Marc Ecko wants to promote his roots and love for graffiti and we end up with some extremely creative advertising. Digital citylights are created that consists of an LCD and a bluetooth interface. People will get the possibility to access the citylight via bluetooth with their cell phones and spray their own.

This cool new concept is being promoted in Germany and in case you are wondering, a citylight is another name for those vertical human size outdoor boards.

I think it would be a lot more practical if it had a cheap touch sensitive panel under the glass. Drawing graffiti with you hands and finders is less involved than syncing bluetooth devices, and i think a lot more fun. More people would be inclined to try. If someone saw this and walked up to it only to find out that they had to pair/sync their bluetooth phone, they might walk away.

However, this is still very very cool. Using a bluetooth connection to make your phone simulate a spray can is awesome and a brilliant concept of crossing art with technology.

Click on the picture below for a larger picture

bluetooth citylight graffiti

Using the method outlined here, you will be able to blow amazing smoke rings, smoke rings of different shapes and sizes and the best part, you don’t have to smoke a cigarette for this.

In order to make smoke rings, you will need:

1. an empty plastic, 2 liter soft drink bottle

2. a candle

3. matches or a lighter

*WARNING* This experiment uses fire. Be safe, use common sense, and be sure there is an adult in the room, so you have someone to blame if something goes wrong.

How to make Smoke Rings

First light the candle and place it on a table or a flat surface. Put out the flame and place the bottle over the candle wick. You can fill up the bottle with smoke after lighting and blowing out the candle couple of times.

Now, give the bottle a gentle squeeze and out will pop smoke rings. With some practice, you can make a variety of smoke rings by adjusting your pressure on the bottle.

Try doing this against some dark background where you can see the smoke rings better. Also this works best if there is no breeze or strong winds around. The gentle you are on the bottle, the better your smoke rings will be.

Video on how to make smoke rings

Rival companies taking a dig at each other at the others experience is nothing new. We are used to seeing Coke and Pepsi going at each other for years if not decades trying to win over consumers.

Now, three car companies BMW, Audi and Subaru are at it.

Some information that you need to know before you see the Ads:

1. BMW started this Advertisement

2. Audi answered

3. Subaru needed to say something

BMW Advertisement