AskStudent turns 1 Today celebrates its 1st Birthday today. On October 20, 2006 we started AskStudent with only 1 mission in mind. The ability for students and people like yourself to get quality information on Jobs, career, Music, Videos, College life etc.  But first things first…

Congratulations to all the people behind the scenes here at AskStudent: Ajit, Alex, Melissa, Ryan, Matt and Christina. You guys are awesome. Keep up the good work.

Above all, congratulations to you and the million other people since we started out; who have called AskStudent their home online for the information they need and above all making it their hang out place online.

We have several feature updates in the pipeline and will be rolling them out soon.

1. We want to become a bigger social community than we are right now. An immediate enhancement would be the ability for our loyal AskStudent visitors the opportunity to be our eyes and ears on the World Wide Web. We will be giving you guys the opportunity to submit content and the ability to promote those articles onto the front page of

2. We want to allow people to submit and share what they care about most. This would include ability to submit and share YOUR pictures, YOUR video, YOUR music online. We want to be your destination not just for information and news but for everything you care about most. We think the ability to interact with similar people like you is the best thing we can do.

3. Speaking of interaction, two of our editors, Ajit and Alex are working on developing a chat/Instant Messaging client for our AskStudent readers giving you the opportunity to send your friends links and chat and communicate with them real time.

Let us know what you want and what you guys think how we should plan our next step … together with you.

Thanks again and congratulations as we celebrate our 1 year anniversary of AskStudent.