For most people who get extremely tired and stressed out at the end of a hard day’s work or attending classes, they need some kind of a stress buster. Exercise and working out can serve as an excellent stress buster. If we need to get more specific, Boxing exercises and boxing workouts can be extremely beneficial not only for stress relief but serve as excellent workouts.

We are going to show you a video where we are going to do some boxing workouts and boxing for fitness.

We will start off by warming up our bodies. A skipping rope or a jump rope can serve as an excellent warm up. They usually cost around 10 bucks … so they are a cheap and an inexpensive workout helpers. Use the jump rope for around 10 minutes to warm up your body. Warming up is good and you won’t injure your muscles later on. After that we do some shoulder rotation, ab rotation and stretching of calf muscles. With that we complete our warm up routine before we begin our boxing for fitness and boxing exercises and boxing workouts.

Watch the rest of the video to watch Joe Dowdell of Peak Performance guiding Kim Strother through this grueling boxing workout. Exhausting, yes, but Kim’s says this workout is an amazing stress reliever.

Tone your tummyIf you’re looking to turn your beer belly into a bare-able belly, there’s something you should know about the traditional abdominal workout: “There is simply no such thing as spot training,” says personal trainer and fitness expert Kristin Miller-McEachern.

Miller-McEachern explains that one of the biggest misconceptions in abdominal training is the expectation that it helps to flatten the stomach. Contrary to the claims of endless infomercials pushing gadgets and gizmos that guarantee spot reduction, the only way to a svelte stomach is a workout routine that realizes the need to trim away the fat on top of the muscle before building the muscle itself. In other words, while an intense workout composed entirely of crunches and other moves that target the abs may get you that ever-appealing six-pack effect, it won’t be easy to spot beneath the bulge.

For this reason, Miller-McEachern believes that a well-rounded program is key to achieving a toned midsection. She stresses that the very best abdominal workout comes from combined strength and cardiovascular training, which work together to define muscle mass and burn calories.

Weight trainingWeight training isn’t just for muscleheads anymore.

There’s a stretch of Venice Beach in Santa Monica, CA, known as Muscle Beach. It’s where Gold’s Gym decided years ago to put a gym outside so that passers-by could gawk at huge, rippling, muscled men lifting ridiculously heavy weights.

I am not a huge, rippling, muscled man and I will never work out on Muscle Beach. I have recently, however, begun to sneak into my apartment’s fitness center in the middle of the night, slide the weight bar down to its lowest level and do a few reps before my muscles ache with exhaustion.

I’ve always concentrated on the cardiovascular aspect of fitness and ignored the weight lifting. After all, activities like running, cycling and swimming burn calories — and help you lose weight. Strength training, on the other hand, can actually make you gain pounds on the scale.

Surprised? Don’t be. The reason you can gain weight while lifting is because you’re building muscle, and muscle weighs more than fat. The good news is muscle takes up less space than fat so you may weigh more, but find yourself dropping clothing sizes. It also jiggles less than fat so you’ll look fit and firm.

Another benefit is that muscle needs more calories to survive than fat does. A pound of muscle burns at least 35 calories a day while a pound of fat burns only two. Increasing muscle is a surefire way to increase your metabolism — meaning you burn more calories when you’re sitting around doing nothing.

Building muscle can be simpler than you might think. You don’t need a fancy gym membership — you can start with a pair of dumbbells. Save money by going to a second-hand sports shop like Play it Again Sports or hunting through classifieds and garage sales. If your budget is really tight, you can improvise with five-pound bags of sugar or flour or plastic gallon milk jugs. A one-gallon jug weighs about 8 pounds.

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