How to Promote your Article submitted to AskStudent

At AskStudent, we work hard to find article topics of broad interest, but in order for your article to attract attention, we need your help. And, with our new revenue-sharing policy, it should be all the more enticing to do a little extra work to get your article seen. Here are a few easy steps to help promote your articles:

1. Get the word out. Simply e-mailing your friends and family a link to your articles will help get your articles seen. Maybe one of your articles will be informative or useful to your sister’s co-worker or your uncle’s friend. Encourage your family members and friends to pass your articles along to anyone who might find them helpful or interesting.

2. Link to your own article. If you maintain a website, blog and/or social networking account (i.e. MySpace or Facebook), you should definitely link to your article. It’s a great way for people to discover your article, but it will also help with your search engine mojo. The more links that an article has pointing at it, the higher it will appear in the search results, thus increasing its visibility and traffic.

Do any family members or friends have their own blog, MySpace account or website? Talk to them. Even if the links aren’t prominently displayed, they’re still meaningful from a search engine’s perspective. You can even boost your own blog’s popularity by submitting it to blog search sites like Technorati. This will give your blog more exposure, which in turn gives more exposure to your links.

3. Tout your article to related websites. If you’re a member of a group that has a website or know of a website related to your article, send the webmaster an email and request that they link to your article. It can’t hurt and could be mutually beneficial. You can mention the website’s name in your article and get the word out about them as well!

4. Participate in forums and include a link to relevant articles that you’ve written. If you actively participate in online forums, you can include a link to articles that you’ve written for AskStudent in your discussion threads if those conversations happen to relate to your article topics.

Finally, consider starting a thread about one of your articles if it touches on an interesting issue. It may generate a great discussion for all involved and get your article some traffic at the same time. Please remember that no one likes spam, so be considerate. If it can add to the discussion, don’t be afraid to share your knowledge!

Note: Some forums provide a hyperlink option, while some require you to add the html yourself. You can easily create a link by including the following code: <a href=”http://w”>Title of Your Article</a>. This should automatically create a hyperlink when you submit your post. Some forums use BBCode instead of HTML, so for those the code will look like this: [url=http://ww]Title of Your Article[/url].

5. Submit your article to relevant news and social networking sites. Sites like, will allow you to submit an article for readers to vote on. Sites like allow users to submit links to articles that show something new and popular online. Social bookmarking sites like are also good to share your favorite sites with other users. If your article is popular it will become more and more visible on each of these kinds of sites (thereby making your article accessible to more people).

Quick Tips

— If you are submitting your article to a blog, discussion forum or news site, be sure that your article will be relevant and truly useful to its audience. If a site owner receives an email or a forum post that contains a link to your article that does not seem relevant to that site’s audience, it will likely be removed forever and treated as spam.

— Links are important. If possible, always include an actual link in your discussion threads if you participate in a forum.