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AskStudent’s topics and articles attract the highly lucrative & sought after age group of 18-29 as shown in the web site traffic analysis below.
Google Page Rank: AskStudent has a PR4 on the homepage and PR5 on some articles in career and jobs section. AskStudent has a minimum of PR3 site wide.

Featured: Articles from AskStudent were featured on Digg, Reddit, Newsvine and also on StumbleUpon Buzz Section.

Web Traffic:

Shown below is a snapshot of web traffic to AskStudent from January 23rd, 2011 to February 23rd, 2011. During this period we had 418,899 unique visitors for an average of 13,090 visitors every day. The number of PageViews were 505,900 pageviews with an average of 16000 pageviews per day. The picture below is from the analytics of AskStudent showing the number of visitors and the average daily count. Click on the picture below for a larger sized picture.

AskStudent monthly traffic report

Geographic Location of Visitors

As you can see from the chart below, AskStudent has a truly international reach with our visitors coming in from 216 countries across the globe. Visitors from the United States constitute the largest percentage of 48% with 201,157 visits during the period of January 23, 2011 to February 23,2011. Click on the picture below for a bigger sized picture of the stats.

Geographic location of AskStudent visitors


Age Demographics at

The following chart breaks down the age group of the web traffic coming into AskStudent for the same time frame. The segment is broken up into male /female and their respective age groups. The biggest group is the highly lucrative 18-24 age group constituting over 56% of the overall web traffic. The next age segment is the 25-34 age category constituting 21.3%. Click on the picture below for a larger sized picture of the demographic stats.

Age demographics of

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This Banner is placed on the top right corner, next to the AskStudent logo and above the menu. Statistics show that the top banner has a high visibility.

The Banner size is fixed at 468 x 60 pixel size and may include animation, text or images.



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The Side banner spot is the most popular spot and gets the most product impressions. Your ad will be placed above the fold to get high visibility for your product or web site. The ad spot is fixed at a size of 250 x 250 pixel size. Animation and text are allowed.

There is a discount for those wishing to advertise for longer periods. If you wish to commit to a time frame longer than a month please mail [email protected].

Text Link Ads

We also offer advertisers the option of Text Link Ads. The pricing for this is $100/month for a Text Link Ad on the sidebar or at the end of an article on AskStudent.

NOTE: Please note that with respect to Text Link Ads, they will be tagged as Sponsored or Partners.

Sponsored Reviews

Sponsored reviews show one of the strongest return on investment for our advertisers. As an example, in one of the articles, we identified as sponsor as providing the service shown in that article. Outgoing link statistics show that visitors click on the sponsored link almost 8000 times/month. The sponsor was charging about $20 for the service. Even if only 80 people or 1% of those visitors purchased the service, that translated into a revenue of almost $20,000/year for our sponsor.

The review for each such sponsored link/review is 80/week or 300/month. Please note that any review will have a disclosure on it.


We will not accept any Made for AdSense site or any site that might be inappropriate to our audience. If we feel that the requested site or product does not fit with our theme, we will get back to you stating the reasons on why we cannot advertise you. Also anything that is looking to promote spam will be rejected.Your product or service will also be linked on a Monthly ‘Thank You’ post where our readers are encouraged to support the sponsors

Discounts are available for an advertiser looking to commit for a longer period. Also, if there are conditions on ad size, the layout of the site can be arranged. Again, please contact at [email protected] for any further queries.

PayPal is the only form of payment accepted.

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If you have any questions, you can contact us using our contact us page or email at [email protected]

About was launched on October 20th, 2006. At AskStudent, while our articles apply to a wide range of population, the core of our audience are students and teenagers between 13-29 age group with articles on subject matter that interests this age group.At AskStudent, we offer candid advice, that is useful, practical and entertaining. With categories ranging from Technology news, TechTips and hacks, Information Security, Health, Career and Jobs, Sports, Entertainment, Music, Tech Deals and Product Reviews, Relationship advice and more .. we hope to inspire students and teenagers, teach them, advice them and sometimes test them with our in-depth features, interviews, training sessions and reviews. updates frequently with new articles which our audience can deem relevant and practical.

Behind AskStudent

AskStudent is operated by a highly qualified group of bloggers. There are a total of five editors at AskStudent, Ajit Gaddam, Alex Smith, Melissa Hicks, Ryan Ferone and Xer0. We also have two Associate Editors(Matt and Christina). When not contributing in their area of expertise, the editors have the knowledge and expertise to write a wide range of articles as evident from our categories section. While 80% of the articles are editor contributed, the other 20% comes from students and visitors to AskStudent who write about their experiences.You can read more about the group behind AskStudent in our Meet the Staff page.