Most of us have iPods for our music players and when we want to play music from the convenience of our own computers whether it is a Laptop or a Desktop, iTunes is a preferred method over say WinAmp or Windows Media Player for the wide range of features it provides. I am sure a lot of you out there have been in a situation where you are busy working on your latest assignment or pounding away lines of code and you want to change the song that is being played right now. Now, it is such a major distraction for one to open up iTunes as the current active window and then change the song being played from there. Well, today we are going to change that age old method of using your iTunes and instead work out from the toolbar itself.By adopting this method, you get skip , play , pause songs as well as increase/decrease the current volume. Check it out…

Hello folks, hopefully you are not reading this having just got handed a speeding ticket. Well, in any case, this page would have some valuable information for you folks on how to escape getting a speeding ticket. No, I’m not going to tell anyone to get some whiz bang Binford Radar Detector 9000, and try to pull some ‘did you use your tuning fork on your radar gun’ bullsh*t after you pull them over. Quite the contrary, you’ll see.So whom is article for? The casual every day driver who assumes that a 55 mile per hour speed limit means you can do 65, and the as long as I’m driving with the flow of traffic I’m ok, kind of driver. Because let’s be honest, nobody ever does exactly the speed limit anymore. So without further ado, lets get started

Part I: How to not get pulled over for speeding

I am sure most of us who are driving cars have been pulled over by the cops for a variety of reasons, most proabably for speeding. However, did you know that when a policeman asks to search your car, you could refuse? It’s a pretty intimidating situation to be sure, but you do have rights–even if the police officer implies you don’t have the legal right to refuse.Although you can refuse a car search, there are a couple of circumstances under which a police officer can legally search your car without a warrant.If you were pulled over for speeding and an officer smells marijuana, that’s got probable cause. This allows the police to search your entire car, as well as any containers and purses within the car–in other words, places where the marijuana is likely to be hidden. When an officer lawfully arrests a driver, he or she can legally search the passenger compartment of the car, including the glove compartment but not (oddly enough) the trunk.