How to access Pay sites for FREE


 When you look for answers in search engines, sometimes when you click on the most relevant answer to a question, you might get your answer from a site that in any other case would have asked you to register or is a pay site.

How did Google index this site and access pay sites? You can be sure that Google did not pay any registration fees to access this content on pay sites. Instead, the webmasters of that particular site let Google in so that they can get more visitors through Search engines such as Google.

When Google needs to index websites, it does through an automatic robot known as the Googlebot which crawls the internet, looking for information to add to the Google database and using Google’s PageRank algorithm, you are returned the most relevant results for your search query and are ranked accordingly based on a number of factors.

So, how to access pay sites?

Well, we are going to disguise our browser as the Googlebot. Every browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or Opera have a unique signature which identifies them. This is known as the useragent of that browser. For example, if you wish to find out what browser you are using, you can go to DNS Stuff, which will tell you what browser you are using and other information which it extracts using the user agent of your browser.

Access Pay Sites using Mozilla Firefox

If you are using Internet Explorer, I would highly recommend you download the latest Mozilla Firefox browser which is more secure and much faster.

In Firefox, all we need is a simple extension and import this file (right click and save). You get a list of user agent settings including Googlebot/2.1 and settings for many other spiders/bots.

Once you install the user agent for your browser, close and restart your browser. Go to Tools –> User Agent Switcher –>Options –> Options –> User Agents

Under User Agents, click add and add the following information as shown from below

You are all set now. All you need to do is turn of Javascript in your browser. Go to User Agent Switcher, choose Google Bot, and access Pay sites for FREE using the Mozilla Firefox. If you still did not download Firefox, click on the link here.

Access Pay Sites for free using Opera

Changing the user agent is easy, to do this in Opera you have to uses these settings:

User Agent: Googlebot/2.1 Compatible:

Access Pay sites for free using Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer users you will need to change the registry entries, to do this open notepad and copy this into it:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEYLOCALMACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionInternet Settings5.0User Agent] @=”Googlebot/2.1″ “Compatible”=”+”

Then save it as ua.reg and double click on it.

To revert the changes back, you will need to do the same but this time copy this in:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEYLOCALMACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionInternet Settings5.0User Agent] @=”Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1)”

Save as oua.reg and double click.

To see if it has worked go here and your browser should now be Googlebot v2.1

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  2. WOW!!! for the amount of time that u young fu**s spend on computers u really need help accessing measly sites that ask for a login or a mastercard number. and u say the worlds getting smarter(idiots). i would hate to see u trying to access actual means of accomplishment. NOOBS!!!

  3. dear friends if u download contect from pay site
    first open pay site
    then right click and go view source
    find return
    then thank u page u down thanku page u hae download link
    plz copy these download link to ur url then u download those files how need to cradit card

  4. Whats the point in all the foul language and insults?? All he was trying to do was help you guys , what you lot are trying to do is illegal anyway so why scream and shout about it? lol This method did use to work but obviously the relevent authorities have cottoned on to it!! You all got raged up coz you have to pay for a site lol Put your hands in your pockets and dig deep, welcome to life!

  5. So I did everything but now I dont know how to get into paysites… I mean I go to them and it says you have to sign in still… did it not work?

  6. what a bunch of fucking losers… yeah, right, lets pretend we’re google so we can jerkoff to bestiality for free

  7. that was a piece of shit,. it didn’t work.
    If you say it works then fucking help people
    to get it to work. it dosn’t even show up in
    VersionInternet Settings5.0User Agent]
    It failed on all pay web sites. [TOTAL 5]
    If it does work then I hope you help everybody to
    get it to work.

  8. I tries using google bot in internet explorer 6 but the procedure u described didn’t work. I created the file and double clicked on it, added information in the registry but still it shows internet eexplorer in ur checking option

    • dude for Internet explorer 6 u don’t need googlebot without it u can download songs of pay sites. Just play the songs of the site if u can and then check your internet explorers private history. Then u have to check which are the song files in private history file and u got the songs.

  9. OK, so this stuff all sounds great, I reckon I have put in at least 4 different versions of this trick and I just can’t get it to work….

    I go to a site that has a user name and password and put the google bot on in firefox then refresh the page and it doesn’t work…

    I can never find a detailed enough description of what to do..

    Plus I have no idea what do do with the beat IP delivery stuff people keep talkin about….. Pleas some one help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. eh? You did not mention any details, like the target site — thinking your target simply does not allow googlebot (or perhaps only from selected origins or IPs).

  11. ok, so i tried this and didn’t get results…
    i’m running firefox 2.something or other
    i loaded the extension and imported the xml sheet thru the extension and disabled java – any other possible problems?

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