The best career paths for nerds and the colleges offering them

Online University Lowdown has an excellent article on the 25 best colleges for nerds and some of the cool courses being offered at these colleges.

From colleges with video game design majors to artificial intelligence, to majors in ‘ethical hacking’, colleges around the world are starting to appeal to the nerds in all of us.  This list of 25 courses and programs offered at colleges around the world identifies some of the nerdiest coursework, starting with the most obvious, and winding up with the most obscure…

Note: Most of the courses listed below are full 4 year courses. Also, clicking on the links below will take you straight to the course listing whether at physical universities or online schools. A lowdown according to them …

# 1: Game Software Design and Production at DigiPen Insititute of Technology

# 2: Ethical Hacking at the University of Abertay in Dundee, Scotland and InfoSec Institute

# 3: Open Source Development at University of California Berkeley and online equivalent at University of Illinois

# 4: Cryptography at Stanford University, MIT and University of Washington

# 5: Network Security at the University of Tennessee Knoxville and an online equivalent at The American Intercontinental University

# 6: Wireless communication at Stanford University and online equivalent from University of Illinois

# 7: Computer Architecture at the Imperial College in UK and online offering at Virginia Tech

# 8: Multimedia at University of Illinois Urbana Champaign and an online offering at San Francisco State University

# 9: Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering at University of New Orleans and online offering at the University of Michigan

# 10: Aeronautics and Astronautics at MIT and an online offering at Stanford University

# 11: Nuclear Engineering at University of California Berkeley and a online offering at the University of Tennessee

# 12: Industrial Design Engineering at the Royal College of Art in UK and an online offering at Penn Foster Career School

# 13: Artificial Intelligence at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, one of the best AI courses

# 14: Robotics at the Wellesley college and online at NASA distance learning summer course

# 15: Medical Robotics at the Robotics Institute at the Carnegie Mellon University

# 16: Cybernetics at the University of Reading in the UK and the University of California, Los Angeles

# 17: Haptics(the science of applying the sense of touch to computer applications) at John Hopkins University

# 18: Machine Learning and Neural Networks at the University of Columbia

# 19: Decision support Systems engineering(the design and development of systems that aid in the process of decision making) at the George Mason University and an online equivalent at Virginia Tech

# 20: Speech Synthesis at the University of Colorado Boulder and Language Technologies Institute at CMU

# 21: VSLI Design at the Georgia Tech and online equivalent at Stanford University

#22: Bioinformatics(science which uses techniques in applied math, CS, AI, Chemistry, Bio to resolve biological problems at the molecular level) at Boston University and online equivalent at University of Washington

#23: Nanotechnology at the University of York in UK

#24: Design of Hydrological systems at Portland State University and Cranfield University in the UK

# 25: Digital Program Organization(harnessing the power of digital technologies in the fields of political science and international studies) at University of Southern California

Link to the full article at the Online University Lowdown