has a brand New SEXY Layout

Hello AskStudent readers, while some of you are busy taking care of your school stuff, myself and the other editors here went back to our little classroom here. Since we turned 1, we felt that we need to move away from a blog and into more of a fully functional website which we can keep on expanding without the limitations of a blog. So, the AskStudent brain trust went to work and came up with a brand new Sexy layout which is fully functional too.

AskStudent Homepage

Enhancements to the Homepage

Instead of following a sequential story by date, we took a magazine approach when presenting articles to you. The homepage is divided into three columns.

On the left hand side we are featuring three categories which ar e the most popular categories at AskStudent. We may expand to more than 3 categories depending on our data and YOUR feedback.

In the middle, which will keep rotating the categories and articles except the AskStudent Announcements section at the top.

On the right hand side, we have a featured video section. Below that we are giving you the chance to sign up for our newsletter to keep updated of the latest news and articles coming out from AskStudent. Below that we have columns showing the latest posts, comments and categories.

Advertiser Love

For us, YOU the reader always come first and will always continue to stay so. We never wanted to clutter AskStudent with advertisements all over the place. However, we wanted to serve relevant ads to you and other targeted ads. The new layout helps us achieve both.

1. There will be a banner ad beside the AskStudent logo, on the top of the homepage as well as every individual article on AskStudent.

2. There will be a 250 x 250 section prominently on the sidebar. This Ad section will be on the homepage and also on every article page.

If you are a reader and wish to advertise with AskStudent, check out our Advertisement page.

Tell us about the layout. Do you like something? Do you Hate something? Do you want something in here?? Let us know. The comments section will be open for this article. Help us serve you better.

Thanks again readers!