One of my disturbing and highly anticipated horror/suspense movie in recent times ‘ Bug ‘ starring Ashley Judd is all set for release come May 25th.

Movie Summary: This is not any other bug movie. Directed by The Exorcist’s William Friedkin, Bug is about a lonely waitress with a tragic past, Agnes rooms in a run-down motel, living in fear of her abusive, recently paroled ex-husband. But when Agnes begins a tentative romance with Peter, an eccentric, nervous drifter, she starts to feel hopeful again – until the first bugs arrive… The bugs arrive May 25th.

Lionsgate has just sent us two cool new posters for this movie both of which prominently feature Ashley Judd. The first poster tells us more about the tag line of the movie ‘ First they send in their Drone .. then they find their Queen’. You see Ashley Judd inside the outline of the bug. So, is she the Drone or is the Queen? Find out in this bug movie …

Encyclocentral is starting to emerge as a very good complement to Wikipedia with the difference being that at Encyclocentral, the content is in a non wiki format.

Established in 2001, Encyclocentral ( currently hosts in excess of six thousand articles and is adding hundreds more of new and original articles, reviews and news stories every week. Content is categoried for easy site navigation where you can see alphabetical listings of all topics. Such a broad range of topics makes this site a favorite online destination for many college students, by research faculties and university folks. For anyone wishing to contribute, article submission is a breeze. If you are there for research, the site search is very powerful and very useful. Besides, you can get all of Encyclocentral’s content in XML format and RSS feeds.

There are a broad range of topics in Encyclocentral from Apartments to Calling Services Telephone, to Computers Services to dating services to articles on Writing.

 I found the writing category pretty interesting. Lots of good content ranging from topics such as the article on proof reading and the article on armour which I needed for my Civ class.

Encyclocentral is owned by 4Sight Media. This is a sponsored post

If you are an independent video content producer and are looking for a distributor to market your independent film or content, look no futher. Welcome to IPEX TV which fills out the role of an online film distributor catering to and providing new independent film distributor options. IPEX TV also serves as a marketplace for multiplatform video programs serving the traditional Television market as well as the fast growing Portable Device, Cellular Phone and Internet markets.

IPEX TV stands out as the marketplace for content producers and professional content buyers for a variety of video platforms. As a content producer, you can post a trailer of your film, assign its category and set keywords setting up the place for professional film buyers to check out your content and if your talent is something that makes them ask for more, they can contact you directly for more content or distributing your current content.

IPEX TV provides you opportunites to distribute your film which simply wouldn’t be available to you otherwise. Here members can easily post their content. An ever expanding roster of clients are looking identify, locate and acquire the most relevant program they are seeking. All this under a secure and a neutral marketplace where members can buy and sell securely.

Imagine the simplicity of an online video streaming site, with a professional business audience. Finding an independent film distributor just got a lot simpler, just sign up at

PublicRoutes is a new service that will provide you with map directions and help in planning trips from any point in several U.S cities (Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Connecticut, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New Jersey, New York, Philidelphia, San Franscisco, Seattle, Washington) and U.K cities in the most efficient manner possible. Just select your city, enter your departure and arrival addresses, select your method of transportation of your choice whether subway, driving, taking the bus or even walking and click Get Directions. City dwellers, tourists and local businesses alike are able to use a single source for planning, locating and traveling to top restaurants, shops, services and popular landmarks.

Depending on your preferred mode of conveyance, the site will show you the closest bus stop, train stop, highway, etc., you can take to get to your destination and what connections, if any, you’ll need to make. You can create detailed maps, avoid traffic delays and utilize easy-to-follow directions that help you get where you need to go – faster. also offers weather updates and a function called ‘CityPages’ that allows a user to type in an address, neighborhood or zip code to find local businesses in the area (like coffee shops, bars and restaurants). This function will be especially helpful on race day when people are traveling to unfamiliar parts of the city.

The site is particularly helpful if you plan on just using public transportation and need to know where to change trains, where to get off your bus and how much time you need to spend on foot.

Almost everyone has a credit card these days. Infact almost everyone has multiple credit cards these days especially students. We blogged earlier showing you guys the best credit cards for students. But for many college students credit cards may be in too many places, and the future can include high debt that cripples credit ratings and erases eligibility for loans.

Credit card company data shows more students possess credit cards than at any other time in history, and students are using their credit cards with increasing frequency. These are the days of 0% credit cards offering 0% balance transfers. That’s good for everyone: students gain convenience, the credit card companies build future customer bases and merchants sell more goods and services. But both sides also have a lot to lose if the students who spend, spend, spend today are unable to pay, pay, pay tomorrow.

But we are going to talk about another serious issue today. Credit card fraud. We see headlines such as “13 People Indicted in New York City in $3 Million ID Theft Ring” , “Corporate Owner of T.J. Maxx, Marshall’s Says Information for 45.7 Million Cardholders Stolen” , “New Yorkers, Californians at Highest Risk for Identity Theft, Hundreds of Missing Passport Applications Found at Los Angeles Airport” ,  “Boeing Corporate Laptop Stolen; 382,000 Identities at Risk” and more everyday.

In this post we want to share with you a story of a fellow student, who tells us not about her problem with too many credit cards but another serious issue, credit card fraud … in her own words.