Student makes a Television Commerical for Apple iPod Touch

Apple iPod TouchIf you watched TV anytime since last month and especially if you watched the Baseball WordSeries between the Boston RedSox and the Colorado Rockies, you must have watched the vibrant and youthful Television commercial for the new Apple iPod Touch.

This ad is a high def version of the ad which a 18 year old English student named Nick Haley created on his very own Macbook. Nick is a freshman at the University of Leeds and is from Warwick, England. In the ad, Nick shows off the various features of the iPod touch with “Music Is My Hot, Hot sex” by the Brazilian band CSS playing in the background.

According to Nick

I loved the look of the new iPod Touch, found this music, and thought it was perfect for it. I made a commercial using material from and editing in Apple’s Final Cut Pro.

*Sorry about the grey start, its the way YouTube deals with MPEGs*

Made on my MacBook – September 2007.

Music – CSS – Music is My Hot Hot Sex.

So when he uploads his commercial to YouTube, it quickly gains popularity ( 936.243 views as of writing this article) and goes viral. Among the many people who loved the video when it was uploaded to YouTube were Apple’s marketing employees who quickly got in touch with Nick Haley. He finally comes down to Los Angeles, his first trip to the United States and sits down with the creative executives. They retained his version and only included a more polished editing and filming this new television commercial for the Apple iPod Touch in high definition.

Check out the Television commercial made by Nick Haley