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Have you been playing basketball all your life? Do you have your degree in finance? Whatever your Area of Expertise, do you wish to gain exposure by writing content on a hugely popular website such as AskStudent. Well, you can do this now and while you are sharing your expertise, we also want to pay you for writing about what you know! Find out how you can get paid to contribute here.

1. Write. You can start writing articles even before you’re approved. Just click on “Submit Articles” on the AskStudent homepage and start writing! We’ll review your application and any article submissions within a few days. Once approved, you’ll receive a welcome email that contains your username and password.

2. Apply to become a contributor. This includes a short sign up page where you can tell us who you are and other sign up information. Also, you will get the opportunity to use a graphical interface similar to Microsoft Word to post your future articles. You will also get the opportunity to enter your Google AdSense Publisher number so that you can start making $$$.

3. Agree to our Content Submission Policy.

4. Add your public bio. This is what the general public will see when they click on your byline. You can include whatever information you choose (including a link) and you’ll have the option to add a photo.Also, make sure you list out your areas of expertise and why you think you can be a successful contributor to AskStudent.

5. Come up with more article ideas. Check out the different categories to find a topic you want to write on. Or, if you already know what you want to write about, just write and submit your own article. Our editorial team will then review and publish your submission.

Note: Make sure that the article you’re writing has not already been written on the site or it may be rejected.

6. If you are selecting a topic from our available topics list, click on the title of the topic that you wish to write about. Review any specific editorial notes. Then, if you plan to write on this topic, click “Write Post”

7. Write the article and then save it to continue writing later or submit the completed article to the editors for review.

8. The editors will then review your article. Once your article is published, you can start earning ad revenue as long as your Google AdSense account has been created and linked to AskStudent.

9. We’ll split all the revenue your articles earn in half (50/50) with you and you’ll be paid your share by Google AdSense.

10. If you want to earn more by helping to promote your article, you can follow the easy steps in How To Promote Your AskStudent Article.