Wii ControllerJohnny Chung Lee, a Graduate Student at the Human Computer Interaction Institute of Carnegie Mellon University demonstrates an awesome new use for the Wii Controller, Head Tracking.

Using the infrared camera in the Wii remote and a head mounted sensor bar (two IR LEDs), you can accurately track the location of your head and render view dependent images on the screen. This effectively transforms your display into a portal to a virtual environment. The display properly reacts to head and body movement as if it were a real window creating a realistic illusion of depth and space.

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Assassin's Creed PosterHow many big budget games in the past 1 year have not been First Person Shooter games. Well, so few that you can almost count them on one hand. What is the reason behind such an onslaught on FPS games in the market. Their immense popularity and the in-general cannot miss game just like a horror/mystery genre in movies. When publishers consider that they need to sell over a million copies of a game whether for Xbox 360 or a PlayStation 3 platform, to turn profitable, risk with coming out with a new kind of genre is generally not part of the equation. First Person Shooter games are generally the safe bet these days and no publisher knows it better than UBISoft which is why it is all the more surprising for them to go out on limb on Assassin’s Creed, one of the most innovative and imaginative games to be released in years.