Apple iPhone release date

Bloggingstocks have received an interesting tip that the Apple iPhone will have a January 15 release date.

Reason why this might be true:

Apple’s MacWorld Expo runs from January 9-12 and Apple is expected to launch the iPhone and then maybe ship it at a later date.

As always, anything related to Apple is always a major source of interest in the Blogosphere. So this tentative release date might just be nothing.

While we are speculating on the release date of the iPhone, check out the speculative design of the Apple iPhone.

Update(source macrumors): Morgan Stanley analyst Rebecca F Runkle has “high conviction” that the iPhone will launch in the first half of 2007. In addition to this, she cites unnamed sources to provide some specs for the unreleased Apple phone:

– $599 for 4GB
– $649 for 8GB
– Wider than the iPod nano
– Thinner than the iPod Video
– Made of Metal
– Multiple colors, but at least including black, white, and silver
– Cingular Wireless is likely carrier in the U.S.

The iPhone will also feature a full screen LCD,  will be 3.5″ and approx 4/10″ thick with a Virtual Click wheel.