Bungie is marking the fifth year anniversary of Halo and have released some tantalizing announcements for fans of the franchise. But first things first….

To celebrate this special occasion, Bungie presented to us a brand spankin’ new screenshot from Halo 3. This is an actual screenshot taken from the actual game within an actual campaign level of Halo 3. This gives us a glimpse of the latest Master Chief model with artist Frank Capezutto providing a great backdrop. Click the picture for the big version in its full hi-res glory!

Master Chief picture from Halo 3

The other major news released from Microsoft and Bungie… Halo 3 commercial and …

Xbox 360 gaming consoleSo, how do you score an Xbox 360 gaming system for $100 US and from Amazon.com… very simple.. VOTE

100 dollar Xbox 360: Yes, that’s right folks, Amazon.com is offering a Xbox 360 Core System, a $299.99 value product for only $100.

Amazon.com is willing to offer 1,000 of these Xbox 360 gaming consoles for $100 US dollars  — if enough customers vote for it. They’re holding an old fashioned voting contest between a variety of items with killer deals and as of this point, the Xbox 360 clearly provides the most ‘WANT’ of the deals and at the best price. The only downside… they are highly limited with only 1000 of these machines going out.

 So, go to Amazon and vote for the Xbox 360 to be put up for sale on Thanksgiving 2006 for $100 bucks. Here is the link for customer voting on Amazon.



Here is the email content from Amazon.com indicating the sale on thanksgiving

Message “ Amazon.com has a huge holiday event happening right now called Amazon Customers Vote.  They’re letting customers choose between four potential deep discounts on four products each week.  Only the deal that receives the most votes from customers will be offered, so head over and vote now! I picked the Xbox 360 Core System.”

1. PS3 location finder : In light of the upcoming release of Sony’s Playstation 3 on November 17th, and the imminent shortage that will ensue and to ensure that you don’t end up disappointed on the PlayStation 3’s launch day, site ps3seeker.com, has integrated an easy search method using Google Maps to come up with their very own customized maps that will denote all the locations where the PS3 will be available
PS3 location finder

2. How to score a Playstation 3 (PS3) on launch day: According to devron, when it comes to retail, smaller is better. The author tells us about his story on how he scored an Xbox 360 on launch day. Instead of camping outside bigger retail stores like Best Buy, he opted for the much smaller FYE store at his mall. All he had to do was walk into the store at 8AM on launch day and walk out with his Xbox 360. So remember, smaller is better. In case you have a whole bunch of buddies and ready to camp out, check out his guide to launch day camp outs.

people camping outside