Ever got confused by what ROTFLMAO meant? Confused about the latest IM lingo? Well, following is a list of the most commonly used list of Chat Acronyms and Instant Messenger Acronyms.

10x — Thanx

ack. — acknowledged/acknowledgement

ADN — Any Day Now

AFK — Away From Keyboard

AISI — As I See It

aka — also known as

ASAFP — As Soon As Friggin’ Possible

ASAP — As Soon As Possible

AYOR — At Your Own Risk

B4 — Before

BBL — Be Back Later

BBS — Bulletin Board System

BOT — Back On Topic

BRB — Be Right Back

BTW — By The Way

CIAO — Goodbye (Italian)

CU — see you

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For any Star Wars fan, the X-Wing Fighter is the symbol of Luke Skywalker and the Rebellion’s Starfighter corps.

myspace.comOne thing that amazes me about my MySpace profile is how ugly it looks. But hey, a site with 50 million registered users must be doing something right… Now, do you hate your current MySpace layout? Is your MySpace background all cluttered and overly loud with horrible colors in it?

At AskStudent, we scouted the web and made a list of Top 10 MySpace Layouts which do not look like MySpace at all. They are minimalist but at the same time highly functional and above all they are not ugly.