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Ask Student Team — Meet the Staff

It takes quite a few dedicated, passionate people, people with the knowledge to develop and nurture the wide range of topics at AskStudent. The whole team is spread out in different corners of the country, so go figure on the quality of the photographs. On this page, we’ve listed some details about everyone who works at AskStudent with a brief profile on our founders – Ajit, Alex and Xero. We also have three associate Editors in Melissa, Christina and Matt. Please visit our Contact Us page if you wish to send any feedback to our guys here.

Ajit Gaddam

Email: [email protected]

Ajit is one of the three founders of AskStudent along with Alex and Xer0. There is no other way to describe Ajit but as a Security guru. He serves as the sole Security Editor at AskStudent besides contributing in coding, hacking and gaming sections at AskStudent. Ajit also handles most of the marketing and advertising division of AskStudent. His focus is mainly towards Computer Security with specialization in Cryptography and Network Security. He was one of the stars at the 2006 Black Hat Convention in Las Vegas where he won 7 out of 10 capture the flag contests in an advanced hacking/security contest. It was here at this convention that the seeds of AskStudent were sown with Xer0 and Alex. Ajit loves his cars, wishes he could bring his dogs to work , loves anything technology and the New England Patriots. You can find out more about Ajit at his Security Blog

Alex Smith

Email: [email protected]

Alex helped start AskStudent in the fall of 2006 along with the other founders. Alex is currently a graduate student majoring in Software Engineering from Carnegie Mellon. Alex is focused on Robotics and in Machine Learning at CMU. He is also a PHP guru and when it comes to programming and development in general, there is not much he can’t do. He is an experienced developer, programmer and Engineer. Alex is responsible for coordinating development activities and figuring out how to implement Xer0’s fanciful ideas. Alex would be contributing a lot in the Security and Hacking section besides code and gaming sections at AskStudent. He is an avid gamer and is a level 60 Paladin in WoW.

Melissa Hicks

Email: [email protected]

Melissa joined us in September 2006. She is responsible for channeling all our creative energies and it also helps that she is an excellent writer herself. Melissa majored in Communications and later completed her M.B.A all while taking care of her Consulting company she founded. Dealing with students looking for career opportunities almost every day with her company, she contributes a lot to the Career section at AskStudent. She also brings her tremedous insight as a woman, a mother, a CEO and with her excellent problem solving skills, contributes a lot to the general topics section, relationships, health and money sections.

Ryan Ferone

Email: [email protected]

Ryan is a graduate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology majoring in Communications and Linguistics. Ryan manages his own marketing company which deals with Search Engine Optimization and monetization and is considered one of the experts in his field. His SEO skills put on hold for AskStudent, he freelances for us contributing in almost all the sections at AskStudent. He is also an expert Photoshop genius and tried to make AskStudent look pretty. Ryan spends a lot of time practicing his craft and also reading and researching to find new ideas and inspiration topics for us at AskStudent. You can learn more about Ryan and his SEO craft at his blog TechCounter

Christina McDonald

Email: [email protected]

Christina is currently in her senior year of undergrad at University of Texas at Austin, majoring in Communications and Journalism. She will be primarily helping out Melissa besides contributing in Health, Sexual awareness and also contributing in our travel section.

Matthew Miller

Email: [email protected]

M&M is currently in his senior year and majoring in Journalism at University of Southern California. He thinks USC is the center of the Universe and a huge fan of their football program. Matt will be contributing in similar sections as Christina and also be contributing in the general computing sections. He loves Advertising and loves reviewing products. So, we put that as his primary responsibility at AskStudent.


Email: [email protected]

Xer0, a coffee addict and a green font on a black background fan, leads the Askstudent team. Besides AskStudent, he is on board a number on projects since he is the founder of a VC firm based in Silicon Valley, CA and founded various technology companies. He is geeked out to the core and a brilliant systems engineer and physicist. Maybe his love for hacking and breaking systems came from his desire to know anything and everything he deals with. Xer0 remains the only anonymous member of the team , has a secret identity, which he is not at liberty to reveal. Xer0, while contributing on most of the sections, would be focused on the hacking section in particular. As the senior editor, he is also responsible for leading AskStudent to execute on the vision of migrating towards a more social AskS and making sense of an ever-increasing overload of information. His first choice, spread this knowledge to the next generation , the student community.