One of my disturbing and highly anticipated horror/suspense movie in recent times ‘ Bug ‘ starring Ashley Judd is all set for release come May 25th.

Movie Summary: This is not any other bug movie. Directed by The Exorcist’s William Friedkin, Bug is about a lonely waitress with a tragic past, Agnes rooms in a run-down motel, living in fear of her abusive, recently paroled ex-husband. But when Agnes begins a tentative romance with Peter, an eccentric, nervous drifter, she starts to feel hopeful again – until the first bugs arrive… The bugs arrive May 25th.

Lionsgate has just sent us two cool new posters for this movie both of which prominently feature Ashley Judd. The first poster tells us more about the tag line of the movie ‘ First they send in their Drone .. then they find their Queen’. You see Ashley Judd inside the outline of the bug. So, is she the Drone or is the Queen? Find out in this bug movie …

Picture of Kal PennKal Penn, best known for his role as the stoner Kumar Patel in the 2004 cult classic “Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle,” is going to the Ivy League. He will be a guest instructor at the University of Pennsylvania during the spring 2008 semester, school officials announced Monday.

Penn, 29, will teach two undergraduate courses which won’t be Bake 101 and Mix 101. His classes are tentatively titled, “Images of Asian Americans in the Media” and “Contemporary American Teen Films”.

“The Asian American Studies Program is delighted that Kalpen Modi, aka Kal Penn, chose our program to host his teaching engagement at Penn,” program director Grace Kao said. “Mr. Modi is one of the leading Asian American actors of his generation and is particularly aware of how his racial and ethnic identification has affected his professional experiences.”

Students can enroll in the courses as Asian American studies or cinema studies programs in Penn’s School of Arts and Sciences, Kao said.

He recently finished shooting “Harold & Kumar 2” with Cho. Kal Penn is also very well known in the American Indian community in the hit movie American Desi. Kal Penn’s other television and film credits include “The NameSake” where he plays the lead as Gogol Ganguli. In this movie, you can definitely see traces of Kumar especially in the pot-smoking scene, but Penn, has definitely matured as an actor. The NameSake could very well turn out to be his breakthrough movie, winning ringing endorsements from most corners. Penn also played the lead in the (awful)movie Van Wilder: The Rise of Taj, Epic Movie and also a few episodes of 24 this season.

The university said Penn, a native of Montclair, N.J., received a bachelor’s degree in sociology with a specialization in theater, film and television from the University of California, Los Angeles, and is pursuing a graduate certificate in international security at Stanford University.

Watch “The NameSake” movie trailer featuring Kal Penn below

“Zeroes” is roughly a two-minute video spoof the the hugely popular Monday Night Series “Heroes”. There is a familiar voice spoofing the actual promotion video of “Heroes” as shown below

The spoof is the brainchild of Vince Manze, NBC’s marketing guru who admitted it to Variety that he created the spoof as an experiment . The two minute viral video however contains no references back to NBC or Heroes. It is a funny video about regular people with “pointless abilities”. This promotional viral video cost NBC only $17,000 but I am sure drove a lot more people into buying the DVD or keep current viewers with enough material to keep them distracted while Heroes takes approximately a 1 month break.

“It was an experiment. We wanted to see how far we could go, and we wondered if (auds) knowing we did it would be a detriment. People don’t want to feel as if they’re being intruded upon,” Manze says. “When they find out it’s from us, it’s like, ‘They fooled us.’


Watch the full viral video of “Zeroes” below

Texas’ South Padre Island is the destination of choice for spring breakers looking for fun and exposure.

Each spring break season, over 125,000 students flock to the shores of South Padre Island, Texas for sand, booze, communion with fellow youngbloods and semi-legal fun near the Mexican border. The island consists of 34 miles of coastline and five miles of beach-front hotels, which accommodate only college students in the dearest months of spring.
The setting is somewhat chaotic during March and April, but South Padre is a cheap location for college students of the Southern states to run to. Once there, students can expect numerous activities — and mischief — night and day.

Spring Break in South Padre, Texas

Annually, Coca-Cola sets up a 50,000-watt sound stage for daily musical acts and contests, thus creating the largest spring break venue in the nation. MTV is also a yearly participant and films many of its regular shows (such as “Twelve Angry Spring Breakers”) using the bikini clad vacationers. To appease the larger male population of the crowd, Playboy Magazine and Hawaiian Tropic hold weekly contests for talented and endowed women. Everyone can expect to bring home a suitcases full of freebies handed out by the insane number of corporate sponsors on the island.

If you’re going to the movies for love, look further than the multiplex, look much further. In fact, just close your eyes all together.

