In a game like paintball, it’s crucial to have good aim. Withoutit, in a game where the enemy must be eliminated, a loss is certainwithout hitting targets. Good aim is a skill that is mastered overtime, but it is a skill that can be honed from the beginning. There are some ways to practice aim prior to hitting the field. For those that have their own equipment, here are some drills to do from the backyard:

Hanging targets: Hang some targets, such as cans or bottles, from strings on tree branches, clothesline poles and other sturdy objects. The idea in this is that the targets will be of height of opponents in different positions. Let the wind be a natural obstacle, as it will mimic the opponent moving. If this becomes easy, move back a few steps, further to one side or another, or choose smaller targets. This is a surefire way to build aiming skills.