The football season has started off with a bang with the defending champions Indianapolis Colts winning convincingly over last season’s NFC runner up the New Orleans Saints 41-10. Most of us here at AskStudent expected a shootout between Drew Brees and Peyton Manning, but in the end the Colts D put up an outstanding performance despite losing several key starters from their SuperBowl year and limited the Saints highly potent passing game and limited Reggie Bush and the running game.

As always, we have our two editors Ajit and Alex giving us our weekly NFL rundown with our predictions for the coming week. The figures in brackets ( ) represent the teams winning – losing record from last season.

We will have three categories, the Games of the week which we will limit to 3 games a week, the ones where we already know who is going to win in Sure Shot winners of the week and Close games of the week where it might be a slugfest but still not as interesting as the NFL games of the week

NFL Week 1 Game Predictions 

NFL Week 1 Games of the Week

1. Chicago Bears (13-3)  at San Diego Chargers (14-2)

This is definitely the game of the week, if we have to pick just one game in this category. I think this game might go down to the wire. I almost want to predict a Chargers heart breaking loss but it would be foolish to go against LT and Rivers controlling the offense. The Bears D is simply too good. I only fear Rex Grossman.

San Diego Chargers 24, Chicago Bears  20

2. New England Patriots (12-4)  at New York Jets (10-6)

If you are keeping tabs, New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick referred to Eric Mangini as “he”. Still no first name. A new season but same old Bill. Mangini was seen courting recently cut WR Reche Caldwell, well to get what New England offense might be scheming up. We will also see the long awaited Brady to Moss hookup although, more than Maroney the Patriots RB, it is going to be their slot receiver Wes Welker who is going to have a field day with over a 100 yards receiving. It will be interesting seeing all the no huddle offense and blitz defense from both sides. This will be the most cerebral game of the week but i see the Master beat the disciple once again.

New England Patriots 31, New York Jets 17

3. New York Giants (8-8)  at Dallas Cowboys (9-7)

The Giants and Eli Manning will do okay and won’t miss Tiki Barber. However, Tony Romo would have a good enough night to convince Jerry Jones and the cowboys fans that he is their QB of the future and they didn’t trade away their franchise QB in Brady Quinn.

Dallas Cowboys 27, New York Giants 20

NFL Week 1 : Sure shot winners of the week 

1. Denver Broncos (9-7)  at Buffalo Bills (7-9)