Labor day weekend is almost upon us and before we know it, we will soon be stuffing stockings. There is no better time to shop for that item you have been lusting for a while because merchants usually give good deals during the holiday season. I also look around for online coupons to make the good deals I get turn into awesome deals.

This holiday season, I want to get my sister some stuff as part of her back to school shopping. I was thinking of a nice bag for her and I could not think of a better place to shop for bags online other than eBags. In case anyone is thinking on the same lines, you can score some good eBags coupons here which include 10% of $35 purchases plus free shipping. If you are thinking of Old Navy for your shopping this holiday season, then Coupon Chief is once again the perfect place.

The other thing I wanted to get was a nice Digital Camera for my dad. Surprisingly, while one usually associates Dell giving out good deals on Laptops, I found good deals for Digital Cameras through Dell including 19% of a Kodak 7.2 MP camera.

Here is a question for you : What’s cooler than a shot glass made of ice? The answer my friend is none .. well almost. Now you can ponder over this question with your buddies the next time you throw that party at your pad.

Fill Cool Shooter with water or better yet, how about Orange Juice and then once the shot glass has formed, fill er up with Vodka or maybe instead of Orange Juice.. Sprite. Oh the choices are unlimited.

Fill up Cool Shooter with the liquid of your choice, freeze and then pop out four fully formed frozen shot glasses. And you want to know the best part, costs less than a 6 pack of your favorite beer.  Yup, this $7 shot glass tray is very useful and perfect for your weekend bash.

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See the picture below to satisfy yourself and get the Absolut ready

Holidays on a budget can be lots of fun — with these inexpensive, creative and personal gifts.

Holiday Shopping ListSome people say holidays on a budget are only half the fun.

I completely disagree.

While it’s certainly not more fun to have less money, giving personal and sincere gifts that cost you less than $15 can sometimes be easier than finding expensive presents that have as much meaning for both (s)he who gives and (s)he who receives.

Among my favorite holidays gifts ever came from my high school friend Sarah. At school in late November she made sure to have at least one picture taken (on her camera) of herself and a friend. In December, she simply developed the photos, bought each of her friends a 3 x 5 inch frame, and for probably less than $6 per person was able to give each of her close friends a framed photo I’m sure we all still have.

Frames of all kinds can turn almost any souvenir of a memorable experience into a personal present. If you attended a concert, play or ballgame with a friend and still have the program, a 5 x 7 or 8 x 10 inch frame (basic wood and silver-plate styles are almost always less than $10) can make the paper keepsake permanent. Ticket stubs rubber-cemented onto a simple cut of background paper can look phenomenal in a small frame, as can a collage of words and images that have meaning for you and your friend.

If your friends are the types of people who would rather collect souvenirs than display them, you could decorate wood boxes for them to hold their keepsakes in. Unfinished wood boxes are available at any craft store or comprehensive stationery store for $3 to $10, depending on the size of the box. Paint, brushes, stencils and protective lacquers are sold at craft and art stores, and a whole set of supplies shouldn’t cost more than $10. (Decorating boxes is most cost effective if you plan to do a few using the same materials.)