When AskStudent passed 200,000 unique visitors in 56 days, me and the rest of the editors here were very happy with the rate of our growth. At that point we felt that even if we matched the 56 days +/- 10 days to achieve the next 100,000 visitors, we would be happy.

I am happy to report today that we achieved the 300,000 unique visitor mark in 47 days.

askstudent crosses 300,000 visitors

Some Statistics in the last 47 days from June 24 to August 10th 2007

Today turned out to be a milestone day for AskStudent. Yes, we have passed a major milestone for a lot of websites and blogs — Achieving the 100,000 unique visitor mark.

AskStudent was founded on October 20th ,2006 and it took us exactly 190 days to reach this milestone.

Congratulations to all the editors at AskStudent — Ajit Gaddam, Alex Smith, Melissa Hicks, Ryan Ferone and our publishers Matt and Christina for all their inputs, hard work and tremendous contribution into generating these wonderful articles.

Above all, we wish to thank our loyal readers for all their input and suggestions and comments. Thank you for making AskStudent the #1 destination for Students and teenagers.