Forty-seven percent of executives polled in a survey for Accountemps say that having little or no knowledge of the company is the most common mistake job seekers make during interviews. Seventeen percent felt that being unprepared to discuss skills and experience was another huge mistake. Officials say successful applicants will have a beyond-the-basics understanding of a firm, including its history, chief competitors and business objectives.Executives were asked, “What do you think is the most common mistake candidates make during job interviews?”

Quick Reference Guide
Dress well
Mobile phones off
Firm handshake
If you use glasses, wear them in the interview
Think before you answerIntroduction
Now that you have secured an interview, it’s up to you to convince the employer that you are the best person for the job. It’s time to sell your skills, your experience and most importantly sell yourself!

Although your technical abilities are most important, interviewers don’t only consider your qualifications and on job experience. Employers also use interviews to assess:
Your communication skills
Your ability to articulate your views
Your ability to perform under pressure
Your ability to think on your feet
Your personality

Therefore the way you answer the questions is as important as the content of the answer.

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a jump of more than 11% in IT employment from April to May of this year. And research conducted by Robert Half Technology supports the notion that job growth will remain fairly robust: Our most recent IT Hiring Index and Skills Report indicates that 13% of U.S. CIOs plan to add technology staffers over the next three months, while only 3% anticipate cutbacks. The net 10% increase is up two percentage points from the previous forecast. It seems all signs point to brisk hiring in the IT field.

But are you still having trouble finding a job?

Say a job requires an experienced DBA. You might be having a lot of experience in this field right from the days you managed the SQL Server in your high school. However, you have been in the hunt for months and still did not receive any enquiries from prospective employers. Is this a general description or is this a story about you? Check out the rest of this article on why you might be having trouble finding a new position and some tips to put you back on the right track

Are you Marketable?

We see stories about the strong job demand and the strong requirement for IT talent. However, at the same time, companies are not hiring at the same insane pace like pre bubble period, the glory days before 2000 where people with little skills could have demanded multiple offers. Today’s managers require you to be aware of the latest technologies, on job experience, track record of successfull projects, business skills and the ability to make immediate impact. In the DBA example mentioned above, maybe you have strong SQL skills but no idea of Oracle which might be essential to many hiring managers. Think about what employers in your area seek, and then evaluate where gaps exist in your skills or experience and how you can fill them.

You look for jobs on the Internet

While the Internet has made it a lot easier for people to search and apply for jobs, the same cannot be said of them actually landing the jobs. As an IT professional, you might be heavily biased in favor of using technology to land your next job, but the bottom line: According to an article in The New York Times, only 3% to 5% of job seekers locate a new position through online sites.

Supplement your efforts through non online means like contacting members of your local chapter of professional associations like ACM or IEEE, attend industry events or professional events for leads and advice and also maybe signing up with a staffing firm. Remember, most often that not, your networking skills might help you land a job far easier and faster. Use the Internet to research potential employers, determine which companies are hiring and locate positions specific to your area.