List of top recruiters,email addresses and other contact information

Below are 2 lists of companies that have recruited undergraduates and graduates alike for internships and full time in recent years. If you are searching for a job, these lists are a good place to start looking. However, they should not be seen as exhaustive lists! There are plenty of opportunities to be found with companies that aren’t listed on this page. If you find any problems with the links on this page (broken links, outdated email addresses, etc…) please let us know so we can fix it!

The first list contains 83 companies that have provided a specific contact person. Students and prospective candidates should get in touch with the contact person directly to inquire about a position. Check out the Cover Letters section if you aren’t sure what you should say.

The second list contains companies that have not provided specific contacts. Most of these companies have online resume submission pages. Check out the Resumes section if you need help tweaking your resume.

Recruiter Database along with their email address and contact info

Company Name Contact Contact e-mail Recruitment Website
Accenture Johanna Leon [email protected] Accenture
Acterna Jennifer Praesel [email protected] Acterna Internships
Alcoa Toni Vokes [email protected] Alcoa jobs
Allstate Insurance Audrey Mayrent [email protected] Allstate Internships
Alphatech, Inc Sherri Devlin [email protected] Alphatech Careers
Amaranth Laura Sands [email protected] n/a Melissa Wood [email protected] College jobs
AMD Candy Phillips [email protected] AMD
Analytical Graphics Inc Lisa Velte [email protected] AGI Employment
Argon Engineering Kate Phillips [email protected] Argon Employment
Avature Nate Casais [email protected] Avature Recruiting Services
Bank of America Securities Lynn Saratore [email protected] B of A Securities
Bank of America Angela Keeley [email protected] Bank of America Careers
Bank One/JPMC Helen Ezenwa Helen Ezenwa Bank One Career
Bechtel Bettis Inc Michael McElhaney [email protected] Bechtel Bettis
Bechtel Plant Machinery Inc Eric Dahlem [email protected] BPMI Jobs
Bloomberg LP Manny Farber [email protected] Bloomberg Careers
Booz Allen Hamilton Heather Angerere [email protected] Booz Allen
Bose Corporation Jennifer Snook [email protected] Bose Careers
Bridgewater Associates Bethany Fay [email protected] Bridgewater Careers
Cadence Design Systems Glen Clark [email protected] Cadence Employment
Cerner Corporation Perry Golden [email protected] Cerner Careers
CGI-AMS – American Management Systems,Inc Lara Rauhecker [email protected] CGI Careers
Cisco Systems Denise Lanois [email protected] Cisco Career
Citadel Investment Group Jennifer Sobocienski [email protected] Career Opportunities
CombineNet Jason Brown [email protected] CombineNet Careers
Computer Associates Darrell Lampa [email protected] CA Careers
Convergys Priya Klocek [email protected] Convergys Jobs
Credit Suisse First Boston Tina Lesh [email protected] CSFB Campus Recuiting
Crown Consulting Martha S. Boshnick [email protected] Careers Page
DC Energy Meredith Carl [email protected] DC Energy Careers
ENSCO Inc Vic Rossi [email protected] ENSCO Internship Program
EVI Technology Jaime Kowzun [email protected] EVI Tech Careers
FactSet Research Systems Inc Brigid Byrne [email protected] FactSet Careers
Fisher Scientific International Inc Deb Smith [email protected] Fisher Scientific Jobs
General Dynamics Robotic Systems Ruth Day [email protected] GDRS Employment
Georgia Tech Research Institute Alan Golivesky [email protected] GTRI Jobs
GlaxoSmithKline Kimbery Saintz [email protected] GSK Careers
Goldman Sachs Antonia Catanzaro [email protected] Goldman Sachs Careers
Google Inc Jay DeLong [email protected] Google Jobs
Green Hills Software Tracey Baskerville [email protected] Jobs at Green Hills Software
Harris Corporation Audrey Walls [email protected] Harris Careers
High Performance Tecnologies, Inc Lisa Quinn [email protected] Career Ops
