Nothing is better — or worse — for a good friendship than a little nookie.

Friends falling for friends“I thought briefly that I was in love with a good friend,” said Jessica Kahl, a junior at Stanford. “But before too long, I realized that we were just not prepared to make the transition from friends to something more.”

Kahl has managed to remain friends with her crush over three years of college, and she feels certain she made the right choice.

“Without the mystery and newness of someone unknown, a relationship with a friend might lack some excitement,” she said.

The scenarios seem endless: to tell or not, to act or not, and then there is the other side. What if your best friend falls for you? The dilemmas involved with friends falling for friends are perhaps as numerous as the number of people who experience it — and that’s a lot of people.

Nicole Canrelli, a junior at the University of New Hampshire, is one of them. Her good friend fell for her. “I think he is a really nice guy, but I was just not attracted to him,” she said. “He kept asking me out, and I kept saying no.”

Canrelli resolved the situation uniquely. She told a girlfriend who liked him to go out with him.

“He has not been after me since,” she said.

They’ve remained friends through all the changes.

“I have just tried to act as if nothing unusual ever happened,” she said. “It is kind of hard, but I don’t want to lose his friendship. I have to make it work.”

Hollywood movies of friends falling in love with friendsHollywood Feels Your Pain; Hollywood movies of friends falling in love with friends

Falling for a friend? Wondering if you should let them know, keep it a secret or try to get over it? Don’t worry, Hollywood understands. Check out the morals of these friend-falling-for-a-friend movies for advice.

When Harry Met Sally
Harry and Sally meet at the end of college and keep meeting until they have sex. They feel funny after. He compares her to a dog. She bitch slaps him. They meet once more at a New Year’s Eve party, he in a bad jacket, she with a bad perm and both feeling sorry. “Auld Lang Syne” and “The Wedding March” ensue.
Moral: Wait. You won’t have to fake the orgasm.

Josh hates Cher’s shallow, Beverly Hills bitchiness. He hates her surgically-enhanced friends. But he’s got her back anyway. What he should hate is that he’s kissing his stepsister. Eww.
Moral: Divorce sucks face.

Some Kind of Wonderful
Watts is a girl who seems to lust to the beat of a different drummer. After changing carburetors the live-long day, she sits at the kit in her garage and pines for her bud Keith — though that Denise Crosby haircut and the G.I. Jane-goes-to-CBGBs outfit point to a possible obsession with Amada, the object of Keith’s affection. When Watts stoops to playing chauffeur in order to chaperone Keith and Amanda’s date, it’s unclear who she’s ticked off at and who she turned on by. Fortunately, Keith almost gets his ass kicked and gives Watts the earrings and practice smooch she’s apparently been waiting for.
Moral: Not every chick who seems like a lesbian is one.

“Zeroes” is roughly a two-minute video spoof the the hugely popular Monday Night Series “Heroes”. There is a familiar voice spoofing the actual promotion video of “Heroes” as shown below

The spoof is the brainchild of Vince Manze, NBC’s marketing guru who admitted it to Variety that he created the spoof as an experiment . The two minute viral video however contains no references back to NBC or Heroes. It is a funny video about regular people with “pointless abilities”. This promotional viral video cost NBC only $17,000 but I am sure drove a lot more people into buying the DVD or keep current viewers with enough material to keep them distracted while Heroes takes approximately a 1 month break.

“It was an experiment. We wanted to see how far we could go, and we wondered if (auds) knowing we did it would be a detriment. People don’t want to feel as if they’re being intruded upon,” Manze says. “When they find out it’s from us, it’s like, ‘They fooled us.’


Watch the full viral video of “Zeroes” below

USB flash drive Logon programs review
Security login using a USB flash drive tokenIn my searches I have found lots of people (like me) asking for programs/software that would turn a regular USB drive into a security token to replace a Windows password. There is not a whole lot of information or a review of similar programs (except in Chech here: or in German here: ) .

So, I decided to spend some time trying and outlaying the features of four of the top most programs out there to make this USB drive into a security token — which you have to insert into a port on the portable laptop or a desktop to login.
This table was completed based my personal requirements to the features and most asked features by other people in the forums/blogs. See notes on a specific feature below.

Features of the product: Rohos Logon Key (the winner)
Dekart Logon
Natural Login

Notes: Available as an EXE, MSI, or a server version.
Can be installed only using an Administrator account. Windows 2003 is not supported.
USB Key creation
Quick and easy.
Key Activation then adding user accounts to USB Key
It does not replace your pass with a USB Key. But adds additional authentication level – by using USB flash drive. Password usage is required.
USB Key removal options:
Lock desktop, turnoff, shutdown, hibernate pc.
Log Off user.
Activate screen saver1
Can completely disable password login
USB Key security. (two-factor login)
PIN. Keeps passwords on a USB drive in a secured manner.
Keeps plain passwords. Optional PIN for encryption.
Does not creates any file on USB drive.
Always makes you to use a password along with a USB flash drive.
Optional user defined questions or a graphical pattern you need to enter Creates encrypted file.
Multiple logins on a single USB Key

Key duplicate security hole.

program bounds up to owner USB flash drive and does not accept other for login (unless owner has 2 keys)

Program bounds up to your USB flash drive. It does not creates any files on USB flash drive.
Has emergency login way in case you lost or USB Key
based on a set of questions…

By answering to predefined set of questions.
login with user-defined questions/answers.
Windows XP welcome screen support

Windows Vista support

Easy of use for Key
Additional Options
login screen customizations, Enhanced system shutdown dialog. Password generator. Remote desktop login via USB key support. Access restriction for users based on time factor. Has a Server version for networks.
Biometric logon + support of a dozen corporate security tokens.
New features development?
Has the best live product and support. Has a blog. Also available is a thorough Admin guide.
No new features for a long time. Support personnel always saying ‘we will implement this in future…’
No replies to my messages.
Last release date: 2005 year.
They speak French basically …
Last release date: 2005.
Price & Score (max of 10):

Upon graduation, many students volunteers leave idealism behind to become for-profit corporate suits.

However, college students aren’t often presented with the possibility of joining a non-profit organization as a valid career move.

“I know people who have used volunteer work that they love to train themselves for a career to be paid do what they learned as a volunteer,” said Nancy Montagna, the volunteer coordinator of Helping Hands. She is in charge of recruiting the 300 volunteers that Helping Hands needs to put on an annual benefit sale to support poverty organizations.
Get Involved, Get a Job

What can the average liberal arts, science or business major do? Volunteer organizations seek grads with a variety of training and interests. But make no mistake, volunteers and non-profit workers are just as talented as their for-profit counterparts.

Hands on Work
Volunteers for Peace, which aids troubled communities, needs an enormously diverse group of volunteers. According to Peter Coldwell, the director of VFP, volunteers are involved in construction, renovation, conservation, architecture, agriculture and running summer camps.

Management Skills
For the business-minded volunteer, fundraising events like Helping Hands’ benefit sale require individuals to generate publicity, review grant proposals from beneficiaries, solicit crafts and supplies and manage price and data information, Montagna said. Plus, many other leadership positions are needed for the actual operation of the sale, she said.

Programming for Peace
For grads with computer skills, non-profit and volunteer organizations are just as hungry for programmers as Microsoft is. Weiss noted that Children of the Americas needs volunteers to design and maintain the organization’s Web page so the ministry children can be connected to the rest of the world.