pleading for your help i need education to survive but iam unable to finance it help me please i need your scholarship .God Bless you

  78. iam 21 years old living in Uganda Kampala and i finished my high school afterwhich i never proceded with the University education due to lack of tution but iam so interested Havard University its my favourite in the whole word due to its ranking publicity and the education influence towards the community.Iam humbly requesting for a chance to sponsor me in my university education.Iam so interested in information techinology .Ieill be very grateful if my request is considered.

  79. am 21 year old and am an orphan,completed high school in the year 2007.am holder of KCSE certificate with a mean grade of A(minus),am requsting for a chance whether you can sponser me that I go to do civil engineering at Havad university

  80. I am very impressed by this programmeof Harvard University offering free tution for students who come from low income families.

    I live in Kenya.Am still in high school but will complete my course in November next year.I would like to apply for this scholarship.How do i go about that?

    I would like to further my education at Harvard university.My parents can not be able to cater for my expenses but i am ambitious and would like to see my dreams come true.

  81. The program of Harvard University that offers free tuition for low income families is a great help for those who need that.

    I am a graduating student from Philippines and I am planning to take up medicine in college here. But honestly speaking, I want to study in other colleges like in Harvard because I want to have a higher quality education, to meet brilliant minds there and most of all, to learn many things that would help me especially those who will need my service in the near future. But the fact that my mother can’t support, that ambition will stay a dream or illusion forever.

    It’s great to here that Harvard University is helping those talented students to have an oppurtunity to study there.

    More power and Godspeed!!!

    • Hi, I am Deborah Kala,My Father a US Citizen is a missionnary to AFRICAN(Democratic Republic of Congo-D.R.C.) a french speaking country.
      I will finish my High school in july 2011.
      I heard alot about Havard University and I always dream to go there for my education but most te time I was discouraged because my Father income can not afford the tuition.
      Going trough the internet I found”Harvard University offers FREE TUITION for LOW INCOME families.Praise the Lord.
      Now, what should I do in order to be qualified for thisprogram

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