After days of finetuning, AskStudent has added a Social Networking Section today. This addition was made after we had established a solid ground in terms of a loyal base of atleast 1000 unique visitors every day.

What is the AskStudent Community Section?

AskStudent’s Community is based on a platform similar to the # 1 social networking site on the Internet : Digg

AskStudent Community Section is all about user powered content. Everything is submitted and voted on by the AskStudent community (that would be you). Share, discover, bookmark, and promote stuff that’s important to you!

After you submit content, other people read your submission and vote on what they like best. If your story rocks and receives enough votes, it is promoted to the front page for thousands of visitors to see.

What can you do as a loyal AskStudent user? Lots. Every person can help promote, bury (help remove spam), and comment on stories. The AskStudent Community section also allows you to track your friends’ activity throughout the site — want to share a video or news story with a friend? well… you can do it now!

WoW, I am loving this. How do I access the community section on AskStudent?

Visit the AskStudent Community Section. You can do this by going to this link You can also go to the community page from the Home Page of AskStudent or from any page on the site by clicking on Social Community in the navigation bar at AskStudent as shown below.

AskStudent Social Networking Section

Register at AskStudentHow do I register and start contributing?

Once you visit the Social Community section, you will see published news in the middle. On the right hand side, you will see a Register and Login Sections. Click on register. The registration process is very simple. All you need is provide us with a username, try to make it really coool, your email address and a password which you will use to login. Then click on Create User. After that, for security reasons you will asked to enter a number which will be displayed. It will be numbers only and will not contain any characters or any special characters like ! or # etc

Its the final countdown… we have approached the final stretch of the Fall 2006 semester and a lot of the students across the country begin their Finals week either this week or next week.

Two of our own editors Ajit Gaddam and Alex Smith are in this mix too, studying up and finishing their projects and all…

On Behalf of the entire AskStudent team, we wish our readers

Good Luck on your Finals. Study hard and ace em all….

Make sure you read the tips below to prepare for this week