Computer Shutdown is slow on your PC? Computer Shutdown Problem or your Computer won’t shutdown?

Most of us came across such situations before where we end up waiting forever waiting for our Computer to shutdown running Windows. Your computer is running so many applications and tasks at one time that for Windows to shut down, it needs to kill all the current processes and tasks running on your computer. The problem is that Windows has a default timer or a buffer time before forcefully ending these tasks. Sometimes you might come across a warning message asking you if you wish to shut down an application on your computer. Now use this cool tip to greatly increase the speed of your computer shutdown and make the days of slow computer shutdown a thing of the past.

Dealing with slow PC shutdown times? Increase the speed of your Computer Shutdown

Using this tip, we are going to tell Windows to automatically shut down and kill all running programs or tasks running on your computer without warning you and reducing the buffer time I talked about earlier.

Step # 1: Open the run command by pressing <Windows Key> + R

Step # 2: In there, type in regedit to launch your Registry Editor

Step # 3: Navigate your Registry until you reach

If you are trying out Windows Vista RC2 or any other Beta version of Windows Vista, you have 30 days to Activate the Vista Operating System on your before. Failure to activate within 30 days will result in your computer going into a Reduced Functionality Mode(RFM). Use the method outlined below which you can use upto 3 times to delay Windows Vista Activation and reset Vista’s Activation Clock. In other words you get to try Windows Vista for upto 120 days (30 days original + 3 time delay) without the need to activate your license for Windows Vista

Note: This is not an illegal crack for Windows Vista.

Open Command prompt in Windows Vista by pressing <Windows key> + R and type in cmd.exe

At the command prompt type in the following command

cd\ <enter>

c:\> cd windows\system32

c:\windows\system32> sysprep /generalize

If you find yourself switching back and forth between your Windows Explorer and Command Prompt shell, especially for a power user of Windows who needs to run tasks and operations that require the use of the Command Prompt window.

The quick and easy way is running cmd.exe from the Run Command but this goes to the default folder and you may have to change folders to say your Visual Studio folder where you wish to complile code using your command prompt.

Here is a tip that will enable you to open a command prompt window to a specific location using Windows Vista

Step # 1: Open Windows Explorer and browse to the required folder .. say your Visual Studio folder

Step # 2: If you right click on the folder to see the context menu, you can see that there is no option for opening command prompt

Windows Vista right click context menu

There might be times when you are forwarding a sensitive document or say a joke or something and you don’t want your recipient to forward it to anybody else. Follow the steps outlined below to prevent forwarding of an email message you sent to someone using Outlook

Prevent Forwarding of Email

Step # 1: Compose your mail as usual with your recipient(s) in the To option

Step # 2: Now, go to File, select Permissions and then select Do Not Forward

Prevent forwarding of an email

You can now use Voting Buttons in your email message to get a response from your intended recipient or recipients of your email using Outlook. This Voting button option in Outlook is very handy when you are trying to decide upon a meeting time or anything else to determine where your email recipient(s) are leaning. You can even use Outlook to do the grunt work for you and tally the votes for you.

So, if FaceBook or IM is not an option for you and you wish to decide where to meet up after school or after work, then use the Email Voting Option provided through Outlook or Outlook Express Email

How to insert Email Voting Buttons into your Email message

Step # 1: Create your New Email Message

Step # 2: Select the Options tab

Step # 3: Select Use Voting Buttons option

Step # 4: Under Voting Buttons, you have four options to choose from. They are Approve; Reject, Yes;No , Yes;No;Maybe and finally Custom

Add voting options to your email

There might arise a situation where you may have to resend an Email message because your intended recipient of the email never received it or accidentally deleted it. In such a situation, you may have to resend your Email Message. To do this,

Step # 1: Go to the Sent Items in your Outlook’s Navigation Pane on the left hand side

Step # 2: Open the Email message that you need to resend

Step # 3: Go to Actions and then select Resend this Message

Resend an email message

Redfaced about making a spelling misteake in an important email you sent to your Professor or your Manager? Ever clicked send on an Email and forgot to send that attachment, wishing you can bring back that Email. So, how can you undo your error? How do you recall the originial email message and send it back with the all important missing attachment. In this article we will learn how to correct them by learning how to Recall an email message using Outlook.

Why Outlook, because this method works only in Outlook. For example you send an Email to say your buddy with a Gmail account, it would not work. This method only works with someone also using Outlook as their Email client and not to any other PoP3 email account.

How to Recall an Email Message

If the recipient has not read the message, you may be able to recall it. The message will be deleted from the recipient’s mailbox before it is ever read.

Step # 1: In Outlook, go to the Navigation Pane and click on Sent Items

Step # 2: Open the message you want to replace.

Step # 3: In the Actions menu, click Recall This Message

Step # 4: Click Delete unread copies of this message

recall an email message