How to get around Internet Blocks


Have you ever been in a situation where you have access to a computer but due to excessive restrictions, access to Internet or Internet Explorer blocked? Here is a cool tip on how to get around Internet Blocks. We are going to get access to internet and get past Internet blocks using a hidden Internet Explorer in Windows calculator.

How to get around Internet Blocks

1. Open the Calculator on your computer by pressing <Windows Key> + R. In the run prompt, press calc

2. Once Calculator opens, click on Help and under Help, select Help Topics

3. Now, in this screen, right click on top left corner. You will be shown a menu. Select Jump to url…

Get around Internet blocks

4. In this window, in the URL option, plug in the name of the website you wish to go. It is important that you prefix the website with just http. For example, if you wish to go to, type in

Hidden Internet Explorer in Windows

5. Congratulations. This is how to get around Internet blocks on a computer.

Get around Internet blocks

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  • Nope

    Even easier, go on your explorer and instead of typing “http://” before the site type “https://”. Trust me, it works!!!

  • Torn Skyz

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  • Pozycjonowanie

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  • justina

    it works but not around districts security,

  • Charles

    when i get on the computer during class, the teacher has the internet blocked. I try the couculator method but it doesnt have the option “jump to URL” how can I get past it?

  • BOB this is my real name

    This crap did not work what the hell

  • johnny

    The only way to get around blocks is to use regedt32 but once they block that you cant do anything



  • Haylie Arwood
  • jacob

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  • bob

    There is no way around blockers anymore they have litaerally blocked every possible way around. The only way around the blockers that will work is downloading a diffrent internet explorer on a flash drive and downloading it on to a school computer that is the only way around these fucking stupid blocks.

  • alex

    these websits r bull shit they dnt work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i tryd them allll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • R.T

    Cant get around RM SAFTEY!

  • Liz

    this crap didnt work!!

    • anonymos

      works just gotts exit out of internet to do it , only have calc open

  • Hades

    this unblocker sucks Dick i tried it and it didnt unblock

  • Brandi

    I need something that will get around smooth wall, they block EVERYTHINGGG!

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  • J.F.

    Hi, I don’t know how to do this. Can someone please explain?

    My internet safety safe eyes blocks like or

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

  • Jamarcus

    if they block extralions, yall can you or I have many alternate websites that i can you to navigate through block websites.

    • Avery

      what are some alternate websties like

  • Andy is amazing, its perfect.

    If you find that its blocked try putting

    Im sure they’ll catch on to it, but will enjoy for now.

  • sarah

    heey ; i dnt know how to do tht?

  • brian

    didnt work to get around berracuda =(

  • shelby

    The website works here my best friend made it and hes super smart. So try it.

  • shell

    dude the stupid sign that i need saying jump to wont pop un =( any other ideaas

  • frank

    sure as hell didnt work
    u need to find a new way

  • Sherm

    How do you do this on Windows7? Our school laptops are windows 7 and it doesnt give the option of Jump to URL or the other one, it stops at Close.
    Can someone help me out?

  • vampire princess

    i need answers now how do i get past this retarded school blocker all they do is block every fuckin’ stuff that we want to do ITS DRIVING ME CRAZY I EVEN BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF MY MATH TEACHER >_<

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  • Merdeades

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  • Anthony

    My school blocked proxies and this.

    • shelby

      hey use my friend made it hes smart.

  • Jimmy

    It worked for me but i am still blocked. I must have to be on a teacher account because i think the blocks are through the server.

  • nindonis

    man both of these damn things aint workin and its pissin me off to no avail

    • shelby

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  • BigTylor on Youtube

    It does not work! “Jump to URL” isnt there! on the school computers. i think they block that. sorry.

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  • trent

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  • sparrow2013

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  • Krisko22

    how did the school not notice this and not block it i wonder

  • lukr

    ok m8 can you please help me my school has thought of almost everything .
    i dont have
    command promt or run i only have a a few programs i have a pen drive and i cant downloed anything on my school pc how do i get run back

  • Nick

    It doesn’t work because school is smarter than that. The people who work on the computers have gone to college and stuff to do so. You have to find a way to out smart them. Anything you find on the internet I can gaurentee has been blocked, it’s their job to go out and lookup this stuff and stop you before you even find it. What you need to do is go home, find out how to make your own proxy site, and set it up… when at school you can access your site and it shouldn’t be blocked as long as you’re the only one who knows about it. It’s not that hard to figure out how to set up a proxy site and if you look around you might find somewhere that will tell you how to do it step by step.

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  • the real cat

    ok what if the computer doesnt have jump to URL? what do you do then

  • Crispy

    It will not work because the blocks are setup on the server. There is not a way to get around the blocks unless you found out a teachers user name and password. If you have a flash-drive you can download portable Firefox. Just Google it. It should be one of the top search results. Install in on your flash-drive and after installation you simply Google Firefox addons and in the search bar at the top of your search result you type “proxy”(should be Simply install it and restart your Firefox and you should be able to go to nearly any web address.

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    • Destry

      This wont work, first of all the website blocks are server side like someone previously stated you would have to be a pro hacker, or have access to the data base some how, i cracked mines by rewriting the whole SQL. in this computer assigned to me in class so i can acess facebook etc. theres no getting pass the blocks unless you have an portabl firfox or laptop etc.

