In this tutorial, we are going to hack a Coke vending machine. While these machines might look dumb from the outside, underneath is a very simple Operating System on which it runs and we are going to try to hack into this to gain access to a debug menu and gain access to all sorts of information. This is something that almost no one ever notices, every coke machine with a LED screen is hackable. You can find out cool stuff like how much money is in the machine, how many times one soda has been bought, etc.Which machines work?
We are looking for COCA – COLA product vending machines, which means the picture outside the vending machine would be showing either Coke or Dasani or Vanilla Coke or Sprite or Fanta among other Coke pridcuts. Also the machine must have a LED screen which displays some sort of a scrolling text. Usually in most college campuses, they would be set to “Please swipe your card” or “Select your product”


  1. Find a Coke machine that has an LED screen.
  2. Push the following buttons in the order given 4, 2, 3, 1.
    • If the buttons are in a column the first button is the top one.
    • If they are in a grid or other format, the first button is usually the top left one.