Co-ed housing now becoming common place at Colleges and Universities

Ben Arnoldy at CSMonitor reports on something which is becomming more commonplace now at Colleges and Universities, coed housing or Male and Female room mates. Some 20 colleges allow coed rooms allowing undergrads of opposite sext to room in together and apparantly, Friendships and not sexual intimacy tend to motivate students to sign up.

Matt Danzig and Janet DewarA sample case study shown in their article is of two Sophomores at Wesleyan University in Connecticut, Janet Dewar(left) and Matt Danzig who became friends as Freshmen, then hit it of very well and then decided to room together coming into their Sophomore years. They share a two-room dorm room and Matt must walk through Janet’s room to reach the door to the hallway.

Although many universities have co-ed dormitories, it is still the rarity to find programs that permit members of the opposite sex to cohabitate. Schools that do permit these options besides Wesleyan University are Haverford College, Brown University and Swarthmore College.

While sharing a room comes unnervingly close in the minds of many parents to sharing a bed, advocates for the new arrangements say sexual intimacy rarely plays a role with those who sign up. Instead, for a younger generation it is increasingly common for men and women to just be friends. And some gay and transgendered students welcome the chance to avoid same-sex roommates whom they may not be comfortable around, or who may not accept them.

“Men and women are becoming just as good friends as if they were with their same-sex friends. The dynamics have changed. I think the opposite sex is no longer really such a mystery as it was before,” says Jeffrey Chang, a sophomore at Clark University.

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