Free Business Cards for Students

You have this interview or getting all revved up for this Job Fair. You have your Resume all prepared and polished. Your clothes all pressed. You researched the company all thoroughly and all in all, you are all set to make a great impression. Now, to complete the circle, all you are missing are your own personal Business Cards.

Free Business Cards There are a couple of ways one can go about making your own personal Business card.

a. Use Microsoft Word. Create your own customized graphics or use some exisiting templates. Choose a color printer and print them out and then cut them up. Now this would be an okay option besides the fact that most probably you are using a regular A-4 sized paper, soft and thin and not exactly business card material

b. A better option: Visit Vistaprint. These guys are great in that they give you 250 FREE business cards and over 42 templates to choose from. Once you visit their site, under Business Cards and Identity, choose free Business cards. Fill out the requirements like Name, Address, phone number, email addresss, Company etc if you have one and you are all set.