  • Wayne

    I sure that I will be caght for this but I think the block that school are putting on today are over rate these day. I am at a school where we get all the free time I want and right now I am reading this and I know for sure they are watching me because I went to a lot of site that were block. I am having a hard time understand what to do but I am going to try it. @(^o^)@ I am only going to yahoo and role playing site.

  • nicole

    school blocks are so dumb

  • nicola

    try to instal things onto a hard drive or memory stick type thing or go on a website at home that will tell u sites that wont be blocked or how to overide it best of luck 2 ya

  • nicole

    i think my school sytem got smarted it blocks every thing with proxy in it any tips ???

  • william

    This still dosnt work our school has like Baracudda, i think thats wat it is but we cant even go on educational web sites…our princaple is raicest…

  • mr. billop

    Put an “s” at the end of http and that should do it

  • Stevie Laaa

    Look, my school bloacks any unknown site that the computer doesnt recognise?..
    what do i do?

  • Trent

    Most schools have their Internet site blocking systems set up so that they pick up stuff like this.
    You can use these tricks/solutions till you get caught then it’s up a certain creek without a paddle from there.
    They “adapt” to the new bypass systemthen block it. Sorry kiddies- no looking at porn at school. =p Thats why you have a home computer anyway ;p

  • Will

    plz tell me this really sucks……. A guy i no called Boid Brown he can get arond blue reef internet security at grammer school but he wont tell anyone how……………. mutha fuka

  • Gordon Freeman

    yall are some noobz. i just run an OS called puppy linux off a flash drive and a disk. you just have the comp boot from the disk/flashdrive when you turn the computer on. since its its own OS you cna use whatever programs you like, so you can use programs like Opera Tor or XB (Xero Bank) browser to haxzor yer way on. these programs are great for tunneling through your schools blocking programs. they worked fine for me for along time, but CPS (cincinnati public schools) has a superb blocking system useing fortigaurd, and so after a while even these tors got blockes. the last option i know of is to set up your own proxy server on your home comp. ive never donethis before, cause it could be legaly risky, but maby ill try someday. BTW, if anyone has a better way of getting around these block pages plz reply.

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  • Midori

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    • marivn

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  • Kayla

    sockglue did work for us but they blocked it!
    It might work for
    you though so try it

  • jb

    it didn’t work for me.. it still says its blocked?

  • Fat Pat

    Damn non of it works. i just want to play a game but no school has to take away all your freedom.

  • Alyssio

    I have a Windows Vista, and I think this guide only works with XP’s. Do you know if there’s a way to get around them on Vistas too?

  • hacker

    if you need to get around school blocks type in pocket firefox on google search and download it from portableapps make sure you save it to a flashdrive though. then plug in your flashdrive and youll have firefox w/o the blocks

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  • brad

    i hate to be the bearear of bad news guyz but the school network system has prolly had a kickass update since this guy posted this… if you really want to get thru the blockes im afraid the only way may be to have some underground staff member of the school system sharing the overide codes with the students.. but then there wouldent be a block to start with so ahh well get a computer at home or go to the library…or- get a job

  • John

    How would a program such as (world of warcraft get past the block) could I simply change the program name and that would solve the problem?

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    u got sum othr way 2 get past….PLEASE=[

  • shane

    didn’t work :(

  • Knifefightx

    This would only work if IE is blocked..if there are pages blocked then this isn’t a fix at all. It wont work because the blocks aren’t on the individual computer..they are on the schools network so even if you got your own computer it still wouldn’t work. You need to find a proxy if your school hasn’t blocked those yet, and if they have another easy way i heard about is to put the .exe of Firefox or IE etc. on a flashdrive. Plug the flashdrive into the computer at school and use that to access the internet. Apparently since its not really running of a computer the school internet blocks do not apply. I haven’t tested this myself but ive heard countless stories of it working from friends. So try that out. And another thing is if you find something that works, don’t tell anyone about it. The way sites get blocked is because there is a constant monitor on all the sites visited throughout the entire school or business or whatever. If one site get a huge number of hits its put on a list of sites to be reviewed by teachers. The teachers then look at the site you most likely shouldnt be accessing and obviously block the site. Just a little info. So if you find something that works, keep it to yourself.

  • Tommy-boi

    i tell u somethng then of these work in called katiy and im not so get one that works

  • D.Berry
  • Jon

    Yeah…smart one there slick.
    your school or whatever you have must be pretty low grade cause mine isnt working. its still blocked. Maybe my school is just lame..who knows?

  • Hangman

    It is still blocked

  • D.Berry
  • matt

    i tryed to go to myspace using this and it didnt work it still sayed it was blocked i think that the school block system is retated

  • Rebekah

    Mine is still blocked! =[

  • Laura


  • D.Berry


  • Devan isenhour

    okay, that’s all good and well, but how do you get around school blocks on macs?? my school is pretty advanced in the area of blocking, so do you have any suggestions of websites i can use that are new that don’t have the word ‘proxy’ or the word ‘anonymizer’?? I know that’s asking alot, but do yall have any ideas or tips?? thanks

  • C

    Thanks my school are dickheads and you help me screw them up big time thanks