Skin color map. The twin role played by the skin – protection from excessive UV radiation and absorption of enough sunlight to trigger the production of vitamin D – means that people living in the lower latitudes, close to the Equator, with intense UV radiation, have developed darker skin to protect them from the damaging effects of UV radiation. In contrast, those living in the higher latitudes, closer to the Poles, have developed fair skin to maximize vitamin D production.

Following is the list of National Holidays for 2008 Calender year.

January 1         New Year’s Day
January 21       Martin Luther King Day
February 18     Presidents’ Day
May 26             Memorial Day
July 4                Independence Day
September 1    Labor Day
October 13       Columbus Day
November 11   Veterans Day
November 27   Thanksgiving Day
December 25   Christmas Day

Below is an image of National Holidays for 2008 which you can take a print out of

The editors of the American Heritage® dictionaries have compiled a list of 100 words they recommend every high school graduate should know.

“The words we suggest,” says senior editor Steven Kleinedler, “are not meant to be exhaustive but are a benchmark against which graduates and their parents can measure themselves. If you are able to use these words correctly, you are likely to have a superior command of the language.”

The following is the entire list of 100 words Every High School Graduate Should Know:


The Charlotte Observer reports that Hispanic students are under performing at school and in academics in general. For example, the drop out rates for the Hispanic students is nearly 9% compared to only 4.5% in white students in North Carolina. Even worse is that the study indicates that nearly 50% of the girls are expected to be pregnant before their 20th birthday.

The cause of Hispanic Students under performing at School is being attributed to a number of factors. However, the one that ranks right at the top is the lack of support from their in general uneducated parents and the lack of support at home. Also, there is a steady migration of the youth to gangs in order to gain acceptance with almost 40% indicating that they are or facing ethnic discrimination.