The New England Patriots play the New York Giants, couple hours from now are already a dynasty. Win tonight, they become the greatest NFL team ever, much better than the yapping 1972 Dolphins or the 60’s Packers, 70’s Steelers, 80’s 49ers or the 90’s Dallas Cowboys.

How did they do this? How are they on the verge of making history? A huge part is definitely the personnel Coach Bill Belichick and Scott Pioli, the Patriots VP of Player Personnel, who bring the right players who believe in the team first concept and are willing to put everything out there any given Sunday.

Current Patriots Team Roster

How the Patriots were built


Bill Belichick being interviewed by Armen Keteyian. Excellent interview. I’m so glad Coach Belichick is who he is. He’s not a Saint Dungy or a holy than thou Bill Parcells. He is who he is and to me that’s perfect. Thank you Bill for being a real Coach and you don’t have to be best friends with the media.

Great players go to the Pro Bowl. Great Teams go to the Super Bowl. Go Pats !!

2008 NFL Draft orderWith the playoffs set to begin tomorrow, for 20 other teams and their fans, it is already time to look forward to next year and next season and to start dreaming of the championship parade and Super Bowl trophies. For those fans, here is the 2008 NFL Draft Order. The 2008 NFL Draft will be held on April 26 – 27.

The Miami Dolphins courtesy their 1-15 regular season record will make the first choice in the 2008 NFL draft. The Miami Dolphins are followed by the St. Louis Rams and then Atlanta Falcons or Oakland Raiders. These two teams had the same record and also the same strength of schedule in the 2007 season. So this tie break for third spot in the 2008 NFL draft will be decided by coin toss at the NFL combine in February.