Valentine's day moviesHey, remember when movie love mattered? When it spoke to the fundamentals of human longing and carnal passion? When the only thing bigger than your baby’s heart was that 30-foot screen? When the power of two perfectly hot creatures’ lust for one another made you deaf to loathsome dialogue because the “bump-bump, bump-bump” of your hearts was just that in sync to the actors’? Ah, the fantasy of romantic truth 24 frames per second.

Well, this Valentine’s Day, forget that. Judging from the crop of films begging for you to drop $14.50 a couple so you can make out in front of them, you’re better off spending your umpteenth night on the futon bathed in the blue glow of “Titanic” from your 19″ Zenith. From Buffy cooing over Young Indy to Batman feeling up Romy’s Michelle, the stars of these inept stabs at love are more uncrossed than Catherine Trammell’s legs.

Those who scoff at Meg Ryan, Julia Roberts and, dear God, even Jennifer Aniston’s forays into big screen romance would be more than happy to slap some sense into the stupid, avaricious executives responsible for thinking Sarah Michelle Gellar deserves a romantic comedy of her very own. And in further attempts to plunder young money clips and Kate Spade change-purses, look for an all-wack-cast update of “Dangerous Liaisons,” also starring SMG. Apparently, all 12-25 years olds are expected to do these days is spend, scream, swoon and spend some more.

But that’s cool — almost three decades ago their parents lined up for weekends on end to behold what was then the dregs of movie romance. The film was “Love Story,” and alas, it’s good to know that as daffy as its star sounded, Ali McGraw wasn’t all that wrong when she exhaled “loves means never having to say you’re sorry.” Which is why none of these movies apologize for how awful they are. To hell with Cupid, and spend the rest of this mini-month celebrating what’s left of Black February. Predictably, it sho’ nuff ain’t at the movies.

Note: All these movies are from the last century. So there is a good probability that most of you might not have watched it.

Message in a Bottle movieMessage in a Bottle
: Kevin Costner, Robin Wright-Penn, Paul Newman and Illeana Douglas

Ever wonder about the back-story for those Nautica ads — the ones with that stubbled creature with the square jaw staring out to sea in a cable-knit t-neck and wool carpenter pants? No? Doesn’t matter. “Message in a Bottle” tells it anyway, with Kevin Costner as Nautica’s unofficial spokesman for its yacht division. The best part is that he barely says a word. It’s the never-been-more-fly Robin Wright-Penn who does most of the talking in this sudsy version of “The Notebook,” Nathniel Sparks’ insufferably insufferably maudlin bestseller. She’s that divorced journalist with no life and no new man Hollywood loves so much. When she finds a bottle with a letter Costner’s boatman wrote to his dead wife, she has to track him down so he can put a message in her bottle.

Uncertain whether you’ll buy Wright-Penn in this film, the makers go extra lengths to give her blonde locks that saucy Julia! corkscrew. It works. With Costner back in prime, charming-Neanderthal form (he’s silent not because he’s dim but because he’s healing), the two have chemistry that makes the cowardly four-hanky ending something to tear up over.

# Best explained as: Princess Buttercup stalks The Postman.
# The redemptive (horny, gay or black friend): Agedly-horny Paul Newman as Costner’s practical dad. Workplace-horny Illeana Douglas as Wright-Penn’s lunch break gal.
# The moment they know: When he tracks her down at her hotel just to return her strategically-forgotten jacket.
# What makes her so special: Her super-huge Chicago brownstone.
# Would Julia?: Absoltely.
# Would Meg?: With a different ending. Sure.
# Would Jennifer?: She’d leave her “Friends” for a piece of this.
# Line that says it all: “She’s gonna smell like haddock for the rest of her life.”

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Established in July 2003, The Mozilla Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving choice and promoting innovation on the Internet.  Firefox users and fans were always at the forefront in their effort to speak out for their favorite browser and express themselves in front of a worldwide audience.

The ad campaigns are usually promoted by Spread Firefox, a volunteer run Mozilla advocacy site, with over 50,000 registered members. During this phase of Firefox 1.0 promotion, community marketing into the mainstream was mainly through written testimonials.

#5: NY Times Spread Firefox Ad:

The Mozilla Foundation, places a two page ad in the December 16th 2004 edition of the New York Times. The ad, coordinated by Spread Firefox, features the names of thousands of people worldwide who contributed to the Mozilla Foundation’s fundraising campaign to support the launch of the Mozilla Firefox 1.0 web browser.

A year later after the NY Times Ad, Firefox 1.5 was released and during this phase, the Mozilla Foundation started a contest, promising prizes for users who submit the best homemade 30-second Firefox advertisements.

Firefox NY Times Ad