Graduate School Guide: Is Grad School right for you?

Do you want to go to Grad school because you want to persue your dreams, a better job and a better future that come along with a higher degree and strengthen your claims of “bringing more to the table” or because you miss the school culture and are nostalgic about the good ol’ days where you are the brightest star in the galaxy, popular among professors and other students?

In any case, Penelope Trunk over at the Brazen Careerist provides good advice on this intersection of work and life. Life is all about choices. Whether you want to take the red pill or the blue pill is upto you but making that decision with some introspection is only going to help.

Check out Penelope Trunk’s article on Is Grad School right for you

About Penelope Trunk:

Penelope Trunk is a career columnist at the Boston Globe and Yahoo Finance. Her syndicated column has run in more than 200 publications. Earlier, she was a software executive, and then she founded two companies. She has been through an IPO, an acquisition and a bankruptcy. Before that she played professional beach volleyball. Her book is Brazen Careerist: The New Rules for Success (Warner, May 2007).