Nothing is better — or worse — for a good friendship than a little nookie.

Falling in love with a friend“I thought briefly that I was in love with a good friend,” said Jessica Tucker-Mohl, a junior at Stanford. “But before too long, I realized that we were just not prepared to make the transition from friends to something more.”

Tucker-Mohl has managed to remain friends with her crush over three years of college, and she feels certain she made the right choice.

“Without the mystery and newness of someone unknown, a relationship with a friend might lack some excitement,” she said.

The scenarios seem endless: to tell or not, to act or not, and then there is the other side. What if your best friend falls for you? The dilemmas involved with friends falling for friends are perhaps as numerous as the number of people who experience it — and that’s a lot of people.

Nicole Ciancarelli, a junior at the University of New Hampshire, is one of them. Her good friend fell for her. “I think he is a really nice guy, but I was just not attracted to him,” she said. “He kept asking me out, and I kept saying no.”

Ciancarelli resolved the situation uniquely.

The right pick-up line can make or break a new romance. Some thoughts on the dating game from students across the country.

The scene: A classic college hangout, a scruffy bar just at the edge of campus.

The move: A guy with a beer spots a beautiful woman across a smoky room. He makes eye contact. He walks toward her. He trips. He falls. Face first. Ashen, he looks up at the smirking woman.

A Swing and a Miss!The line: “I’ve never fallen harder for anyone in my life.”

Does it work? Depends. Pick-up lines are a staple of college courtship, both as tongue-in-cheek humor and as hat-in-hand heartfelt sentiment (albeit often momentary). “Lines” are ubiquitous on campuses across the country, even if they serve only to lighten a mood and charm through a target’s defenses.

“If [the lines are] stupid, they’re ridiculous,” said Columbia University junior Jessica Ullian. “But if they are creative, you at least get some points for trying.”

Boston College junior Mary Alex Dundics says pick-up lines can break the ice if the person who delivers the line is otherwise attractive. “I’ll usually accept a drink from a guy if he offers me one,” Dundics said. “And if a guy is cute then, sure, a pick-up line can work.”