So, what makes for a great webpage? Wouldn’t you like to know the main ingredients for creating a superior webpage? What basic elements you must have if you want a solidly designed webpage? A webpage that will stand out and be noticed by your visitors. One that will keep those visitors returning to your site, again and again. Follow these simple design features when creating your next webpage and you will have the answer: 

1. Good Keywords The nucleus. The conception. Good keywords are the very first building blocks you must consider before your webpage even becomes a dim notion in your head. Picking the right keyword or keyword phrase is the ultimate factor that will determine the success or failure of your webpage. You must do major research on the keyword or keyword phrases that will be the focal point and drawing card for your webpage.

You can use keyword research software and sites to help you in this task. Regardless of what process you favor, you must choose your keywords very carefully. You must chëck the competition for your chosen keywords or phrase. You must chëck the number of searches made each month for your keyword. You must also chëck the keyword density of your page to see if it will register in the search engines. You may have to adjust or fine-tune your keyword density at a later date. Make sure you place your keyword in the title of your page. Place it in the first Headline on the page and many marketers also place their keyword or phrase in the url. For example: This will help the search engines and surfers to find your page quicker. 

2. Simple Design  Keep it simple. You must keep your webpage simple and direct. Keep it professional. Make sure it is readable and clear to all your visitors. Do a spell chëck. Do a grammar chëck. You may also want to chëck how your webpage looks in all types of browsers ( Better safe than sorry. Keep your visitors in mind at all times when designing your webpage. Keep it on topic, keep it related to your keywords. Most marketing studies show that’s it’s best not to confuse your visitors with too many options. If you’re selling a product or products, limit the number on each page to one product if you can.