May SAT Scores are available now at Collegeboard is announcing that the May SAT Scores for the SAT Reasoning test and SAT Subject tests are now available at College Board.

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Why Aren’t My SAT Scores Online Yet?

Do not panic if you cannot see your SAT score yet. Collegeboard releases most scores on the first score release day which is today Thursday May 24th but a small percentage cannot see their scores online today. In case of this scenario, you will see a message asking you to check back your score at a later date. College suggests that you check back about a week later for your SAT scores and also your full score report.

The reason for such late release of scores for this small percentage of students varies. It could be missing information on your answer sheets or maybe some information on your sheet that is inconsitent with your registration information, something that might trigger a red flag. In this scenario, your test will get individual attention to verify all the details and available information. 

Overview of SAT Scores and SAT Scoring Process in 6 Steps

Here is an overview of how the SAT Scoring process typically takes place right from your handing in of your answer sheet to the time your scores are mailed in to the choice of your universities/colleges indicated.

1. After you turn in your answer sheet, your answer sheet and any forms you turned in will be handed over to the College Board’s processing center.

2. You Answer sheet is then graded and you are assigned a raw score which is the score given after subtracting your wrong answers from your right. Your raw score is then scaled on a number from 200-800 scale that tries to normalize your scores with respect to your peers who took the test with you. This is your final SAT score you will see.

3. If you took the reasoning test, your Essay is graded by two readers

4. After several weeks, your SAT scores are released which you can access through Here, you can only see your scores. You do not see the individual breakdown yet.

NOTE: The scores get posted between 6 A.M and 8 A.M Eastern Standard Time.

5. Couple weeks later, your full score report will be posted in your personal My SAT area of

6. Your official score is mailed to you, five weeks after you take your SAT test. Your scores are also mailed to your high school and any other colleges or universities you selected during registration. Your scores are sent to these four schools for free. You need to pay if you need to send any additional score reports.