Hyland Software Nora Slusar [email protected] Jobs OnBase
IBM Corporation Larry Dunn [email protected] IBM Careers
Intel Corporation Cheris McFarland [email protected] Intel Jobs
Johns Hopkins Univ Applied Physics Laboratory Jill Clevenger [email protected] JHU APL College Recruiting
Johnson & Johnson Alison McKay Phone: 732-524-3425 J & J Careers
JPMorgan Chase Lauren Healy [email protected] JPMorgan Chase Careers
Keithley Instruments, Inc Larry Shetler [email protected] Keithley Instruments Career
Kennametal, Inc Debra Vargulish [email protected] Kennametal Careers
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Lynn Stockinger [email protected] Job Openings
Lehman Brothers Risa Bank [email protected] Lehman Recruiting
Lockheed Martin Sean Donovan [email protected] Lockheed Martin Careers
LSI Logic Corporation Jackie Gonzales [email protected] LSI Logic Careers
Medrad Denise Radocaj [email protected] Careers at Medrad
Mentor Graphics Judy Church mailto:[email protected] Mentor Intern Co-op Program
Microsoft Corporation Rani Dent, Alison Carter [email protected] [email protected] Microsoft College Opportunities
MIT Lincoln Laboratory Gary Hackett mailto:[email protected] MIT Lincoln Lab Careers
Morgan Stanley Satnaree Brandon, IT College Recruiter 750 Seventh Ave, 31st Floor, NY, NY 10019 Morgan Stanley Careers
National Robotics Engineering Consortium Jerry Stanley [email protected] N’tl Robotics Engineering Consortium
NDCHealth Alec Thomas [email protected] NDCHealth Careers
Network Appliance Gerri Crivelli [email protected] Network Appliance Jobs
Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems Jean Anderson [email protected] Northrop Grumman College Site
Nvidia Jamie Lockwood [email protected] Nvidia Intern Coop Program
Oracle Corporation Satarupa “sat” Bhattacharya [email protected] Oracle College Ops
PNC Financial Services Group Darliene Townsend [email protected] College Recruiting
PricewaterhouseCoopers Jamie Stevenson [email protected] College Recruiting
Progressive Insurance Eugene Kenyo [email protected] IT Internship Program
QUALCOMM Hilda Ransom [email protected] Interns and New Grads
Raytheon Company Donna McIntosh [email protected] Raytheon Jobs
Robert Bosch Corporation Jill Wooster [email protected] Bosch Research
Rockwell Automation Karen Guerten [email protected] Careers
Schlumberger Technology Corp Janet Sauer [email protected] SLB Careers
Symantec Corporation Eva Buder [email protected] College Relations
TerraSim Inc Heather Hudek [email protected] Careers at TerraSim
The Boeing Company Steve Myers [email protected] Boeing Employment
The DE Shaw Group Elisheva Glass [email protected] Worldwide Employment
The MITRE Corp Deb Lane [email protected] Student Opportunities
The Vanguard Group Lisa Diamond [email protected] Vanguard Careers
UBS Financial Services Lenny Greenblatt, Candice Conseur [email protected] [email protected] UBS for Graduates
VMWare Heather Laing [email protected] VMWare Jobs
Vocollect Inc Kristina Tardivo [email protected] Vocollect Careers
Xerox Danelle Maniscalco [email protected] Xerox Univeristy Site

Other Recruitment Web Pages

Adobe Systems Lexmark International Inc.
Aerospace Corporation Los Alamos National Laboratory (DOE)
Agilent Technologies Lucent Technology
Alcatel Marathon Ashland Petroleum LLC
Alcoa Marconi
American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Motorola
American Society of Mechanical Engineers NCR Corp
Apple Nortel Networks
Avaya Inc Novell Inc.
Bellsouth Pratt & Whitney
Boeing Procter & Gamble
Compaq Progress Energy
Dow Chemical Company Research Institute for Advanced Computer Science (RIACS)
Eastman Kodak Company Seagate Technology
EDS SGI – Silicon Graphics Inc.
EMC Corporation Sun Microsystems
Evans & Sutherland Computer Corporation Texas Instruments
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) U.S. Geological Survey
Hewlett-Packard Corportation Unisys
Honeywell US Deparment of Commerce
Hughes Network Systems US Department of Energy