Worst Email sent to Recruiter by a Wisconsin Student

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If you are a college student and are looking for a job, there are many best practices including creating a good resume and a great cover letter. However, this is an example of something gone wrong – presenting the worst email sent to a recruiter by a student, in this case, someone from UW-Milwaukee.

Here is the background: A finance/accounting student from UW-Milwaukee is at a career fair and decides to send an email to a female recruiter from Deloitte looking for advice. He gets very personal, including how he got a cold sore!

Sent: Tuesday, October 01, 2013 11:06 PM
Subject: Question


We talked a couple weeks back at the UW-Milwaukee accounting night. (I was the one looking for equity research positions and had a zit on my lip that could have passed for a cold sore. Lol. Whew. It was not. You’re probably like, “uh.. What?” Maybe that helps you recall, maybe not. Not completely important, I suppose.

Anyways, if you have a chance here is my question: (background first) I interviewed with BDO and Baker Tilly today, two firms that seem like good places to work, I believe they don’t kill you like a big 4. Tomorrow I have an interview with Deloitte :O somewhere I thought I’ve always wanted to work. Obviously I don’t have an offer so this is all hypothetical thinking, but if I get the job, the reality of the situation is that I’m getting old. 25. I know you can’t force love and I know it just comes when you’re not looking, but would working for a big four completely squash any possibilities for potential relationships if one came along? Is working for a big four a potential career – love trade off? I mean, I like money(as do most females) but love is…great 🙂 What are your thoughts?



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