The vast majority of the world’s communications are not carried by satellites but by an altogether older technology: Undersea cables.

As a ship accidentally wipes out most of Asia’s internet access, this Undersea Cables Map shows how we rely on collections of wires of less that 10cm diameter to link us all together.

The first intercontinental telephony undersea cable system TAT -1, connected North America to Europe in 1958 and had an initial capacity of 640,000 bytes/second. Since then, total trans-Atlantic cable capacity has soared to over 7 trillion bps.

The Longest Undersea Cables

The SeaMeWe-3 system from Norden in Germany to Keoje, South Korea connects 32 different countries with 39 landing points.  This long undersea cable extends for almost 39,000 km.

SeaMeWe – 3 : 39,000 km

Southern Cross: 30,500 km

China – US: 30,476 km

FLAG Europe- Asia: 28,000 km

TrueCrypt LogoTrueCrypt is a free open source disk encryption software that works on both Windows and Linux platforms. No data stored on an encrypted volume can be read (decrypted) without using the correct password/keyfile(s) or correct encryption keys. TrueCrypt does this by creating a virtual hard drive that will read and write encrypted files on the fly. The advantage of using TrueCrypt is that you need not download it everywhere. All you need are the files truecrypt.exe, truecrypt.sys and the volume file you create which you can carry on your flash drive.

Step by Step Tutorial on how to encrypt your Hard disk or data or message using TrueCrypt

Step # 1: Download and install TrueCrypt

Step # 2: Once you Launch TrueCrypt, Click on “Create Volume” button. This launches the Volume Creation wizard that prepares the encryped drive location. Next, choose ” Create a Standard TrueCrypt Volume” and hit Next. Next, click on “Select File” button. Browse to a place where you want to store your encryped files. In this case, I am selecting askstudent.ajit Note: This is not the file you want to encrypt. Think of this as a Folder Name which in turn would contain the files you want to encrypt later on. Hit Next

Store Encryped Files 

Every geek worth his salt remebers the torpedo which Luke Skywalker used to destroy the Death Star of the Evil Empire. Now, here is your chance to build your own Death Star of the Star Wars movies.

You are now a weapons engineer and the responsibility for the completion of the Empire’s ultimate weapon has fallen on you. Some of you might ask, what is the full form of Death Star or why the name Death Star. Well, the project is officially known as the Expeditionary Battle Planetoid Development Initiative but the Ministry of Propaganda like to call it “Death Star”.

The 5 attributes needed for your Death Star are

    *  Power Output – The energy output of the station’s reactors
    * Firepower – The destructive potential of the station
    * Defense – The station’s protection against capital and fighter craft assault
    * Personnel Capacity – The station’s habitability and crew capacity
    * Naval Capacity – The extent of the station’s harbors and docking bays
Click on the picture below to build your own Ultimate weapon, the Empire’s Death Star

Ever wished to send anonymous text messages to someone? Ever wished you can send free text messages to your girl friend or someone else … ? How about the time you wanted to send holiday greetings or anonymous tips? Okay, if you don’t care about privacy or anonymous text messages, how about the fact that you hate paying 10c for each outgoing and incoming text message. Yes we feel ya.

In this article, we will show you how you can achieve this objective of sending FREE anonymous text messages to any cell phone in the United States

Option # 1: Send SMS messages via Google

Google has a service where you can send a text message to any cell phone based in the United States. You can achieve this by using the Google Send to Phone service. All you need to do is enter the phone number, select your phone’s cellular carrier, an optional subject and send your message.

SMS text messages using Google

Link: Visit Google Send to Phone

Option # 2: Send SMS messages via AnonTxt.